Asher Roth - La Di Da Lyrics

Yeah, I wrote a song and it go a little something like this

[Verse 1]
They say its a cold world, yeah you got that right
I almost packed it all in on the spot last night
They want a killer instinct and I'm just that type
But if the fights not mine, I wont fight that fight
Life without struggling, yeah right
Make one mistake, won't make that twice
Out of sight out of mind, find yourself out of time
Buy your own pants, get your hands out of mine
An advance ain't a promise you will make it
There's work to be done, you must grind to shine
Every second is a blessing, yes it is precious
Suggest you get off instant message
The aggression when your finding your direction
Then heading non stop just to find that the road is blocked
You wanna pop, flip your lid and stomp
But settle down and work it out,
Its really all you've got, so I tell em

When I cant take it, I cant take it no more
This is what I say
La Di Da Da Da, La Di Da Da Da, Over
When you cant take it, When you cant take it no more
This is what you say,
La Di Da Da Da, La Di Da Da Da Over

[Verse 2]
And yeah I'm frustrated, fuck this, what's this, how much
Who what, where when, why man, how come
So many questions unanswered, I don't understand
Could you please explain sir
I'm in a phase, I believe I can change
In exchange for an explanation, estimation, hesitation
Is it as visible dealing with digital?
Fidgeting through e-mail when the issue is pivotal
Critical condition, My heads in
I'm heading in the wrong direction
Book me a session, Let it off my chest
Ill invest in a (Cannon)
Just so I can blow with my flow as my right hand man
Van Dam ass kickin' with Ash spittin'
I'm that different just ask Jigga (Ask Jigga)
He listened and witnessed the birth of a star
Emerging and surging his way up to the top of the charts, now sing along


When I'm trying to come up, they wanna bring me down [x4]
When you trying to come up. they wanna bring you down [x4]
All the kids sing along

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Asher Roth La Di Da Comments
  1. Medtalk 101 * The Medicated Schizophrenic

    2019-2020 represent

  2. Star Kore

    Still firee this tape is timeless

  3. Leo Foenerro

    most underrated artist of my time.

  4. Nathan Lloyd

    Me to homie

  5. Parker Lauritzen

    the song that made me want to start rapping

  6. Matt Bayley

    stil listening

  7. papo352

    Where's asher roth now? :'(

    Andre Barnes

    lol love Asher but that's funny

  8. Lucas Abauzit

    best ar song

  9. kaycebrewerfanboy 0

    fuck chris webby bvsedswiftly is the only rapper that spits raw lately

  10. StaticLocs

    man this song is the truth

  11. Michael Cobbs

    Classic song

  12. Stef Kon

    did you notice that Asher Roth looks a lot like Macaulay Culkin, that famous child actor? same hair same face, same style!

    Cody Manning

    you should delete this before the rest of the public acknowledges this. 

    Stef Kon

    why? I didn't insult anybody and this is not spam!! stay calm man!!

    Cody Manning

    You'll find out I guess.


    Legend has it, they still haven’t understood.

  13. Xxilac

    Damn such a throwback. Still Dope!

  14. Izzy and Sadie

    Hell of alot better than Eminems LP 2 

    Isaiah Holt

    no.... lol

    Frank Sinatra

    Uncomfortable you're drunk, go homr

    Izzy and Sadie

    @Frank Sinatra Ok

  15. Aaron Saga

    why are you all comparing? if rappers have the same tune you'd be wishing for a difference. 

  16. GimnHun T.

    I reeeaaally miss those days,back in 2009.:')


    yess bro

    Tekkrok X

    mee tooo

  17. Michael Cobbs

    This song>>>Drake - Over

  18. Michael Cobbs

    Asher is a combination of Hip-Hop/Rap/Pop all mixed into one that's why he doesn't get the right shine. He also had the Eminem flow in 09 which was dope but he kinda stole what Em had and now Em doesnt have that flow anymore.

  19. greenmonster42

    Asher Roth is so underrated.. even though he's known he's like

  20. Cryhawk

    Okay first of all, you look like a tool, who makes their youtube picture just abs? when we all know it's not yours... second, hope you know if anyone just clicks your profile, it shows all your foot fetish videos that you've liked and commented on. Thirdly, look at your name.... my IQ dropped by even just reading that.

  21. dean zaibak

    nice pic

  22. chili24137

    I totally agree bro, asher over mac all day every day for eternity


    chili24137 If you still have this YouTube Channel how about now. Even though Mac is dead now. I first listened to don’t mind if do my Mac but in my opinion it was better than all but this song. Mac still kept making music while Asher fell off

  23. Jwhatevs

    uhhh no pretty much every song except for 4 or 5 is garbage all talking about the same shit as every rapper

  24. Coaching Intervals

    Mac Miller is good, its just his macadelic mixtape that wasn't great


    Coaching Intervals macadelic was ahead of its time. It sounds good now especially angels

  25. DontTemptMe15

    must grind to shine

  26. krystof777

    What about ash and dylan owen?? I think id be awesome

  27. Omar Alvarez

    Reminds me of Atmosphere.

  28. Abraham Barajas

    lol i just discovered this guy and immediately noticed that :P mac is just blehh

  29. dean zaibak

    they're both amazing

  30. dean zaibak

    who r u lieing to?

  31. universalsheep

    justin bieber boyfriend remix check it out

  32. Dscam009

    Name one good song of mac's that's not about his "swag," fucking girls, smoking weed, or partying. There's no diversity in his music. Some of his songs are good I'll admit, but he comes no where close to Asher.


    Dscam009 check again now he raps about heavy shit

    Star Kore

    And now macs dead and his legacy is 10 times what asher was

  33. Dscam009

    You're username suits your music taste.

  34. drquiggles01

    this is the most incorrect opinion I have ever had the displeasure of reading. and yes, it's very possible for an opinion to be incorrect.

  35. RandomRapBeats

    How is Atmosphere awful? "Outcast!", "GodLovesUgly", "Sad Clown Bad Dub" and so on are all solid records with some great beats and flows being used.

  36. Ronald Mackle

    please dont ever say that...

  37. hatemenow1986

    love this jam

  38. Dscam009

    atmosphere is awful are you kidding me?!

  39. Dscam009

    I thought I was the only one who noticed

  40. TheBlack24Mamba

    asher roth shits on mac. mac sucks bro listen to his shit its all the same.


    TheBlack24Mamba try again now he raps about heavy shit now

  41. YSKMystro

    what sample did they use?? shit is nice!

  42. JGPrankcalls

    If you dont like roth why are you listening to him??? dipshit

  43. JGPrankcalls


  44. John F

    Ladi da da da ladi da da da

  45. Lions 88

    You got your wish... Justin Bieber - Boyfriend Remix with 2 Chainzzzzzzz

  46. Harrison Carmichael

    lol Eminem could rap circles around Roth, I'm sure Roth would admit this. Irregardless I like em both.

  47. elfeicho

    Mac miller sucks, so does eminem.

    Asher roths good

  48. Shade

    I just remembered this song randomly. 2012 and it's still hot.

  49. playcode

    dew tour

  50. Bethany Duffy

    mac miller is better!

  51. Mufti Hossain

    you're forgetting the palmer squares.

  52. Luis Armando Armenta

    ash would make mac want to quit..

  53. Joshua Prier

    they did do one....the boyfriend remix with 2 chainz

  54. Cvrlxs

    How about Mac Miller?

  55. Lucas Graybill

    fuck yeah. i honestly dnt think thats ever gonna happen tho. id like to hope so tho

  56. James Kayany

    Mac Em and Ash would destroy it if they did a song together

  57. KSIMuskratLuv

    No. Mac has nothing clever in comparison to Asher.

  58. Destynxx

    Mac Miller, Slim Shady, Asher, Chris Webby, Sadistik, KMK.

  59. Stevester118

    why is mac miller even a topic on this? asher shits on mac and thats not impressive at all since beiber does too, even tho he dusnt even have a penis and sucks just as bad.

  60. Duran Sok

    He said good.

  61. Connor Kurcon

    @xenreality dude that logic makes no sense. eminem IS the best white rapper period. just because his last couple years werent as hot as his early shit doesnt mean his not the best. michael is jordan IS the best basketball player ever, even with a couple sub-par years with the wizards. just because he went doesnt downhill doesnt mean hes not longer the best ever. maybe not the best AT THE MOMENT. but still the best ever

  62. Aaron Bumbo

    slug and eyedea > asher and em combined

  63. kleber macias

    Asher roth is a really good rapper but no one should compare him to em cause there nothing alike the style are both different and they dont sound the same

  64. xenreality

    Asher on the the other hand keeps it real, dont give a fuck what people think of him (although he seems annoyed he keeps getting compared to em) but hes spittin true hip hop in songs like this one , fallin , as i em , g.r.i.n.d to name a few but fuck it i aint gonna preach keep it real asher your dope hope we aint gotta wait too long for the spaghetti tree to drop

  65. xenreality

    @ignavus11 nah man ems a lyrical fucking genius but his time has come and gone hes a sellout. "Im tryna clean up my fuckin image, so I promised the fuckin critics, I wouldn’t say “fuckin'” for six minutes" those lines come in at 50 seconds left of the song remember me then goes on to the song im back which he doesnt say fucking for the whole song which happens to be 5:10 secs. He went from that fucking trippy insane brilliant detail to the guy who spits bullshit lines about window pain.SELLOUT

  66. Connor Kurcon

    yeah ash is sick
    but the fact is, eminem is the greatest white rapper ever to walk the earth, if not the best rapper ever
    his beats are sick and his flow is unbelievable
    and he has heart, a past and emotion in his songs.
    i love mac, ash, and sam adams but seriously? rap isnt about college or la di da or kool aid and frozen pizza

    anyone who says that eminem isnt the best white rapper ever is either trying way too hard to be different or a fucking idiot

  67. skibbs79

    The only person easily compared to Asher is Sam Adams, Eminem is an over rated kid who hit it big when he fingered himself in front of Dre. Seems to be the only thing that will make a production company's decision. And Eminem gets way to much help with his songs its unbelievable. If he ever is to claim he writes a song straight up, he's a fucking goon ass bitch. Wanna see some good rap, not coming from somebody who fakes a shit childhood for pitty(Eminem), than listen 2 some straight wiz khalifa

  68. Reign B

    @presidentfresh12 and george watsky

  69. Brandon Howard

    @brydabomb25 dude we got more than two. we got ash, em, mac miller, and chris webby.

  70. CathodeRay

    @brydabomb25 What about RA Tha Rugged Man, Apathy and Esoteric?

  71. Ivy K

    @Brydabomb25 & Presidentfresh123

    you've obviously both never heard of Atmosphere

  72. Joeyjorgensen1

    @ChromeSkull940 mac is sick but dont fuck with Em you dont even know rap if you think em sucks...every pro rapper likes his shit...i bet if you snatched macs ipod youd see at least 8 Songs From Eminem

  73. mothahen123

    @brydabomb25 there are a ton of good white rappers whatre you talkng about

  74. Mufti Hossain

    @brydabomb25 mac miller

  75. Demar Hall

    @wesbond13 true but there also legends too so idk bout that

  76. zach ritchie

    i want to hear mac and ash togeth haha

  77. zach ritchie

    fuck Em, mac is where its at

  78. CJB1486

    its always bugged the piss out of me to know what the guy is saying at the beginning of the song. the word that echos. what is it hahaha

  79. doomkid1331

    damn yelawolf iz pissed

  80. Dennis Nguyen

    @presidentfresh12 Mac Miller

  81. alxjones

    13 people "la di no no no, la di no no no."

  82. Wes Fitting

    @973SHA What happened to them is that they can't compare to Asher and Em

  83. Demar Hall

    @Ricardo90003 whatever happened to Paul Wall and Bubba Sparxx there white

  84. Demar Hall

    @itsNards i know right this was badass last year at the 2010 Dew Tour

  85. rfwill13

    Asher has some real respect for the game.

  86. K R

    R.A. the rugged man, brother ali, bubba sparxxx (1st 2 albums not the ms new booty bs), beastie boys, mac miller, grynch, grieves, and a whole load of others on top of these. Dope hip hop is dope hip hop fuck this race shit. DUH there r more dope black rappers but there r alot more than 2 dope white rappers if you listen to more than what's on the radio.

  87. Ross Winglovitz

    @dapalipro bro mac?

  88. Danny le

    mac miller

  89. jayflem57

    @brydabomb25 Cause Eminem is way to far ahead of every other white rapper but Asher Roth has some ok shit.

  90. Ryan Evans

    Why is it that when Asher Roth steps his shit up, Em steps his shit down?

  91. Yo Yo

    awesome song asher ROCKS. he looks like dirk nowitzki on the album cover lol.

  92. Ricardo90003


  93. Ra Tho

    mac miller and wiz get slain by asher's overall wittier, sharper bars
    mac and wiz will die off, like a fashion trend, asher's timeless

  94. Brandon Nagy

    @dapalipro cant forget about mac miller as well !!!!

  95. Trent Ryan

    @XxjaredshoezXx perfect line up, maybe a Wale in there possibly

  96. T Y

    sorry but...he stole a line from Talib Kwali halfway through the second verse. Still dope though.