Asher Roth - Nothing You Can't Do Lyrics

This life is all that matters,
My time is all I have and,
I came here to prove that
There's nothing that you can't do

I'm so annoyed with this world that we live in.
It's hard enough just for us to make a living.
It's the same thing
Over and over,
The world only getting
Older and older.

So we're told get a job that's safe
'Cause dreams are too fake for us to chase.
This is my life, and if that's the case,
Can I decide to design my fate?
If I wanna get high and wasted,
Then I will, and no-one can say shit.

I just hate that we're caught in this matrix,
The money we make, the government takes it,
That paves high ways, with no exits
Just more ways to get caught in traffic.
So I ask 'em,
Please do tell,
What would you do if you could not fail?

This life is all that matters,
My time is all I have and,
I came here to prove that
(There's nothing that you can't do, can't do, can't do) [x2]
There's nothing you can't-

Yeah for real, put the job on the shelf
Take a deep breath,
Spend time with yourself.
Say Hi,
Introduce you to you,
If you couldn't lose, then what would you do?

Whoop-tee-doo if you don't have a clue,
None of us do when we first leave school
You're a fool if you think that you're straight
'Cause you put on a suite and a tie everyday.
And show up to a job that you hate,
The only reason you there is 'cause you're getting paid

You waste your time,
Half awake,
For an employee discount and hourly wage.
Locked in a cage
Like a mouse with a wheel,
Patiently waiting for an occasional meal.
But with out all the bills in the mail,
What would you do if you could not fail?

This life is all that matters,
My time is all I have and,
I came here to prove that
(There's nothing that you can't do, can't do, can't do) [x2]
There's nothing you can't do

This is your life,
Take it back.
Your time here is all that you have
And it's sad,
Someone wasting their health
Working a job for somebody else

But someday, I wanna be a dad,
With a son to play cath with
And teach how to bat.
So with that,
I decided to rap,
Since then it ain't been that bad

This life is all that matters,
My time is all I have and,
I came here
To prove that
There's nothing that you can't do
Can't do, can't do [x4]

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Asher Roth Nothing You Can't Do Comments
  1. Roman Gold

    2019 anyone?

  2. Jape_ph

    Just graduated college whopdidoo now i dont have a clue on what im gonna do

  3. Anthony Truman

    My time is all I have, and I came here to prove that, there’s nothing you can’t do

  4. Emma Rose

    N has this as his ringtone amirite guys?
    *coughs awkwardly* Anyone? hehe

  5. Rebeca B

    this song is my favorite of all


    same!!! Great song and the message is amazing!!!!

  6. Josh Rogalsky

    Say hi introduce you to you

  7. R-Sin

    If you couldn't lose then what would you do?

  8. Durkio B

    Sigh. Why isn't Asher Roth mainstream yet. His talent is unmatched. Never stop rapping ash


    he's too good to be on the radio, they don't allow good music on there

    Rise Above Deception Music

    Rafael Johnson. The majority have shitty taste.


    He steals his lyrics since day one...believe this

  9. Janiel Algol

    Damm we need more hip hop like yours. You speak reality while other people sing about stuff like how reach they are. out 10 i will give this song a 20. Keep it up my friend good stuff.

  10. Joseph Mastrocola

    this song is truly a masterpiece and asher is one open minded human being who dosnt need anyones approval

  11. alberts1985

    Undercover blue dream and White widow

  12. Backpack Music

    7 dislikes from corporates lol

  13. Broke Bitch Friendly

    Getting reals Chill. :-D

  14. Gary Busey

    you guys remember when he released "I love college"? lol that shit was wack

  15. drbigo123


  16. chaseisnot

    The production on this song is great. Nottz always has FIRE ass drums

  17. Mike Hawk

    If I want to get high and wasted than I will and nobody can say shit

  18. EmpureMedia

    He only has one album, the rest are mixtapes and little projects, "Is this too Orange?" will be his sophomore album.

  19. Andy Grant

    theres more than two albums

  20. Joe Lopresti

    Ima white rapper and Roth is a spiritual Stoner that speaks his mind...RESPECT

  21. Simon Billing

    These lyrics are so real!

  22. Aditya Narayanan

    Yeah, definitely. Too bad most people have heard by him is I Love College. -.-
    If only people listened to his good stuff.

  23. BeatsBySten

    Been a fan of Asher since his debut album which was fantastic in my opinion. Can't wait to get the second album.

  24. mike perrott

    I wish I could drop my tha real world cash rules everything!

  25. Andy Grant

    Asher Roth is so fucking underrated
    I think I first started listening to him last summer and ever since then he's been my favorite artist ever.

  26. Brandon Dailey


  27. dean zaibak

    if you want, ill try to get you a dialga

  28. KrokusRandamity

    what a gem

  29. EmpureMedia

    "I love College" is a timeless song but he gets a bad wrap for it. Like people bitch about him saying hes terrible and i ask "Ever listened to anyother song?" Sure enough they cant name any other song.

  30. Tetsuo Soprano

    man asher is so underrated. I just quit my hourly wage bullshit job with a bullshit discount.

  31. oregonshit

    time to go take the toughest math exam of my life

  32. JoJo Kemii


  33. JoJo Kemii

    dude lol i love college too

  34. TheHiggy420

    i have to agree with u man, good song but nt even in the top 10.. :)

  35. fuckyeahlions

    Everyone will take your word for that.

  36. boratfrosty111


  37. ethan1336

    @RWJROCKS1 So he's immature?

  38. 133757ORM

    Asher is honestly the motz art dont spell check me thats lame im sloshed i rep his songs

  39. MrWhiteballa

    @ethan1336 i agree with that! but I Love College is one of his best songs...hands down

  40. etnie1031

    @shaneCIZZEL how is that fake... trying to get nottz raw to cosign doesnt mean hes fake. and btw i happen to have an iq of 122

  41. Tophe Thorne

    theme song!


    one of the greatest songs in any genre, people really need to listen to what Asher's saying

  43. bubbles20113

    this song makes me really happy and motivated :) thanks asher

  44. Dragon Low

    @GreenGurb I wouldn't say the best rappers ever, but they definitely have talent :D
    People always talking about 1up well i got 7up, ill drink on this ginger ale while your repeat statements go stale.

  45. gloomymaze

    Chilling ...

  46. Glenn

    @kukukuchoo if you really think this is the most meaningful song of all time I would like to say fuck you

  47. J James

    Asher RAWth

  48. Tyler Baldessari

    wonder what would happen to the world if everyone could hear this.

  49. steezystayp

    most underrated rapper.

  50. 13istheluckynumber1

    @Brandonskateboards the best overall. you must like this song if you came back to it to comment on my question. btw, the guy you named isnt that great

  51. Dalton Cole

    instrumental? Asher always has the coolest instrumentals...

  52. Brandon Hamilton

    @13istheluckynumber1 doom, del, def, blackthought, are you serious that this kid who has an infatuation with hip hop is the best, the best?! or the best white guy?

  53. 13istheluckynumber1

    @Brandonskateboards skrew you, ash is the best underground rapper around

  54. Brandon Hamilton

    excuse me but MC Paul Barnam would ANNIHILATE this guy, then be his friend

  55. ivo muñoz

    i lllike this song!!! pazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  56. TheFetter04

    ive been waitin forEVER for new asher! your killin it man, keep goin=)

  57. Fliperzz

    this song never gets old

  58. Fliperzz

    Favorite Song.

  59. Sky Ty

    @lightmonkey01 i been knew that

  60. K9Savant

    @gordanpartiots youmust not know much artists :P

  61. Zac Shipman

    Real Talk from Asher....Again

  62. morgan arbour

    nobody credits asher for his intelligents he actually raps about real shit and isant about some bullshit image.

  63. Sam Wood

    @dnbo9 lol right and people..

  64. AnonymouslySteezy

    @gordanpartiots are you kidding me kid cudi is worshipped like a god not even close to underrated

  65. Zachariah Rinehardt

    second most underrated artist ... kid cudi is way to under rated too ppl need to relize some1 with skill



  67. Amasin93

    @Mycoughlin not the only one

  68. Amasin93

    thumbs up if you think this is at least top 5 greatest hip hop songs of all time

  69. cheeseman0927

    Asher Roth keeps it real. Most rappers dropped being real just so they can get more money it sick.

  70. xCod3Blu3x

    Ash is my favorite rapper. period.

  71. Louie DeMatteo

    fuck this song is good

  72. Matt Mower

    @showman241 he always is

  73. Mycoughlin

    This song changed my outlook on life.

  74. Mycoughlin

    @fl0b0ts Amen dude, let everyone else listen to the "lil young dro mane" waste of life retards on the radio

  75. Brett Betchart

    song is fucking amazing.

  76. fekfke nfejwfkew

    @I2i0I2D4N Why are you comparing Eminem and Asher? They're like on different levels...Just because they're white doesn't mean anything...Hip-Hop has no color..

  77. Tj Riordan

    Asher (currently) > Eminem (currently)

  78. Jacob Cooke

    Who else is glad their not one of those people who actually take most of the main stream rap serious? RUH RUH LIKE A DUNGEON DRAGON! That dumb bitch didn't even make that up lol.

  79. comedian619

    @lightmonkey01 He's too good for the radio

  80. Suriel Rios

    we should all go on a manhunt for that one douchee bag dislike

  81. notevenclose10

    One of the most underrated rappers we have today.

  82. JubilantAntics

    most inspirational song ive heard in a while asher roth's the realest rapper around

  83. doubled207

    these lyrics make me wet

  84. pomnikow

    No one dislikes this video

  85. xCod3Blu3x

    Asher flow is so real. Inspirational. Always makin my days better

  86. Arcalion

    @abankstale learn about mainstream.... learn about what goes on behind scenes he left it because of whats going on

  87. IhateMEXILANA

    @AndroidVlog hell yeah he is i fucks with him from now on i didnt like i love college that much but his new shit is hard him and rhymefest killed "comin and going"

  88. AndroidVlog

    Man Asher spits the most real shit when he raps this tracks pretty motivational too

  89. TheyCallMePompins

    this isnt what the illuminati what him to be makeing songs about.
    hope he keeps making real shit like this

  90. Whats Important

    one of the most underrated rappers out there in my opinion :)

  91. CreatureLikeGod


  92. lightmonkey01

    asher is way to underrated.... radio play

  93. K9Savant

    I played Don'cha wanna be my neighbour about 100 times on iTunes. This is getting a 1000.

  94. Max Venus

    no words speak more true!