Asher Roth - Not Meant 2 Be Lyrics

Sometimes I can't help but wonder why
Why that can't be me
Why that can't be I
Do I have to cheat?
Do I have to lie?
Do I have to steal?
Do I have to rob?
Why do problems always start with the good guy?
If I was a prick would I be on top?
Million dollar homes, Million dollar yachts
Corner office and my secretary hot
Wait a second, I think definetly not
My integrity is the only thing I got
Being selfish going to get you a couple of stocks
Leave you broke though when everything has stopped
Order to succeed, One can only try
What you really need you can never buy
So I breathe deep how I spend my time
The way I see it, we was only meant to die

The shiny things are only temporary
Is the wardrobe really necessary?
Can it go with you to the cemmetary?
Will it grow from you when you gone and buried?
Yea to be alone can be truly scary
Is it better though to be getting married?
Now you got a kid, mortgage on a home
Car payments, list just goes on
You just wanna live, make it on your own
Pile up the debt, where did you go wrong?
Now it's gotten bad, time to hit the road
Stuck inside the track, working to the bone
Guess I should've known, guess I could've seen
It was all our hopes, It was just a dream
Best to let it go, Time to be free
Know that in the end it wasn't meant to be

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Asher Roth Not Meant 2 Be Comments
  1. Trey Sikes

    Had to come back to this 🔥

  2. Mike Harmon

    This whole mixtape is fire

  3. Craig Kasiske

    Whoever disliked this is either deaf or retarded

  4. The Crypto Pickle

    this song is gold

  5. Sydney Marie

    Love this song. This is real art/

  6. The Crypto Pickle

    too good

  7. GHUD123

    Damn it's been 4 months since someone's said anything about this song! This shit shows how unique and fucking talented Asher is. This is one rapper that I can listen to day I'm and day out and never get tired of his flow

  8. JhonDaAnalyst

    Love that he's his own man and has proven it with tracks like this....

  9. Unplugged502

    that was ill.

  10. bnoblephoto


  11. hwphilli

    Thanks for this funk Asher, man damn this hits home.

  12. MrGoodwin07

    best tape of the year

  13. JosephNichols

    this is art

  14. Taylor Toussaint Jr

    shinny things ARE temporary. genius.

  15. Shawn Peters

    0 dislikes? Lil Wayne hasn't seen this yet... lol

  16. DaGanjaMonsta

    @ZzIGaming no dood werd as in word jus how i spell it

  17. DaGanjaMonsta

    @shadowstrikerman1491 weerd