Asher Roth - Lark On My Go Kart Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Sitting on a truffet, puffing on the best cut buds
Trying to get butt from Miss Muffet
Me and Teddy Ruxpin sturring up a ruckus
Egging all the houses, smashing all the pumpkins
Suck a dick butkus, chumps can't funk with the punk kids
Ash Roth be the king of the blumpkins
Any Tim Duncan, spur of the moment
Let the whole world know I run shit, jump ship quick
Tell a friend that I'm dumb sick
Spit fungus that'll grow from a dumb trip
Twist to a front flip, son that was some trick
Watch all the dumb chicks hump when I bump this

[Verse 2]
Kinda like the blonde Bob Saget, Ash can get nasty
Pass me a blunt and some Captain
Chillin with an Ashley, heading to the mall
Sitting in the backseat, getting jerked off
Ten feet tall with the balls of a matador
Door-matted whore with your words, heard that before
For metaphor, pedicure, get your feet fixed
Walk in my shoes for a few, you gonna need it
Yeah, get your Wii Fit to practice your freeze with
Need a few weeks before you can compete with
Razor Ramon flow, oh so sharp
You can take Kapowski, I'ma take Lark On My Go-Kart

[Verse 3]
Ugh, yeah
Mario Kart skills are outrageous
Play me anyday and I'll be the best racist
Wait, no, erase it, meant to say racer
Traded in my cell phone for a new pager
Take off your bluetooth, now dot com
I'm at the grocery store with hot moms
Bout thirty five with at least two kids
We can make out while my friend baby sits
All up in your fridge eating left-over shit
Tuna sandwich, butterscotch, crimpets
Cheetos be my choice of chips
I enjoy for a bit, take a sip from my Simpson and split

[Verse 4]
Roll that J up, is it rolled?
Yeah, roll it up, ugh
Hair like a troll doll, basketball shorts on
Yeah, I'm a dork but I'm still holding court
Ball up, baller, yeah I'll take too long, get dolled up
Give a fuck if I look like I just woke up
Who am I trying to impress? Honey in the sun dress
With the breasts luscious just sent me a text
O-M-G, your the B-E-S
If your trying to have sex, I'm the best at it

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Asher Roth Lark On My Go Kart Comments
  1. Brooks Toso

    only here cuz of Teddy

  2. XUGGALOトラッシュ

    I would listen to this at school with a red party cup full of ginger ale (cause I bought a 2 liter and put it in my locker ) and people thought I was getting drunk 😂

  3. Crazelord91

    Saw a clip of this on Todd in the Shadows' new video, thought I'd come here to laugh at it, turns out I kind of like it. The video is dated garbage, but I think the beat is actually pretty sick and Asher's flow ain't bad

  4. Stigma Productions

    Why's his tongue sticking out?

  5. WiredAl

    I don't care what Todd said this is a banger and it had blown up earlier we could have had stuff similar to Brockhampton a lot earlier.
    Yeah I said it.

  6. Jeana

    I hate this so much, I have no words

    Poem 2 Self

    I'm here from todd, this isn't too bad imo

  7. Jeana

    Only here because of Todd in the Shadows’ new video


    Jeana the power YouTubers have


    The serial killer?

  8. Shadonna Harris

    Yooo! I used to love this joint! Still bangs!

  9. Anfernee Clarke

    Crazy how 10 years ago when I was probably in grade 4 or 5 I completely ignored all the weed and alcohol mentioned and showed in this song, I just appreciated the beat and flow...and the honey in the sundress 😂

  10. NV- Twisted Productions

    Silly shit. But his wordplay is on point ... this brings me back

  11. raw trout

    puffin on a truffet
    sittin on the best buds from ms buffet

  12. unknown user

    434 people who watched this are jealous fags

  13. Kell Prince

    Forgot this guy existed

  14. Pablo Cordoba

    This shit came out my senior year of high school! Man that was a great year! 👌

  15. jonathan hudgens

    jon was here 6/2/2019

  16. Kilo Gambino

    B4 there was lil dicky it was Asher Roth💯💯💯💯💯

    raw trout

    RIP ash roth


    except Roth can make good music unlike "wE aRe ThE wOrLd" adam sandler vote munipulator lookin ass

  17. Cesar M.

    Razor Ramon flow oh so sharp

  18. f0rumrr

    What a blast from the past. Now this is rap.

  19. D'Meat Roberson

    GZA...Swordsman sample. Respect the Wu.

  20. Francesco prodo

    Legend has it, Asher Roth went into hibernation and emerged as Malcamore.

  21. Mikey Mouse

    Sick to track & >95. **

  22. Jamz 4 Your Ears

    Asher is still simply awesome! Listen to his new song mommydog. Such a good Thanksgiving vibe



  24. Panos Panda

    Respect from greece


    Ya like if u tryin' flex I'm da best @ it

  26. Kumiko Naito

    He got that last text at 4:20! Peeped it!

  27. fartswallower666

    ........fuck did he just say?

  28. Hayden Webb

    This still fucking SNAPS tho

  29. 桐山零

    who remembers this shit on tap tap revenge

  30. Drecember

    a beast

  31. Don'tNEED ANAME

    Been looking for this


    This is the worst music video i have ever seen in my life

    Lamelo Ball

    BISCUIT BOY this music video snaps

  33. Big Mike

    I can see why he fell off

  34. sky bound zoo

    Roth was original lil dicky

  35. Ryan Hanna

    I went to school with Asher, he was a grade ahead of me. Pennsbury High School

  36. Jack Light

    Classic Asher!

  37. VlogLif3 4bp

    ash in beast mode on dis

  38. Dom b

    If Asher Roth is your Favorite rapper, you hate music

  39. Kevin Diaz


  40. Musa Norton

    Play this shit in ya 12z 😮😱

  41. marinejcksn1

    That beat is the shit.

  42. Xavier Williams

    I was in 6th grade when asleep in the bread aisle dropped.

  43. J B

    while creative. nothing on em.

    2 different styles, patterns, flow, etc. I like both but easily... em > most

  44. kyle boardshorts

    i'm at the grocery store with hot moms, bout 35 with at least 2 kids, we can make out while my friend baby sits lmao

  45. Airospace

    2017 this shit still slaps

  46. A Proud SJW

    One of the worst songs ever made. Wannabe rapper. Garbage.

  47. Gaige Abrams

    shit I only made it back here cause Facebook reminded my 4 years ago today I posted these lyrics lmao. classic still. no one's a better racist than asher

    A Proud SJW

    Gaige Abrams the song sucks

  48. Gabriel Guevara

    where'd you go asher roth?

  49. CJDrax2013

    Fuck me this came out my freshman year of in my senior year of college. fuck me im old.


    u mean freshman year of high school lmaooo

    Kamui God

    plot twist: he keeps failing

    Xavier Dawson

    You mean Freshman of High school 😂😭

    I was confused for a hot minute

  50. mega 360

    Fake ass Eminem


    haha serious


    Lmfao, just because he's white doesn't mean he's trying to be Em.

    john doe

    And chief keef is ass

    Daniel Lee Willis

    Mega 360 NICE BAIT

  51. Ty Lito

    Miss the parties to this shit

  52. Will Lee

    Bruh 7th grade I thought I was so badass listening to this song

    J. Scott

    I was in 8th grade when I first got this album lol.. I remember playing skate 3 on my xbox 360 listening to this.

    Cosmo K

    You were cool. I was a Junior in HIghschool listening to this. That makes you as a 7th grader...a badass 7th grader


    Lmao super facts man. Thought I was big shit in 8th.


    J. Scott bruh skate 3 and cod those were the days 😭

    raw trout

    puffin on a truffet
    sittin on the best buds from ms buffet

  53. Lorenzo Turner

    He should learn how to rhyme

  54. Lucas McKay

    he's the number one

  55. Charlotte Vine

    Fuck I used to love this damn song.


    I still love this song

  56. spencer green

    She needs to make more music

    Marlyne Juarez

    +spencer green 😂

  57. jezreel archuleta

    y does everyone say asher reminds them of slim shady u guys are stupid man 4 real

  58. Dragon Queen

    reminds me a bit of Slim Shady :d

  59. Ricky

    His barz, flow, voice and rhymin ability is fire

    Joe Whitaker

    Ricky like you girl 🔥 fire.

    raw trout

    el fuegou

  60. Joseph Lopez

    mario kart skills are outrageous play me any day and I'll be the best racist wait, no erase it, meant to say racer hahaha

    raw trout


  61. Mary Elizabeth Conner


  62. Rino538


  63. Twist3dKiid

    This song's instrumental kinda reminds me of " Paranoid Castle - Weed Man" lol

  64. Ham Fitness

    Beastie Boys ill communication

  65. Nig Nog Jenkins

    This used to be my ringtone.......

  66. Cast

    Dora Rodal.
    Only some real understand

  67. Malik Hoff

    Give a Fuck if I look like I just woke up. Whom I tryna impress ?

  68. tmarie,daina swellington


  69. jj jones

    asher is the only rapper who i actually agree that his old stuff is wayyyyy better than his new stuff

    Zain Taj

    Really, he's improved so much specifically on pabst and jazz and retrohash, his older stuff is barely passable compared to those albums


    You for real buddy??? Better fix fast???!

  70. Gab S

    this was always my favourite asher roth song. the video is hilarious

    raw trout

    puffin on a truffet
    sittin on the best buds from ms buffet

  71. George Washington

    Outta meet this guy.


    hes name is Asher Roth

  72. Lisa Benattar

    I can't even think that I saw him in Paris in a festival and no one knows him ! And nobody knows this day, very sad ! Sorry for my bad english, I love this guy !

  73. John Smith

    This video is hilarious

  74. KubiqFeet

    Gotta love Roth's flow to this dope beat.  He's also matured a lot in his new album which I suggest y'all check out! 

  75. ldg1414

    So awesomely random

  76. Trenchmonkey7

    This fucking sucks

  77. Kirk Rogers

    This is my sh*t 

  78. Haukur Hauksson

    one of my favurite songs!

  79. Omari The People

    the ending is so nasty

  80. Satisfy

    Everybody check out my remix to this song on my channel! :)

  81. Brandon Fish

    I remixed this on my page if anyone is curious

  82. Spawn Of Satan

    I like this, reminds me of old school philly hip hop like some Schooly D, like some hipster type shit!

  83. jerry

    To all of you comparing him to eminem.... Take me as I am my friend... Real roth fans will get that.

    Stink Meaner

    *As I Em

    Gay Lizard

    the people comparing him to eminem most probably aren't REAL roth fans though

    Michael Warren

    literally the only thing Asher Roth and Eminem have in common is their skin color


    Eminem turned into some kind of pop artist, and all he's rapping about his family issues and love, Ash raps about Life and about social issues... that's why i Like him more than Em...


    eww...recently learned what a blumpkin was lol

    Jose Prieto

    CHRISTIAN BENSON Ash Roth be the king of the blumpkins 😂

    Stigma Productions

    @Jose Prieto That's like saying you're the king of farts.

  85. Coolinterestingthings ByDennis

    asher roth !st white rapper besides em but he was the 2nd nicest need to drop a new album tho

    Christopher Gonzalez

    gotta listen to blind fury he is a blind white rapper from down south crazy skills

    Harry Gascoigne

    @justin schoonover slug from atmosphere is mexican


    Mac Miller

    Nathan Jordan

    @justin schoonover The Beastie Boys pioneered white rap


    @Nathan Jordan mc serch

  86. homer8990

    If eminem is so incomparable than why is every white rapper compared to him

  87. mheltcel

    Seems to me he has good talent and good style but he needs to work on his writing and word play. As he is now it's kind of redundant.  

  88. WillyWrx

    There's only one white rapper better than Asher, and its Em. 

    Aaron Fuller

    and Lil' Dicky...

  89. provanost

    1:27 reply:  Ah hem. Thou art not the best racist. I am. Por ejemplo; Humans are all weak and inferior when compared to Djinn. Djinn are naturally superior and the only way that any of you can approach us or our legion offspring that hide among you, is on your knees. Now that, is some awesome and pure racism. ( Its true though.)

  90. GeorgeTheRapper

    Hey guys I'm a 17 year old rapper from New Mexico, Las Cruces. I rap as a passionate hobby of mine, people always tell me I'm dope but I could use your feedback on how I can get better. Please check my channel and feel free to comment, like and subscribe, that'd be much appreciated.

  91. Joe Krueger

    Hey guys, ima 20 year old rapper from the suburbs of Chicago, i really just want to be heard more than anything. so if you got the time, please check me out. just look up Grizzly - Relationshit, or Go To Town, or Preach, and hopefully you'll see the others. thanks a lot

  92. Pim Schlejen

    but Asher is also one of the best tho

  93. Pim Schlejen

    Mac Miller is better, especially his new album.

  94. Tristan greaves

    mac miller and Asher roth is like the same. french montana is past them
    asap is now comein.

    unknown user

    Mac ded

  95. iSouthCakkSavior864

    Wow, I'm surprised nobody said anything about Chris webby, dude put in work.

  96. Confusion Media

    Mac Miller has some decent shit. But Asher Roth will always be on top.