Asher Roth - Hard Times Lyrics

My mother told me never to tell, a dirty old lie
My mother told me never to sell, and just to get by

[Verse 1: Asher Roth]
It's been a long damn summer
And I've been working by the furnace, fire burning
An inferno with a purpose, feeling like I don't deserve this
Like I've been cursed, I don't need your sympathy
Although I know you know it hurts - it ain't perfect
Life's not no nursery rhyme
It's as much of a blur as it is our whole lifetime
And that's fine, I'm a ride with it, take my time with it
Never underestimate the power of the blindness
Yes, your highness. Follow your instincts
Fingerprints ain't always gonna match the logistics
Little bit different, it isn't yet typical
Won't always do to others what you wish was reciprocal
My brothers and sisters all the way out there in Liverpool
I feel you a hundred numbers [?]
Don't ever fall in love, cum in somebody's number two
You may call it dumb but true
You know that we're coming for you: mama said


[Verse 2: These Days]
Lord knows I take my secrets to the grave
Til I'm in a crown, I'm on my own two
Coming straight from a chunk of cave money
King Kong crew. Swimmin in the river with a stone shoe
But I be in that bitch still kicking, I'll teach you kung-fu
Show and prove, the whole team be on the same page
Niggas telling me I'm their idol and we the same age
While back, it wasn't nothing in my mind but stay in place
Now picking bitches, calling options like I'm sayin plays
Take a picture mayne, I'm on some magazine spread shit
Hold the mic tight, I got that rigamortis you dead quick
Got some good brain on the road, I'd say head trip
Fuck her face and bust on her mouth: call her lead lip
I'm the baker, I make the bread flip
Niggas be wyling but you could talk like it's crackin
To get your eggs split
Shells drop and it's an everyday thang
It's a shame, but it's all a part of the game...


[Verse 3: Casie Veggies]
Young boss, new dreams
Fresh shoes, new jeans
Tell me what do you see?
Why you tryna do me?
So I had to find out, now you can't find me
Remember three years ago? Like "why you can't sign me? "
Thoughts in my mind, I can do all that times three
I grew up [?] young'un like "nevermind me"
4 '93, good time to find where my mind be
Now I tell time with gold time (peace)
My mama told me grind...


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Asher Roth Hard Times Comments
  1. Anthony Truman

    Underrated Classic

  2. Rogan

    This is art

  3. Ti͂̂͛m̐́͝e͒̈̆ò͊͆͞ư̑̍͊t̛̀́̏

    one word. Masterpiece.

  4. Crumb Bum

    Boi Vic put his foot in this songs ass

  5. Grant Belive

    casey veggies had an A1 verse

  6. Josh Driscoll Beats

    This song should have just been Asher Roth on it

    Lil Heathen

    this planet shouldnt have you on it

    dean zaibak

    @heath price chill..


    +heath price 😂😂 savage life

    Keenan Hooton

    wtf? vic mensa so dope though

  7. Westcoaststyling

    I liked this song before I knew who Vic Mensa was, now that I know, I appreciate it more, funny how that works

    Sal M

    +Westcoaststyling yeah same exact thing with me

  8. Brandon Peddle

    @redefiningsk8ing nah

  9. Bundee Waje

    @prozachENT This is sampled from hardtimes by kids these days, theres no instrumental 

  10. thebearistheish

    Listen to the original: Hard Times by Kid These Days

  11. John Karikas

    Asher has an ear for good rap. This whole mixtape was loaded with great features.

  12. Evan Bourgeois


  13. Evan Bourgeois


  14. Painfulhitmark

    The awesomes shit ive ever seen! *-*

  15. Christopher Hutson

    yeah son i agree, but it just emphasizes how good roth is

  16. redefiningsk8ing

    I wish it were just asher roth in this song, I feel like the other rappers ruin it.

  17. prozachENT

    where fuck is the instrumental, its been so long.. producers are either slacking or sleeping on this shit

  18. BIGM

    some one please make instrumental!!!

  19. pfunksince1981

    Asher if u read this, please keep doin wut you're doin.....this is hip hop at it's purest. Thankyou sir!

  20. Kaelan Cooper

    Need the instrumental

  21. Callum DocHerty