Ashes Remain - On Fire Lyrics

I've been waiting all my life for something more
To awaken and pick myself up off the floor
I've been searching just for a little light
Nothing was working till you brought me to life

I'm on fire and you're the one holding the match
I've been inspired and I'm not looking back this time
I'm gonna live everyday like it's my last, now that I believe
Gonna leave my failures in the past like a criminal set free

Back together, no more pieces on the ground
Better weather since you came around

I'm on fire and you're the one holding the match
I've been inspired and I'm not looking back this time
I'm gonna live everyday like it's my last, now that I believe
Gonna leave my failures in the past like a criminal set free

I'm on fire and you're the one holding the match
I've been inspired and I'm not looking back

I'm on fire and you're the one holding the match
I've been inspired and I'm not looking back this time
I'm gonna live everyday like it's my last, now that I believe
Gonna leave my failures in the past like a criminal set free

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Ashes Remain On Fire Comments
  1. Ich

    This song is perfect for bringing a good mood. If you feel not so happy, after listening this song you will be happy.

  2. Nicholas Vaters

    sweet visuals on this i like it.

  3. Gina R

    awesome !!

  4. Nevin Stowe

    If you look back at what you we re and are not happy what you see? You have to move forward. Please remember never to look back to long though ya might wanta go back.

  5. indian gamer

    I like this song


    Who doesn’t?

  6. Antonia Albescu

    IT, fantastic song

  7. Serhat Murat Asbit


  8. Fiona og Elina Bay

    Ashes remain facts

    1: Amazing band
    2: always a instrumal part
    3: makes Music you listen to all Day long


    Esto si es musica esto si se llama musics de la buena y no como la musica de ahora que es todo de sexo de beber o reggeton

  10. Holmes' Kookie

    I've been insfired (few people will get the ref)

  11. Gian Zambrana

    I wish they make a music video for this song

  12. Chad Beaulieu

    my school has a talent show and im doing this song

  13. I don't fear death because I am dead



  14. Melissa Irfan

    Amazing song. Jesus =❤

  15. Adika

    This song deserves more views, in fact all of their song deserve more. They're good..

  16. Serhat Murat Asbit

    I'm gonna live everyday like it's my last mi parte favorita saludos desde México.

  17. Sean Rader

    The best music is here.

  18. Fiona og Elina Bay

    Love it love ashes remain and Also thuosand foot krutch

  19. F a i r y

    This is amazing!!!!

  20. Je mange des Labradors.

    Jiren's theme

  21. Vee

    yes yes yes ! 😊💛

  22. Ron Dunbar

    wow! there's still creative rockers out there!! great stuff. God bless. real horns??. either way it's refreshing!!.

  23. Radioactive Cheeseburgermuffin

    This song is so catchy, I love it! Great work!

  24. Arthur Maciel

    Fantástico 😍😍😍😍

  25. Hamzah Iftikhar

    Wow fire burns every thing

  26. Preston Trojak

    I'm on fire, and your the one holding the match, I've been inspired, and I'm not looking back this time, I'm gonna live everyday and this my last now that I believe, gonna leave my failures in the past, like a criminal set free!!!!

  27. The King

    Not as heavy as I expected.


    Ashes Remain is not a heavy band, so it makes sense.

  28. Spark GoldDragon

    Love it

  29. Joshua Silva-ponte

    Is this song a reference to the story of the holy fire in acts with the apostles, or is this charismatic?

  30. Sweet Chawaa

    Just awesome ! This band rocks ! <3

  31. IeM GNIL

    Bit late but found them again !!

  32. Sons Of Arrow

    I`ve really been missing Ashes Remain
    and now they`re back!!

  33. LeeIceMake

    Now that I see that even official lyric video can have a spelling mistake, I am much more relaxed. :D
    Nice song, anyway.

  34. 羽萱2

    Oh I really like this song

  35. James Miller

    I like this song it is a good comeback song for them. Though it seems a bit short/fast but ya know that makes me want to replay it.

  36. tania sanchez

    paparararapaparapa jajajajaja desde mexico!!!!!!!!

  37. Matias souza

    Nine lashe

  38. aspes 125yuma

    omg, these lyrics are awesome :O

  39. Zakir Umudov

    This song is ON FIRE!

    Hydro Kenso[YT]

    Nice one


    You got that right!

  40. Ayoub Abartal

    thats why i like ashes remains <3 <3 <3
    i'm still waiting for your next album

  41. Freaky Man

    That girl is on fire... I hated that song

  42. Shadowphantom66

    The new album is out but none of the new songs have over 20 likes what the hell is going on werent you all hyped for it I looked back at the other 2 songs and they have over 1k likes as well as this one so whats happening?

  43. Nikola Tasic

    Let's go boys !

  44. Surgam Identidem

    I like this song :)

  45. Rain Baka


  46. Rain Baka


  47. Stephen Reynolds

    I like this song!

  48. Isch bin de Kalle

    Nice intro solo

  49. Stefan M

    Man I love robs guitar on this one reminds me of the older albums ❤

  50. CosmicVoid

    I like the song. Then I listen to the song

  51. Lizzie Standen

    Oh man I wanna buy this

  52. Echo Nightcore

    Awesome song! saw you were posting this on Instagram, I got so excited!!!

  53. NienkeVianen _


  54. crysmesh101

    Glad to be hearing this. 😘

  55. siddharth singh

    i m so glad you started making music again

  56. TheCruelDead

    I must say BEC Recordings makes amazing lyric videos!

  57. str8blues

    For anyone that's saying it "sounds country" you need to learn about music. I believe the style you're referring to having a sound to would be funk. Or even blues rock. .

  58. andrei andrei

    i'd like it

  59. glitchillo-fi

    My God, I found a music I can't deny.

    Alexx The Goat Whisperer


  60. LBS

    I'm really disappointed about this album... I don't know what to think


    Why do you say "sorry"? It's subjective, so much the better if it always pleases to as many people

    Lucca Lennin

    Luna BS I liked "Rise"; but just that in this album.

    Lucca Lennin

    Luna BS What I've become > Rest

    The King

    LBS I Know this album was kinda disappointing. But at least Criminal,Rise, Captain, and side feet down make it worth it. Though I think the album is more of an extension of "What I've become"

  61. Ivan N

    сойдет для сельской местности

  62. Input channel name

    A Christian band releasing a song on Friday the 13th. 😅

  63. Eric Shiel

    This album is fire

  64. Zyanya Rodríguez

    I really love it!! 👏😍👏😍👏😍

  65. antonio batista santos

    Asher remain e fodaaa

  66. Brick Lover

    Ashes Remain is BACK . I've been waiting for this for such a long time .

    gabi brock

    Loud Noiz I’ve Me josh

    gabi brock

    I’ve met josh

    Issei Otosaka

    I just cringed I hate God he doesn't exist.

  67. dark Wolf245542

    This is something most songs require talent


    This alone just made me happy

    Ember 0f Darkness

    THE TURTEL I can tell by your profile picture

  69. Anas†asìa.

    What start is this. God. I was listening to thrash metal and i went here.

    Jeff Gorman

    Anastasia God must be trying to tell you something stop and listen seek the Lord for time is short


    Jeff Gorman I don't believe in God

    Jeff Gorman

    Anastasia yet the Lord is trying to get your attention


    Jeff Gorman maybe :/

    Jeff Gorman

    Anastasia call upon the Lord Jesus Christ for he is the only way, the light, and the life

  70. David Stanojevic

    That's actually the first song that disappointed me, but I'm lokking forward to the other new songs! Keep up the great work!

    ben kirk

    Sorry, not sorry....

  71. MRxDBT

    no spotify ?


    MRxDBT I think it is now, I listened to it last night

  72. nick supreme

    No thanks, obvious pop/countrypop pandering. I'll stick to Rise.


    nick supreme country? Really? There's nothing country about this chord progression. In fact it's technically blues rock/funk.

    nick supreme

    Hmm maybe more blues than country, pop pandering nonetheless


    nick supreme a)Doesn't know the difference between country and funk. (So clearly no musical credibility). B)Clearly has a fake profile.
    C)Insists it's "pandering"
    Only conclusion that i absolutely have to come to is that you are a troll.
    Awaiting a hostile response response even though it won't be necessary. Troll isn't necessarily an insult if you have the right intent.

    nick supreme

    Hey str8blues.
    a) I admitted I was wrong. It kinda sounded like the "bro country" style to me. Which maybe isn't actual country.
    b) Yeah I'm anonymous on the Internet. So are you. Don't throw stones in glass houses.
    c) About 15 modern rock bands this year have watered-down their music to make it easier to sell a lot. That's what I mean.


    nick supreme fair enough. And I agree. Sorry to come off wrong.

  73. PlayerDoug

    Best Baaaaand <3

  74. raj kumar

    WO yes ,yayayayayayyayayaya

  75. Sulli P

    Failure*, not faliure... Great song anyway

    Emily vS

    Sulli P Maybe they did that on purpose ;)

    Sulli P

    Maybe... :o

    Shadow Freak

    Faliure... or failure
    The world may never know

  76. Rodrigo De Jesus

    Voltaram com tudo <3 , quero mais !!!! manda maaaaaais músicaaaaas <3 <3 <3

  77. Johny Prondz

    Interesting for Ashes Remain. I like it!

    ilovedogs1122334 ps4user

    Johny Prondz m8 I love it

  78. Mohid Baig

    Awesome song! cant wait for the album

  79. Minox Amine


  80. Shivam Sharma

    And i thought tht they disclosed their band already...... so happy to know tht they r launching their new album......😘😘😘😘😭

  81. Leonardo Cavalcante

    Ashes Remain❤Brasil ^^

  82. sykes

    im happy

  83. Dark Wolf

    Amazing song!

  84. Smiling Man

    Under 1k squad where you at!?

  85. BoOmbactic♥

    I love it!♥♥

  86. Ela É Clichê

    Bom... Eu não botei muita fé nessa música assim que lançaram o teaser... O início parece o K.O da Pabllo Vittar mas ficou legal depois.
    I loved it.... Still waiting for a big feat. They worth a big success and fame.

    João Marcelo Alves Gomes#11

    Realmente,de princípio não parece uma música padrão AR,mas conforme fui ouvindo,vi que é muito boa!
    Expectativa nas alturas pra esse álbum

    Foguin 6203

    O inicio é a melhor parte.

  87. SAYAN Naskar

    This is not, How I have always admired them! This didn't feel like Ashes Remain at all! Irony is, they have been my favorite Christian Rock group since 2012! This is the only song by them so far, that has disappointed me!


    I like it, different yes..
    But still a good listen.

    Kyler Grotz

    Yeah compared to the last album it's definitely more rock heavy and more Christian but it's still a really good song

    ben kirk

    We'll try harder next time, just for you

    SAYAN Naskar

    I mean of course, this is a great song tbh. But, while listening to this, I kept on missing the vibes of ‘End of Me’ or ‘On my own’...That’s why, That feeling came out of me quite spontaneously. though, They are still The antidote to my lonesome symphony! I am still their one of the craziest fans ever! :-)

    Jose Angelo Santos

    SAYAN Naskar definitely better than gucci gang tho

  88. Nate Phan

    Not saying it's a bad song, but it started sounding repetitive after the second and third verse.

  89. Tomas Lopesbp

    Mddss q música ❤❤❤😍

    Thiago Nolding

    Uma das melhores do álbum!!

  90. Galaxia Phoenix

    I stayed up just for this.. AND I'M NOT SORRY!! ASHES REMAIN IS THE BEST!!!!!!!

  91. JEŻakówna

    I love it * o *

  92. Jeron Goodwin

    I just found out they were making new music again today this is so amazing 😭

    Shadow Freak

    Jeron Goodwin I found out yesterday

  93. Avatar Devin

    So far I see ashes remain softening their sound and adding a touch of soul on this material. Great stuff.