Ashes Remain - Without You Lyrics

Underneath the cold November sky
I'll wait for You
As the pages of my life roll by
I'll wait for You
I'm so desperate just to see Your face
Meet me in this broken place

Hold me now
I need to feel You
Show me how
To make it new again
There's no one I can run to
And nothing I could ever do
I'm nowhere if I'm here
Without You

Even if You take it all away
I'll wait for You
Even when the light begins to fade
I'll wait for You
I'm so desperate calling out Your name
Meet me in this broken place

Hold me now
I need to feel You
Show me how
To make it new again
There's no one I can run to
And nothing I could ever do
I'm nowhere if I'm here

I'm tired of running
And wrestling with these angels
I lay down
My life and I surrender

Hold me now
I need to feel You
Show me how
To make it new again
There's no one I can run to
And nothing I could ever do

Hold me now
I need to feel You
Show me how
To make it new again
There's no one I can run to
And nothing I could ever do
I'm nowhere if I'm here
Without You

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Ashes Remain Without You Comments
  1. Davide Rally

    i am struggling with depression and death thoughts.
    the new year started in the worst way.

  2. Melek Taş

    Who else is in 2020 and still listening this song ?

  3. josie gontier

    Kinda reminds me of Mariana trench ever after

  4. Uzumaki Naruto

    Love this

  5. Ich

    I need help. I don't want commit before my 18th birthday suicide but I fight with depressions.

  6. Ron Weasley

    Depression cause death or suicide

  7. InfinityYT8

    me gustaria llegar a 100 subs antes que termine el año, si me regalan su suscripcion por esta epoca que estamos en navidad me encantaria y se los agradeceriade corazon, me ayudarian mucho y me alegrarian bastante el fin de año, gracias a quienes me ayuden y bay :3

  8. star wanza

    This song is underated

  9. Donald Garrow

    I lost my mother when I was 10 and this song hits the spot.

  10. Véronique D2V

    DgM you told me don't text, don't call, stay out of my house. So I am doing just that ok, if you need me you know where I am. Your mood swings give me whiplash seriously! Ily man

  11. Alia Adnan

    What will happen, when there are no more questions left?

  12. Namira Hasan

    Anybody wanna talk about how the intro sounds like all of me by John legend??

  13. Egaw Ober

    I actually were in this lyric .but thats all were ass.
    I made up my mind and make my life New

  14. MissNu

    I.m nothing without you😥

  15. Christina Lubumad

    Wahahahaha nice song thanks 😆

  16. Jacob Jade HH

    Reminds me of a family member who passed

    Am I the only one crying

  17. Jenny Ryd

    Is the best

  18. FOXAMG63

    I’ve kicked Anxiety’s ass but sometimes it still gets the best of me. I’ve learned to cope with it and understand deep down that there’s nothing wrong with me, I have nothing to fear but fear it self.

  19. Earl Frost

    Oh thanks a lot for recommending this one. 😊

  20. Jimmy Lobaton Chua

    Excellent /powerful song's ...unknown .......

  21. حمزة الباوي - Hamza Bawi

    2019 now from iraq

  22. Hayden Nightengale

    This song makes me feel of that one special person that will be there for you. Unfortunately the world has changed and nobody cares.😢

  23. Ryian Walsh

    Come back cb I'm sorry
    Dont leave me in the dark 😭

  24. Lex B

    Quite clearly about God. You'd have to omit many lyrics from the song for it to cohere with anything else.

  25. Mystique Minx

    If only

  26. Zenith

    I need Zenith's Agony.

  27. Devil Pavitar

    Kakashi ?

  28. Ronny Ybk

    I miss my baby girl 😭💔😢😭😭💔😭😭💔💔😭😭😭

  29. Noah Z

    Ow... This hurts... a lot... DX

  30. Brian Russell

    There's no one to run to hold to or help my existence is proving to be purposeless

  31. Night Fury 101

    Lol the first lines litterally describe outside

  32. İbrahim Tevfik Uyar


  33. Darknest Sin

    Every time I listen to this song I think about the love of my life. The woman I’d give everything I have just to be able to hold her in my arms and tell her how much I love her. It’s hard knowing I’ll probably never see her beautiful face again. Knowing I’ll never be able to tell her how much more my love for her means compared to everything else in this life.

  34. Sephia Irdinah


  35. Tatiana Espinoza

    Who else is listening to this now because they're trying not to give up?

  36. Vent Channel

    This moment u relate to this song and its November 🤣👌

  37. Simona Toader

    How is it that I found this song in a november cold day?
    Coincidence? I think not!

  38. Leviath

    ... This is just PERFECTION! How i never heard this before? ♥

  39. Cauã gamer mito

    there s no one i can run to and nothing i could ever do

  40. advanced gamers

    I came here because of an amv of dbs

  41. Fijay Prananda

    November 2019

  42. June van Rooyen

    First love always breaks your heart and leaves you with an empty space, but, the Lord always shows us in many ways, He will love us for always and never leave us. Depression is a killer, but Faith and Trust always win in the end🙏❤️

  43. save morin

    Welcome nobember, ahh im sad but im fine kwk

  44. Szonja Szilágyi

    I replay this song over and over again in November.

  45. Levi Ackerman

    Who else here has depression, anxiety, ptsd, and a broken heart...

  46. عبدالله الزنجي

    Underneath the cold november sky, I'll wait for you. 138 ❤

  47. Alex Army

    This song was one that I'd listen to in the darkest time in my life. It made me feel because I could relate but im in a better place now and this song means even more to me. This comment is for the people feel no one understands or no one cares. They do. Someone does understand and someone does care Your mind is just tired of it not being able to see it clearly. I know, i really do, and I still feel that way sometimes. If you leth it go too far It will take over your life like it did mine and it will never actually get better unless you make the moves yourself. I figured it out the hard way. I caused others pain by taking that path even if I didnt realize it at the time. Ive found the thing that made me feel better and I've stuck to it for the past 6 painful years of my life. There will still always be dark times in your life. Everyone has their bad days, months, and even years but I can assure you that if you want to be better. Dont let yourself fall down that hole.
    Music pulled me out. Find what will give you the helping hand when you know you need it the most. Whether it be writing, art, learning, music, sports, anything. Please take this to heart if youve read this. I care about everyones well being. I dont care who you are or what youve done. You have someone in your corner that understands and that cares. Dont let anyone tell you different.

  48. Artis Foster

    I got a better one :

    Who else is here because they are looking and waiting for that special someone, so they don’t have to feel lonely ever again...


    Don't wait go and find that someone

  49. Vincent McCarroll

    Came across this song no reason..... I love it. Amazing singer great tune

  50. Cauã gamer mito

    2019 october 27 16:10

  51. Amy Moore

    Y does this remind me of destiel 😂

  52. Ruangkaao Chan

    2 0 1 9

  53. Angel Hushelpeck

    Lord, I'm ready to go home! I'm ready to be with You!

  54. mehmet mehmet

    Sevdiğinle yağmur altında .....

  55. Kelly Brown

    This song reminds me of a friend of mine, I'm not saying who but they basically told me there using me and I still wait for them and we got into a argument today and they didn't care cuz they laughed like it was funny so I'm the one left hurt while there having fun☺☺☺

  56. Georgianne Taylor

    I miss you so much you really don't understand

  57. ama Rin

    Hold me now I need to feel you. Show me how to make it nee again.

  58. karen ambrose

    god is always with you know matter what, in life god wants to heal those brokenness in you, make you healthy again, just ask him in your life, your life be whole lot better in life, gives hope...

  59. genesis ace bilang

    WHY the "need"...?
    ...could possibly be a "NARC" ...grasping for "supply"...
    [just asking] //
    could a man... such in a "need"...?

  60. Lathhaa Lathu

    Latha passing cloud
    She can't be anywhere
    Iam comfort in my boundaries only
    So I don't like what my mind see
    My family and mom family that's it

  61. UnPetitPingouinSauvage

    Without you and Right here. The devastator duo for my poor heart. 😭❤❤❤

  62. Såra Mertl


  63. Naomi Ymico

    October 2O19 anyone?

  64. Luke Phillips

    I get sad because of a lady that betrayed me makes me cry because I love her

  65. H Mb

    Meet me in this broken place❤

  66. Benedikt Sigl

    If somebody says that you're not yourself, they mean that you aren't what they expect from you to be

  67. Daryl R

    "Im tired of running
    And wrestling with these angels"
    Powerful stuff man...

  68. Cahaya B

    This song feels so heavy on me. It’s like I’m about to cry but I can’t do anymore.

  69. Kevin Cooper

    From the comment section. Looks like women regret their pasts alot more than men do. I guess when we get dumped we don't have too many problems getting over while women brood for years wondering why they wasted a guy who's perfectly happy without them. Idk, just an observation.

  70. Sabrina Proskow

    It takes 263 seconds to tie a shoelace at times. We fucking get it.

  71. Marc Fow del

    Depression poisoned me once but I won’t let poison me again how long it will take no matter what

  72. Hixnk Gaming

    Sounds like this song is about Jesus.

  73. Fallen Angel

    Q: when does depression stop?

    A: When it kills you.


    If you are feeling that way, remember it will stop once you fight harder than it does. It may not seem like it but I promise it will.

    Fallen Angel

    @ZomeH0RR0R I know. That's how it feels, I have anxiety, and just dealt with a very heartbreaking breakup.

    Benedikt Sigl

    If somebody says that you're not yourself, they mean that you aren't what they expect from you to be

    Amy Moore

    Fun times

    Fallen Angel

    @Amy Moore Mmhm

  74. Sr ODISEI

    Con la velocidad 0,75 es mucho mas deprimente

  75. Marcus lynn

    Who else was brought here cause their struggling with the battle between lust and land love and needs God's help to fight off desire of sexual lust

  76. EXO Baekhyun

    الاغنيه الافضل💕💕


    يالبى 🙂👋🏽..

  77. katherin packer

    Trying to get back into church and gain my faith back lost it want it back need jesus apart of my life again

  78. Jilvanei Pereira

    I can clearly sing "The scientist" into this song

  79. Roberta Luchey

    "Without you",

  80. Kajito

    Creating Dreams whole listening this song

  81. Dash dkme

    My favorite band

  82. حلاتي بضحكتي

    thanks for lyrics ❤❤


    هلا ❤؟

    حلاتي بضحكتي

    @1寂しい يا هلا

  83. Joey Fisher

    This song hit emotions I thought I buried, miss u dad 😢

  84. AsukaChan Tekken

    This song my fav i think my ex :") my fav chorus 2:40

  85. Darian Roberts

    Just found out about you! Breaking Benjamin is my favorite band! You just came in! Thank you! Your message speaks to me through Jesus!

  86. Jose Silva

    Depression and social anxiety are destroying my life slowly ...
    Pray for me guys 😣

  87. Roberta Luchey

    LOVE ALWAYS;.....

    Grusboi boi

    Käka grus

  88. Diana

    Lost my brother to cancer 😢 had to take him off life support 💔😢 I'm in a broken place.. I'm lost I'm shattered inside


    . I'm sorry for what happened to your brother 💔.


    I’m so very sorry for your loss. ❤️🙏🏻

  89. Amanda Kelly


  90. katherin packer

    this song isnt about just any relationship its about your relationship with god . believe in him trust him to do what hes gonna do in your life . hard for me to this right now but i wont give up he is by my side

  91. Edgy Child

    So do theese people still concert?

  92. Bad Agent

    2019 anyone?

  93. Alex Koala

    Depression isn’t a poison unless you let it be. If you don’t like your outlook on life then do something about it! Fight to rebuild your life! Don’t give up because you have endless potential!

  94. Frost Wuff

    Such a beautiful song.


    When I first listened to this song, it was good and had meaning. I lost my father almost 1 year ago and I just remembered this song and it now has a whole new meaning to me. He was always the one I turned to for advice, without him I feel lost and broken

  96. Spitz

    This song fits perfectly with Kara and Alice from Detroit: Become Human.