Asher Roth - The Lounge Lyrics

I got a question, what's a rapper look like? Is he tan? Is he black? White?
Is he blacked-out, high on the crack pipe?
Or more the cats that'll ride on the half-pipe?
Don't want to act like I know about the rap type
Cause matter of fact I can't grasp who rap likes
With their cash do they stash for retirement?
Or go for things like rides and diamonds?
Yo, I gotta a question. What's a rapper look like?
Is he blacked-out, high on the crack pipe?
Or more the cats that'll ride on the half-pipe?
Don't wanna act like I know about the rap type
Cause matter of fact I can't grasp who rap likes
With their cash do they stash for retirement
Or go for finer things like rides and diamonds and... ?

Another question (what's that?)
How do they dress?
Are they best cut threads or are they spend less
I'm interested, it's caught my attention
Yo, does everybody rap get arrested?
And with they sex, do they all have hoe's?
Or do some have a girl that they learn and they grow with?
I like to know, what makes a rapper?
It might be me, but I don't think it matters?

What does he look like?
Nobody knows?
He's just a rapper, in plain clothes
When the curtain falls, after the show
Where does he go? Nobody knows

Yo, now it's your call, short, fat, or tall
What if he's a she and not a he at all
Or does a broad have to a be a C at least
Or can it be decreased if she real up on the beat?
And is she realer if she raised in the street?
Or can they still feel her if she raised in CT?
And if they spit do they have to have kids?
Or can they have a Mom, a Dad, and little sis?
And in the morning do they have to have grits?
Or can they favorite breakfast be eggs benedict?
It makes me think, is there a rappin' type?
And if so, yo, what's a rapper like?
And do they sell drugs? Or go to school?
Cocaine or college, tell me what's the rule
I'd like to know, what makes a rapper?
It might be me, but I don't think it matters.


My name's Asher (Hi Asher)
And those who care to ask, I tell them I'm a rapper
But I don't look like it, not one bit
I'm short and thin with some pale ass skin
Got one girlfriend, and I love her,
With two sisters, a father, and a mother
I guess I'm different, like no other
But you can't judge a book by it's cover
I write about what I feel c live
My boys like to say I'm the realist it gets
Sometimes I feel like [? ]
Maybe flip the script on some ROYGBIV
Whatever the mood, no matter what I listen to
I always do me, never do you
I'd like to know, what makes a rapper?
It might be me, but I don't think it matters.


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Asher Roth The Lounge Comments

    this is my favorite one from the mix tape. Takes me back to senior year of 09. I think the mix tape in general kinda aged badly, but it just goes to show how much asher progressed with his future albums

  2. Larry Fisherman

    2019 still bumpin!

  3. StevieDrama

    Back here in 2019

  4. Garrett Murchinson

    anyone know the original piano sample ????? plzzz

    Alex Mathew Mendoza

    It's some variation of "Thrifty" by John Swihart, from the Napoleon Dynamite soundtrack. I tried finding it years ago, but couldn't. :/

  5. Jean Max Zeelay Augustin

    Soundtrack for the movie cheaters lounge

  6. myguns85

    Still here!

  7. Barrington Grant

    I always thought that was the Rock in the beginning lol

  8. Kevin Green

    still bumpin the lounge. gotta get that ham and eggs

  9. Callum Sewell

    9 people hate their life!!!!

  10. R-16

    I have the album version. This one must be pre release because mine is much smoother.

    Tha Realest

    +Reflecter Wut album?


    +DABADSHAZAM Asleep In The Bread Aisle

    Tha Realest

    @Reflecter thanks


    No this was the mixtape version.

  11. BasedAllah

    is that seth mcfarlan or don connon ? i think its seth mcfarlan

  12. LA Dub Z

    Ash killed this shit. Earned my respect after I heard this.


    LA Dub Z Walker same

  13. openeastsider

    What's sad is the amount of people who have never heard the Infinite tape by Eminem. What's even more sad is there are people who can't enjoy both. The fuck don't call yourself rap heads if you can't appreciate hip hop in it's truest form.


    +openeastsider You heard of hell well I was sent from it............

    Kendall Miles

    +openeastsider I was just about to say this. He sounds like Eminem from the Infinite days. But they both have their differences


    infinite and tonite are my fav's of that album

  14. BigBangTheory92

    It's funny seeing this two years later and they both are still underrated but Kid Cudi is a superstar and Asher is still only notable for I Love College... *sighs*

  15. deejaykriskrush

    yea its the dj looping it with another copy on the 2nd table, i think it fits

  16. ThinkaHolics Studios

    Did the first line repeat?!?

  17. shaqreia Carlton

    i love this song hell i love asher roth and i will remain a fan.

  18. Kris Field


  19. Quikster220

    haha, but the other wellfare case calling him a nigga aint? sigh

  20. lamepv

    Heres a little pep in your step!!

  21. lamepv

    I totally forgot about this mixtape then i remember it acouple weeks ago, now im loving it again. Such a quality tape.

  22. Shane Hendrick

    Nothing better than loving a song like this, forgetting about it for 3 or 4 years and then finding it again.

  23. Mandy Sohacki

    dude u sound like a lame ass loser

  24. offbalancexx

    @demoboyz101 no? i just listened to mac before he got big his newer songs just aren't the same there's no raw emotion like he used to have. and i have a job that pays good i have a girlfriend i can drive i get pretty good grades and i am building youtube a channel if your judging me by the under construction channel then i guess it looks bad but my lifes pretty good hahaha and aren't you the one hating because your judging a guy on his musical views? wich is a right in the constitution? tyrant.

  25. MrBigRoooster

    ask jeeves, nuff said.

  26. KillaaFN

    in 2008

    Randy Phillips

    WGM Killa 2018 shadilay

  27. KillaaFN

    reminds me of the good times

  28. demoboyz101

    @HBradyy01 nigga fuck u hatin ass bitch u mad cuz u a wanna be nd ur life is never gonna go no where.

  29. offbalancexx

    @victrigo mac is dead he sold out

  30. M Mays

    lmao "johnny get on the piano let's do this....30 years in the business"

  31. brandon carter

    Like if you hear Obama on the track.

    Barrington Grant

    brandon carter i thought the Rock lol

    Barrington Grant

    But maybe Obama

  32. anongreen

    this is the song that kept me happy although grade 9 and 10.


    me too, coming back 10+ years later is a bittersweet feeling

  33. NutbushNative

    @gggggghhhaaa and their also the best to blaze to

  34. Uzi Patrol

    Seth McFarland?

  35. twixxygirl67

    he legitly just gassed on every rapper stereotype in a lyrical way how deep can you get?

  36. RhynoEst92

    This guy is so underrated, he is one of my favorite rappers, and this song, man speaks mad truth

  37. peach

    Sounds similar to Shady but different style. Love it!

  38. coldfood10

    @D33ZNUTZ1100 Dude, you don't know me. Go through all my comments on this shit. You'll see, not one time, do I ever accuse people of being anything that I don't know they are. I may say they sound LIKE or seem LIKE something, but I never say they ARE, because I don't know them. You say I'm an idiot. But all you know about me is what I have said in the comments. I have seen a pattern in Asher Roth fans. A lot of you SEEM quick to judge me, when you know nothing about me.

  39. coldfood10

    @mattieclement Whatever man. I don't like Asher Roth. Not gonna change my opinion, and I don't expect you to change yours. I really started to dislike him now, ever since he said Justin Bieber was a good rapper. But I don't give a shit man. In your opinion he is good, in mine he sucks.

  40. nick dinan

    u know what they say... gotta be ballin pretty hard too have haters.

  41. Marc McCormack

    @coldfood10 i get that, i never said he was the best and he sure as hell isnt no eminem and it pisses me off when people compare the two, but he's got his own style and i like that. the more experience he gets, the better his songs get, too.

  42. 22mpb

    @coldfood10 how is this autotune

  43. coldfood10

    @mmccmack1994 yeah, kanye sucks. I just used autotune because thats what a lot of "popstars" use today, and it pisses me off, its just the other guy accused me of liking mainstream shit and I hate mainstream music (except for eminem) But I'm sorry Asher Roth isn't real. I've listened to a few of his songs, and none of them have much passion, idk, maybe hes just not my style, but it pisses me off how people call this dude real, when there are actual real rappers out there.

  44. Marc McCormack

    @coldfood10 since when is hip hop about the voice? its about the words, dumbass. the dudes a lyricist. i love college wasnt a good song, but i dont love roth cuz of that song. i like him cuz of his real shit. you cant define an artist by his singles, thats what douchebags do. and yeah. kanye sucks now

  45. coldfood10

    @NickHenry777 I love rap man, I just hat "Bitch Rap" which is most of the shit these days. I like real rap, not computer made autotune popstar bullshit. (Asher Roth)

  46. Nick Henry

    @coldfood10 if you hate most rap anyways, then we dont really give a fuck what you think about roth anyways. if you dont even appreciate the god damn genre then whats your opinion matter?

  47. coldfood10

    @mmccmack1994 and I call him a popstar because he sounds like a douchebag when he raps. Thats not what rap is about. That piece of shit song "I Love College" was the worst shit I've heard in a while, and "Lark on my Go-Kart" again makes him sound like a little bitch. Thats why I don't like his music. Oh and I also need to say I hat Kanye West now, his new shit sucks!

  48. coldfood10

    @mmccmack1994 people like me? bro say what you will about what you know I've said, but you don't know anything about me or what kind of music I lie. I hate most rap now a days. I hate Lil' Wayne (ever since Rebirth), I hate Soulja Boi, I hate Pitbull, I hate all these mainstream rap bitches except for Eminem, the only one that still rappin real. I like old school and 90's shit dude, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, NWA, Mobb Deep.

  49. Marc McCormack

    @coldfood10 how the fuck is he a popstar? i dont see his name on mtv ever. i dont see him doing songs with katy perry or rihanna or enrique iglesias. i dont see him at awads shows. the dude is real as fuck. and so what if he doesnt sound like anyone else? i'm sorry if he dont like conforming and wants to be unique. rap is going in the shitter cuz of people like you, roth is just trying to ressurect it

  50. chad jones

    @coldfood10 he doesnt sound like others, because he's unique

  51. Itoro Akpakpan

    @coldfood10 your kind of an idiot because you learned nothing from this song so dont spam your negative comments here ther not wanted

  52. coldfood10

    this dude aint raw, this dude aint a rapper, thats why he don't sound like the other ones. This dude is a popstar and i done got into an argument about this on one of his other vids. But asher roth aint a rapper, he is a popstar. So go ahead you Asher Roth lovers. Defend your popstar. At least I know real music and this dude aint shit.

  53. twixxygirl67

    he just gassed on all the rapper stereotypes, this guy is raw! nough' said

  54. hey


  55. AsiLayFlyying

    Stop comparing Asher to Eminem. They're two completely different artists. Asher Is more chill, and he has mad talent.

  56. TNAisWWEv2

    this is one of my favs. this song inspired me to rap

  57. dan man

    eminem is depressing .... asher roth is chiller more up beat hip hop artist

  58. djpaydro barr

    look its SIMPLE he just has the same VOCAL TONES as Eminem so take your dumb ass comparisons to his mom n pop! i like dude! stop all the black n white cos aint nobody said shit when the beasties or 3rd bass were out BECAUSE IT DIDN'T MATTER!

  59. drunkhobo101

    i love this song

  60. DjDafader

    @fuckyeah223 i bet if u put 2 acappellas from them on one track u WILL notice a significant difference.
    but u are very right in this track...

  61. Callum Brown

    this guy is the truth

  62. annah126

    i swear to god the tune for this is from napolean dynamite

  63. Grant Golke

    asher roth and kid cudi. 2 best up and coming rappers by far. both are waaayyy to underated

  64. David Wilson

    @TheFortunateFiasco it was. But this track was re-done specifically for this mixtape.

  65. Leondre Ramsay

    Wasn't this on his debut asleep in the bread aisle? Wikipedia said it was track #14 if you bought the bonus edition on iTunes...

  66. John Davey

    ashers nice

  67. Green Bandit

    First stumbled upon asher, on a tim westwood freestyle he was shite!
    but then i checked some of his tunes on the guy got skills..dope is dope..end of story

  68. Jake Hagen

    sorry i disliked this, it was an accident

  69. kurt

    instrumental ???

  70. James Yarger

    @JAREDHIGHDEF yea its a little campy. but still kinda fun.

  71. Jared Catron

    wheres this instrumental??

  72. Jared Catron

    @MrShamus70 haha the rest of the mixtape is pretty bad lol

  73. Ip Man

    @McFoxdude its a mixtape, you can get it from

  74. Ip Man

    asher's flow is amazing

  75. Jett

    who compares asher to eminem? like forreal just cuz they're both white? they got waaay different styles
    and sher can flow for sure

  76. James Yarger

    Great Rap, a little bit of ham and eggs you can listen to with your kids and not worry about them having potty mouth afterwards.

  77. Taylor Manion

    @messiah901 i swear to God if ur not dope...

  78. dixio

    if you compare him to eminem youre fucking stupid. Asher roth raps about what his generation can relate to. Eminem raps about his life and nobody can relate to it really. Eminem has stupid lyrics and you cant even listen to his whole album.

  79. Biggavel

    @vfudo1 Well how about it this way.... they can't write things to relate to the REAL FANS

  80. AceMasta93

    this song is siiiiick definitely one of his best

  81. SuperOmnicron

    @DillonSchmoove seems like Em is much hyper...and had to prove more because he came s like he paved the way for another kind of rapper, so Roth didnt have aggressive content. Less conscious of the street, and more on the art form.


    @plksnatchers damn fucking right hes better than drake

  83. Tyree

    This Is A song I can skate to

  84. Brandon Francis

    This is dope. What are his new songs?

  85. NIBent

    the orignal sample was from the bonus soundtrack for napoleon dynamite.

    Hope that helps

    Garrett Murchinson

    NIBent you have a song title or artist name? Heeeellp haha🙏🏽

  86. Damon Bulletz

    what beat is this from

  87. brotherbill101

    OMG he sounds just like em on the infinite album. (COMPARE) and i loved that shit so its all good

  88. bhgraiders1

    smooth ass flow.

  89. Biggavel

    well, you rap the way you live. and if you dont get wat im sayin then wat im sayin is...he's still kinda low key, you know, on the mixtape scene only. he hasnt really blown. weezy up until 2 years ago was still puttin out straight fire music. but ever since the thrown was given to him his drive to make good music aint there. take 50 cent just like him. he wrote get rich or die tryin before the deal. after he was rich his only good music came from mixtapes not albums.

  90. Biggavel

    not actually. the beasty boys were there so the tour can look good. they are pioneers for white rappers not for hip hop. but with that said i like asher roth. to me its just white rappers wont be on top of rap cuz they dont write things to relate to most who listen to it

  91. phenomenom20

    right right

  92. phenomenom20

    nah i dont think hes gonna be big time

  93. marko zdero

    the lounge guy in the background reminds me so much of chuck taylor from the dave chappelle show lol

  94. Kels757

    there are plenty of white mcs that dont sound like em. but this guy def does. Hes hot tho

  95. orasis

    Oh give me a break - no one cares.

    People like Eminem because dude is good - Just like not every black person likes EVERY SINGLE RAPPER in the world.

    Eminem just happens to be white - but he is probably one of the greatest rappers to ever touch a mic.

    Christ.. I thought Eminem was black for like 4 months until I saw his video.

  96. RE:Think

    real talk, whats fiat money?