Asher Roth - Perfectionist Lyrics

[Asher Roth]
Sitting on the couch with my head in my hands I need to think
Think fast, need to set up a plan to get big
Lick already said I’m the man I know this
But it’s hard being my own fan
I’m so thick, thick headed when it comes to the flow
My secret weapon
Said to go cause there’s no better time than
The present, not a second time to get a stepping
What’s a hustle for a hustler if it’s the wrong direction
I take a sec making all the right corrections (Yeah)
Full inspection make sure its perfected
Some neglected saying I’m obsessive
But a record ain’t a record less it really is impressive
I’ve been infected with the sickness of perfectionist
Like if you grab a hips and twist it while your're sexing it
It feels betta betta use of the erection
Every lesson, very welcome
Baby don’t you even mention it

[Chorus: Rock City]
Cause if you're trying and ain't working
And you just don’t get it and it sound well
Just won't flow, just won't flow
We’ll recognize
Real you can bet cause the music
Come from my soul
From my soul, from my soul
I said the music comes from my soul
Sick with it games with it
Till the limits see
Asher Rosh ain't no joke
Ain't no joke

[Asher Roth]
I see the visions bigger than the big picture
Doing division with figures of Dirt Diggler
Weed an liqueur play the role of an addiction
But afflicted for the sick shit
I still remain a stickler
Slick thinker, quick picker upper
Bounty hunter for the runners and
I found about a hundred of 'em
They be dumb enough drugging them
with bubble gum I cover them, and smother them,
and then I tell their mother on 'em
Getting grounded for sounding like a
clown not allowed out the house for
Bringing our sound down, kick out
Vanished from the town but reprimanded
may be granted while they handed me my crown
Bow down start respecting it
New rules in effect and you all should expected it (That's right)
New schools is erect
Ash Roth be the president (Why?)
Cause I’m a true perfectionist

[Chorus: Rock City]
Cause if you're trying and ain't working
And you just don’t get it and it sound well
Just won't flow, just won't flow
We’ll recognize
Real you can bet cause the music
Come from my soul
From my soul, from my soul
I said the music comes from my soul
Sick with it games with it
Till the limits see
Asher Rosh ain't no joke
Ain't no joke

[Beanie Sigel]
Kiss my ring is a B-Mac thing
I’m on a (Road To The Riches) like a (G. Rap) thing
Young and jump from the corner then he got (king)
Look who ran through your (castle)
And scooped your (queen)
I ain't your average little rapper young scrapper
I ain't a backpacker
I’m an (Original Gunn Clapper)
I (Buckshot Shorties) and turn their (Moon) (Blacker)
Snap like cameras in dark room rappers
Who arm full metal jacket
You niggas (Hamburger Hill), get your platoon captured
You in deep water this harpoon practice
Your dudes is cactus, cartoon rappers
I draw on niggas like stick figures
Get the picture, huh, I ain't easy to trace nigga
You should expected this from two rap perfectionist
(B-Mac and Ash Roth) We rap our ass off

[Chorus: Rock City]
Cause if you're trying and ain't working
And you just don’t get it and it sound well
Just won't flow, just won't flow
We’ll recognize
Real you can bet cause the music
Come from my soul
From my soul, from my soul
I said the music comes from my soul
Sick with it games with it
Till the limits see
Asher Rosh ain't no joke
Ain't no joke

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Asher Roth Perfectionist Comments
  1. Supā Saiyajin Macron

    December 2019....?

  2. kingk0ng89

    Raw agression from beans...straight killed this track

  3. Aerial Penn

    I know very few Asher Roth songs but this one...Whewww this a classic for me. Beanie absolutely murders it.

  4. Frank Maphoto

    The only reason why Asher Roth has ever been compared to Eminem is because they're both white.

  5. BmBroski

    wowwwww only 96k views wtfff

  6. HoundiBronxBoi

    hes good

  7. Hunter Clarke

    This is a great song by him but isnt really known to well unfortunately

  8. Rian Barker

    8 people are idiots

  9. Paul Sayer

    he is awesome, eminem is awesome. done.

  10. swd805

    Asher Roth is hella whacl

  11. benjamin darby

    That beat is Bannanas

  12. akyled7

    this is dope but stop comparing him to Eminem plzzz. they're 2 VERY diifrent ppl

  13. s23god

    @MrPimpact245 people have the choice whats good, and whats gon be the "future".

  14. V-Way

    This shit hot!

  15. Sasquatch Models

    @Gregd8888 nothing i said is racist you moron and beside that im white so you do the math you ignorant fuck

  16. ATibs23

    This beat is fire

  17. Shaan Khan

    @Ston3d42O He made one song 'I love college'...Which looks mainstream to me. Others have something real...But simple, I might be overrating Asher here...But, he's not sold, I still have respect for him. Besides, Immortal Technique talks about real subject matter...But reason that I don't rate him much is because his lyrical ability is honestly, shit. He's one of the top on my list for story telling though...that's why I'm a respective fan of his.

  18. TheRapVault

    @ownage369 IMO Asher appeals more to the mainstream crowd who listen because it's something to dance to with simple metaphors that people can see without too much depth. The Immortal technique approach you speak of is not because he doesn't want to get signed, it's that his songs talk about the corrupt government, so no labels really get involved in that type of thing (lawsuits). Look at slaughterhouse, all underground rappers with skill finally recognized and now practiclly signed to shady rec

  19. Shaan Khan

    @Ston3d42O Word, on that...I know that too...But, Asher's still young...Give him time in the game. He's not sold out, he's decent. What makes him Hip Hop/Rap is his style, swag, voice, timing on beat...making his songs catchy. But yeah, there are BETTER underground rappers but at the end of the day, whose fault is it for not getting signed? They're not doing enough to get noticed. If they don't want to get signed, they can do an Immortal technique approach. I know my shit, don't doubt.

  20. Dragan

    asher roth is a great rapper

  21. mathew gajewski

    o word? havent heard shit from him besides i love college.

  22. Mike hunt

    that looks EXACTLY like my basement

  23. TheRapVault

    your gay if you listen to asher roth, theres so many better underground rappers out there.

  24. threetwoone321123


    "they're" not "there"

  25. Jack Napier

    @kayele he has a lighter style Em got that insain fuck the world style. their both the shit though

  26. Jack Napier

    @tizop1 thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  27. Lions 88

    asher gets sick instrumentals and always goes half ass on em

  28. Frank Ortiz

    now if this boy continue doing his thang like this.! he gon be BIG , yahh feel mee.? .!!

  29. Richard Johnson


    if you get time subscribe to my channel if you like it & comment your favorite video,I'd appreciate it very much

    happy new year

  30. MookieSays1Love

    thaat site dont even work

  31. reynolds919

    roth killed that shit....WOW

  32. Gedaman

    beans rips it

  33. Ryan Jacobs

    whatever ozzdan21 said is true so suck it haters!!!

  34. Daniel Steven

    ash is a fuckin beast, who gives a shit if he sounds like eminem. Eminem didnt patent the right to be the only white rapper so everyone shut the fuck up

  35. Ryan Jacobs

    asher is pretty good. wow
    i love rock city they beast

  36. maxpion

    Stop comparin' Roth to Eminem.. they're not at the same level, we all know that.. Yep they DO sound alike, and what? Em is Em, Asher is Asher.. Personally I'M a huge Em fan, but I do like some of Roth's songs! Why do people always have to diss? Let the kid do his thing.. If u don't like (and that concerns any song/artist) don't diss, just don't listen.. Good song anyways!

  37. Eleazar Lopez

    in one word , NASTY!! :}

  38. Johnathan Rodriguez

    why does everyone bitch bout lyrics? yea lyrics are good to hear but who cares if u think he doesnt have a story to tell....... the truth is everyone has a story some just choose not to spit it in their songs and its not ur right to accuse them of not havin a story and sayin they are pointless

  39. Jerzen

    taking** lol

  40. Jerzen

    asher appeals to those who dont really want to hear these rough lyrics of people getting shot while going outside to get the morning paper. a vast majority of people can't relate to that. but that reassembled vast majority flock to asher's rhymes because its usually simple, understandable, and able to be related to. his hit, Bad Day is a Perfect example of that.

    don't get me wrong, i love eminem when i feel like throwing a punch and when i feel im talking advantage of life, but besides that....

  41. LastPosterStanding

    Roth is a pretty good mc but he has no content to his lyrics...that's what separates Eminem from him, Em has a story to tell, a struggle to speak on. Roth has nothing to say that I would actually want to hear because his lyrics are pointless, meaningless and void of any purpose.

  42. 757reaper

    First of all anyone who says that asher roth isn't lyrically talent is a fool and only says it because its not what they wanna here. That a white guy is better than any shit they can put down. And idiot what do you think rap is. Excuse me people like you kae it so that Rap isn't Poetry anymore. because all you wanna here is about gun toking and shit you can't afford. Rythem and Poetry R.A.P. don't get it twisted. That what makes Immortal Technique Better than everyone else. His words is Poetry

  43. Johnathan Rodriguez

    i got to admit Asher is a very talented writer and singer............. and who cares if he is white or cant really freestyle (even though i like his freestyles) but hey he is gettin good wit some big names in the rap game (Beanie, Akon, kid cudi, etc)

  44. PeterProzacs

    damn beans, really?

  45. Zody06

    I feel you that's real, i 'm not feeling gucci, but i respect the nigga's grind. cause he still hungry so he has poetential, but i don't righteously fuck wit mad trap shit no more except, more veteran niggas [jeezy, tip, ugk, dre, clipse, raekwon] i like lyrics now. but i feel you props

  46. Sasquatch Models

    yeah it is but youre trying to compare apples and oranges when you compare them to duke ellington and walt whitman, why dont you just compare ferraris and pintos, they dont come close

  47. Sasquatch Models

    this guy does do one good thing for society, he gives other lilly white kids the false perception that they can go out and try to be rappers too lmao. i cant say gangster cause atleast this guy doesnt try to be that, but a line even says REAL RECIGNIZE REAL?!? hahaha this fool is as real as santa claus. ASHER ROTH AINT NO JOKE? haha then why cant i do anything but laugh when i hear him??

  48. Sasquatch Models

    dont compare rap and poetry for one, just cause they rhyme dont mean they are similar in any other way. and yeah as far as rap goes if you cant freestyle then your garbage. watch mos def freestyle, watch anyone from the wu tang clan spit, watch busta rhymes spit, they are the true artists, this guy is abitch from the burbs that got a lucky break , no fucking talent here

  49. Sasquatch Models

    an MC has to be able to freestyle this fucker is whack when he tries to freestyle so to me that says he sucks. he shouldnt have to sit around and think about it, he should be able to spit it off the top of his head which he cant which makes him GARBAGE

  50. Skrondeezy

    "if em never took a rest u would be nothing"

  51. Shaniece Ricks

    This is the shit. FUCK U HATIN' ass bitches

  52. Zody06

    Y don't you drop dead. ash kills it. ur a tool.

  53. TheOriginalCoasta

    Good shit

  54. Carter Cleaver

    this is such a beast song

  55. Sir Danny

    well for all u ppl that like to talk asther roth can spit hes shit on a track so just listen........

  56. shaun kenny

    just because there good rappers dnt think there ever gna be president tho..

  57. Teano HDF

    My fav. is "as i em" his music is unbeleavable Great...
    EMINEM & ASH ROTH 4 Presidentz

  58. 19curtainCall92

    my fav.. from asher

  59. Josh Hacker

    Yea And someone who has the time to write the comment you just wrote must not have no fucking life shut the fuck up fanboy

  60. Joseph Guardiola

    anyone who takes the time too listen to asher just to comment and hate must have no fucking life. if you dont like it get the fuck off this video. we like asher so we listen to his beats.

  61. zakk blair

    ur retarded.

  62. Josh Hacker

    he sounds like em a lil but not exactly but they are similar

  63. IJustWhat

    Are you asking me if he's the truth? Obviously not. he's a shitty rapper.
    @knvbrv Listen to any of cham's mixtapes. Makes this kid look mentally challenged

  64. Mike Honcho

    using chamillionaire in your list of rappers than can actually rap is the best way to discredit anything you say in a comment haha. Weird Al went harder on Ridin' Dirty than he did

  65. ic4me2ba11

    I love the oldschool beat

  66. worzelhund

    stop comparing him to asher roth, even em likes asher's style

  67. Fellowes2008

    Soulja Boy is known as a 'real artist' and he is the worst rapper the world has ever seen. Roth is far better than him in my opinion.

  68. Fellowes2008

    agree with the dude below

    roth has some serious skill

  69. valsinner

    That would explain why half of the underground rapper suck...Haha

  70. mariah lamb

    I love his music and i hate rap, a lot. he's fuckin' great.

  71. Sean O'Connell

    charles hamilton isnt even top 5 at all in the up and coming rappers so dont even compare him to lupe cuz hes miles behind in that race. and asher is good but a bit repetitive. but i would have to say the 2 nicest up and commers are Mickey Factz and Nino Bless. if u dont know look 'em up

  72. astack114

    where did asher come from hes amazing!

  73. Allen Wilkins

    nah lil waynes fading away. people are finding out he doesnt even write his own raps. which is pretty sad. he has a free life he doesnt do anything called work. he gets payed for rapping someone elses lyrics. so to me asher is a lot better rapper then wayne. waynes not a rapper.

  74. ZouseKouseki

    all yall are talkin bout asher but benie kilt that shit haha that last line was a bomb!!!

  75. Devon Cline

    asher would kick ass no matter what color he was. Even asian. It all just shades of brown anyway.

  76. philhouse64

    one color dont matter if you can spit you can spit who cares like what year we in now ashers got talent but he definatly is not the new tupac haha hes just good for being what he is w kid from west chester makin music and not putting on a front

  77. BrotherAlmighty

    yea u make alot of sense........for real

  78. Darrell Jones

    #1 im black and i know rap and i think asher and beans is better then lil wayne real talk

  79. Verzaudio

    I never liked asher but heard this on sirius and really liked it.

  80. Human Enhancement

    Asher killed it.

  81. NyaGotStripes

    WOW reminds me of Eminem.plUS once rockcity is on da track it gotta b gud

  82. Hurricane _

    Goddamn thank god somebody still spits real shit not this bubble gum britney spears nsync lil wayne t-pain so called "rap" to these twinkle twinkle little star ass beats. Hip hop is back... sort of

  83. deliveryboy1

    jam'n 94.5 outta boston?? i heard it today on xm. was pretty surprised. shits pretty dope.

  84. Hannibalscousin

    Siegel is sick as well,

    "buck shot shorties and turn they moon blacker
    Snap like cameras and dark room rappers
    who waaan full metal jacket
    You nigga's hamburger hill, get you platoon captured
    You in deep water dis harpoon practice
    You dudes is characters cartoon rappers".

    He's a beast.

  85. Hannibalscousin

    I like this guy!

  86. Stephen Williams

    Why wasn't this song on the album?

  87. KaizaUchiha

    Ash Ketchum!

  88. austin1478

    =D asher the best

  89. austin1478

    Whatever dude watch some interviews even then that might not prove it but honestly i dont give two shits what you think we have different views music is awesome anyway

  90. austin1478

    Ashers the best man and he loves to party!

  91. reaperldw

    am i the only one that thinks the beat iz so tight! and original!?

  92. Logicality

    Definitely word play.

  93. tical2399

    Is Beanie really going at Boot Camp or is it just clever word play?

  94. BTNHwishbone

    dumbest statement ive ever heard, charles hamilton raps about all kind of shit, and hes talked about his father in november 10th, and ill be around, only times hes talked about his father, asher roth would have nothing to rap about if it wasnt about beer and weed because this song pretty much has no substance or meaning, its a rap song about rapping good.... learns ur shit cuz you really need to, charles hamilton is the 2nd nicest lyricist this decade besides lupe

  95. nathan532

    couldn't agree more. hip hops been missing some fun lately

  96. Human Enhancement

    why with all the hate? Don't let race determinate all of your thoughts and in this instance actions (typing) of who we whom are reading this comment perceive you to be. Instead just appreciate and at the same time enjoy this great music. If you don't like it however there is the old but true saying that says "Different strokes for different folks." I'm out!

  97. friendwithin

    isnt beanie sigel in jail??

  98. Matthew K

    so what if the album had a few busts...all albums do...asher's pretty dope, and that's that. is "The Lounge" not one of the hottest real feelin' records in a minute? Do your thing Asher, we're listenin.