Ashes Remain - Change My Life Lyrics

I’m still awake tonight
broken up inside
I wanna run
but I don’t know where to go
I’m calling Your name
through the pain
Will You turn Your face to me
I’m crying out
I need a miracle

If You could make the sun burn through the night
And You could make the dead man come alive
If You could make the oceans all run dry
Then I know You can change my life
I know You can change my life

I wanna know who You are
that You can fix my heart
And I don’t have to run anymore
Open my eyes
let me see
Give me hope and set me free
Cause I don’t wanna be the way I was before


Give me something to believe in
Something worth fighting for
Something that I can’t ignore
You could make the sun burn through the night
You could make the oceans all run dry...


I need you to change my life
I need you to change my life

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Ashes Remain Change My Life Comments
  1. Linda Pettersson


  2. Ich

    I will play this on my 18th birthday because I will Change my Life there.

  3. Bizqin

    Dont really like nowadays music so i come back to these Songs ..good Times we had...Peace

    Night Shadow001

    Bizqin yeah this old musi is better than modern music


    @Night Shadow001 ye but i think it depends on the genre and artist aswell. i mean some of nowadays artists were making covers of old songs and they are actually not bad but ye the original version is still the favourite one. but thanks for sharing ur Opinion :D


    @Bizqin Bro me being a weeb i honestly still LOVE listening to these types of songs

  4. Ned Gut

    Such a meaningful song! It's about God and how we should always believe that he will help us and chnage our lives. Here the band tells the story behind it:

  5. Sebastian Wardana

    i take these as love songs

  6. Kitty Kat

    Roses are red

    Violets are blue

    For gods sakes no one cares what else you’re in.

  7. Raagam Taalam Pallavi Natyam


  8. BeeBee Azyu

    Hello from mizoram

  9. Roberta Luchey

    "BON JOVI"

  10. Rangeri Special Forces ROMANIA


    Jhon Lennon

    Quase ^^

  11. sunny singh

    Sun burn through the night , known as midnight sun. (At poles)

  12. พุทธพล ประดับธรรมกุล

    This song reminds me. Our life we are not alone. God stii want to give the best thing for us

  13. Edie Fair

    Facebook i want m0 why thay this olb man foll threan my life i no bother i call fbi out threa threaten my life burning me up i be ase noyh here bone i take high up to some thing my heart a br come i tire i bont fool none

  14. Sangores Sangores

    Still watching 2,000,000,00years

  15. WingsOfTruth

    beautiful song ! T_T Thank you Jesus!

  16. mlnr lilla

    I love this song, Verrry beautifulll and I just love it. Favourite💚
    Hello from Hungary🙋😍

  17. amuxfree

    Change my life, Father

  18. Makda Woldekiros

    Yeshua please change my life🙏🏽

    White Honey

    Dont wory god will change your life

  19. Steve David Thomas

    Its all about JESUS CHRIST

  20. Timothy Rossetti

    Love it bro

  21. Luciana Mendes Mendes


  22. Jiren Channel


  23. Fanni Feczkó

    It's a very beautiful song!❤

    White Honey

    I agree with you

  24. Lora Angelova

    Hello from Bulgaria!


    Hello from South Korea!

    White Honey

    Hello from Egypt

    BandVP - DDO

    Ztravai! I'm Bulgarian but I live in England 😛

  25. FrodoXAnnalover 12

    Beautiful song! beautiful lyrics! love Ashes Remain!!!!! 💖💖💖💖💖

  26. vorg dela cruz

    love these song for sure. woooooo

    Edilberto Salamanque

    Yes yes yes you are correct 👍👍👍

  27. Yuki Ukie

    Jesus is the way :)
    Btw, great song !

    Antoine Bouyssou

    He is the way but only for good people

    Prabesh Gurung

    @Antoine Bouyssou no for all those who believe in him Good or bad

  28. 死神Glenyxxt


    Artis Foster

    Fuck off kid

    Night Shadow001

    No one cares

  29. Sabrina Cabral

    2019!! Love is the song

  30. Kamciyydzz Chottomatte

    I still remember this song .. He alwys sing this song for me .. Hmm but now ..we just a strnger . He dont love me ,he hurt me but i still crying when i hear this song .. Its make me remember about my ex boyf ;''(

    משה ביטון

    Don't give up hope. That is the last thing you need to do. God is there for you, and will fix your heart at the right moment. Just give yourself time to gather the pieces, and piece them up together. Then you will see there is no one worth for you than yourself, and that you will find your one soon enough to give him the feelings you will feel towards him. Love is a rough emotion, but that is who we are. We cannot abandon something that is apart of us, and never will try. But we can try directing it for good. So don't give up, and God wouldn't give up on you. And will fix your broken heart and get you someone that will protect it from breaking again.

    Jesse Tuominen

    @משה ביטון best thing is don't losing hope

    Preya Pureya

    @Jesse Tuominen Actually, hoping is exactly the same as already giving up

    Jesse Tuominen

    @Preya Pureya how so?

  31. Edison Quisiguiña

    "I know You can change my life..." :)
    Hello from Ecuador :)


    Nunca pensé ver a un compatriota aquí ;)

  32. Ramona Patruşapte


    Fiona og Elina Bay

    Mariia RiXXiE47 WHY DOES it Sound so familyar to me?

    Ramona Patruşapte

    Fiona og Elina Bay i dont know😂🤔

    Fiona og Elina Bay

    Love this song😍

    Arnold Gomez

    Mariia RiXXiE47 Hex yeah lol, July 14, 2018 still alive 😂