Asher Roth - Blow Yr Head Lyrics

Man, I don't know
I'm just trying to have fun with it everywhere I go
Truth be told I just got caught up in a bunch of nonsense
Trying to take the fun out of my back pockets and stuff
You'll never take my freedom, you know?

Yo, Ash stop fucking around, yo where's the album?
Your second try never came out my man, how come?
You were like the coolest guy, now we want Malcolm
Who out here too loud, you need to turn it down some
Chill, not now son
Your doubt can't jeopardize my outcome
I style like I'm stretching out in Shaolin
Man of many sounds, I come around
They ask "Who?" like Pete Townshend
I'm O-Town meets Andre 3000, either way keep bouncing
It's wild, I don't even leave the house
And I don't feel the need to reason with you children
Needs to be arousing like a jousting match fouled him
I ain't counting that, astounding how I'm rounding out my alphabet
We ain't even rowdy yet
Salvy ain't make himself a Salvy yet
Bout it since we started smoking salvia
Cruising in a golf cart on the gulf coast with a GoPro
And my bro knows, why old folks go 'There goes that Bozo'
My flow like J. Flacco getting tackled by fat dude
Who grabbed [?] on a back road in bath robe with a bad cold
Homie, I'm that cold
Ash, I just walk around with an afro
And a gavel and I laugh more than a jackal
Crack up, pistachio
Graduate, forget to flip that tassel
My bad yo, that's too much of a hassle
Casserole with Castro
Stash gets blown like it's a gastro, you gassed though
More like watching grass grow
I can be an asshole
I rather just hang out in my castle, blast Outkast
Yo Elroy, where's Astro?
Bet if the Jetsons had a best friend from Def Jam
And Geffen and wed them, I would be the best man
Get it? I'm a breast man
Stick my face right between that chest and
Motorboat those cocos you know it though
Don't no one wan' go toe-to-toe…. rototiller… photos off your motorola phone are terrible
Terrible, Terridome, territory, Tara Reid
Dude from 90210, tornado made of hammer domes
Sharin' poems here, smell my pheromones
Yeah yo, my hair's long
I don't even care homes
Takes these earphones, put them on your eardrums
Here's some of this red rum, you ready boy, here it comes
You ready boy, here it comes

On a full ride to Florida State, too high played it safe
Could've been Flo Rida, my bad, my mistake
Should've started Footloose, the new Kevin Bac'
The way I play chicken in busses with no brakes
And Busta was on break, taking a pay cut
I play cuts from my stuff, make everybody go nuts
Now everybody say "Whaaaat?"

What was that? That was fun
Let's do that again

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Asher Roth Blow Yr Head Comments
  1. Tyler Jones

    Trying to find this instrumental

  2. Luis Angel

    Came here for Nottz & left an Asher Roth fan👍🏾

  3. Michael Clendon

    Added to my listening list, Asher Roth + Nottz!

  4. Uantpi Flowjack

    Nice, nice

    Promoting Sounds

    glad you dig!

  5. gfearbeatmaker

    share share shaaare!!!!!!! damn....

    Promoting Sounds

    too good not to be shared!

  6. S197 Cyclone

    this needs more views!!

    Promoting Sounds

    couldnt agree more Seth, Asher deserves so much more exposure

  7. Owen Maguire II

    haha hows just doing his thing man the instrumental seems fun as fuck i listen to this when i get stuck writing you can feel the fun in this its bouncy as hell basically saying hes doing him in the begining and having some fun taking it back to the basics

  8. Tavon Marshall

    Put it like this, i put Asher roth number two to em. Ash got bars for eons.....real shit....

    Ramin Nazari

    Eminem is overrated.

  9. BboyGrimm

    My nigga Asher Roth

  10. Adam Cully

    Dope as fuck

  11. Michael Davis

    Everyone needs to stop sleeping on asher

    Promoting Sounds

    @Michael Davis So true bro


    @Michael Davis Really though...I don't get it.

  12. herman commandeur

    pro men

  13. chad jones

    I liked the last album, but I hope on the next album or mix tape there's more stuff like this. I miss asher going hard.

  14. Alex Salveson

    I'm motown meets andre 3000, yee

    Matt Hall

    +Alex Salveson pretty sure he actually said "o town", which feels a lot more accurate

    Alex Salveson

    +deathlistfive LMAO I stand corrected!

  15. littlehall974

    Asher killing it

  16. Willow Castle Group

    Great upload man!

  17. Miles Kerr

    Nottz with the P.E. sample!!! #dopeshit

    Promoting Sounds

    Nottz is too dope!

    Esau Pyramid

    Shoutout Fred Wesley as well

  18. Gqnkd

    Love this upload!

  19. choppersonly24

    This is dope! Sparking one

    Promoting Sounds

    Haha feel free ;)

  20. Merlyannrose

    watchout for copyright shit

    Promoting Sounds

    I think it was a song that's just to keep Asher's name buzzing, so won't be on an album or anything so think I'll be safe, thanks for the concern though 

    Seraphin Prat

    +Promoting Sounds haha it just came out on his ep that came out yesterday

  21. Austin Morin

    Liking it.
    Keep it up!

    Promoting Sounds

    Will do for sure man, thankyou! Be sure to check out Asher Roth via links in description too :)