Asher Roth - Terry (Freestyle) Lyrics

I'm trying to fall in love again
Get Mase back with Puff again
Or Bernie with Republicans
You see what we up against
Chase a dream [?]
A little weed couldn't supplement these rumblings
My money's spent
I'm trying to make a hundred off a couple cents
What the fuck is this
Photos, pose, that pays shows
Spotify plays the same as pesos
Peanuts to me cause
[?] this fetus
Seat back and feet up
Beat down the leaders that cheat us of freedom
Be proud we read up, Aretha, Anita
I need some reassurance that this industry is worth it
Cause the inner me is nervous that this energy ain't working
I know this shit ain't perfect, I may be a different person
Cause I can't pretend I'm working with this worthlessness they worship
Chilling in my Birkens, freestyling, smirking
Deep down I'm freaked out
Peace out, it's hurting, uncertain
Searching for some universal sound
But when you need or when you look
That's when it's really hard to find
I've had a lot of time to shine really on my mind
I know the world is stone cold homie, that's the bottom line
But what about my mom and sister selling for their wines
So I'm coming from the vine every single time I rhyme
Fine, let's take it back to G.E. 1
When this rap shit was just for fun
Don't it feel good
Or when I spit, you just download on DatPiff
Rate it very high then that's it, fuck that shit
Or make hits then I live on the road
And meet my niece when she's eight years old
I don't know homie, sounds bold homie
Sounds like it'll all grow pretty old on me
I need more, homie
Gary V telling me to believe and if I don't then I be defeat
Well jeeze, I'm a head case, B in the best way
Means I'm unique and my jeans will impress date
Even the most mean-spirited inferior complex driven
Bond-esque villain still find the best in him, yes
That's living if I say so myself
This ain't for you man, this be for my health
Don't it feel good

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