Asher Roth - Last Man Standing Lyrics

[Intro: Akon]
Oh, oh oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh oh, oh oh, oh, hey hey hey!
Oh, oh oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh oh, oh oh, oh, hey hey hey!
Akon and Asher Roth

[Verse 1: Asher Roth]
They say they want that hush shhhh, say no more
Had to walk around the block, couldn't take no more!
Like escaper from the rock, couldn't wait no more
Sean Con cocked penis mightier than the sword
So I'm sleeping with the whores while I file for divorce
Plain and simple and in short, when it rains, man, it pours
Stepping in manure, second sippin in the moor
Quickest leopard gets the boar, secret weapons win the war
Desprate, but I'm pretty sure that I'm destined to endure
Flesh into the core, Pauly D to Pauly Shore
World of cyborgs and tours of cyberspace
What's behind the door, the allure something strange?
Of course, this is why I came, the forces are untamed
No corporate or dumb fame, I'll record for chump change
Course is unphased, contorted or concave
I'm sort of a poor sport, nothing short of Liu Kang
Got me feeling like

[Hook: Akon]
I fall and I rise, with the fire still in my eyes
My scars and my strife, You know I will survive
The strength that I find when I dig down deep inside
Got me still in this fight, and I'll be the last man standing!
Oh, oh oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh oh, oh oh, oh, hey hey hey!
Oh, oh oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh oh, oh oh, oh, hey hey hey!

[Verse 2: Asher Roth]
I tried conversing with God, but only hearing myself
I be throwing up a lot but I ain't here for my health
When I'm feeling like blah, I had to loosen my belt
Ate the corn right off the cob, didn't need no help
So, now I've come to realize I'm on my own for real
So most of em I approach em with a Slomin's Shield
Keep my enemies close cause they prone to steal
When friends become foes know you're doing it well
Just keep it going
I'm a red pill taker, who's my real make
Drew poems on tombstones to feel safer
Loopholes for new souls, let's keep praying
Too grown to complain, I create the lane I stay in
Forever underrated, so now I'm Nicholas Cage-ing it
Doing all about anything as long as you put my face in it
Face it, I didn't want to be famous, but that's the way it is
Way I play the game, it's no wonder the brother made it like


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Asher Roth Last Man Standing Comments
  1. Jordan Bledsoe

    This song was in my mind reminder of how much I miss playing Madden NFL 12

  2. NSTG


  3. Kenneth Hammon Jr.

    Baby falls to the concrete
    What he BITT my cheek

  4. ihurricane7

    I remember this playing on NFL Network commercials with a running back leaping for the pylon in the end zone way back in the day

  5. Kinetic Kentray

    Madden 12 brought me here.

  6. Zach Petrovitch

    Everyone here is from madden let’s face it

  7. San Miller

    mark zuckerberg face rapper

  8. Daithí Murphy


  9. Fleming 432

    8 years ago, AKON was a top notch. Now he has come back. 💜 Perfect song.

  10. Misky


  11. Talal Malone

    From 2019 🙌🏻♥️

  12. ARx Productions Side

    One of his best songs to this day and i love it

  13. ShyPenguin

    the shit tonne of bars rhyming "Ore" was just really annoying. It's hard to tell that he's saying different words

  14. AyyCardinal

    good music 79/100

  15. Anoobis Gaming

    Roth and Hamilton were both the BEST freshmen of their class. Damn shame they got slept on.

  16. hector escalante

    Why this track isnt in spotify?

  17. Thurnis 2 icyy

    Madden 12?

  18. José Augusto dos Santos

    "É ÓTIMO"

  19. Samuel Hydenstein

    holy shit didn't know he was this good

  20. Scotty Kelly

    2018 anyone like if you agree

    ace Brown

    yeah im here i have to agree or else id be lying


    2019 baby

    Aki Medel

    August 2019 baby!

    Colin White

    Agree to what?

  21. Necrion


  22. Nicholas Chan

    Came here from TNF Commercial.

  23. Koi

    So what happened to this guy?

    Kyle Mattox

    No Man's Scam nice profile picture

  24. Lulu Senpai

    I love this song because I was always alone when in middle school and high school and I always got in fights and had a lot of enemies so u can see y I love this song

  25. Lulu Senpai

    Quickest leopard gets the boar is just great word play

  26. Rasool Lewis

    Stickman Football 12

  27. Keith Washington

    Man madden 12 just dropped today, heard this song and had to look it up

  28. Luke S

    Who produced the beat?

  29. Tiejen Mendoza

    Yeah boy 😆

  30. Thomas Hartinger

    Sooooo underrated

  31. Sarmud Merzah

    This hook if fire!!

  32. NujuBIONICLE

    Its 2017 and i miss Asher Roth... Please come back :)

  33. Rico Roberts

    👌Rico🛐 Roberts ♎ ⚝ ⚜ 🌌 ⚓ ⚛ 👑 🔱 🕇 🕆 ☥ 👌 👍 💧 🍷🦁 🌞 🌙 🌐 💀 ⛤ 🤖

    Rico Roberts

    🤘👌♎⚝RICO🌌 IS The 🤘👹DEVIL 😆🤔

  34. your lastday

    this shits sucks dont diss eminem boi you gonna get fucked up the pooper


    your lastday Eminem is trash ad now

  35. iTaeTae

    if I made a movie this would be like the intro/outro song

  36. Birds_of_Dander

    Great song, sick ass music video. It's a shame Asher's only known song is that crappy "I love college" party anthem, while good songs like this go unheard of.

  37. Chico Chico

    one of the most underrated of the new era ash Roth tru mc


    my fav. ....thanks


    my fav. ....thanks

  40. Murphy 52

    Hell yeah @frozen kitkats

    Frozen Kitkats

    Especially Madden 12, best Franchise mode in history.

  41. Darrian Woods

    He is a solid rapper wish he was still dropping dope freestyles with Scott.

  42. King Daey

    He was slept on. This is the casualty of white rappers after Eminem though.

    T Fal87

    King Daey true

    Julius Taylor

    industry sucks to let talent be overcome by gimmicks. he had flow

  43. Frozen Kitkats

    When madden soundtracks were lit

    moises montano

    Frozen Kitkats for real tho now it's just random music

    Samarion Richardson

    moises montano just like 2k soundtracks some of the songs are good now but older soundtracks were better

  44. YourPalHDee

    "Face it, I didn't want to be famous but that's the way it is"
    Sure Asher, sure.

    Panos Chr13

    He didn't. He just wanted to release music to have fun


    +Panos Xristoulakis So would have been Say Goodbye to Hollywood.


    @Panos Xristoulakis Yeah he accidentally signed a record deal lol..

  45. Joseph Ashe

    i fall and i rise


    fire in my eyes

  46. Ethan Jones

    MADDEN 12

  47. George Foncham

    Madden 12 anybody?

    I need to masturbate

    you know it


    Mr. Nice Guy Yup that game introduced me to some great music

    Lulu Senpai

    Madden 18 boi


    resha htor

  49. Your One Black Friend Who Gave you the N Word Pass

    This has been one of my favorite songs ever since Madden 12, I love the comic book style of this music video too

  50. Marley Cares

    If asher roth was black he'd be known as one of the greatest but too bad.


    I have listened to it. And some of it is is good. But none of it great. Many of his songs from that album is just callbacks to other songs that were great like "Here's more of the same, like it okay?" Em is good, he's always been that and much more. But the last decade he hasn't delievered great stuff. If you want *great* rap from this decade, try Aesop Rock's album "The Impossible Kid." Or his song "Tetra" from "Skelethon."

    nick eynon

    +Giraffen Benji he a little old let's be honest but back when he used to make shit with dr. Dre and that shit was fire not to mention the ungodly amount of platinum albums

    Zain Taj

    It's not because he's white, it's because he put minimal effort into his first album, It was decent but any of his other songs are infinitely greater

    Baltimore, Maryland Bird Teams own the NFL

    @Zachary Kelso Lol your comment n every other comment here shows how foolish you kids are

    Julius Taylor

    word up

  51. Zachary Kelso

    did he seriously just reference The Matrix

    Panos Chr13

    +Zachary Kelso and sean connery, nicholas cage, pauly d, liu kang from mortal kombat

    Zachary Kelso

    +Panos Xristoulakis who is pauly d

    Panos Chr13

    +Zachary Kelso dj & actor

    Zachary Kelso

    @Panos Xristoulakis thx

    Sir Justin Livingston

    +Zachary Kelso Earthquake: 3.5 quake strikes near Moreno Valley

  52. Mohamed SeWeLam

    This song is really underestimated!!! it should be a HIT guys!!

    No Saints

    Mohamed SeWeLam agreed!

  53. Elt Canyon

    where did he go

  54. Grzesiek Nowak

    Freestyle Friday #54 anyone?


    Shout out to the dubster;)

    Grzesiek Nowak

    @seanmackey15 shout out to... shout out to.. noone you freakin idiuts :v


    edubble is the man :^

  55. Wash

    Madden 12❤️

  56. Damon Wright-Ross

    playing Madden 12 rn tbh

    mathieu savard

    i feel you m8 one of the best madden

  57. Rockahmillion Bangz

    nice the best

  58. Busch Licker

    he should collab with lil dicky.

    Layman TV

    That'd possibly be the greatest song of the year

  59. EnthrallingBass140

    Haven't heard this since middle school.

    Tanner Holub

    bro like 5th grade

  60. OneManClanBruh

    that state farm advertisement they need to do a prank call about how you been living a life a of crime and need a retirement plan.

  61. Cory Robinett

    Never played Madden. I'm a mma fan. But like if you are still an Asher Roth fan.

  62. Sir Justin Livingston


    Sir Justin Livingston

    +Sir Justin Livingston on n on

    Sir Justin Livingston

    +Sir Justin Livingston >>>

  63. Island Girl

    LOL only reason i know this song...sigh madden 12 and peyton hillis.. hah!

  64. 215Christ

    dude's from upper darby pa or suh'm huh...

  65. Aswin Lucas Vaughan

    The wrath of Roth.

  66. Aswin Lucas Vaughan

    The wrath of Roth.

  67. ninjazoner

    Asher is straight fire, man. wtf!!

  68. ninjazoner

    Shit is banging

  69. Joseph Phillips

    love this song back when i was whooping people's asses using TIM TEBOW 'S PASSING ABILITY!!!  Never ran with him and people would get so pissed lol.  

    yung cardo

    Joseph Phillips hell yea

  70. PiPi

    What do you think...if Asher Roth and Eminem sing together?

  71. Chandler Duryea

    Asher and akon make a good group for an album

  72. JF 1776

    Thursday night football 2013 memories 👌


    Thanks Dongald

  73. Issei Hyoudou

    Madden 12 anyone? :3

    Sam Bruinsma

    That's how I found this song

    IZAHA Bockrath

    Issei Hyoudou think n bout that game is literally what made me come here

    jayden Cannonwright Spaswarx

    Of course

  74. White Thunder

    Channel dramm362 song name livin thru Christ it go hard check it out

  75. StillKyro

    That camera effect is sick

  76. Syd E.N.T

    best white boy next to mac miller


    This guy surpasses Mac Miller on a grand level. Mac is doin his thing, I can't hate, but Ash is savage as fuck with this wordplay and rhythm. 


    And maybe some other white boys you might wanna check out if you think Mac Miller is the best: Rittz, Yelawolf, Ubiquitous, Twiztid, Aesop Rock, and Madchild.  

    Syd E.N.T

    Yeah,you right and yeah I'll do that @Ciggy Bones

    Billy lockwood

    @Sydni Grant check out Devlin!

    Jakub Forsling

    Ra the rugged man, Celph Titled, Vinnie Paz, Diabolic

  77. Matthew Kaman

    great song!

  78. WCS一Frosty

    Nice song 😃😃

  79. Joshua Wright

    Nah Bruno sings too softly he's more of a slow song kind of voice and I think akons fits perfectly for this type of song especially since he has a deep powerful voice.

  80. sarah castillo

    Asher the bae

  81. Maximus Decimus Meridius

    badass video, comics gone live (*(*^&*(^&^&O&*

  82. Hussain14000

    Coming from madden 12


    Best Madden game ever made

  83. ThaGiftTv

    madden 12

  84. alex dragonhaven

    i dont like roth but akons part is good. i got this from madden 12

  85. Chicken King

    Remember kids the penis is mightier then the sowrd

  86. Pedro Ferreira

    Essa canção ficou bom demais, e mais com a participação do Akon ficou show

  87. Phyzique Krew

    Check out our music. We are 14 year old artists.

  88. Mauga1

    When you could memorize a song just from playing to much madden.

  89. Akshay Myrikal

    Nice hook

  90. Stef Kon

    I wish this song would have won a Grammy!! It really deserves it!!

  91. Logan Basilice

    Dudes a beast

  92. David Bezat

    Why can't people appreciate his talent. He doesnt want to be Eminem, there are both different artists.

  93. LemonHayze

    This song could have done without Akon, his singing is terrible. great song though lyrics make you think :D

    Stef Kon

    @robby griffin I don't think Bruno would have agreed to collaborate with Asher Roth. 

    Rob G

    Why whats up between them two?

    Stef Kon

    because famous artists collaborate only with famous artists!! and Asher isn't as famous as Bruno.

    Rob G

    Yeah true but,if Bruno is against the entertainment industry,then Ashton and Bruno should make some songs together..

    alex dragonhaven

    yeah, right he's actually a rapper, not a singer

  94. Jay E. Williams

    Track is dope.

  95. eric Wetselaar

    i hate auto tune 

  96. Sunny Breaks

    Saw it on video on trail and they did not give it for what it actually is :D AWESOME