Ashes Divide - The Stone Lyrics

I've been pushing stones away far from these shores
I pretend that it's all OK
Till on the brink of what can't be endured

We survive what we can't change
So let it fade
Just let it go
We pretend so nothing does change
We're flowers never breaking through the stone.

I pretended and prayed it all away,
searching for a place to hide
But I don't need afflicted memories to fade,
I just want to feel something real inside.

We survive what we can't change
So let it fade
Just let it go
We pretend so nothing does change
We're flowers never breaking through the stone.

I've been pushing stones away
Far from these shores
Pretend that it's all OK
Till on the brink of what can be endured

We survive what we can't change
So let it fade
Just let it go
We pretend so nothing does change
We're flowers never breaking through the stone

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Ashes Divide The Stone Comments
  1. Phill Acoustic Chaos

    The chorus in this song is so powerful.

  2. Chicken Man Monsoon

    What's this song about?

  3. Flash HarelKrash

    Billy is just the best guitarist ever. He's the only guitarist I'd ever listen to an entire album of ONLY guitar from (shame he hasn't done one). The man has two voices, one from inside his body and another from the strings he plucks, and both are gorgeous.

    Silver Path

    Extremely underrated, that's for sure.

  4. Blue's Neighborhood

    I've always enjoyed APC more than Tool, and only recently did I realize it's because Howerdel's composition style is more my flavor. He and MJK are a modern Reznor and Manson <3 Learning this and finding ASHES dIVIDE has been quite a treat ^_^

  5. Grant McCollum

    Fantastic song.

  6. Tyler F

    Glad I remembered this song, it was one of the first I listened to on YouTube

  7. J S

    Lovely, who's here in 2019?
    Edit no.1: listening it 10th time, can't stop

    Erica Byas

    Love it!


    Jan 2020!

  8. César cardoso

    BILLY HOWARDELL consegue fazer muita coisa ainda com o ASHES DIVIDE. Come back Billy!!!!

  9. Sergey Kalabin

    2019 anyone?)

  10. Sankalp Devasthali

    I came here because of Adam Monroe

  11. Savannah Matcham

    More music please

  12. Víctor manuel Rojas

    I saw them in mountain View CA. "Revolutión fest"many many years ago,one of te best band thatEver seen.i from México..

  13. Team Stark

    2019 still feel the same feeling everytime i listen to this. Amazed by how good Billy make all the composition on this album!

  14. Dimitri Deharak

    i want this song in Instrumental

  15. Matthew Pugh

    I would love to hear Maynard sing this song

  16. GrEEnPlUmBer12

    You ever hear a song on the radio, never know who sang it or the name of the song was?
    Here it is

  17. darkt800pepe

    Maynard's clon.


    I remember having this song on my psp!!🤘

  19. Mirrorforest Mirror

    You are great, Billy

  20. One Watch

    One of the most underrated songs of the 21st century

  21. amanuelamanuel

    I found out about Ashes maybe 8 years ago. I was still too blinded by Tool, APC and Puscifer to apreciate this or ever give it an honest chance. This is like an other dimension of APC.

  22. Jose GV

    Mayanard & Billy BOMB!!!!!!

  23. Jose GV

    A okey a perfect circle and this?? You are a fuckin genius!!!!! Man this is awesome

  24. HardCoreFlowers

    Who is not?! Amazing music <3

  25. Ryan Fry

    just hearing this album in 2018 for the first time - I can definitely tell where the piano on the new APC album comes from..

  26. Phriswithaph

    I feel like I've heard this song a long time ago.. but I don't think I have.

  27. Christopher L Johnson

    High school

  28. Christopher Ledford

    man.. I want more from BILLY!!! I love APC.. Maynard of course gets the spotlight for anything he deos... Billy is a freaking genius... He needs more love... Power to BILLY HOWARDELL!!! show them more of what you can do... and how you dont "need" maynard to make good music

  29. Massimo Molesini

    Se l’avesse cantata Maynard sarebbe stata spettacolare...

  30. David Lacombe

    This song just introduced me to ASHES dIVIDE. Loving it.

  31. Merrin Guthrie

    I didn't know Billy sang! <3

  32. mario balindan

    Looks like and sound like billy corgan

  33. Suicide King

    I love this song everything about it is good

  34. ACID CAT

    10 years later, still has the sexiest guitars.

  35. Anti_Aaron26

    This is like a mixture of deftones and smashing pumpkins. Great combination

  36. Malcolm Adams

    It sucks if he was trying to break out of the darker stuff, but really it's not that far from circle perfect. Just should've stayed with the macobre video's anyway.

  37. Alan Forster

    This is a great song... Maynard singing it would be better but Billy Howerdel does a great job.. It is has a first decade of the 2000s feel to it.

  38. We Are The Empty

    Who's listening in 2018? 👀

    Dan P

    The majority of music is timeless. Next... 😅

    Benjamin K. Salazar

    2020 bro

    Костя Зайцев


  39. Mizan

    this sounds eerily like an anime opening

  40. himanshu thapa

    Amazing band amazing song

  41. Stephanie Carlson

    This band deserves more love.

  42. adrenaline

    DAmn , this is good af

  43. Abraham Dixon

    What's this song about? What's the story behind the trippy video?

  44. El Pikachu Gordo

    1:26 APC - pet?

  45. mrphlegm

    october 2017


    Enero 2018

  46. Edward A

    he looks like a freak and its just perfect for this video

  47. M.G. Wolf

    I need more of this.

  48. Samuel N

    how hasn't this music video not even reach over a million views??

  49. Gino Fantigrossi

    he is the melodic core of APC I love this shitt

  50. MellowJelly

    1:25 UUUUUG yessssssssssssss

  51. Andrew Lockett

    I wonder if Keenan has ever sung this song, and how it would sound in comparison? probably not quite as good as the vocals on this, but worth a thought

  52. Jay M.

    Still love this track

  53. Mang

    One of my earliest memories of YouTube (since I didn't have good internet access until 2008 or so).

  54. MaskedHero

    Billy Corgans voice has improved over the years! lol

  55. Chris Robinson

    so whats everyones interpretation of this music video? i feel as its just going through the motions of life not paying attention to whats going on or the details that matter

  56. Turk

    If this was an APC song it would have been Yuge

  57. William Crafton

    I'm only just now realizing how much Billy Howerdel ripped off Failure's sound.


    Bastion Frost

    William Crafton As a failure fan, you do know APC has covered failure songs don't you ?
    Cheers Bru

  58. Terror Inc

    I think Billy's really shine's on this album

  59. VenomKitetsu

    Ashes needs to be in Seattle!

  60. Aaron Cohoon

    I was just reminded of this song while watching some Tool concert footage where Maynard gave a shout out to Billy Howerdel on his last night as their guitar tech. Dude is a musical genius! The lyrics really hit home for me on this one.

    Bastion Frost

    Aaron Cohoon He was also a guitar tech for nine inch nails.
    Cheers Bru


    I just discovered this band, amazing!!

    Mario Van Dyk

    KUKACHIKIWAKA Man Little late

    Mario Van Dyk

    Little lata but better now than never 😉

  62. fede camusso


  63. Joe B

    This song reminds me of my mother. I don't want to give a sob story or anything but she died a week ago and she was a huge tool/pusifer/apc fan and she like picked this album up like the week it came out and just played it on repeat. I haven't heard it in awhile but like this song is pretty meaningful to me and like it's really really good.

    Pat Allen

    Yeah I'm sorry for your loss, my mom developed crazy fandom for anything Maynard, because that's what I listened to from 7th grade till now so that's something we share... and I lost my father the morning after seeing Tool in Oklahoma City where I'm from so your sorry resonates with me... So keep rocking and all the love to you and definitely you kick-ass mom!!!

    Pat Allen

    Oh and I just so happened to be using her phone so her name came up, but my names Clayton, but if you want don't be afraid to drop her a line she's pretty freaking tits, and is as cool as a mom or anyone for that matter can be.... later guys and God ( Maynard) Bless... Lol.... laterz!


    Joe B it doesn't read like a sob story, but if it did... it's entirely justified. What you are growing through is massive... take your time. It's my first listen to this band and I like so far.

    Rocky Pruden

    Joe B nice man she's in a better place now


    Hey Joe I'm sorry for your loss. We'll all appreciate any new APC/Puscifer/Tool/Ashes Divide with her in mind

  64. House of Savage

    here's to you Billy.... thanks for coming out and hanging with us at the gates in Pittsburgh,Cincinnati and Connecticut. I'm sure you don't remember me and my friends but your words of encouragement and understanding as well as not passing judgement my friend. I am praying that you see this msg some how, because I mess you to know that your work does make a difference in the world. I am still fighting the battle but have gained inner peace, so many of us have had our eyes opened after listening to your albums.apc as well. keep rocking out Billy and thank you once again for helping me through some dark times. and if you need an extra hand while on tour. I could really use the job lol just had another girl

  65. Stuff You Already Knew

    Please come back. A Perfect Circle and Ashes Divide disappeared. That's no good.

    Bastion Frost

    Stuff You Already Knew APC never went anywhere, Ashes Divide died a long time ago.
    Cheers Bru

    Gary Chambers

    A Perfect Circle kicks ass and Ashes divide is a pretty good damn band

    I guarantee you will hear more perfect circle before you know it

    And looks like finally we're going to get a new Tool album in the next few months

    Adrienne A

    @Bastion Frost I wouldn't be so sure

    Maxime Riopel

    @Adrienne A lol well.....

  66. jocelyn wolf

    YAS..... :D

  67. Nocturnal Recluse


  68. Chubzdoomer

    I've never understood how a song this good managed to slip by so many people, and remains so unnoticed to this day.


    Easy, contrary to what people keep saying, there's a lot of great music out there.

    Rocky Pruden

    Chubzdoomer Agreed great album 🤘


    It cannot be denied Howerdel has composition skills, guitar skills, guitar tone ... and not a bad voice either. I wish he’d take over vocals just a little more often with APC. APC’s Freedom of Choice was one of the best on eMOTIVE.

    Gary Chambers

    The mainstream is too worried about looks and appearances
    Like these stupid tattooed faced rappers
    they wouldn't know good music if it reached up a bit them on their tattooed face

    Anthony Cohn

    Agree. This band should be up there with Tool and APC.

  69. Sister Cyclone

    I play this while I'm on the elliptical. I pretend its the machine he's on.


    That's fucking genius



  70. Artur Papryka

    Well, hard to say who's the core because he might sound great in AD, but what if that's because he was influenced by Maynard? Both I guess. They are both great. But Maynard better of course... ahahahhhaah kill me

  71. Paul Joseph V.

    gotta love Billy!! great song!! miss the 90's hooks n songs n early 2000's. need Ashes Divide back since Tool hasn't done anything or APC. bring back the side projects if u ain't doing anything w the main ones.

  72. *Starless

    Wow, what a lovely neighborhood. o.o

    Anyway, Love the song......actually had a dream about the song itself playing in my I had to listen to it. about Random.

  73. Kevin Yannutz

    great song, sounds a little like deftones or old school linkin park. interesting video too, it reminds me a little of the float on music video by modest mouse.

    Eduardo Boquin

    +Kevin Yannutz linkin park sucks.

    Kevin Yannutz

    +Eduardo Boquin old school is good. better than limp bizkit

    Bastion Frost

    Kevin Yannutz Have you ever heard the Deftones ? Your post indicates you haven't, Billy is a much better singer and writer than Chino, all the guitars are drop tuned, and the bass and drums are much louder in the mixing of the Deftones albums. This sounds nothing like old, or current deftones, and AD is superior to LP in my opinion, then again I never liked LP. Hate Chester committed suicide, he was a very talented guy, but at least this way LP is done. Until the survivors need money and decide to reform for the "We're almost broke and don't mind exploiting the death of our freind" tour, probably using the singer from Bring Me the Horizon for Chester's parts.
    Cheers Bru

    Mario Van Dyk

    Kevin Yannutz They definitely do not sound like any of the mentioned. Have you checked your ears? Listen again.

  74. Eric Wimpee

    that may be the dumbest thing I've heard.. He's the core ? He would be Flippin burgers if not for Maynard u freakin idiot !!!


    Right kid. Lol there wouldnt be apc without billy. Stupid. I go by facts. Not idiotic statemants by a dumbass like yourself. Billy created apc , maynard joined . Get over it lmao


    Are you sure you aint a kid. That joke is so middle school. Nice try though lmao at least i aint insecure to show myself. Hahahahahahz

    Eric Wimpee

    +Jesse “Bear” Torres yes.. I'm sure you hear it often.. now get back inside.. street lights are on boy.

    Paul Joseph V.

    I think he said he the core for Ashes Divide not Tool. APC was more a mix as a supergroup not a side project. omg. look at what he said before u post. geez. Maynard has 4 bands prolly why Tool hasn't been anything in 6 years? don't forget Tapeworm w Trent?

    Brendon Williams

    He's the writer genius. He may not have become an artist if not for Maynard, but from what I understand, he *is* the core of APC; Maynard mainly does vocals.

  75. Loreto Alvarez Silva

    god this video sucks

    Detective Sargeant Bruce Robertson

    @Loreto Alvarez Silva No, no, I believe that's what your mother does.

    Paul Joseph V.

    music is great n the video is cool. good voice.

  76. Neuro Lou

    Music isn't what it use to be anymore

  77. swimsack

    Billy Corgan's love child!

    Al Kills All

    +swimsack That's not Corgan. That's Billy Howerdel, who played either bass or guitar (I can't remember which) for Nine Inch Nails and lead guitar for A Perfect Circle. Corgan was the lead singer of the Smashing Pumpkins.


    You've just been promoted to Senior Manager of the Duh Department (my OP was sarcastic bro) 

    Al Kills All

    @swimsack Oh, I didn't realize that. Yeah, sorry bout that. I have zero common sense.

    Bastion Frost

    Al Kills All Billy was a guitar tech for NIN, only played live with them once. After a keyboard quasi exploded from Trent doing what Trent does to keyboards. He wasn't able to play the guitar part after the quasi exploding keyboard so he waived for Billy to come onstage, handed him the guitar and Billy played all of Trent's guitar parts for the remainder of the show. Trent ended up in a ER after the show to get plastic pieces of keys from said exploded keyboard removed from his hand and arm. I wasn't at that show, but I have been at 2 other NIN shows where something similar happened, 1 was in Raleigh NC and a keyboard quasi exploded after Trent basically drop kicked it, no injuries I'm aware of. The other was in Greensboro NC, Danny Lohner full on head butted a keyboard in the middle of "Terrible Lie" so hard he broke it in half, a huge cloud of smoke erupted and Renholder himself was out cold for at least 3 minutes, the show had to be halted and they brought out a tech to finish the show once he was stretchered off stage.I cracked my right femur at that show and ended up in the ER afterwards, met and had a 35 minute conversation with a very concussed Renholder and a very drunk charlie clouser. Trent never showed up and I learned way more about that man than I ever wanted to know. Got Danny and Charlie's autograph on my cast before I was discharged, they kept him overnight for observation, wish I had a camera, alas, it was in 2000, or 2001 and camera phones hadn't even been imagined much less invented. I still have half the cast that they signed in a box somewhere in my garage. Good times.
    Cheers Bru

  78. Pirate Grau

    I love Maynard, but THIS GUY is the APC core.


    Puscifer > A Perfect Circle > Tool > ASHES dIVIDE

    Johnnie Reynolds

    Live, I definitely agree. Puscifer is phenomenal live.

    Raymond Kaufmann

    Pirate Grau that's because Billy is the main man in APC they wanted a female singer but got Maynard imagine a band with him and Adam jones

    Cristián Vera-Cruz


    shoe and shoelace

    @Pirate Grau you.....dont like Tool? WTF man.....

  79. ThcDinobot

    Wish the fox stilled played this song, used to be on once a day everyday.

  80. Plastic Tree

    still awesome william.. keep it up

  81. Eicher Corp


  82. Mr. Christopher

    Its like 2008 is smacking me in the face right now, and I couldn't be happier about it. 


    True, one of my earliest memories of YouTube. :)

  83. Pharoc

    I really want to know how he makes these beautiful drawn out sounds.

    Carls Lobato

    +Pharoc I think Billy uses the Axe FX II.

  84. Dom Tes

    tHis sis gay

  85. Kevin M

    Downloaded this album recently !  Its brilliant.  I can't believe it took me so long to find it.


    @chrono050 He is, Billy has been slowly working on it for a few years now. Recently mentioned in an interview that he's still working on it.


    @shikamaru317 Yeah I Hear Its Coming Out Soon I Can't Wait.. Be Sick To Get A Tool Album An Ashes Divide Album An Deftones All In 2015. Fingers Crossed About Tool

    Cantu Records

    chrono050 lol none of those happened

    Raymond Kaufmann

    I saw a concert in Orlando in 2010 they were there and they were great Billy is underated

    Ryan Fry

    I second that discovery in 2018. now I hear where all the piano in the new APC album comes from...

  86. Lucan Gosett

    Thumbs up if Era of Errors brought you here

  87. Shawn Melton

    This song didn't get recognition because it isn't that fucked up music everyone listens to now days like carrie underwood and nikki manaje or some shit. People are too stupid for talented music these days. to complex for their tiny brains.


    Actually... This is pretty bad compared to anything "A perfect circle" ever put out.. Check them out, if you don't know about them allready. Same guy in this video/Billy Howerdel is also a member of APC :P

    Fred Martin

    @RuneFun12 Billy there also composed damn near all of APC's music. In my opinion, this song and the album it's on rocks. Billy is the soul of APC, so it makes sense that Ashes Divide would have a similar sound.

    Marty 105380

    @Fred Martin I agree that Billy is (mainly) the soul of APC, but the vocals of MJK are such unique... When I hear the instrumental play of Billy in Ashes Divide, my ears instantly and unintentionally expect (and I guess want) MJK to join in. Nonetheless I think it's good for Billy to have his own thing, and this band rocks without MJK.

    Cantu Records

    RuneFun12 that was a bad way to describe it. this particular song is right up there with the best of apc


    The stanzas in this song are cookie-cutter just like pop music, so I don't know what the hell you're talking about. The guitar solo is good, and the lyrics are good, but there are much better examples out there of music.

  88. Karam D.

    its a good song and good band

  89. Yukiro Toyoshima

    Genius! He is just a GENIUS! ♥

  90. spikedleatherworks

    It is Billy's compositions that really make me love APC... and he is obviously no slouch here either.  People may argue all day long about Maynard singing better, but to me Maynard's voice is just the pretty icing atop a big beautiful layered cake that Billy baked up.

    Alan Forster

    When they get back together it will be gold.. wait they have and album is out in a few months yay.

  91. Mcroostr

    How is this song not more popular? Holy shit AD is underrated!! I forgot to add that this song also reminds me of the movie POWDER!!!! Watch it and agree with me!! So sad that this band never saw big success when the production values are just as good as any other big band!!! I just can't give up on them!!!

  92. Mcroostr

    I love this music vid because it simultaneously reminds me of:

    1) The Smashing Pumpkins (because Billy Howerdel looks, acts, writes & directs just like Billy Corgan

    2) Pleasantville (black and white anyone?)

    3) John Krasinski's excellent marionette impression (if you haven't seen it google it NOW!)

    4) The '20's vampire flick "Nesferatu"

    Bonus 5) makes you realize just how influential Billy Howerdel is/was in "A Perfect Circle"

    Xol The Great

    @Mcroostr looks? yes acts? sometimes. writes? hell to the fucking no.

    Get To Da Choppa

    Nesferatu, is that like an 8-bit vampire?

    rafa hernández

    Mcroostr is is. I was day the dame about corgan.

    rafa hernández

    Get to da choppa orlok

    0110101 10011

    Mcroostr he is APC

  93. Miguel Perez

    pregunta.. pregunta el es el mismo calvito de Perfect Circle? 

    RBAdoge( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    si, pero nomas que el es el guitarrista en esa banda

  94. Xrysa Del.

    Project Revolution 2008

  95. CantBreakA100

    Love it!  Thank you for sharing!!!!

  96. oldmanfromyork

    Probably the most underrated band in the world. I might be the only soul who actually prefers this to apc.  



    Corey House

    Both bands are great. Billy Howerdel is my favorite guitarist and he has an amazing voice.

  97. Chino Tauro

    Me encanta el videoclip y la canción: the stone (la piedra) su primer trabajo "keep telling myself it's aright del 2008 fue sorprendete y muy interesante.Ansioso por escuchar su próximo disco, espero que sea pronto!!

  98. Elizabeth Nicole

    Drew spark-whitworth,..I agree with you.

  99. Elizabeth Nicole

    I'm in love with this guy. I never knew there was a video to this song. How awesome! <3

    Kaci Dilworth

    Me too! He is just like the most bizarre and akward vampire.

    Nate Jewels

    I saw this on vh1 when it first came out lol