Asher Roth - Gotta Get Up Lyrics

Gotta get up, gotta get out, gotta get home before the morning comes
What if I'm late, got a big date, gotta get home before the sun rise

I'm having trouble getting up and at em
I'm actually pretty happy just laying on my mattress
There's this pretty young thing, real attractive
Laying half... wait, no that was just imagined
What time is it, shit need to get a grip
This drinking till I spin thing isn't gunna win
Binge drink on the weekends, chilling with my three friends
We get it in but I'm swimming in the deep end
I need a defense, need to build a big fence
Around my stomach lining so the sickness could'nt creep in
But I weaken, see a Yinglueng and it sinks in
Yeah I need this just a few sips
Round three and I start to feel at ease
So I think I'll rest my feet and I try to catch some Z's
Next thing you know I am fast asleep
Thought I was a grown up but it was just a dream

Gotta get up, gotta get out, gotta get home before the morning comes
What if I'm late, got a big date, gotta get home before the sun rise [x2]

Ahhhhh, why did I even wake up?
I'm feeling guilty so I guess I'll clean my place up
But first, I'm a need to pick my face up
My head hurts so much, I think that I...
Shut up, pretty please could you spare me
The only cure I see here is a cold Bloody Mary
But I'm barely in the mood to be standing
And outside there's the busy world of Richard Scary
The rich has burried us inside the cemetary
And the only answer is a little bit of milk and Bailey's
A White Russian shoulda get my blood pumpin
Fuckin up my rug every time I'm gettin drunk
This is dumb, last night it was fun
But I'm feelin pretty shitty since the last shot of Rum
Tom hit me asked him to go for a run
Yo I'm bout to throw up, I'll hit you when I'm done

Gotta get up, gotta get out, gotta get home before the morning comes
What if I'm late, got a big date, gotta get home before the sun rise [x2]

Alright, enoughs enough I'm done bein three
It's time for me, I kinda need to take responsibility
I think I'll shower, shave and put on deoderent
Get through the morning without the help of Ibuprofen
I'll make a smoothie with berries and banana
And even place a call to that pretty girl Hannah
I'll tell her Hi, hey, hm how are you?
I'm a little hung over but I think that I'll be cool
So I was hopeing, well you know if you're free
That we could do a date, all alone you and me
Like a dinner yeah a meal or a flick
I don't really care anything you can pick
It's up to you, what's your mood, what you think?
Meet me at the bar, nine o clock for a drink

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Asher Roth Gotta Get Up Comments
  1. Phil Jones Music

    How many of you know this song is a sample? N The original is way better

  2. Mimi Prien

    2020 whos listening asherroth??

  3. Nathan Kinley

    This song isn’t on iTunes

  4. Gregg Darby

    I miss Ash

  5. dinosaurusQ

    I am living for this big lebowski tribute with fear and loathing playing in the background!

  6. David Bradford

    Dont worry Ash I'll get you to 1 milli

  7. Cranker

    this reminds me so much of old eminem, its so similar. And why isn't this on apple music or spotify?

  8. raw trout

    being a fan of asher roth brought me here

  9. Hello Guy

    What an absolute belter

  10. Antoine de Groot

    Such a good somg really.
    Good effortless and funny bars. Asher is able to tell a story wich had you hooked

  11. O.G. 1love

    2:51 when you made her cum with just the tounge q:

  12. Michael Stevens

    Why is this not on Spotify


    It was, I remember having it on my playlist then it was taken down

  13. ヤーマンヤーマンジョージ



    Omg, 16 yrs old, first time working a 1st shift at 5am @ McDonald's, after hs marching band after a football game, played this song..good times

  15. ahmed gaber

    Sweet birthday baaaaaaby

  16. ralph kay

    Put this back on Spotify

  17. Dan Jackson

    I dig the track but... please let HDR photography die!!!

  18. Jason Greene

    Sweet Birthday Baby!


    I forgot about this song until Russian Doll brought me home

  20. Tana Wagner

    Dont' ruin a good song like this :(

  21. aiescream

    This song is better listen in loop :)

  22. Sebastian B.

    Russian Doll

  23. Nanda '-'


  24. Prime Mel

    Russian Doll anyone?

  25. So ein Kerl halt

    Who else was searching this song because of Russian Doll?

  26. Markus Leshem

    RUSSIAN DOLL brought me here <3



    Vandeplas Roméo

    so listen the first version and not this shit


    @Vandeplas Roméo Thank you! I didn't get that wasn't the first version

    Lemunt Picard

    For me it was The great Lebowski. Weird!

  27. Male Alfonso

    here cause of russian doll, who else?

  28. mylongstoryshortned

    Russian Doll

  29. Lady Love

    " SWEeT BIrTHdAY BaBY! "

    Rejoice Anya

    Russian Doll!

    Lady Love

    @Rejoice Anya yuh 😊

  30. Jack Light


  31. Jack Ryan

    the great something

  32. Mike Dion

    Just remembered this song getting up from a chair.. good day, this track is awesome (video too)

  33. Stef Kon

    I always listen to this on the New Year's Day.


    Sad he's not poppin in 2018😖

  35. MegaMr2000

    Harry Nilsson

  36. Mc Evoy

    Still such a great song!!

  37. Austin Jones

    6 years later and im just now realizing the irony of the ending of the song. he's talking about being hungover the whole song at the end he FINALLY figures away to break out of the cycle by getting dressed and going on a date with a pretty girl...and what does she want to do? drink. i was pretty young when this song came out but i should have got that

    Omari The People

    Austin Jones lol I understand the music long time ago

    raw trout

    Omari The People congratulations genius

  38. Chris Mccormick

    I love you Asher 💥👌

  39. Ryan H

    This instrumental is great

  40. Illuminati genius

    damn asher u look terrible

  41. Jack Light

    Big up Asher!

  42. Ah Rith


  43. Pam Thiessen

    I feel like he's on crack in this vid or meth but you know he's a cool artist

  44. Michael Cobbs

    Great video. Nice lyrics.

  45. Can0fpepsi

    thats an interesting filter on this video

  46. precious ojeme

    So nice!!!!!$$$£££

  47. BigRiddimMonsta

    I was just eating breakfast....n this just popped in my head so I had to search it xD

  48. Falko Süßgott

    almost 6 years ago lol

  49. j w

    david dobriks vlog brought me here ❤

  50. Dalton Wagner

    Love The Big Lebowski reference lmao

  51. Stef Kon

    it looks like a cartoon!!

  52. Ben Graham

    Nice touch with the Harry Nilsson robe and haunts.

    Joy Fisher

    Nice to know someone else the Nilsson influences!!

  53. Bobby2Stoned

    you did harry a disservice sir.

    Joy Fisher

    Well I never knew Harry Nilsson personally but I think he may have liked it!!

  54. James M1079

    What the hell happened to His arm at 1:25

  55. Djc00lness

    always been a fav since it came out, always made my sunday hangovers easier haha

  56. Rajid Hussain

    i didnt even know this had a video

  57. Kontekst

    okay this just put me in my seat, saw this again, had to click cause this was the "new" asher for me, i remember seeing some preview and wonderin when his hair got so long...5 years ago man fuck


    time flies dude, i remember the greenhouse effect it was released 8 years ago this was the time i started smoking weed lol

  58. Mike Hawk

    way out west

  59. DG 11

    still listening to him

    Omari The People

    DG RapidX I bet u don't anymore

  60. Dark Jester

    I am curious how he filmed this? super imposed? or did he just move really slow and speed up the footage?

  61. Cro Sto

    Fear and Loathing and the Dude? Cultural heritage! Nice Song too xD

  62. LisMahAgo

    this song is pure joy

  63. phil melton


  64. garth's folder

    The Big Lebowski♡

  65. 0liverhawaiiri0

    the most laid back song out there

  66. Ron

    lol I've been listening to this song for the past 3+ years

    Pleb Genocide

    I've been living this song for the past 8 man, welcome to the club.

    Mark Fisk

    still bumping this, i love how asher gets name dropped in so many songs, but people dont know who he is xD


    I've been listening to this song since I died for the first time

  67. NESQUlCK

    Asher roth I give so much props, speaks the truth, lyrical genius, keep up the good work man.

  68. Omari The People

    im the only person who still listening to him?

    Omari The People

    @Jeff Morrison you mad late bro

    Mike Hawk

    +Jeff Morrison lmaooo

    ReeceMan Says

    I remember him back inda day at this MILF house, just decided to surf some of his stuff. pretty cool vibes from his songs

  69. Kale Rohde

    nice reference to "the big lebowski"

  70. 6laderunner

    Asher Roth has a knack for catchy tunes, but his rapping on this sounds like a ripoff of Em's flow and wordplay.


    @6laderunner i mean there are only a handful of rappers that are even close to eminems style. Hopsin, Mads Veslelia, NF, Sadistik, Eyedea, and Cage, plus the other rappers from shady records but that about it, 90% of modern rappers are fucking wack

    Cullen Boardman

    +6laderunner Well, you're wrong. But you must like being a troll, huh?


    Em is shit

    Crusa Dicc

    look up as I em

    hello world

    +xDezro i bet your only saying that because hes mainstream and you like to not like what other people like just cause

  71. PluieDeCapotes

    Koukou Yuengling :hap:
    Le 15-18 plante son drapeau :noel:

  72. Jewsus Nippleton

    What a journey

  73. asasfsf sadgfsdfasd

    This song makes me want to be a pain in the ass for society.

    Becky Bazewicz

    straight up man

  74. CBOC9632

    Harry Nilsson! Too fresh

  75. Kennedy640

    Me, Scott Kennedy, blasting off, swagging off with a quarter bath salt packet bumping Asher Roth
    Eating applesauce, jacking off to Stephanie. How many girls you wanna fuck? For me it's seventy

    Trevor Martin

    This is way too similar to Earl's EARL

    Sire Nite

    +Trevor Martin right LMFAO .. even when I was reading that I was like ? smh ... catch your own flow man .. an your word scheme

  76. Tom Is a Door

    Except for the drinking parts, exactly my life right now( no i don't wake up in the beach)

    Evan Gilmore

    @Final Strike well than its not exactly your life


    @Evan Gilmore then* peace <3

    Tom Is a Door

    @Evan Gilmore It was the joke...

  77. Jan Chris

    liked him more with that beard and long hair..

  78. Ra Friction

    a la the dude

  79. Walker Wolff

    The DUDE!

  80. Gregory Wisniewski

    G.N.F For Life

  81. Timmy Hudson

    damn this used to be my shit

  82. high jhony

    asher first fucking song I liked

  83. Chill Warrior

    Justin is gay ash is cool quit bringing up gay boy in comments of this bad ass artist


    Correct me if im wrong but if im right Asher and JB are friends

  84. Harry Keenan

    nilsson ya nubs

  85. Harnoor Singh

    anybody else think it would be ill to hear Asher and Blu AND Exile on the same track? 

  86. NathanIZChicago

    The tone of his voice and beat in this song reminds me of Eminem, but he ain't, and he's original which is awesome, keep it up

  87. rhollins911

    Soundtrack 2 my life.......... lol you see what I did there?

  88. David Sample

    Why are all these jb fans listening to Asher Roth? Not that it's a bad thing.

  89. bhaviboi

    the big asherowski

  90. Declan Goodwin

    Anyone else notice that this song is played from end to beginning. It starts with him being a drunk and ends with how he got there. Hannah being the girl he was begging on the beach to stay with him, the same Hannah who invited him out for a drink

    Tatyana Turner

    I agree. But I also think it's like a loop. He tried to clean up but he will still end up in the same place

  91. ItsTheMoonMan

    this is what acid looks like

  92. Csaba Goeroeg

    This reminds me a bit of "The Big Lebowski"

    Csaba Goeroeg

    the fact that you put sarcasm in brackets, makes you look stupid @marine6889 


    @Csaba Goeroeg
    Really? How? (sarcasm)


    @Csaba Goeroeg wow you're an idiot

    Csaba Goeroeg

    @JOHN BARRETT Who is to judge that?

  93. bigfootskater21

    watched this on shrooms then lived it for 7 hours.....needless to say it was a great night 

  94. Peter Rogers


  95. Ollie Thurogood

    No one gives a fuck who bought you here. just stfu and enjoy the music.

  96. Brian Michaels

    Am I on acid?

    Peter Rogers

    more like shrooms to me