Asher Roth - In The Kitchen Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
You're in deep water now pal don't foul out Pau
Pow pow down south how now brown cow
Loud mouth shout shout had to knock him out, Ciao
Bail him out now just put it on my Loud account
Steve Riff needs this, never will I back down
Sleep this, breath this, never wear me out, clown
Read lips, she licks, tryna pull my trous' down
Weed lit, need Clipse playin' in the background
How how, I don't get it, should've got em out
Little Greg Maddux mixed in with Roy Halladay
Andale, andale, arriba, arriba
Ash- Roth coming through your speakers
Yippeeya yeeah, about time we re'ed up
I was in the out crowd playing with some D cups
Gee shucks, didn't mean to keep ya
They just need a little TLC every 3 months

[Hook: x2]
Me & Chuck, we make this in the kitchen
I'm not bullshittin, really made this in the kitchen
Hook the mic up, MPC on the table
Wrote a couple rhymes, so check what I'm saying...

[Verse 2:]
Now I got my feet up without any sneakers
But if I did, they'd probably be some beat Chucks
Beat Chucks, beats up, beats up the knees bump, bass be mean
Make you lean like the Pisa
Meet the Grim Reaper, killin em in FIFA
Kick it in the back yard, sip a margarita
Eat the dark meat, pepper on the paprika
Could've kept East, but I had to see the sea cause
Fievel knows freedom, kiddo don't be dumb
Me won't leave, 215, and my green blood
Need bud, need bud, please only live once
Read a couple books while I'm soaking up the heat sun
We've only begun, beguns are beguns
Speak on you sheep, the Dos Equis He Man
Recon in Sweden, la vie European
Get up out of bed, turn my chi on

[Hook x2]

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Asher Roth In The Kitchen Comments
  1. K. Ridge 1

    2019 almost over, but we still #inthekitchen

  2. TehSymbiote

    One of Ash's most hidden gems

  3. Goose Dubby

    This Beat will 4ever BaNG

  4. James Jarrett


  5. Rice Nine

    Hi just leaving my mark here


    Who the heck is Mark? 🐮🐴

  6. Sarah Moreno

    See reefer can even make white people cool!

  7. Sam


  8. Cameron Bell

    Did this mf just say aww now brown cow

  9. Jack Light


  10. thuglifesincedayone


  11. Th3Gr3mlinz

    makes me want fried rice every time. lol

  12. Malik Hoff

    Do a fucking Album together Already 😄😄😄

  13. Brion Song

    *steve irwin voice* Look! A Bronson in his natural habitat!

  14. Mental Incorporated

    Bust Out Laughing at ya!

  15. ChiMoneyy

    wack asf tbh .. corny asf


    XGeN RRari
    Any grown man that types "asf" doesn't deserve to know the existence of this type of coolness

  16. Jackson Campbell

    how Chuck Inglish and Asher Roth are not some of the top and most popular rappers/producers, blows my mind. They are great.

    Malakai Gonzalez

    Jackson Campbell cause they sound a lot like clipse and skateboard p don't get me wrong this is still good

  17. TylerJ

    I love how like no one knew that was action.

  18. Chuck Inglish

    rare 2011 bronson cameo.......

    Harry Gascoigne

    @Chuck Inglish Yo Chuck, any way that I can get the instrumental to this? I got lyrics that fit the beat perfect

  19. AlexTheDarkslayer

    Dude should have had a video too

  20. malcolm white

    1:25 is that Action Bronson?

    Chuck Inglish

    @Geppetto Jackson yup

  21. Matthew Watkins

    Great video guys! Sounds like it's eq'd a little different from Spotify track, an improvement. 

  22. FGAlele

    This Chuck Inglish BEAT tho'...#FireTrack

  23. Prince Papyrus Shawnnie G

    Hip hop ain't dead

    watermellon pussy

    @Prince Papyrus Shawnnie G Said when hip hop is at it's height, you're either 10 years old or been under a rock for the past 20 years.

  24. TheChillMusicLounge

    Thumbs up for cock-sauce and fanta orange with every meal.

  25. Mikey Darko

    yes rooster sauce!!!! that shits awesome

    Andrew Kalkofen

    siracha on a hoe

  26. travellj

    Still love this record.

  27. RegularRy

    Bronson with the ill cameo.

    Chuck Inglish

    @illmaticstatic93 rare

  28. Terrance Newsome

    Commin at em

  29. Robin Ado

    this track got me walkin around in my room like a boss

  30. Basketball Jones

    SWEAR Ash and Chuck Inglish need to link up for a whole album or mixtape. Would personally buy like 25 copies and just hand them to people lol. 

  31. ActionHank75

    Eminem sending shots at my boy Roth! Time to rope him Ash!

  32. John Gotti

    Action Bronson !!

  33. L.T. King

    What's up illrootsllc nice work with the music video keep doing what you doing. I go by the name L.T. I am an alternative hip hop artist from Louisville,ky, check out my freestyle videos and send me your feedback. Thanks

  34. n0thing2fancy

    Thought this was an umphreys McGee cover. Still good though

  35. jl_nxtlife

    little greg maddux mixed with roy halladay lol dude looks exactly like halladay

  36. lewis

    did he do a cover or are you just being funny cause he was in the video?

  37. P2I

    If you're into artists like Asher Roth, you should definitely check us out. We're Partners In Irony, a hip-hop duo from Columbus, OH. We've been gaining buzz and doing shows in our area; most recently we opened up for the Ying Yang Twins. We released our latest mixtape "40 Hours" on Check out our channel for our current tracks, live footage and the music video of our remix of Talib Kweli's "Get By!" You won't be disappointed.

  38. TheRealTerreon

    this video is cookin though, subscribe back

  39. LLJMproductions

    download the whole mixtape at datpiffdotcom!

  40. Scott Hugelmeyer

    Anyone have a link to download this??

  41. Bryan

    I want that cassius clay hoody asher has

  42. Abdesselem Ben Ammar

    Action Bronson ate this track.

  43. whygee

    dooooooope shit

  44. Matthewmerlo

    You are a fucking genius

  45. Bas Blom

    2:17 chuck like a bosss

  46. Danny Walters

    Los Angeles Underground Rapper.
    Visit my PAGE and give my new video a look!

  47. Daniel Varela

    You're in deep water now, pal.

  48. Ben Hilf

    MPC 2000

  49. Mr552cambell

    Where else would the girl be

  50. No this is Patrick

    I'm sorry where did you make it again?

  51. gemstarcrunch

    been in the kitchen since i was 13 mom dukes jumped ship, this is my anthem

  52. Jay G

    Chuck was bussin down the whole time! shout to MICHAEL ROCKS hahaha


    Yea, the song "thrift shop" fits my lifestyle more accurately than this

  54. Wizdom N The Brainiacs

    holy fuck action bronson is in the kitchen bitchs

  55. Uribay SuperDynamic

    holy shit i just realized that was action bronson

  56. Amal Handley

    Lol was that action bronson ?

  57. Beaver Warrior

    Action Bronson cameo

  58. Devil0027

    This easily was one of the top 5 coldest beats I heard last year. Chuck killed it and it beats hella hard. Roth was spittin

  59. TruthStudiosTV

    Head over to our channel to see our latest video of Chuck Inglish working magic in the studio!

  60. stephan adam

    chuck best producer

  61. Dillon Fuller

    You're in deep water now pal

  62. Horaciow14

    good flow, but not feeling the lyrics


    Action Bronson killed this track!

  64. Microitalian

    Where else would the girl be?

  65. canadianbacon93

    Gotta love Ash! He murders this track! If you all love Ash go check out this freestyle I just uploaded today! Trying to make it big and I need all the love and support I can get! It geeks out!

  66. d3lan011

    the 1:00 minute mark scared me. i had to do a double take.




    THIS MY JAM RIGHT HERE! Asher Roth go hard. :)

  69. Cosmo K

    fuckin loved pabst and jazz. still waitin on his sophmore album....come on!!!!

  70. ActionHank75

    Chuck is too cold. Asher did his thing too.

  71. God

    You're kidding, Asher's rap carries this song

  72. cmon Brian

    what kind of font is that in the beginning?

  73. Thesamofsam


  74. Love, Ulysses

    I know this is kind of unrelated but... Chuck looks like Domo Genesis. o.o

  75. cec614

    action stays chefin' it up

  76. Yuri Yabi

    Chuck and Asher keeping hiphop alive

  77. Isaac Howenstine

    awesome beat
    lacking rap

  78. theCRMartin11


  79. Simon Breuckmann

    dude its just for the video chuck knows what to use

  80. CJp017

    What a beat, Chuck brought the funk

  81. MsArtistvideo

    One of my favourite

  82. Kiillah Concepts

    when i first played my head just start nodding man this beat stupid crazy

  83. MrM1SCHI3F

    I've been waiting so long for this music vid to come out! I loved it, and I especially loved that Niner jacket he had on!

  84. tuchesuavae

    this is one of the best mixed tapes I ever heard. Better than a lot of albums.

  85. MrPxcJake1

    how come the illamerica website isnt working

  86. ThaKid YouKnow

    Action bronson!!

  87. MrPxcJake1

    does anyone know when they are going to restock on snapbacks?

  88. Jose Santos

    ok jimmy stair fuck

  89. James Hamilton

    1,000 overall views on your channel isn't ''killin it''.

  90. Trevor Dow

    and kashflow the god "boyz in treme"

  91. Trevor Dow

    Look up boldy james "jimbo" and "snowblowers"

  92. Kyron Cox

    Forty Niners Jacket is WET though

  93. Thomas Genova

    Yippie I yee Yuhh, Bout time we re-upped!!

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    it took chuck inglish for asher to sound good for once

  96. Jose Santos

    I'm just glad I'm out here killing it cause leave it up TO these lame asses we would be fucked ILL BY choice

  97. MtAiryHooligans

    check out my remix on my channel. Leave feedback pleaase. Thanks