Asher Roth - Keep Smoking Lyrics

Until it goes away, until it goes away
Until it goes I'm smoking

[Verse 1:]
If I could be conceited
It's a side of me that I don't honestly agree with
Wish I could take the finer things and copy and keep 'em
Lock 'em and freeze 'em
Want to and need 'em, but see, ah, that's not freedom
Like I'm scared to be me
Wish I were perfect like you want me to be
I'm not that person
Staircase has drinks, swear it could worsen
No guarantee, but I'll keep on working on it


[Verse 2:]
Have you ever been lied to?
Pride hurt and swallow
Fight for who you like, but who you like can always ride
First become rivals, life moves in cycles
Barely use a libel, find that Mary Jane insightful
When my heart's on probation, caught by police
Copped me a spaceship, cocked it and peace
Constant vacation, lost out in sea
Quit my job and relationship, that's why I roll this weed


[Verse 3: Chuck Inglish]
I thought you were the one girl to make me happy
We rolled a couple ones up like we made it happen
But I ain't losing sleep just to keep the peace
I roll up all my tree up, let me tell you what I see
The peace of disagrence, push the word until you breathe it
Like the sermon when you see it, man, I say it like I mean it
Fogged deep, windows up in the truck, getting weeded
There's a war going on outside and I can't hear it
I hold the THC in my lungs until I feel it
Stoned like a witch 'cause life is a bitch
Last night I sat down, had to write
Twist that light, an extended take flight
Man, I gotta pack light, but


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Asher Roth Keep Smoking Comments
  1. jaz Corona


  2. milton TRAPS


  3. otis whitt

    This song and album gets better ever summer that passes.

    Till it goes away......

  4. A Rocks

    Could be because I'm stupid stoned right now but this song just goes with the high

  5. Krenar Rexhepi

    anyone got any tabs for this? would really appreciate it!

  6. Jake Spangler

    cudi would sound good on this too

  7. Michael Bingham

    Asher Roth high today is apr 19 tomorrow is 4/20 :)))have a good one man

  8. Shawn Alder

    I can't get enough. He's the man

  9. Riley Bohannon

    YOUR MY Inspiration keep it up .I know you never went any where but this come back from you is much needed

  10. Alex Woods

    Sheep will never relate and always hate. Great song Ash!


    so true, peace yo!!!!!

  11. jacqueline ness

    420 i love ur music

  12. Leya Coleman

    Almost came out on 420 :/ that would be perfect

  13. alberts1985

    good indica with me

  14. Andrew Donelle Smith

    Yo I fucks with this! Good music

  15. Ryan Forrest

    whole albem sick

  16. Weedpranks

    This song and Fast life are my two favorite songs he has made so far i do not really care for his old stuff, Used to listen to his old stuff though when i was younger.. Would really like to hear more songs like this from him! :L

  17. Preston Owens

    Stay frosty

  18. supreme King

    If this song was 5 seconds longer it would have been perfection lol.. 420

    anthony brown

    6 seconds lol

    Kelvin Lao

    @anthony brown 5 seconds.. wtf

    Christopher Reilly

    +anthony brown 5 Seconds then... It's 4:19, so gimme a minute!

  19. Elijah Jean

    Great Work brotha ,Love To work with you one day, ELijah

  20. Tiara Goodman

    The lyrics in this song are so fucking truthful and dreamy and amazing and the music arrangement is perfection.
    This is will be on repeat for a while.

  21. Desmond Brewington

    Cool song dude

  22. Alex Miller

    Your new album is amazing homie. I'll have a joint lit up to this song when you come to Santa Ana, CA! 

  23. Jonathan Kennedy

    Impressed man. This album is so good and touches my soul. Everyone should have a listen. It's a great refreshing change of pace. 

  24. John Gotti

    asher roth is drifting too far from his old music... i'm all for growth but this song is too slow 


    Man just enjoy it for what it is. It's very fluid and easy going. Eminem once said that rapping fast is a way to attempt and make up for lack of substance in the rhymes. Shit. Had to read that twice cause im floating like fuck right now

    jezreel archuleta

    +John Gotti look at the bigger picture hes no making music for publicity or money hes making it so us the viewers can relate too or better yet understand his image in my opinion

  25. Mase Farrell

    How does this not hit millions of views?

  26. Marcel Frank

    ASHER i love you man!!! no homo 

  27. FP The Atlantean

    hard as fuck

  28. johnathon kelley

    true colors are showing. your revolutionizing man. good shit brotha

  29. Zeno Planets

    you're growing as an artist mate. keep it up. no hate here, only love

  30. Robert Tanner

    I like roth but this is r & about getting back to hiphop


    Switch Your Style Up, And If They Hate Let Them Hate, And Watch The Money Pill Up. 


    "Doesn't sound exactly like my genre, therefore i don't like it" 

  31. John Virgo

    much love

  32. CognitiveDissidentss

    Awesome. Such a genuine project. Props to asher for doing exactly what he wanted

  33. Mitch Cline


  34. D Kwok

    RetroHash killed it, can't wait to get my crewneck!

  35. Josbi

    amazing work man

  36. BigBangTheory92

    I never do this but... 1st!