Asher Roth - Bastermating Lyrics

[Big Pun:] Quit trying to find another rhymer with my kind of grammar
[Big L:] I spark life with the pen
[Papoose:] Too advance for ya'll
My raps are, my raps are unbelievable

[Verse 1: Asher Roth]
I think it's time I play the lotto
I'm feeling lucky sucker, oh well fuck it is my motto
Gotta bring the ruckus smoking nuggets, sip moscato
With roscoe dash while I play his record on serato
Vado's, prolly my favorite rapper since bob dole
Odd flow so I drive slow with my eyes closed
Stop stroll? nah yo I'd rather eat hot crow
Closed throat, gross bro, don't forget to swallow
Hollow, that's what they try to tell me that my rhymes is
So I found God had to tell him what his moms did
WHAT?! is this some fucking sick joke?
Like an anorexic chick putting on a strip show
No shit, oh bitch, go and let them nips show
Let me see a pole flip and then throw it back
[?] back bone when I take it back home
Heard I made that ass fat, I'm a fuckin rap pro
Let's go!


[Verse 2: A Twelvey]
Man I came to bring the pain
Twelvey spittin' flames
Live from the 212, with my A dollar gang
AP Audamar
Running like a viking back
Instagram with the flow
All the hoes liking that, Recite it back
Run it back, Play it over (play it over)
Ace set everything, my young nigga's taking over
Pop Rex make ya' soda
Loud it's a roll up
Cooking up some shit Ty Dash screaming hold up
Rosay what it do? True niggas make ya moves
Came to give ya hell, for the pleasure and the principal
Kick it by the school, trappin' in the frat house
Gorgeous Motherfucker gettin' pussy like it's a cat house
Blow the back out, Didn't bring the stacks out
Then she got a trean, everybody bring in the stash house
Carolina blue jays, shit is like stack house
Sippin real slow but a nigga's on the fast route
Last year this time, I was on some low shit
Last year this time, ya'll was on some ho shit
Body after body I'm a 12 gauge shawty
Toast to the mowi cause I know that God has got me

Huh, Man I came to play
I ain't talking bout no games today
Man I'm tripping on the fame today
Man I aim to spray, I step back and let the flame away
I set it off. [x2]

(Yo, I think I took to many of those. Yo Ash how many was I supposed to take? I think I'm fucked. Heh

[Verse 3: Chip Tha Ripper]
Walk into the most expensive strip club with my dick out
Pissed a fist full of change and knocked that bitch out
Today was my first day at work I brought yo dish out
Clip my toenails over your plate to watch you fish out
Pictures of greatness. Now, show me wear the cake is
I'm a take it and Shove it all in the lawmakers faces
Doing what you feel can be unreal
I looked up and spit like half a meal
Pictures of my old crib hanging at my new crib
Raps and hoes, besides those I don't do shit
Tryna do it extra cool, don't fuck with the stress
Louie condoms, Girl come get Fucked with finase
MY school kids are pimpin, they sellin choclate bars
Me and my niggas up in this crib and we some choclate stars
You said I fell off, my money said that bitch a liar
How you sleeping on chip if your matress on fire?
Tonights the night that will change your life girl
All you gotta do is give him what he like girl
Allota head and a alotta shut the fuck up and chill
Mabey a 25 and 2 viagra pills


[Verse 4: YP]
Let's roll the flame up
I didn't came up
When you steady going up they wanna hang ya
But, I ain't worried until they read my verdict
I'm a promise I splure it because, I feel I deserve it
I get more from flippin the burgers
Move from a worker to the chairman of my own operation
You could get under, I throw a party and bitches think it's a slumber
Some chicks that spent the night, but, I never gave them my number
I'm young hefner, a couple cuties to measure
Houndred and 12 weigh it up, it's nothing extra
And when you murdered the pen they wanna test ya
Just don't make me black yo eyes like a professer
Don't you know I'm wanna them guys? go check the records
Have me getting clappin like the end of a lecture
I'm good in the empire you part of it, then you lucky
They call me Yp, but in the city I'm like nucky
Ripples can't believe it and haters feel the same
They don't care about the grad
They juices of minute maid
I tell them all the time, "get out get paid"
You here for the lang haul or only just a phase?


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