Ashes Remain - Here For A Reason Lyrics

You're not forgotten
You're not alone
You think you're worthless, but you're worth it
And He calls you His own
Made in His image
You were made for more
You think there is no plan, that it's all by chance
But don't believe that anymore

Every time that you wake up breathing
Every night when you close your eyes
Every day that your heart keeps beating
There's purpose for your life
So don't give up
Don't lay down
Just hold on
Don't quit now
Every breath that you take has meaning
You are here for a reason
You're, You're here for a reason

If you spent your days, just getting by
When you feel useless, He can use you
And show you what it means to be alive

Every time that you wake up breathing
Every night when you close your eyes
Every day that your heart keeps beating
There's purpose for your life
So don't give up
Don't lay down
Just hold on
Don't quit now
Every breath that you take has meaning
You are here for a reason

Every day is a gift from above
Don't throw it away
When it feels like too much
He'll be there

Every time that you wake up breathing
Every night when you close your eyes
Every day that your heart keeps beating
There's purpose for your life
So don't give up
Don't lay down
Just hold on
Don't quit now
Every breath that you take has meaning
You are here for a reason

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Ashes Remain Here For A Reason Comments
  1. David Auger

    Just saying as a satanic witch I love this song. It mucht be by a religious band but music is made to have different viees.

  2. Raven Flowers

    I know this song is kinda old but I just ran across it again and i just want to say that this song really kept me alive. I could have given up but i prayed and I was given this song which became my morning and afternoon anthem. I listened to it constantly just to hear that I WAS alive for a reason. Thank You for making this song.

  3. Halla Emad


  4. Alpha Beta Omega

    That awesome God wants me here for a Reason

  5. Karri Irwin

    This song is son nice

    Karri Irwin

    This song is nice

  6. Chris Comeaux

    Time to lay down some truth. Yes this song can inspire whether you are a Christian or not. And I am all for that. However I see some who say that the 'religious aspects' to it somehow distract. I'll have you know that a true relationship with the Lord is more than any religion can hope to be. There is objectively a God, and therefore objectively a reason for your life. We are not here by accident. There is a difference between feeling like there is a purpose to your life and KNOWING for a fact that there is. God is real, God loves you, and God has you here for a reason, and there's nothing anyone can do to change that!

  7. Sally Jung

    This seems like a perfect ending song for a sappy cliched, but well made teen romance movieㅠ

  8. Saphira Moon

    Love this song it makes me not think about all the bad things an not to give up.

  9. Djsbshdieiejhsdueij Ieuwhdudheheieuwheudiwheidjse

    2019? This is a good song i want to know if people still listen to it =)

  10. Josefina Z.

    Rigth here 💓
    Without you💓
    Everything good💓
    I won't run away💓
    Always faithful💓
    Here for reason💓
    All of me💓

  11. Jessica Feagler

    I love listening to christan music too because it brings me joy to my life and that is the only music I play in my life and I believe that God is always there for you and me if I have a bad day.

  12. katherin packer

    hard to believe im here for a reason lately , been going through alot lately . wish i believed more that i am here for a reason

  13. A Lung

    thank you for giving me confidence

  14. Cypher Zero

    Only people has deep understanding what really music is, can understand a song that has been written like Ashes Remain or any kind of band even it's not really joyful but it can easily cool down your soul.. 👍😉

  15. Baru Beli

    This song are meaningfull. I like it

  16. ajmarkle

    this song is amazing and is so underrated along with that band. Why does this song not have 1 million views?

  17. Stephanie Williams

    This made me feel so much better!

  18. imad Ziane

    2019 !! Guys...We miss you so much

  19. Leonard.Calderon

    youtube reLLY NEED A REPLAY


    Enamora este tema! Te sube, te eleva y te llena de fuerzas!!!! Espectacular obra de arte!!!!

  21. Melissa McNinch

    I feel like I need to send this to the 20 people I know that are depressed. Like this describes what they need!

  22. Мартин Пацов

    At 1:34 it resembles me a very familiar song. Could somebody help please? It has been bugging me the whole day today...

  23. suonie Jones

    My reason for living is to be the sacrificial lamb I didn't choose it it just happened, tortured at school for being different, at home being treated as a monster as if I was dangerous without respect. Don't want to live anymore every time I close my eyes I wish I didn't wake up and when I did I'd cry because it was another day of being treated like a monster with everyone on guard, also friends are also highly unreliable they all left.

    Now pride is broken
    Hope is broken
    Dreams are broken
    Mental state is unstable
    Heart is pieces so small they blew away with the wind

    And there's nothing I can do about it. I don't know what to do. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Nikola Pupovac

    suonie Jones try to stop complaining, and seek the will of God. That should do the trick

  24. SJ AA

    unbelievable how songs can be the best cure for depression. This song has helped me through alot of things. I wanted to kill myself, Hearing this songs makes me feel worth something when I feel like nothing.

  25. Mr nobody

    Tamers12345 anyone?

  26. L2D_ WFK

    Mano, essa música é tooop

  27. Diane Hall

    So happy to know that I'm here for a reason.....

  28. Sara Nuckolls

    This is a great reminder! And another reminder is that EVERYONE is here for a reason and EVERYONE has a purpose.

  29. Aurore Leunra

    There's no fucking purpose for my damn life but I'm to weak to end my life.

    estmi Hope

    Ta vie a un sens Lana. Contrairement à ce que tu pourrais penser, ta vie a plus de valeur que tout l'or du monde.
    Tu n'es pas sur cette terre pour rien. Je ne pense pas que tu aies commenté sur cette vidéo pour rien, je pense que c'est parce que tu as envie de croire le message de cette chanson, mais que tu es trop découragée ou déçue de ta vie, pour accepter ce que la chanson dit.
    Il y a des choses merveilleuses dans la vie qui peuvent-être tiennes si tu les cherche, tu ne peux même pas imaginer, et tu es aimée bien plus que tu ne le crois.

    Ce n'est pas un hazard si moi, un francophone comme toi, tombe sur ton commentaire, et t'écris ce message.
    Mon coeur saigne pour toi, quand je lis ton commentaire. Et je ne suis pas le seul à compatir à ta souffrance, je peux te le garantir.

    Il y a un Dieu qui t'as crée, et qui t'aime, c'est de Lui que vienne toutes les bonnes choses de la vie, et Il a des projets de paix, et de bonheur pour toi. Il veut porter tes fardeaux à ta place, et te donner en échange, un sens à ta vie, de la considération, et que tu te pardonnes à toi-même, afin que tu puisses t"aimer toi-même.
    Il veut guérir les blessures de ton passé, et te délivrer des choses qui t'emprisonnent : dépression, addiction, découragement.
    Il veut te montrer des choses que tu ne soupçonnes même pas, et se révéler à toi.

    Tu n'es pas inutile ou laide, au contraire, tu comptes pour les autres, et tu es une belle personne.
    Même à supposer que tu n'as personne dans ta vie (ni famille, ni amis), pour moi, qui suis un étranger pour toi, ta vie compte, tu comptes.
    Et pour ton Créateur, tu comptes aussi, comme si tu étais la prunelle de Ses yeux.

    Ne te fais pas de mal stp, il y a de l'espoir pour toi. Demain, n'est pas aujourd'hui, ni hier.
    J'espère que tu liras ce message, et que tu réfléchiras à ce que je te dis, et que tu chercheras et trouveras, toute la vérité te concernant.
    Car ce Dieu auquel tu ne crois peut-être pas, ou qui te semble si lointain, et distant, veut se faire connaître de toi, et Il veut aussi que tu le connaisse personnellement, Il a tellement de bonnes choses en réserve pour toi.
    Il t'aime.

    Si tu cherches un sens à ton existence, je t'ai pointé vers la direction où aller, maintenant, à toi de faire ta propre démarche [si tu es intéressée, regarde ma 1ère playlist :) ]

    J'espère que tu trouveras ce que j'ai trouvé il y a déjà 3 ans, et que bien d'autres ont trouvé, et qui a bouleversé leurs vies, pour toujours.

    Sois richement bénie, mes prières sont avec toi,

    Merci d'exister,

    Aurore Leunra

    Si Dieu m'aime, il devrait juste me laisser mourir. J'ai rien à faire là, j'en peux plus. J'y arrive plus.

  30. 정상곤

    Good song

  31. Jul Magalhães

    The Climb puro.

  32. Jazmin Shelly

    Just heard this song on the radio and i love it
    I love the message
    This is what the world needs to no
    I no that first hand

  33. James Johnsons

    It have a good meaning of life

  34. Jhon buenaños


  35. Mihi ojstrsek

    The best song EVER

  36. Margo Roth Spiegelman

    S/o to the guy who share this song to me. Really really wonderful 🌼

  37. Vince Yamaha

    The best song i found in youtube 2018 august 25

  38. NATALY AL-HAFth.

    i will never give up
    but the world so bad & me

  39. Zane Adley Ismail

    Ashes Remain have the best songs for depression.I admit,i was suicidal for some time,wanted to end it,but then i listened to Ashes Remain songs.Now,im happier.Thank you,God,for showing me this when i needed it most

  40. Maniac

    This song with God's help literally saved my life.

    Ron Dunbar

    let them know!!.

  41. Rodrigo Ritter

    Completamente apaixonado por esse hino de musica ♥️♥️ não vou parar de escutar essa bênção que é tão linda 👏

  42. ViCtoR Lo

    you're here for a reason

  43. Megan Hoover

    God hple me find my best friend he was with the night i meet her it charge my life around i love her she know it

  44. Daniele Zanoni

    The best



  46. Elida Tusku

    im mysilm and.... damin its soo good :P

  47. Julia Core

    I think that its very too short! I love this music and I love this text... So beautiful...

  48. Hamzah Iftikhar

    Sounds extreme

  49. Garry Wan

    A song that almost makes me cry, just so freaking beautiful lyrics

  50. Star Vs Reality

    This helps but my heart still hurts

  51. Shadow Fox

    This is the best song ever with a great message. There is some kind of plan out there you just have to believe in it.

  52. Szilvi Szilágyi

    This music's saves me so much times and i really love it. Much respect fou u guys♥

  53. Megan Hoover

    I thank God for never day and never day with my friend

  54. Donna S

    Hi Kelley Stilson Nicole

  55. Emzo

    Christina brought me here 💚💚

  56. Nviter

    editor name? :D and perfect music

  57. Harmony Cowley

    If everyone heard this song they would not be so bad like they are today in this crazy world but we just got to keep praying pray to God that this world stay safe and that you and me stay alive because as I hear this song I feel like everything else is gonna get better and it is 😀😄

  58. Lara e Karina

    ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ here for a Reason 🙌

  59. MultiRenegade666

    I have bad depressive episodes and everytime i have one i listen to this and it makes it so much more easier to deal with

  60. Marjorie Felder

    Thank you Jesus!

  61. Michael Baranowski

    I love Christian music. It brings hope to a hopeless world

  62. Marcel V. Ayluardo

    Love AR

  63. raveniee 223

    This song is not exactly my taste the lyrics are really wonderful though.

  64. Shadow Fox

    This song helps me to keep going when not just be but other are going through their own little hell this is just a good song.

  65. jkhuggins

    Where can I find chord charts for this? Would love to use this in church, but my ear for transcribing songs sucks ...

  66. Edison Quisiguiña

    Beautiful song :)
    Greetings from Ecuador :)

  67. XGEN Sixx 711

    Such an underrated band

  68. Ahmaruko

    the reason I'm here is to get everything taken away from me again and again, all of the friends, family, things I'm grateful for. 8th grade is gonna be the same as 7th, he's gonna take everything away from me again, my friends, my girlfriend, all of them and I'm gonna be left alone to rot as I slowly fade away and attempt suicide again

  69. boni :3

    I still want to die so this didn't help.

  70. Andrea Flores

    I am the only one who thinks that it sounds similar to the rhythm of "The climb" of Miley Cyrus?

  71. briantaylor7091868

    A song I can relate too

  72. Brilee Morgan

    My crush said he likes me and that he’d go to a fair with me. Then I told him I liked him too, then he said that he doesn’t actually like me then goes and tells the whole school then everyone goes and laughs at me. I just want to die.

  73. knight of war

    It restores faith in yourself


    *watches Rick and Morty* no we're not 😂

  75. nagato Nfgdvecg

    The history should write this

  76. Combat Ghost

    Fucking great song

  77. BroDex


  78. Faith Heath

    This song makes me cry so so so hard


    LOL there is no purpose!

  80. MichaelPersons Vlogs

    Depression and anxiety since I was 7 because of my father. At the age 10 I tried to kill myself by hanging...lucky as i believe god told my mom and she found me, that's when i knew god really had a plan for me!! God bless those who are going through a hard time! I know how you feel!! I know it sounds like I'm living but I really not

  81. J.J


  82. shustgamerXD

    At the start it says " Ashes remain" and then "here for a reason. If we read it "Ashes remain here for a reason", isn't that a message saying something like "ashes remain after something so burnt so that we can build it over and better, based on what those Ashes once were."? It makes me feel like everything bad that happens simply happens so that we can make it better than it once was...

    Bryan Lenihan

    shustgamerXD I love this comment so much

    Hemalatha Raghu

    This was real deep 🖤🖤🖤

    Horror Hahn

    Nobody does notice things like this. Except me and you haha.



  84. Guilherme Barbosa


  85. Max Max

    I forgot this song was by them... So different from all the other songs I heard by them... O.o

  86. Savage Saulik

    Cool! keep it up guys.

  87. _morgue_for_moths _

    Ashes Remain: Every breath that you take has meaning, you are here for a reason.

    Society: Ew ew ew emo depressed song disgusting

    Justin Bieber: And i was like baby baby baby oooh

    Society: Oh wow so good singer so inspiration

    Ainz Ooal gown Over lord

    True this song is inspiration his is not

    Stephanie Williams

    IKR This song made me feel way better

    Neon Gamer

    Dude frick society if people don't think this song is inspriring screw em


    _mourge_for_moths _ So true

    Brian Chmielewski

    Yes I agree

  88. Shelby McCullough

    I first found this song on a playlist from the Newsboys on Spotfiy. I love it at first listen and nearly broke down crying. I suffered with suicidal thoughts last year, and I wish I could have found this song earlier. I just flat out love this song

  89. Faith Heath

    something just happened Sunday at church but I know that god will take good care of him

  90. Victor_ Carvalho

    Very good ❤️

  91. tatar anim

    เพราะมาก ฯ

  92. Faith Heath

    this song making me cry so bad but there is a God and I love him lots he is real

  93. ShadowSorcererX

    i really like this song but the reason im commenting is because i think the quality of this lyric video is very good only a few people of videos i watch can make a good lyric video when it comes to backround and word transitioning and everything like that

  94. Mrigank

    Couldn't you have left this god stuff out.. this stuff is the best rock of recent times, shame I can't exactly enjoy it as much as I would like to.

  95. Maddox Keller

    I don't even believe in god, and this still touched me.

    Vasto Lorde

    Maddox Keller that's the spirit of God tugging your soul you just have to listen to him that's God himself Speaking to you!!

  96. Christian Metal Source

    awesome lyrics!!

  97. Fernando BrCarvalho

    Nao vejo a hora de ouvir o novo Álbum, Deus abençoe vcs.