Asher Roth - As I Em Lyrics

[Chorus: D.A.]
Take me as I am, my friends, ain't gonna change, won't be no end
Write these songs, rock these shows, only good life I know

[Verse 1: Asher Roth (D.A.)]
I was in 7th grade when I heard the Slim Shady LP
Yea, my mom brought it down when I was ironing... irony
Getting out the wrinkles, just a little kid in middle school
Sink my teeth into anything, to think I'm cool
Riding the bus, I feel the rush from "I Still Don't Give a Fuck"
I wish I could agree, but I've already had enough
I've already given up, from playing the same game
Every interview, feel like I'm saying the same thing
Em was great, yea he paved the way for me
He was inspiration for everyone from A to Z
But they keep relating me, I can't get away, chasing me
(All Day Long) I hear it (All Day Long)
Now the masses think that Asher wants to be a Marshall Mathers
They say "Asher's not a rapper, nah his ass is just an actor"
Cause we have the same complexion and similar voice inflection
It's easy to see the pieces and reach for that connection
Each second of every minute, each hour of every day
I'm constantly on the fence, defending my own name
Explaining we're not the same
There's not much that I can say, except that I'm sick of it
Critics, I've only sparked up a flame, it's on...

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2: Asher Roth (D.A.)]
Now, don't get it twisted, I've definitely benefited
It's like suddenly everyone wants to hear what I be spittin'
So different, the image, they don't get it
It's simple, I'm just a kid who wants to rap to make a living
But Em was in it way before I committed
And his lyrics were the shit so I really gotta come with it (gotta go hard)
But each critic be picking apart my writtens
If it isn't up to par than Asher Paul is just a gimmick (fucking joke)
Is it my fault? Must I be more convincing?
Y'all talk all ya want, never halt me from my mission
Use it as ammunition, would you keep please dissing me?
(All Day Long) I hear it (All Day Long)
And yeah the haters wanna hate me cause I made it and I'm famous
But until you take my place, you'll never know bout what it takes
To make a record for respect, take a second to inspect
When you look like someone else, then what the fuck do you expect?
I just want to be accepted as the illest in the game
But it's harder for an artist creating his own lane
That's synonymous with rhyming and combined with perfect timing
On the time I got left declining and bout to explode so hold on

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3: Asher Roth]
So fuck it, that's all I got, there's nothing else for me to say
If I don't confront the problem, then it will never go away
Unless it is addressed, there is nothing left for me to do
It's impossible rejecting the elephant in the room

Say goodbye to all the bullshit, notions pre-conceived
So long to all the blogs, coulda sworn they knew me
If you have no further questions and can't think of other thoughts
Then I'd like to introduce you to Asher Paul Roth, dawg

[Chorus x2]

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Asher Roth As I Em Comments
  1. Anfernee Clarke

    Takes me back to grade school, a lot of memories. Some good, a lot bad. Lark on my go kart gave me new friends, back when I cared about making friends lol. What a trip.

  2. Mike Mercury

    As I Em or As I copy Eminem .

  3. Enrique Parra

    Asher Roth 🔥 better than mumble rap

  4. Beetle Juice

    Decade later still 🔥

  5. blasfemia viviente !

    Eminem Diss Eminem



    So DOPE!

  7. M j G

    2018, this is STILL A JAM. I used to love this back in 2009. Rah Digga & Lord Jamar's discussion on Philly MCs on the Yanadameen Godcoast brought me here.

  8. p col

    Almost 10 years later... Damn

  9. David Santimaw

    all this song needs is to be deleted forever


    David Santimaw why lmao

  10. Makkhabb

    I can't believe that Em thought that Ash disses him...

  11. Sammy McSamsquamsh

    lol I cannot even begin to understand why this whack ass clown even gets halfway compared to the Rap God. Fucken WHACK.

  12. Allan Anaya

    I've never once heard anyone compare Asher Roth of all people to be compared to eminem lmao

    Sammy McSamsquamsh

    It's actually right on Eminem's Wikipedia page lol. But I agree with you, as I've never heard of the comparisons by actual people, other than on comments on here. I'm betting they're Asher Roth dick riders that conjure up the comparison in some lame attempt to try to validate his whack ass.

  13. Music Man

  14. Jesus Dunks On You

    How the fuck is this a diss Eminem inspired him he's just sick of people comparing him he wants to be himself white rappers are sick of the Eminem comparison just cause of there skin color

  15. Ruud Smits

    Yeah yeah never be as good as... idc song is still great. Love this tired kinda rapping :D

  16. Rodrigo Ramirez

    Love Asher Roth 😎

  17. MrMerkcityking

    There's a lot of "was" being said. "Was great" he is great

  18. chelsea foster

    willl forever be one of my favorite albums

  19. chelsea foster

    asher is so good

  20. Izzy and Sadie

    At least you can understand what this guy is saying unlike eminem with his 100 word sentences

  21. Nick Majcherek

    saw ash live tonight and every1 compares him to em and he is more down to EARTH.... his new album blow's eminems mathers lp out the water 2nd albums im comparing

  22. Steven Cueva

    People still talking about how Asher dissed Eminem yet he clearly says in an interview that he didn't... and the lyrics back it up

  23. Mimus

    hes not dissing Eminem at all hes saying hes tired of everybody comparing him (Asher Roth) to Eminem and comparing his music to Eminem damn don't people listen to the words

    Khalid Bell

    @Andy wtrtyyttyftuy Because people are saying he said it and that is misrepresentation.

    Sammy McSamsquamsh

    Are you fucking high, Andy? His new lyrics and wordplay is fucken mind blowing yo. It appears your taste in hip hop talent is about the same as your taste in cars: Fucken Whack!

    Sammy McSamsquamsh

    I think you're reading into something a bit too deeply there, Jimbo. No matter what album he may be referring to, the fact is that grammatically speaking, that is the most proper way to phrase it.

    Jim Mccleery

    You missed my point... shady obviously felt disrespected and replied but Sammy was not trying to diss him he was trying to show respect and also show that they are different and shouldn't be lumped together. The only thing that Eminem took as disrespect is "were" taking it as that he was saying he isn't still relevant but I don't think that Sammy was trying to imply that

    Sent from my iPhone

    Foolish Demon

    Jim Mccleery No, were the shit is just him speaking retroactively at the time he heard the album

  24. takingBackWhatsMine

    Why does Asher censor himself in this song? Does he do that for all his material?

  25. Sukrit Sabhlok

    It's not very controversial that Eminem's only two classic albums were the SSLP and the MMLP. Eminem is like a whiny child that keeps complaining about all his imaginary problems. Devils Night was good too. Asher Roth is right to write about Em in the past tense. Em fell off. He's still good from a technical standpoint but the actual content of his songs is wack.

    Andy wtrtyyttyftuy

    @Conner Sommers No dude his new music is just meaningless. SSLP and MMLP were his only albums with true motivation and meaning. His new songs are technically good but carry no meaning whatsoever 

    Conner Sommers

    @IShad0wII el oh el 

    Sammy McSamsquamsh

    Yup, you are fucken high Andy. And so the fuck are you Sukit Slobacock. Just because YOU tone deaf retards can't relate to his new shit doesn't mean his new songs are meaningless. Haven't you ever lost someone close because of the actions/inactions of someone else? May I recommend you open up your ear holes to "Bad Guy". Ever had your heart broken? Check out "Stronger Than I Was", wish you could make things work with an ex? "Spacebound" or "Die Alone". I could do this shit all day with you fools...

    Brendan Warren

    Sammy McSamsquamsh yes stronger then i was is one of my favorite songs.

    Brendan Warren

    Check out eminems newest album if you thought he was washed up 4 yrs ago lol

  26. Ron Kania

    Eminem was reffering to the first verse when he says "ironing, Irony, getting out the wrinkles... saying eminem was old i love both artists waiting for asher to drop some new ish

  27. Andrew Placencia

    I hate people who Bleep out cuss words lol.

  28. KieranGunnOfficial

    Eminem said in an interview "Yeah I've heard Roth.I feel him. We don't come from the same background, but you know, good luck to him. As to him being the next me? There will never be another me. You know." 


    KieranGunnOfficial ok ?


    it means eminems a god that acknowledges people beneath him. such modesty


    Thats not at all what he said. Ive seen the interview where eminem talked about asher roth and you mis-quoted it.

  29. Odd Willi

    How can a white rapper NOT be compared to Eminem? It's like a upcoming black or white female rapper, they'll always being compared to rapping like Nicki Minaj. I know it sounds weird but its true.


    comparing any up-coming female rapper to nicki minaj is so stupid.
    first off, nicki is wack, and she definitely is not the first female rapper to make it big.
    secondly, as lee mills stated, nicki herself has been compared to lil kim.


    @FruityHachi But think of how long it is lil kim was "big" don't get me wrong, she's still there or w/e, but guess who's in the spotlight now...Nicki Minaj, So yeah, I see where @Odd Willi is coming from.


    @JuiceReloaded nope. i still stand by my statement, it IS stupid.
    a rapper or a singer or any kind of artist should be compared to other artist who resembles his/her style. not based on a skin color or a gender or any kind of ignorant bullshit.
    look, hopsin - who is black - is being compared to eminem BECAUSE his style of rapping is similar to eminem´s.
    and for female rappers, i´ve heared angel haze being compared to old b.o.b. or some other male rappers. and snow tha product DEFINITELY is not being compared to minaj.
    so there, ignorants like yourself and odd willi is one of the reasons why there´s still a divide between races and genders.

    LeeRoy Mills

    I think there are occasions where Asher CAN sound like Eminem, but just because of his inflections, not because of his style or his bars. Completely different altogether and both should be judged on their individual merits in my opinion

    Sammy McSamsquamsh

    damn Willi, that was racist as fuck.

  30. monkeyman850

    how did he diss eminem


    +monkeyman850 This is probobly a bit to late but he isn't dissing eminem. He is just tired of people comparing them.

  31. Lee Junior

    Eminem just gave you 216,999 views


    good one....

    Alex Doe

    @Will Hassed Clearly you don't know Eminem's fanbase...

    Shen Obi

    +Lee Junior he owes shady lol

  32. yung1kickrocks

    ok asher roth kinda dissed eminem

    Ron Kania

    @Mike Venardos he released a whole album dumbass

    Mike Venardos

    Well then he puts out an album every chance he gets for the money


    @Mike Venardos being that Eminem puts out an album on average three years apart compared to the two a year other rappers put out I would have to disagree with you on that one. Eminem does more for his label and his city and fans than he ever does for himself.  

    Khalid Bell

    @yung1kickrocks Yeah, when Asher was i kid, he liked Eminem. Doesn't mean he dislikes Eminem now. That's just what people infer. Many times people say "I loved *(something)* when I was a kid" and they still like it as an adult. Asher even admitted to being influenced by Eminem. How is that a diss?

    K G

    @yung1kickrocks then that also means that em is sensitive as fuckkkkk.

  33. poodlelord


  34. Jerry35551312

    @ivelostitall Your a fucking joke because your comment doesn't make sense.

  35. ivelostitall

    he says "its so different. everybody wants to hear me spittin" um how the hell would he know what it was like when eminem didnt pave the way for his dumbass? this kid is a joke.

  36. ivelostitall

    his mother bought him the slim shady lp? gay

  37. jacobbell

    @maniacsteaze Geraldine and John by Joe Jackson, which so happens to be far superior.

  38. jessica56786789

    @Wisecleric and? lol

  39. jessica56786789

    @asnowandskateboarder eminem is gay sure mybe i dont kno his whole life story but this whole "o i wish my wife and mom were dead" blah blah hes a poser sorry hes just annoying as hell to me hearing him talk makes my ears bleed

  40. SuperGamer87

    My current top three favorite "alternative hip-hop" artists today: Kid Cudi, B.o.B, and Asher Roth. Anyone agree with that? Can I get a hot tub?!


    SuperGamer87 this is an absurd comment

    Boston’s Big Four

    @xivoryskies 8 years ago this was not an absurd comment

  41. Alyssa Marie

    @christianbaclao im saying that inever realized he sounded as much like eminem as he didddd.

  42. CpRpro8

    420 likes, chill as fuck

  43. Alyssa Marie

    he does sound like eminem....damnnn...... But Em wil still always be the bestt(:


    Alyssa Marie not the point of the song

  44. thistownfails

    prefer asher to eminem anyday

  45. Sm0kiNAc35

    18 dislikes??? must be young money.....

  46. Jeremy Roller

    haha doin it dope style

  47. jr4chargers

    @jryn000 no he even says he used to use Peroxide back in the days in the song WHITE AMERICA.

  48. jr4chargers

    @jryn000 dark brown is EM'S real hair color.


    Asher Roth!!

  50. survivescotland2009

    em aint trin to b blk ,he is and always will b legend,he was brought up with couloured guys,roth is good but he still has a lot to do to fill em's shoes,hat off to him and em was OBVIOUSLY a big em fan,AJ

  51. Brian Lowry

    Eminem is better than asher roth. Without a question. but to say they are the same is just plain dumb. Both have different flows and a different story to tell..

  52. Simon English

    after eminems shit ass meaningful motivational shit asher roth is the shit

  53. deFt18

    hes the new most def

  54. WitlessOneEye

    @ChayDawg64 i wouldn't say so... voice inflection is not the root of your rap career, if that was so then alot of rappers would be out of jobs for impersonation.

  55. thistownfails

    one of my fave rappers

  56. Josh matthias

    @Icemanrussian thumbs up to THAT!

  57. newnimprovesT3

    he reminds me of gym class hereos

  58. timmychips

    when i first heard i love college i thought it was eminem doing the chorus

  59. Derock Doe

    @juggalo1836 Naw

  60. Derock Doe

    @juggalo1836 Naw

  61. Derock Doe

    @youXgotXpwnd No it's not it's horrible

  62. PlasticSwordz

    @ratmanrussell I hope you're joking. If you're not, well then yes, you are the only one.

  63. HoosierJ219

    Wen I First heard Asher Roth I heard I love college and I like the song because it was different then I heard more of his shit and I think hes one of the best in the game today

  64. dra314

    @julchu0 not jus that they are white but how they rap abot how they can talk to you how you can relate to them thats the main reason ppl comp them

  65. dra314

    @gijz321 what they are tryin to compair is how hard they are how they rythem

  66. Russell S

    @julchu0 I may be the only one who thinks this, but I think Asher is better than Em.


    Russell S Not the only one

  67. The360punkz

    he sounds either like em on drugs or a mix of Drake and em

  68. MrKillerDuckful

    he has so many haters hes so awesome his flow is so unique

  69. Arcalion

    @muahahaha101 yes man i love tht you realised that

  70. Gijs Bartels

    @Icemanrussian the funny thing is NOBODY is comparing eminem to this dude asher roth, but everyone here on the asher roths videos is comparing him to eminem...
    I'm really into eminem music and i have to say this is TOTTALY different, i can't see any comparation between them.. except both being white rappers?
    I respect Asher Roth btw ;)

  71. chloe burn

    i love eminem <3
    got an eminem mix on my channel :) please watch

  72. julchu23

    the only reason they compare Em and Asher is because they're white. they are very different artists and of course Em is better but Asher is only getting better and who knows? he might be better than Em eventually. right now he just has to stick to being himself. Asher is one of the best lyrically in the new generation and hopefully he blows more when the all city chess club blows up.

  73. skillzdatkillz

    @nils4545 Dude, him cudi fiasco and bob are new mainsteam hip hop

  74. nils4545

    @g0odfr1end102 Bullshit

  75. Becca Dur

    asher is known outside the US! Big in the UK and he is awesome!

  76. nils4545

    So where is Asher Roth now? Where is the big hype? How come no one knows who he is in Europe or anywhere outside the US? Thats right, he was overhyped, realise!

  77. Gabriel Ortiz

    he sound slike old school em. but u cant compare the 2 different life styles different lifes different content

  78. Tony Lars

    @Icemanrussian no it would only further compare it...the point is to show how diffrent they are

  79. Tony Lars

    @muahahaha101 same here

  80. WRFM PaRaDoX

    Wow, this guy sounds just like Eminem!

  81. StBernardy

    @muahahaha101 amen brother

  82. kwlcloz

    Don't really like it :T

  83. Jarreth Sanford

    @fredflinstoneization Everyone just hates that song cause it was made for radio. I like it too. Well i will listen to it

  84. jesse williams

    i'm making this in capitals so everyone can see

  85. pat0124

    @muahahaha101 yeah man his songs speak real

  86. Dollar_Bill

    well shit i think if u sound like em then shit u jus sound like em wtf u gone do go 2 tha doctor an get a voice change ? they compare niki an kim 2 wtf tht mean ? how i look @ it is, out with tha old in with tha new i fucks wit em buh damn is he guna b tha only white rapper tht can spit ? naw bruh em an asher wownt b tha last

  87. Sim Jo

    @Littlefox147 haha but why do you lvoe 'I lvoe college'? Because its catchy? Thats enough for me. If a song is idiotic, I can't enjoy iy =P Just me, personally.

  88. Dani Sheasby

    @muahahaha101 Wow.. We have complete different Musc Opinions I loved I love college my fav song of ashers not Dissin or nothing just stating to the Highest Voted Comment

  89. Sim Jo

    @jojomcardle haha "I Love College" hardly made me think

  90. jojo mc ardle

    @muahahaha101 All people would rather hear what they know then something that makes them think if you listen to planBs old stuff you would think it was a different person

  91. enishi4ty5

    @JerichoLima no we dont but we need sum1 just as good. 2 bad we got an entire group of lil waynes. he's my 2nd fav rap, but all y.m. is pretty much unneccassary

  92. Andreas Diakos

    @desidoe69 except every great rapper in the world ie gza raekwon method man mf doom mf grimm mos def and so many more

  93. Icemanrussian

    Sometimes i think Ash and Em should make a track together so that people will stop comparing them both. Personally, it would have been dope if Em sang the chorus to this song. It would definitely stop the comparisons.

  94. Dani Sheasby

    @JerichoLima eminem is the shit

  95. JerichoLima

    We don't need another Eminem..

  96. mlp4200

    Poor Asher being compared to Eminem...please. He should be thankful to get the comparisons. I'm sure there's alot of black rappers who are his equal or better talent wise (i.e. joel ortiz, joe budden, papoose, grafh, charles hamilton,) that would LOVE to trade places. He's in a very good position.

  97. Sim Jo

    i have ot admit, I hated Roth when I heared "I lvoe college". I thought he was a stupid, immature artist. but, after hearing some of the other stuff on his album i have to say that I actually enjoy and respect him.

  98. Memos1000

    @kizdean19 haters wanna hate him cause he made it and his famous. get over it. his not EM. did you even fucking listen to the lyrics?! press that play buttom again please.

  99. Memos1000

    dude AR. is fucking great. better than fucking lil wayne. get over it. his white. what counts its skill son not what colour you are.