Asher Roth - Goin Down Lyrics

[Nottz Raw:]
Nottz Raw, Ash Roth, Trav Barker
You already know what it is
Part two

I'm bout to go cray and lose my mind like the whites in West Virgina
Oh what wonderful world this is
Now it's time to take a shit on it
Nottz Rawth, Ash Roth back with a new recruit
One man on the drums, the lyrical man Trav Bark
Had to blink a buck eighty-two times and shit
Fuck the Harry Potter books and the broomsticks
This ass whoopin' is real but you still a nonbeliever
I ain't gotta put hands on ya, just stand next to the speaker
I'm not new to this, I'm true to this, nothing you can do to this
Keep on doubting the boy then I beat your ass blue to this
What the hell is that rancid smell? It's the Rawth again
Back with your second serving of murder before
We just advertising the starter just right before this meal
You about to engulf stomach ulsers and all
Fuckin' with big dog, you ain't got no balls
Your shit's way too small, talking marble small
Suckas saying they boss, they employees at malls
Nah, this ain't just talk, we get it on for the cause
It's goin' down

[Asher Roth:]
Yeah, Ash Roth, Trav Bark, Nottz Raw
A supercalifragilistic-mystic Odyssey
When Travis hits the crashing kick and Nottz is on the beat
With Ash is spitting nasty shit it makes it hard to breathe
Masters of the craft, it's the last of a dying breed
This Rawther is the part when Peter Parker crawls the wall up
Or in Jaws when everybody screams they seen a shark
It takes some balls to put your faith within this ancient art
Playing if you patient, if you brave enough like racing cars
So get the Johnny Blaze straight up out the mason jar
We taking off, so who's the greatest, what you based it on?
We raising stakes and take your ladies to their favorite mall
Buy 'em high heels then we drop 'em off and make 'em walk
This ain't for fame or some silly kind of mating call
Ain't playin' games slaying sayings since I'm ye tall
It's rated R, all ages better stay sharp
Those who paved the way would hate today, we came to lay the law
We wish you Christmas or the Krishna couldn't fix the shit
They sent a prisoner on a infinite fishing trip
We on a mission of making listeners give a shit
Insist on something different but the traditions indigenous
So great googly-moogle it, it's a doo-bluh-vay
Tuning for the newest, we could give a hoot what humans say
So roll a doobie start the movie get the crew to tape
Rawther number two, let the music play

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Asher Roth Goin Down Comments
  1. Ryan Buckley

    This is wrong. I loved Pabst and jazz. You are amazing keep going. Get that break. You push limits. People will see it.

  2. Slim Shedit

    abc 123 my bowl empty..

  3. nick and marisa

    love it

  4. ExlerOne

    Instant Classic