Ashes Divide - Ritual Lyrics

At night when the voices that come
And flame flows through the woods along the wall
We have nothing left to say

Because we use some terrible words
To get such subtle rewards
That never seem worth it too me
They say the older we are, we can't change
And I say, that all that we are
Is just dark matter anyway, so just pray...
With me.

You and I keep falling further away
It's become our ritual
We stare like strangers through each other in to the wall...

And you say, when your knives and your nails come unfurled
From the caged theoretical storms that mean nothing
But they go straight through me
'cause we use some terrible words
Which always sends me crippled in to flying

You say it's not too late, we can change.
And I say, hurry up, help me touch the ground tonight.
Say the words.

You and I keep falling further away
It's become our ritual
We stare like strangers straight through each other in to the wall...
You and I keep falling further away
It's become our ritual
We stare like strangers straight through each other in to the wall...

Do you ever think you could erase the things I've said?
The bitter words that drip from wounds, inside your head.
I wanna see the blood rush back in to your face.
The last thing I ever wanted to do was hurt you this way

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Ashes Divide Ritual Comments
  1. Nicole Sabino

    this song always makes me cry....

  2. Mert Genccinar

    feelings are mutual <3

  3. Fifi

    This song reminds me of a while ago when I listened to this album non-stop. Funny thing is, in the while that I didn't listen to it, a long time passed by, a lot changed.. I now have a relationship, and when I listen to this song... i can ACTUALLY relate. Like, not only understand what it's about, but also feel it because of past experiences. Cool stuff! :P

  4. StupendousMand

    I love APC, at least the early albums, eMOTIVe became way to mellow for me, and now this, it's more indie than it's rock. It's so sad when we know what he is capable of. I'm not saying it's bad, it's just not nearly as good as early APC.


    Obviuosly, as all other music he made, it grew on me within a few weeks, and I ordered the album online. It was so damn cheap that I could buy 2 cd's, without having to pay extra tax. (In Denmark if we order stuff from outside europe, we will get a fairly huge tax, if it costs above 13USD, and these were like 6USD each). After waiting for like 6 weeks, I contacted the seller, and told them it never showed up, they did tell me they were sorry, and made a new delivery. 3 days after, my first set arrived, I contacted them again and payed for the extra set, and now I had my own cd, a backup, and 2 cd's for friends to enjoy. :D

  5. IHIMSELF666

    3:43 I see what you did there.

  6. AudioInjectedSoul11

    ashes divide is so underrated, even apc is!


    Por la noche, cuando las voces que vienen
    Y los flujos de la llama por el bosque a lo largo de la pared
    No tenemos nada que decir

    Debido a que usamos algunas palabras terribles
    Para conseguir tales recompensas sutiles
    Que parece que nunca vale la pena también me
    Dicen que los mayores que somos, no podemos cambiar
    Y yo digo, que todo lo que somos
    Es sólo la materia oscura de todas formas, así que ruego ...

  8. Lakin Ballard

    I am molesting the reply button :)

  9. mrmanback

    Billy said Ashes is coming back in 2011..cant wait!!

  10. Justin L

    become a ritual.

  11. InfinityDz

    There's a Gravity atmosphere, it's awesome

    C B

    InfinityDz its Brena

  12. adict punk

    @Xicedragonnx good idea... guess ill smoke some now

  13. adict punk

    @skateNappreciate bought it the other day, its fucking great

  14. RozzDarkly

    I bought my copy about a month after it came out. I was really happy with it.

  15. deshadower

    This album doesn't deserve any cash.
    It deserves MUCH MORE than just this f_cking whore called money!

  16. S John

    dis music is good when your high

  17. atomicbomba

    that's true people... if you only pay for one album a year, this should be it!

  18. NonMaya

    i love this. it's spiritually nice. it makes me close my eyes, spread my arms wide open and feel the wind blow against me and just sway.

  19. ⊱ G!NAMARi ⊰

    this song sounds GREAT on a good sound system

  20. jkay07

    riiidiiculous, soo emo, soo smooth, soo the best song on the album

  21. atomicbomba

    i completely agree!

  22. mrmanback

    best song on the album imo

  23. x666Hail666Satan666x

    great job on a great song friend!