Asher Roth - Ash Wednesday '18 Lyrics

For no apparent reason, I felt the calling of the east
I need a change in seasons
It's like I long for something deeper, but what is we seeking?
Although I cannot see it
But see I still believe it, it's like faith its in Jesus
I ain't driven this religious truck
Hard believing anything, nobody seems to give a fuck
Murder, guns, sex, drugs, anything for little buzz
Sell it for a couple bucks, no wonder I be feeling stuck cause
When I wish on constellations to bring me my information
Feel like communication gets lost in translation
Maybe it's for the better, replace us with their intelligence
Us flawed humans is too prone to own negligence
Too doomed to decadence, new clones is evident
New dope is president, nuke hopes to jettison
News home, truth gone
Too stoned forgetting we better than so we loop on
Embedded, need a new song
Prove wrong, they blue ball y'all til ya mood stall
Blue collar hooha, nah dog we too strong
Work around the clock for what? A million dollar yacht
Come on we ain't needing a lot, just a blue ribbon and shot
Bro its city wide, this philly vibe
We sick and tired of lily lies
Tried to see the best but why y'all do it to us every time?
Next in line, wrecking jobs, blame it on the Mexicans
Homie we know the robots way more of a threat to rise
Get your mind right
For what? Minimum wage
When it's 40 hours retail till Comcast paid
So I don't rhyme fast on my tracks, you hear what I say
Sell a dime to a pay ya mom back, get locked in a cage
It's ridiculous the system consistently sticks its dick in us
Kicking no resistance and hitting us till we've given up
Y'all kidding if you thinking I ain't bending down to pick us up
The only way they listen is pick a beat and rip it up
Then best believe each evening I'll be writing down new literature
Till little kids is giggling say kill it ash you litty bruh
Really tho, we feel it, they ain't never getting rid of ya
This spitting ain't chlamydia just setting up to titty fuck, what

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