Ashcroft, Richard - She Brings Me The Music Lyrics

Just walking the street, and what do I find
People walking in the wrong way
Grab something to eat, praying to her
Baby some day, somewhere
She brings me the music, and I am slowly falling down again
She brings me the music, and my feet won’t touch the ground, oh again
Ah, logic can't prove it, and I don’t know where I am bound
She brings me the music
And now I’m floating in her sound, and now I’m floating in her sound

I love this town, but I’m flying home
You know I take a little on my way
Well boys, it’s been sweet
Love and death – we deal with our shit in our own ways
She brings me the music
And I am slowly falling in her grace
Man she don’t prove it
She just walks in a room, you just see her face
She brings me the music
And I am slowly falling down again
She don’t have to prove it
‘Cause I’m falling in her sound
And I am a-falling in her sound
And I’m a-falling, falling, oh baby
For you, falling, falling, oh baby
Just a calling you, calling you, oh baby
I’m a calling, calling you, oh yeah
Oh I’m a calling you, calling you, oh baby
I’m just calling you, calling you oh baby
I’m just calling you calling you, all night
I’m just a-calling, calling
Through the darkness, I’m a calling you calling you
Oh bring me home
I’m a calling you calling you, bring me home
I know I’m calling for you
Now bring me home
Take me home, take me home, take me home, take me home
Take me home, take me home, take me home, take me home
Take me home, take me home, take me home, take me home
Take me home, take me home
Ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh
Yeah – oh yeah

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Ashcroft, Richard She Brings Me The Music Comments
  1. David

    It's good to be back! Haven't heard this in a while!

  2. เลิฟเฟอร์ ผู้ก่อการรัก

    I miss you ❤

  3. David Angulo

    Love this song

  4. Kuzma Minin


  5. conejito Platino

    Desde #Honduras🇭🇳🇭🇳🔊🎶🎶🎶

  6. dukyd122

    One word... Awake?

  7. Sarahhh Giovanna

    I'm here fo Richard! !! great artist!!!!

  8. veysel odabaşı


  9. Soybean Mendez

    This one is next on my list of songs I want to learn to play.

    Isra Saberhagen

    Soybean Mendez Easy to play amiga!

    Soybean Mendez

    I hope so. Haha

  10. david ramirez

    Just Walking The Street, And What Do I Find
    People Walking In The Wrong Way
    Grab Something To Eat, Praying To Her
    Baby, Someday, Somewhere
    She Brings Me The Music
    And I Am Slowly Falling Down Again
    She Brings Me The Music
    And My Feet Won't Touch The Ground
    Ah, Logic Can't Prove It
    And I Don't Know Where I Am Bound
    She Brings Me The Music
    And Now I'm Floating In Her Sound
    And Now I'm Floating In Her Sound
    I Love This Town,But I'm Flying Home
    You Know I Take A Little On My Way
    Well, Boys,It's Been Sweet,Love And Death
    We Deal With Our Shit
    In Our Own Ways
    She Brings Me The Music
    And I Am Slowly Falling In Her Grace
    Man, She Don't Prove It
    She Just Walks In A Room
    You Just See Her Face
    She Brings Me The Music
    And I Am Slowly Falling Down Again
    She Don't Have To Prove It
    'Cause I'm Falling In Her Sound
    And I'm A-Falling In Her Sound
    And I'm A-Falling, Falling, Oh, Baby
    For You, Falling,Falling, Oh, Baby
    Just A-Calling You,Calling You,Oh My Baby
    I'm A-Calling,Calling You,Oh, Yeah
    Oh,I'm A-Calling You,Calling You
    Oh Baby
    I'm Just Calling You, Calling You,Oh Baby
    I'm Just Calling You,Calling You All Night
    I'm Just A-Calling,Calling,Through The Darkness
    I'm A-Calling You,Calling You,Oh
    Bring Me Home
    I'm A-Calling You,Calling You,
    Bring Me Home
    ( I Know I'm Calling For You, Now
    Bring Me Home)
    Take Me Home
    Take Me Home
    Take Me Home

  11. david ramirez

    This song is awesome

  12. plankevin

    Fuck am I the only one that doesn't have any idea what Chuck is? I'm here for one of the best singer/songwriter of our new and scarce music generation!

    Adriana Cerchiara

    Chuck is a beautiful TV series and this song is the soundtrack of one of the episode of the series




    chuck is literally the best show I've ever seen

    Layla C

    plankevin No ur not. I've no idea who the fuck chuck is?!

  13. billcounterstrike

    Chuck rerun!

  14. Zuon94

    I googled the lyrics after I heard this song on Chuck, and I came to two different R&B music videos before actually finding the correct song. Same thing happened when I tried to find Glasvegas' "Daddy's Gone" from another scene in the same show. Jeez, Chuck, you sure pick some hard to find music.


    just use :) There you can search after every single episode of chuck and the soundtrack of it :)

  15. Eine Hoel

    Why the delay effects on the voice, creating a hall effect on a track that starts off intimately?

  16. David Carlton

    never seen chuck but i bet when they release it on dvd they replace all the decent songs just like roswell did with brave new world another classic ashcroft song

    David Carlton

    +caniscanemeditbully2 dvd release series they did

  17. David

    Amazing song!

  18. Bandelero297

    I dedicate this song to Breda Netherlands

  19. David


  20. Chuck Bartowski

    She brings me the music ~

  21. Tal Sivan

    there is one sick basterd in this world.

  22. Brian Wustmann

    couldn't agree with you more. Amazing show with an amazing song list.

  23. Carlos Abelardo

    Best. serie. ever.

  24. robertnesta93

    Sarah i love you <3

  25. Fabs

    this song reminds me a great show called Chuck ;( and one important moment in my life i love it!!!

  26. carly turnbull

    This is a very beautiful song.

  27. gmariman5

    the scene this song is in in chuck is so sweet and makes me cry.

  28. gmariman5

    chuck brought me here!!!!! best show ever!!

  29. alligrim

    i miss chuck so much... :'(
    thumbs up if you miss chuck

  30. alligrim

    ...only the best show ever

  31. CareBartowski

    God. One of the best moments ever on Chuck!

  32. Javi Fdez.

    CHUCK forever :DDDD

  33. nanewalkerbartowski

    Chuck yuppppppp

  34. Jian D.

    CHUCK :)

  35. Kemi Akenzua

    only the BEST television show ever that sadly ended this year. CHUCK

  36. tyylit

    from some faggy film or somehting i bet

  37. Michael Reyes

    lovely song

  38. iamlegend

    @tacotwosdays Loved that scene

  39. Andy Sweeney

    People should just love Richard Ashcroft despite the fact this song is on a TV show

  40. Fabs

    Chuck Bring me here :) i love This song

  41. Thomas Cox

    if you know what band this guy was in and the popular song he did, tell me and im ok with you

  42. pinkyjoecowape

    @SuperVerveFan the best friggin show EVERRRR

  43. KaZeROll

    I Will always love this song thanks to CHUCK- best show ever...-

  44. Bandelero297

    I ordered this album from this stupid cd shack but I never got it should I reordered it

  45. Gezzer80

    fingers up if you came here because you love this tune

  46. lee goulden

    ashcroft has created a beauty again .....

  47. TheVerve480

    We don't care about Chuck. or Smallville, we care about the song, which is amazing, beautiful and severlry underrated as is all of Richard Ashcroft, especially as this album is ripped to shreds by critics.

  48. Alex Hill

    What a beautiful song, love it!

  49. tacotwosdays

    @sasmg uhh its the 10th season and i still dont think he can fly

  50. Maggie Martin

    @CoolBeans4231 ALWAYS!

  51. TheSaype

    What's "RPA" ???

  52. 091696g

    @ashleyloverickey i like all three shows , y cant we just get along!! chuck is a awesome show , give it a chance

  53. tacotwosdays

    "Are you awake? Can you hear me Chuck? I love you Chuck. Nothings ever going to change that. And if you asked me for real... Then my answer would be yes." Chuck smiles.

  54. TheRealDeal848


  55. Ashley Ly

    chuck is tha shit besides supernatural and smallville

  56. aadoyle7

    sod this chuck, this song is unbelievable.long live ashcroft

  57. Theboat83

    It's like the sister of you on my mind in my sleep! Good tune who's chuck by the by?

  58. stinson1993

    Go and get Chucked everyone! :)

  59. seasonedsevencolors

    Who the fuck created the wikipedia page for this album?

  60. Vittorio Capece

    Chuck Chuck Chuck Chuuuuuuck!!!

  61. nitramcz

    :D Im here thanks to Chuck and Shazam too :p

  62. Jason Liu

    @awang016 get a Chrome or Firefox extension and download it from this link on youtube!

  63. Jason Liu

    This song was the best fit for that scene of Chuck!

  64. Martino Ward-Perkins

    found it thank's to chuck!!

  65. Renee FEver

    he ist simply the best ... awesome as always ! :)

  66. δημήτριος δ.

    @hamzie11 yes he was.....he heard everything tha sarah said.....:P

  67. δημήτριος δ.

    CHUKC rules......!!!!!!!

  68. Benedicto C. Evangelista

    Post your email guys, I'll send you a copy of this nice tune,...

  69. hamzie11


  70. HeartfordRocks

    Thumbs Up For Chuck!! Chuck Rocks!!

  71. Ayeung

    Go Chuck! Best TV show and best soundtrack ever!

  72. kiana setareh

    Fell in love with this song cause of Chuck~
    kdjapjfoea <3

  73. Allan Tang

    chuck, bitches!!!!!!

  74. Gil Ferreira

    go chuck season 4! from lisbon

  75. socals1finest


  76. andrew10111989

    No one 's gonna love you, Daddy is gone, now this, I LOVE CHUCK Series!!!
    Thumbs up if u re agree!!!

  77. andrew10111989

    From Chuck me too!

  78. Margus Amur

    oh. and yes. Chuck!

  79. Margus Amur

    Adore it! Thanks!

  80. Baris Ceylanli

    thumbs up for CHUCK !!!

  81. George

    CHUCK !! :D

  82. mary althene Piedad

    my song of the week thanks to Chuck! ;)

  83. SailorxMia

    aww i fell in love with this song when I heard it on Chuck :))

  84. suzi quinn

    love this whole album, ashcroft has a voice that reaches in and grabs every nerve in your body pure brilliant voice mixed with brilliant music

  85. Club Astro Transcendental Motor

    This is what Richard left The Verve again to do? This shit?

  86. BubbaDavid

    Didn't know much about him before this weekend. Have Bittersweet Symphony from The verve days, but really appreciating him more now. Bought this CD and can't wait to get it on my MP3 player. Good stuff.

  87. cotchford1969

    Great stuff from the legendary Mad Richard!!

  88. brighton59

    Superb track

  89. Clarty76