Asher Roth - Cannon Lyrics

[Don Cannon:]
Holla At Me!

[Asher Roth:]
Yo, Cannon!
What would this mixtape be, if I didn't get on the one beat
That everbody gets on? (DRAMATIC!)
You know I had to, dog...

You know the world's gone mad
When blacks wear plaid
And Mariah has married Nick Can-non
Or when a boy from the burbs
Has the nerves to converge
On a mixtape with DJ Cannon? (The CANNON!)

You know the world's gone mad
When blacks wear plaid
And Mariah has married Nick Can-non
Or when a boy from the burbs
Has the nerves to converge
On a mixtape with DJ Cannon?

[Don Cannon:]
Alright... Now if you really feel like that, Keep going!
I don't know what else to tell you, Go in!

[Asher Roth:]
Yo, Cannon!
What would this mixtape be, if I didn't get on the one beat
That everbody gets on? (I don't know, homie!)
You know I had to, dog... (STEPS BACK!)

You know the world's gone mad
When blacks wear plaid
And Mariah has married Nick Can-non (GET EM!)
Or when a boy from the burbs
Has the nerves to converge
On a mixtape with DJ Cannon? (CANNON!)

Aww, God Damn-it,
That's the last straw, can't stand it
You all must be reprimanded
Spank that fan-ny, Man-ny
So uncanny, Ginobli flow left-handed

Yes, I am a fan of Da-kota Fanning,
And I Am Sam, out-standing!
My Sean Penn-manship is fan-cy,
Yeah, my rhe-to-ric is dan-dy
I circumvent my words (TRENDSETTER!)
And vent for the burbs,
I have emerged Ad Ven-ti,
Dos anos, vamos, pronto, let's go,
Her lip gloss tastes like can-dy

Got more jazz than Jerry Sloan,
Pizzazz and swagg alone,
I have a bigger head that that of Barry Bonds;
Y'all eat scraps, I eat (SALMON!)
With fresh fruit, covered in (DANNON!)
If Da Boy had a boy with Brad Pitt in Troy,
Then out from the loins, I'd be born;
If Jason Bourne was to record and join forces with Zack Morris,
They'd form my performance

Beats and rhymes fornicate, form greatness,
Like, "Let's face it... He's so amazing! "
Yeah, with Lasiks, he still can't ace my eye exam,
Naw, man, let's try again;
I've got lungs like Iron Man,
I hit the bong, while you must extend your dia-phragm
But, let's get higher, man;
I gotta a brand new strand that I got out in Ire-land
From a wild, frantic Irish-man,
Who said his name was (SHANNON!)

Higgins, Killians, and a pint of Guiness,
And I ain't gon stop 'till I'm finished;
'Till I learn Yiddish, or find a little kid who likes spinach
Can't nobody beat me in Quidditch
Not any widditch, spidditch, wits, I'm sick with' it,
Riddi-dick, my spit game is vicious

This is
Never did shit for my I'm-age;
College kid is where I found my niche, SNITCH!
Tell the whole world I'm the shit, Un-
Tell the whole world on my dick, then
Hell yeah, word, I'll be rich, and
I'll buy the whole world Sega Genesis
Spittin' lint to come,
Hell yeah, I got a (CANNON!)
See me on the streets, take a pick with yo' cannon
Then get it lami-nated, frame it, save it,
Cause in a couple days, I'll be famous

Then you can say, Holy Shit, there he is! That's the kid!
I forget what his name is... starts with an 'A', ends with a 'Sher'.
Bringing hip-hop into the burbs

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Asher Roth Cannon Comments
  1. Sacred Starlight_94

    These are actual fucking bars not that leaned out auto tune 808 bounce bs that plays 24/7

  2. Curt Miller

    this song is still fucking sick

  3. PapaFetch

    Shit still hits in 2019

  4. Jacob Taylor

    ive found myself somewhere i havent been in years and am loving it

  5. Surviive

    Daaaaaaaamn this takes me back. I miss Asher Roth 😔😫😭

  6. Jeff Greenwade

    Damn, why does he sound like Eminem?

  7. RED

    He sounds like Eminem but less lyrical

  8. Chonnessey Bowie

    Closest thing to the Lil Wayne to this beat

  9. Droopy Mcgoopy

    ginobili flow left handed

  10. Joe Schook

    This was nice, but I think Webby is nicer

  11. GreenPeachesMaybe

    I love the flow

  12. Homer The Don

    How Em tries to rap like now and asher done evolved.
    "My aura takes the form of the aurora borealis
    Or a floral pattern, more or less a forest to your salad".

  13. Chris Kremer

    Saw nick cannon at the McGregor fight and thought of this song

  14. Moriah Angel Nakai we are Lambily TSOSIE Tanaka

    when Mariah has married Nick Cannon. I am a lamb. AKA Mariah fan. 4:44 Life

  15. gabe hi

    He sound like Eminem

  16. el normansin del cele

    alto temita aguante el asher y temperley

  17. mike w

    spank that fannie

  18. Hambone

    this beat <3

  19. Jaleel Geralds


  20. Dimoni Rei

    He sounds like em...but...less lyrical


    Less lyrical? Asher Roth shocked me and everyone else with his lyricism but he DOES sound just like Em. That's one reason I don't think he made it. That and he's simply just too white, but not in the inner city hood way. This is also why Lil Dicky isn't gonna make it (very far). Asher Roth and Lil Dicky are literally just like that one white kid in a nice neighborhood/school who can freestyle rap as a party talent. That's not to say they're untalented though.

  21. GTBMuckface

    John Shannon Rogers Sportsnet

  22. gustavo pantoja

    this is so fucken wack!!!

  23. The Lean Ranger!

    ash was 🔥🔥🔥

  24. Tre Russell

    S\O to shofu's steam.

  25. Nick Gutierrez


  26. a Smashed Frog

    the world's gone mad, when whites rappin' on the BET awards. this guy stole Lil Waynes instrumental an still 1m less views, fu*k you


    @TaylorGang OverEverything This is DJ Cannon's instrumental that everybody gets on when they do a mixtape with him...

    Kenny Berlinquette

    He did this before Lil wayne....only thing lil wayne can rhyme to is the word "nigga"

  27. ScrapCanz

    Lol this is my buddies account and we always LOL hard at the different comments on this video

  28. Joe R

    love dj cannons john madden ad libs i can hear john madden "STEPS BACK"


    i hear pat summeral

    Joe R

    @HowardPVE oh my god thats who the dude is i thought john madden idky but thanks for clearing that up


    no prob

    The Dozier



    racist so white people own plaid nowwwww!! smh -.-


    so the fuck what no one uses it like that anymore they use it for the REAL MEANING WHICH IS IGNORANT


    @Josh Blease


    @ROYAL HIPPY so if you are being ignorant you would give me permission to say nigga? 

    Brett Gibson

    just because youre offended doesnt make it racist

    dylan anderson

    Tell your dad no one cares this song of from 08 lmao

  30. FlossPerfect

    Packy did a better song on this beat... forreal o.o 

  31. MichaelBallack91

    Add &t=0m45s to avoid the stupid repeating of the intro. Overedited a dece track, "cannon" needs to get over himself.

  32. DubzKillington

    fuck off, stop being a fucking whiny bitch

  33. Bone N Crew

    Follow me [email protected]_n_crew

  34. Choppa Tv

    Anyone notice smokey bear on far left?

  35. Choppa Tv

    Anyone notice smokey bear on far left?

  36. King Whale

    what is this kaka?

  37. Daniel Varela

    "Cannon" lil Wayne freeway Willie the kid

  38. James Mendez

    What the name of this beat?

  39. Ali Jackson

    Uu smokin..

  40. Paul Allen

    your wish came true

  41. DTA

    nahh breh

  42. ciaramist16

    Asher is wack

  43. krisye7

    Still here? Because it's there.

  44. pineneddlepucka

    your wish has been granted

  45. whykole

    if you followed my favorite to this video and are going to use this song for an edit, congratz and your welcome.

  46. fuzzfinder69

    ash roth, from morrisville p.a, bout 5mins from trenton n.j

  47. shaqreia Carlton

    You know the world's gone mad
    When blacks wear plaid
    And Mariah has married Nick Can-non

    damn i love asher roth and thats why i remain a fan

  48. brodakakizzyk yea

    It was stupid how da cannon kept showing up

  49. Jason Kotzin

    thats exactly what i thought!

  50. chili24137

    was it really necessary to add in the little picture of a toy cannon every time asher said cannon?


    2013 and ash is still leg sweeping bitches with his sick shit.

  52. Nephlyria

    Good Lawdy this beat is solid. :: twerks ::

  53. Okayman

    ijdk bout this

  54. bopptheledgend

    it it possible to get this on itunes?

  55. charliejjj _

    sounds lie a young eminem

  56. doeboy84

    Wow this takes me back!! This mixtape was crazy

  57. In Rob’s Opinion


  58. Christian Pankey

    you sound so dumb it doesn't even make sense.

  59. offorsuc

    Thats what she said

  60. Elijah Turman

    Can we just agree that Asher Roth is good as is Mac Miller but he's just more out there so don't hate on his fame.

  61. xXMaskinfektXx

    What is the beat called?

  62. thomas413

    Spittin Lincecum hell ya i got a CANNON!

  63. 5hiThAppEnS2

    asher rhymes with whatever the hell he feels like and it flows thats what i love

  64. S3XYST0N3R

    Methylone that's what happened

  65. Piggsy

    wat happened to this nigga

  66. mikey J


  67. Rico King

    I'm not sure about that one, lil wayne was ill.

  68. Rico King

    Best Cannon Verse after Wayne, hands down.

  69. Josh Wilson

    good call.

  70. beezy300

    bringing hip hop into the ba,.....

  71. chillrichardson

    they'd form **my performance. wouldn't make any sense otherwise

  72. Sydnee Kosak


  73. Doey14

    atmoshphere? your one of those i know real music people, asher is aight, not better than game though,

  74. Alex Favreau

    the specktators remix is much better. sorry, not sorry.

  75. Sean Bellamy

    If Jason Bourne was to record and join forces with Zack Morris they'd form a performance.

    I'm done.

  76. R Bernard

    did nick cannon rap? Im scared to listen

  77. Aaron Ward

    sounds like eminem at 1.5x

  78. Chazzy Goodson

    he sounds different from now and then haha

  79. Jeremy

    @Bapewatch01 He's still making good music. Check out Pabst & Jazz. His newest mixtape.

  80. Job Nyangacha

    @Bapewatch01 good question

  81. aj boz

    what happened to this guy??

  82. gobullsrose1

    he needs to do the greenhouse effect voume 2 A.K.A. the greatest mixtape ever

  83. Lamont Anderson

    Im mad they took that video off......a-holes

  84. DELINQ

    @RossApathy "I have emerged at venti(at large)"........ "I have emerged at veintidos años (22 years old)" venti only means "large" (20 ounces) at Starbucks

  85. Dumb Scientist

    "i have emerged as plenty" .........I have emerged at venti(at large)

    "Got more jazz than jerry curls"......Got more Jazz than Jerry Sloan....Ever watch MJ play postseason ball?

    "Pickins, killings, and a pint of guiness".....Higgins(last name?), Killian's(Irish Red), and a pint of Guinness"

    straight fire Asher killed it.

  86. OfficiallyWrexx

    I hit the bong while you must extend your diaphragm haha

  87. Adam Terro

    1 mil viewss !

  88. afonso cunha

    can someone tell the name of the beat ????? plz

  89. TweekerStatus

    @THEPEACEKING123 The Burbs

  90. Abner Johnson

    bringing hip hop into the what?

  91. PrinceCurtis

    @NesioMuzik I wish a PROTON CANNON would show up when i said CANNON!

  92. oshalyrik

    i wish he would come back out

  93. J Dorak

    ....Spank that fanny....