Asher Roth - Pantophobia Lyrics

My feet slower to hit the floor morning
I'm groaning
I don't wanna go
A lot snow
It's too cold
I don't wanna know
The temperature
Can be sure
From my breathe it's burrr
I much prefer the warmth
But now December hurr
End of overture
I remember the conversation
With Lucy saying
Christmas is commercialization
An operation
Ran by the eastern syndicate
But don't spoil Santa Clause for all the little kids
It's super innocent
Check your chimney man
You need to get it swept
I think something really wrong with me Linus
I caught a virus or something
Christmas is coming and
I ain't running round decking the halls
Presents get bought
For the friends and the boss
Sending em cards
Wishes regards
Red ribbons
On cars
A Benz or Lexus
Is parked
In the driveway
I say
It's all so bizarre cause...

Maybe it's pantophobia
Even tho the zodiac
Told me three homies showing up
To show mad love to Joe's son
They giving out gold
And oil, incense it's lit
What they getting for the kids as gifts
Shouts to St. Nick
Stacking up box
Of clothes
Socks to go
Closets get stocked with hope
Of a Nintendo
Cause the friend next door
He's only 10
But he's always on internet
Getting fed info that
He ain't even fact check
And he got sneakers on
They ain't even out yet
How can I combat that?
Maybe he should ask his dad
But his dad be debt so bad
Like dag that's pretty bad
So much for all the ho ho hoes
Who getting dough?
Don't you know we broke?

Where's my Christmas miracle?
I want a shiny vehicle
Power steer
Rear wheel clear
And the ceiling fold
Man, it's a shame
I be stuck with all these reindeer
It's the same dude last year
As this year
The year
Before that I was bad
That's the past here
And right now man that's really
All that matters
Mad cheers
I'm drunk
On sugar plum
Rum punch
Bah hum bug
Enough with all
The fun stuff
She sung

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