Asher Roth - Choices Lyrics

This shit is jammin tho...

[Asher Roth:]
In here bloody and muddy
I'm smashing bottles of bubbly
Run for cover, brother
This thing here b-bout to get ugly
Under a submarine bares the kitchen cupboard be
Californication agin' more than david duchovny
You making my jack a double please
Serve it with the knuckle cheese
Crocodile hunter and some buddy lee dungarees
Barney rubble, trouble lover, something hubble never seen
Floating like a butter wing stinging like a bumble thing
I love it when I hear them scream, eat it like a tangerine
Make you feel uneasy like your feet up on a trampoline
Don't be so deceiving with your penis eating fantasy
My semen is the meanest, undefeated when I plant a seed
Hatin on me, hatin on me, wait for my decay
You gon have to wait longer, I won't ever go away
It's like they say: you go to vegas and most of it will stay
You in dirty with some herpes, is it worth the price you pay?
You deserve it little twerp, on the verge of something great
Til some overrated lames in the game got in the way
I'm a have to take it over: james and d wade
It's neither the black sheep, would you look at david spade?
Yeah I'm here to save the day, caped crusader, super 8
If you're squeamish at proceeding I suggest you look away
Yeah, beat it, best believe it when arena takes the stage
You need a lighter when I feed em a liter of tanqueray
Teething a type of pain, 18 is the riper stage
It ain't easy to fight the feeling when dealing with hype and fame
Leading the life of caine, I'll leave him and swipe his chain
Breathing, nice to meet you
Good evening, glad you came...

[Action Bronson:]
First of all, don't ever say a fuckin thing about the homie
Call a favor in and leave your dyke mother very lonely
You a phony doggy, holy shit
Know the flow exquis-
Eyes low, one-handed I control the whip
No reservations needed to get the table
I walk in, the chef calls me "chef" that's my label
[?] infuse the oil, basil
Standing like a man in situations, get disabled
A lot of hundreds in the jacket pocket
Know I blast the rocket, lift you in the air, just like an astronaut is
Lack the passion novice, we play on all-madden
Old glow jackets, navajo padded
Been a grown man since the day I was born, you strange and deformed
You sit at home while I get paid to perform
Now we put em on the greyhound, 85 dollars
Better choose wise bitch, you fuckin with some scholars
Old impalas, jumping like rasheed wallace
Smoking joints like a barbecue pit
I'm honestly sick, some would say retarded and shit
My mind sharp cause I eat garlic and shit
Swervin the whip quick, little dick...

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Asher Roth Choices Comments
  1. Jack Light


  2. Dylan Gray

    All you people hating action Bronson is stupid I guess you all hate good rap it’s ridiculous you don’t what the fuck you all are talking about go ahead and keep listening to the garbage you do now

  3. Dylan Gray

    Asher Roth is very lyrical but is underground because of the bullshit now days. This is rap not lil pump or fuckin sixnine. This is genius

  4. Don Lib

    he tried eat Ashton roth the fuk up damnnnn fake ass ghost vs Eminem wanna be mixed with nas.

  5. Dominic Campbell

    You know, with Em going beast, there's a lot of other cats like Asher and MGK getting overlooked and underestimated.

  6. Tom M

    Asher Roth can actually rap.
    I guess his bland image is what killed his carreer...

    Lucas SCott

    lmao the ignorance

  7. James Safarik

    damn ash is cheese, bronson grated him on his own speghetti tree

  8. Maxine Hiller

    this whole album is the shit

  9. Channel X

    old impalas, jumpin like rasheed wallace

  10. Sue Donem

    For real, if someone comes on an Asher Roth video and clowns Bronsolino, I question how much they actually listen to hip hop.

  11. NDProductionss

    The first track that put me in on bam bam. the best accident i've ever had.

  12. RPHL313

    produced by a blended baby ahaa

  13. Flamur Kastrati

    action is hip hop.


    They Need More Songs Together

  15. Gypsyblood777

    is that song from black dynamite?!?!?

  16. diggler551

    Respect skill, anyone honest person will listen to this track and agree Asher got lyrical skill. To deny that is to show the pink in yaw pussies. Just a fact

  17. SLVL

    They should definitely make an album together!

  18. crazykuj0

    I gotchya man, to each his own. I was just wondering.

  19. TKightMusic

    I just don't like his lyrics and his voice annoys me, never meant to offend anyone.

  20. crazykuj0

    How so?

  21. TKightMusic

    *Kight and He ruins the song for me

  22. Matt Durand

    t knight it seems to me that you have a mangina my dude

  23. MONOTON 040


  24. TKightMusic

    Action Bronson ruins the song.

  25. ColeBurgess

    so lets go ahead and end that whole "is mac miller or asher roth better" conversation

  26. SlappyDePappy

    Dont be so deceiving with your penis seeking fantasy, my penis is the meanest undefeated when I plant a seed.... Are you fucking kiidding me??? Those who still hate on Asher are just trying to make up excuses to hate and are witnessing progression into greatest of all time and only 26.....

  27. dipsetworld12

    Came here for Bronson, stayed for Asher

  28. BoDanGRUz

    It was after this track, I became a Asher Roth and Action Bronson fan instantly. Sorry im late :/

  29. zetnom89

    Action Bronson sound just like Ghost!!

  30. pwner3s

    Anybody know where i can find the instrumental... p.s. Im strange and deformed

  31. Charles Grant

    @louisbrains Aww, someones butthurt because their dreams are never going to come true...strokin? lmao Since when does sayin, "Respect" mean strokin? But like a said, hate hate and hate some more bro...seeing how its gotten you so far already!

  32. louis brains

    @SMWTxTV i think its funny that your comments on both my vid and the one you viewed after it were about the amount of views they had. is that realy the most important thing to you when you listen to a song, how popular it is on utube????? a song like bill withers "aint no sunshine" has only 450,000 hits and ur strokin this asap rocky kid for 6 "milli" smh ignorance is a sonofabitch, especially on the internet. dont bother responding im done w you

  33. Charles Grant

    @louisbrains And i just listened to your track you uploaded...and you have the nerve to say asher roth sucks? lol smh, jealousy is a sonnnnofabitch.

  34. Charles Grant

    @louisbrains Oh? lol Good to hear that "Copywright" made a diss track against Asher Roth. Im not arguing, but whos Copywrite? haha dude doesnt even have a video over 100,000 views. Glad to see dissing Asher got him far in his career. But like I said, you took the time to listen to the track, normally i dont listen to artists i dont like.....

  35. louis brains

    @SMWTxTV copywrite bodied him 3 years ago n there hasnt been a response back to date fuk outta here

  36. Charles Grant

    @louisbrains good enough to make you talk about him.

  37. louis brains


  38. evan duarte

    Fuck no instramental of this

  39. Ronnie Vaughan

    eyes low one handed i control the whip

  40. Christian

    bass riff

  41. Tomasz Kudrycki

    two people made wrong choices

  42. Dubandbud512

    i came into this video wanting to hear asher. i came out wanting to hear more action bronson

  43. pfunksince1981

    Nice, what happened to hip hop? This should be on yo mtv raps...bring it back, the pop garbage is ruining our culture.

  44. MasterLee07

    Bronson murderd this for real. Shout out to Asher thats the homie!

  45. Just-In-Time

    People need to stop sleeping on ash

  46. sean78745

    @EYESPIFFINGT0N heh, lets give mgk a chance, hasnt even dropped his official album yet, but i mostly agree

  47. Shaidow

    @TheEsotericagenda that's exaclty what I thought

  48. Ronnie Vaughan

    action bronson. nuff said

  49. baitfaces

    everyone hating on action is MAD, not gonna lie never heard of him before this song, but the way he just jumps on it and goes in hypes the fuck out of me. This song is too much fam

  50. Blake Whitehead

    little dick..... lmfao

  51. Jason Rubin

    I've always liked asher's intellectual word play and Bronson is just illl..

  52. Gabriel Robles

    bronson is 100Xs the MC asher is. although they both come corny on this. Listen to the two albums action dropped this year, well done and doctor lector. peace.

  53. Zack Scott

    asher goes hard.

  54. 956rrios

    @TheEsotericagenda nah everyone says that. nd for everyone hatin on him, i heard him for the first time on this track nd hes pretty tight, no wackass-ness in him

  55. Carl Bennett

    Is it me or does Action Bronson sound like Ghostface?

  56. sheehan35

    @beatsbycetty he sounds like he's having a fucking aneurysm

  57. beatsbycetty

    @sheehan35 someone shud slap the shit outa u.

  58. sheehan35

    damn action bronson is wack as fuck. take him off of that

  59. Josh V.

    y'all serious with the Action Bronson hate? smdh He's one of the best things coming from NY as far as Hip-Hop goes. He got a old school Hip-Hop feel to him like the type everyone loves. Both men killed it

  60. Lumumba Kamguia

    Idk what everyone is talking about bronson killed it too

  61. ItsCodyT

    Asher needs to take Bronson off this track and throw in another verse. Then it will be perfect.

  62. BillxGambino

    @CarlClarkComedy He doesnt let it bleed, cause he wants people to LISTEN to his lyrics

  63. Sam Thomas

    Asher killed it as usual...Bronson...not so much

  64. wrecknine

    asher fuckin killedddddd it, too bad ghostface killah's retarded brother had to ruin the song

  65. Mike Dejean

    Serious stuff!! I love this

  66. Motts Demerl

    Fucking dope!

  67. The Crypto Pickle

    no matter how many asher roth songs I search on youtube, there's never a bad one. #sounderrated