Asher Roth - She Don't Wanna Man Lyrics

She don't want a man man man man, she just wants to dance, just dance

[Verse 1]
Quiet and confident, not a bit, I'm the shit
Screaming out, out loud, right now, I'm the shit
Let 'em know, let it go, feelin' sexy, feelin' grown
I be sippin' on patron mixed with pineapple
Then she looks up, spots me only for a sec
But in that moment, our eyes locked, I swear that we had sex
Yeah, In that tank top, tight jeans, high heels, nice teeth
Ooh, I think she likes me but, but it be unlikely

[Chorus: Keri Hilson]
Ain't looking for no man man, really just came here to dance dance
On the dance floor [x2]
(I know you want my body, I just came to party)
Ain't looking for romance mance, really just came to dance dance
On the dance floor [x2]
(I know you want my body, I just came to party)

[Bridge: Asher Roth]
She don't want a man, she just wants to dance
She don't want a man, she just wants to dance on the dance floor

[Verse 2]
I see Boyder and ask him, "Yo can you take her fat friend?"
He laughs and then digs it "Hell yeah, I'll be your wingman"
We two-step, we grooving', we dancing', we movin'
The crowd be through it, people getting real stupid
Check my breath then my sweat on my chest and my pits
Yeah I'm fresh, super fresh, I would do me in a sec
Bout to get my dance on so I put my hands on her
Then she frowns, turns around with a look like



[Bridge: Keri Hilson (Asher Roth)]
Boy, you need to cool down cause I'm way too hot
(Girl, you need to cool out cause you not that hot)
See, I'm just tryna cool down cause I'm way too hot
(Girl, you need to cool out cause you not that hot
I'm just playing, I'm just hating, no, you way too hot)



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Asher Roth She Don't Wanna Man Comments
  1. SmurfYeahBizNitches


  2. Lana Del Ray

    Damn I miss Keri Hilson

  3. Duce Vasquez

    The fat friend was sexy too

  4. NosideZero

    That Keri Hilson hook is infectious. Shame that this song never blew up.

  5. Tory

    underrated joint

  6. Stepan Andreev

    Why does it look like a parody video?

  7. Julian Iyona

    Secret life didn’t bring me here.

  8. Tuza Bona

    I discover this way too late

  9. Jerome Nonyane

    Here in 2019

  10. Kurt Lee

    I miss being 18 again.

  11. PIP Mitchell

    Ain't Lookin for no man man I know you want my body body

  12. José Augusto dos Santos


  13. Green Hair

    I'm here bcuz Miss Keri baby

  14. Til Rohrbach

    I was searching for this song over 8 years

  15. Gregory Spielman

    Good ass memories

  16. George White

    love this song, probably one of his best

  17. tristeng5

    Brings me back to middle school

  18. darcy yates

    Stop singing

  19. Don'tNEED ANAME

    Wtf happened to him lol people forgot about Aster 😒

  20. Turismo y Gestión Perú

    who's still listening in 2018?

  21. luciano herrera

    talking about responsibility

  22. Cutecutpro tingz

    Jack had me dying i just had to listen to this like if you agree

  23. Nabintu77

    She's so beautiful!

  24. Jack Light


  25. Sqwaad92

    whos still listening in 2017?

  26. SewStyleShoot

    I thought that I knew all keri's song but ..

  27. FoxFamily757 FoxFamily757

    what happened to Asher Roth

  28. gabrielle grovner

    I remember watching this premier on MTV while I was getting ready for school one morning. Now it's 2017

    Gary Simpson

    gabrielle grovner that’s exactly what I was thinking, I was 9 at the time lol. These videos are so different once you look back at them.

  29. Leangelo Kellom

    most underrated song

  30. survivorofall2014

    secret life brought me here dying of laughing

  31. isnowyazn

    Dammit Jack lol

  32. TheCassiogomes

    clássic ever

  33. Echo omni

    love this song

  34. вυggα вσσ

    "Way to go, Tom"

    *Dances to the same song that was dancing to like, an hour ago*

  35. Leonardo Mello

    i miss this time of music ....rap, rock, pop, all is best '-'

  36. Дамир Асанов


  37. Asira

    If you're not here from Jack "dancing" thinking he was cool, then how'd you get here? 😂


    This song played on mtv when keri was still a thing

    Zach Brown

    Maybe I actually like to browse music... I was here way before this show you're talking about.

    J G

    Maybe cuz we know who Asher is noob


    I'm here bcuz this song was already bangin before whatever you're refering to young'n

  38. Jesse Madrid

    love this omg!!!!!!!!

  39. Diamond Crawford

    Jack was jamming to this on the secret life of the American Teenager! first time hearing it.

    Nicole Ramirez

    Diamond Crawford that’s how I came here lmao

  40. Kaiteee T

    Here from The Secret Life Of an American Teenager

    Drake Leask

    Same lol. Great show

    Noah Isler

    Forgot this song existed.. Secret life reminded me too lol

    Jacqueline Wade

    @Noah Isler I want to know. If Madison was lip syncing. End of season 2. Cause it looks like she could sing. She is really beautiful

  41. Richard

    the CEO of Facebook in his college days.

    Joy G

    Richard Cunningham lmao

  42. Cristal Miller

    bitches if u have problem come to me

  43. Nabintu77

    I love this song!My girl Keri killed that shit,for real though!

  44. Illuminati genius

    I love this fuckin song yaaay.

  45. Sonjae Johnson

    jack sucks at dancing

  46. Miriam Ramos

    me too?!

  47. Dylan Gupta

    It's a shame that Ash's shittest music is the most popular...

  48. themondoshow

    This song rocks

    Illuminati genius

    Yeah bruh

  49. Andrew kear

    This song is ummm.... ._.

  50. Natasia Moore

    Secret life of the American teenager brought me here. Jack dancing 😂😂

  51. Frank L

    It's 2016 and this is the first time I've ever heard this song


    same lol

    Illuminati genius

    U were sleepin

    juz Castillo

    Frank L same but for me its 2017 haha

    J G

    You not cool bro

  52. Yomir Langsolf

    lol Love Asher but this song horrible...funny tho

  53. Juliana

    The Secret Life of an American Teenager brought me here lolz 😂

    Samantha Garcia

    I'm hip ! Lol

  54. Alan Rios

    That fat friend tho lol

    Isaiah Weatherford

    That's always me at the club being the wingman hahahahhaha

  55. Tv Lover149

    Jack papas from The secret life of the American teenager brought me here lol.

    Ivyy Nicolee

    Tv Lover149 samee🤣🤣

  56. ashen chan

    The fat friend tho.

    Casey Thomas

    She's hot! 😍

  57. KodredCud

    KiD CuDi was supposed to sing the chorus.


    Would have been better

  58. Karl Falkner

    smokin to that all day errday <3


    cudi was supposed to be on this hook

  60. ryan c

    i hope she checked these childrens i.d's before she touched them.

  61. jimbo keewaycabo


  62. jimbo keewaycabo

    awesome song

  63. LAHaicy

    This is one of the most unexpected collaborations possible.

  64. Aravia Newton

    Get it Keri Hilson you look so gorgeous in this video from your hair to your shirt to you jeans to your shoes love it go Keri!!!! Nice teeth lol

  65. T weaver

    i officialy love asher roth

  66. Kenneth Johnson

    I would do her fat friend lol :-)

  67. VVitch I3itch

    I missed this shit

  68. mat ford

    I'm his biggest fan

  69. Kellen Diverson

    This song terrible too

    Blink fanboy

    If it's terrible don't listen to it

  70. Kellen Diverson

    Mfs think she bad lol she not even close

  71. Kellen Diverson

    Keri Jolson ugly

  72. Kellen Diverson

    Bitch don't want a man she just want to dance man don't want a woman he just want to hit

  73. Lucy Loveheart

    Ah, good old times. Loved it from the very day it came out. :D

    Lucas Amador

    old times? this was like 5 years ago..

    Lucy Loveheart

    @Lucas Amador It's been 6 years now, haha

    Lucas Amador

    @Azra Senel 5


    @Lucas Amador 6 dude...math :D

  74. Honey

    The secret life of the american teenager inspired me to come here.

    Alena Charles

    Same, when Jack was dancing with Madison

    Tv Lover149

    Jack was getting down Kmsl

    Kaiteee T

    Madison got some self respect! Finally

  75. Nick Majcherek

    The chi-town show kicked ass brother thanks for holdin me till you found a Sharpie!!!!!

  76. Lorenzo Brighi

    wo wow wo

  77. Edel Uzoma

    Girl you need to cool down cause you not that hot.

  78. Marc K.

    damn!!!! who is that amazing big blonde girl in that video!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! THATS THE WAY I LIKE THEM!!!

    Alexander Barteau

    Hell yea boyy

    trez simpson

    I'm saying!

  79. Shawn Defeudis


  80. D Mc

    Pull up in a Lambo be seen buy up the bar wearing a rolex....different story, all about what you got these days. Oh and the Mayfair penthouse sorted!

  81. PrincessDarling_

    Fat girl was gettin it !

  82. Luke Bowen

    in that tank top, tight jeans, high heels, nice teeth 

  83. GimnHun T.

    Love that smile on Ash. So cute. :3

  84. sweetygrl80

    Good song

  85. Lärs Margera

    my nigga asher in the club lookin like owen wilson lmao

    Jaevhon Douglas

    +jonnie darko BOI

  86. Amanda Zeely

    Girls only say they just wanna dance if they're not feeling you.

    ryan rogers

    yeah i bet you hear that allot 

  87. Constance

    fat amy? is that you?

  88. Randie Ashdohonk

    This is some gay shit. Asher Roth needs to be thrown outta the music business, YO!

  89. Kelvin Lao

    haha well obviously, i meant rappers that got famous via myspace, youtube, etc.

  90. BrandonGriffin97

    sorry what? eminem ? not just best white rapper but best rapper ever

  91. Kelvin Lao

    The second Macklemore? Asher Roth pioneered white rappers.

  92. VoorayG

    the second Macklemore! Asher Roth!

  93. rancid311

    of course Boyder is eating something

  94. Mira Bella

    That girl look a lot like Fat Amy

  95. Aaron Alexander

    played this song at my party didn't know everybody liked ash roth

  96. eiteagi

    It sure is.

  97. Immy don

    same and i weigh only 140 pounds loool

  98. Stacy Marie

    I'm baffled why he doesn't have more views....he's so different and awesome!!