Ashanti - Rain On Me (Remix) Lyrics

[Intro: Ashanti]
Murder Inc.
We invite you to: epic, ya know?
We make music out of a sense of hunger
Sort of a desire
Through that desire
We expose the pain and struggle
But we accustom to live it
So, we feel without this music, we have nothing
So we offer you, well: we offer you our lives
So how you gon' take it?

[Verse 1: Ashanti]
See everybody wanna rise to the top these days
(Top these days)
A lot of people might come and try to take your place
(Take your place)
Oh you know that
All you gotta do is keep rising, rising
Don't look back and keep shining, shining
I had a little struggle
I had a little pain
Now make it rain, make it rain, make it rain

[Verse: 2 Rap Charli Baltimore]

Rain on me (rain on me)
Lord wont you take this
Pain from me
I don't wanna live
I don't wanna breath till you just
Rain on me (rain on me)
Lord wont you take this
Pain from me
I don't wanna live
I don't wanna breath yeah

[Verse 2: Ashanti]
I stop and think how life could be so raw
(Be so raw)
Sometimes I just don't wanna fight no more
(Fight no more)
Oh you know just
All you gotta do is keep rising, rising
Don't look back and keep shining, shining
I had a little struggle
I had a little pain
Now make it rain, make it rain, make it rain


Rain on me (rain on me)
Lord wont you take this
Pain from me
I don't wanna live
I don't wanna breath till you just
Rain on me (rain on me)
Lord wont you take this
Pain from me
I don't wanna live
I don't wanna breath yeah

[Verse 3: Rap Ja Rule]

Rain on me (rain on me)
Lord wont you take this
Pain from me
I don't wanna live
I don't wanna breath till you just
Rain on me (rain on me)
Lord wont you take this
Pain from me
I don't wanna live
I don't wanna breath yeah

[Ending: Ashanti]
Rain down on me
Oh, wont you take this
Pain from me
Oh wont you make it
Rain down on me
Lord wont you take this pain from me

[Fading: Ashanti]

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Ashanti Rain On Me (Remix) Comments
  1. Eli Cordero

    Dope remix, Ja killed it

  2. So Unique

    I used to play this joint nonstop in high school, I loved Murder Inc esespecially Ashanti and Ja Rule!

  3. cjewelz

    I came to listen to Hussein Fatal's verse and got subjected to more Cookie Monster posturing, trying hard to be the legendary Makaveli.


    That same "cookie monster" got co signed by fatal himself, suge, and afeni. Stfu sheep😂quit livin in the past w thay goofy em 50 shxt

  4. Jay Grant

    This is a underrated song. Classic remix. And this would have been a great time for Charli Baltimore to get more exposure by putting out an album. From 2001-2003 her buzz was hot.

  5. Lucas Oliveira

    Facção central detenção sem muro

  6. Sean Will

    50 bodied this whole label

  7. max payne

    Rip fatal luv you bro

  8. oliverrando

    yo why like hussein fatal wanted to do a song with ashanti

  9. Dickey271

    Dang NY Deep as fuck On God!!!!! Plenty of Extras in that Video JA Rule killed it 💯💯💯💯

  10. Dickey271

    Charlie B More😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 she So Fine!!!!!!! On God bet Biggie was all in her 😂😂😂😂 first time i seen her was in the Get Money video on a cameo appearance in the video

  11. Dickey271

    Rip to Husain Fatal and Issac Hayes🙏🙏🙏🙏

  12. Dickey271

    Love that Issac Hayes sample 💯💯💯💯💯 Salute to Ashanti and Jay Z for remaking a classic

  13. Miles Goodison-Fearon

    This was a dope track but this was around the time when people were hating on Murder Inc and made up their minds that 50 and G-Unit won. RIP to Hussein Fatal by the way as he killed this track along with everyone else.

  14. trudon

    It's murdaaaaa

  15. Steve Siri

    That's gangsta!!!! 💪💪💪👌👌

  16. Alice Skarsgård

    She's so beautiful <3

  17. The Don

    Fatal dog new jerz👌🏽

  18. Anthony Carr

    Real hip hop RNB people ❤️👍🏿

  19. Kayla Mechelle

    2019 <3

  20. musictomyears 09875

    Still listening in 2019 classic music

  21. The Guru

    How much you think Ja Rule paid those dudes to stand there like they got his back? #Fyre


    How much they pay u to be a sheep?😂 #FyreJaWonTheLawsuitFOH

  22. Michael L

    I remember loving this version and i remember this on bet back in 03. I knew murder inc was in trouble. But they recruited biggies old chick and pacs homie

  23. sean coonery

    You lost to g-unit you lost to 50 cent


    They lost to the feds they couldn't fight back. I fuck with 50 and the unit but 50 was a fan let's be real. Took ja rules style in the end.


    Your loose a$$ lost to dckrdin and the fact u came to see an ashanti video😂

  24. sabi brooklyn

    I want this era to come back damn it....why did it have to change? 😣

    Michael L

    G unit won, and kayne sound started changing hip hop plus the south was coming. Ill always love 2003 . the last year NY really had it

  25. Rapheal Curtis

    I'm here in 2k19. I wanted to hear a good memory!

    Motivation Foundation

    Me Too!

  26. TruthSeeker 86

    I guess no one realized that they were paying homage to Jay Z Can I Live song in the intro. Irv Gotti produced that song too


    Yes and its a great tribute to Isaac Hayes 💯💯💯💯💯 great Sample Ashanti killed this song

  27. prettythug2731

    ........ I had hella Struggle ! I had hella Pain !! Now make it Rain 🌧 Make it Rain......

  28. C Dub

    Charli was always slept on......could spit with ANY dude

    Warren Ayala

    Irv never promoted her in all honesty not at all like he did Ja Rule and Ashanti

  29. jj medick

    HBD Ashanti! 🙏🙏🙏

  30. jj medick

    RIP Husseian Fatal! 🙏🙏🙏

  31. hellokitty33

    2018 anyone😘🎵🎶🎧

  32. Santana Carson

    Long island/ Queens collab !

  33. Broderick Thompson

    Isaac Hayes beat and she bang hard on it !!!!!

  34. Kae LaRae

    Ahhh nahhhh son I'm gud luv

  35. Kae LaRae

    Ahhh nahhhh son I'm gud luv

  36. Markoe row

    Thug in peace Hussein Fatal

  37. Marcos Paulo

    Charli Baltimore ❤💕😍😍😍


    Yesssss She So Fine!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍

  38. Angel Torres

    Mom song mad love one nice sweet life 2018 up



  40. Dot Bills

    Who else is watching this in 2018?

    Shontay Dennis

    We don’t have good music to listen to anymore

    chanel_ shakur

    Dot Bills Hip Hop ist Legend ❤️❤️🔥

    Ivan Rodriguez

    I am, in mid-November 2018.

    Joaquin Lascano

    Dot Bills I'm l7stning in 2019 sir

  41. Godwin Nobel

    and ashanti

  42. LegendMariah

    We took all these great artists for granted. Now look what we have today...

    Cold Tony5000

    LegendMariah we're left with straight garbage... Smh.. I miss music..

    Spades DePass

    Could be worse ja rule could be singing wit 69

    Jay Skin

    Took all these artists and videos for granted

  43. devon howard

    The Queen needs ya'll!!!!

  44. sinaloa saurez

    Murder inc used to run shit

    Mark Smith

    sinaloa saurez yassssssss


    2000-2002 no doubt

  45. Blackstarr


  46. GemNthacuttyz1408 G

    #Husseinfatal rest in paradise.....

  47. 89bias

    JA killed this shit man


    It's the rule

  48. LaChele

    Dang, I've never heard this version or seen this video. There's too much goin' on, beat-wise. It's throwin' me off. Po' Charlie Baltimore. That heffa just couldn't catch a break. I don't like this remix.

  49. Kamu Chirwa

    Murder Inc is ALWAYS FIREEE!!!

  50. joe root

    Omggggg I'm sooooo lAte this is the first time me seeing thing video.

  51. JeniKayla

    Omg this video was EVERYTHING to me 😂❤️😘

  52. mbaabu muriungi

    Back when INC was the label nomatter where you were, be it in downtown Africa or uptown Mexico... RIP Fatal

  53. Alex Muriuki

    Actually 50 won on tracks record and got some artists backin him ja won on the streets

    Loyal Philly fan

    Ja did not win in the streets lol. Everyone knew 50 won.


    People outside the streets became sheep too. Ja won.

    Loyal Philly fan

    Artist behind him? Only artist that were used were G Unit members and ja also used other people too

  54. Reggie A

    Something made me want to listen to this tonight

  55. TotalJim1984

    Fatalveli killed that shit!

  56. Alien girl

    110,000 , r u fuckin serious? Rip fatal rip murder inc lol

  57. Ahmed Jama

    r.i.p fatal

  58. Nellek Tuag

    i remember being a kid and always wanting to be a part of murder inc.... R.I.P Fatal


    Nellek Tuag I wanted to be Ashanti ! Lol


    Outlaw! Rip

  59. Marc Gillis

    Is there any lyrics

  60. Xote Ado

    Very GOOD #BestbrasilSP2016

  61. Warren Ayala

    Trenton New Jersey stand up

    Telia Battle

    Oh yes!

  62. enzo ferroni

    muito boa zika demais

  63. brianofbluemethod

    You make music? No, no, no that's Isaac Hayes. But you're right, without THIS music, you'd have nothing. There's nothing wrong with sampling, unless you call it "your music". Why not learn how to play an instrument. I know. Too haaaaard. Well then put some people to work. Hire musicians to make something original. It can be influenced by what you would have sampled. Just tell the musicians, "Hey this is the vibe I'm going for. Can you make something for me in this style?" And guess what? They will. And you'll be so much happier. And the music would be even more "REAL". Isn't that what you guys are all about? Keepin' it real?


    Maybe hip hop isnt for your cry
    baby a$$😂😂stfu

  64. Ramath Auguste

    RIP fatal

  65. King Scholar


  66. kim snooks

    talkin bout fatal Hussein

  67. kim snooks

    not even 50 or M&M said shit bout these nigga, sometimes scilence is louder than than sound

    sinaloa saurez

    Murder inc was better than g-unit

  68. StevieBTheKid

    The Inc yo.

  69. Kwaza Abel

    I luv this song.

  70. Marcele Faria

    EU amo essa mulher ela canta muito. :-)

  71. Paulos Kidane

    Murder inc <3 Best era 


    Want a comeback

  72. Christina Martin

    Please bring this music/music videos back women need to stop with the slutty whorish nonsense. THIS girl is personally tired of seeing it


    Yeah its sad. It's become a porno fest.

    Sean Johnson


  73. Angel Morring

    why wast I hip to this!

  74. Melissa Johnson

    I thought this was a dope remix chuck b more ! Charlie was actually a dope rapper people slept on her bc she really wasn't promoted right other then being on murda inc songs all this shit came out when I was in early high school


    Facts!!!!!! Charlie can rap her ass off I remember when Charlie used to make Cameo appearances on Biggie Videos with Jr Mafia as a kid Im a Southern dude from Memphis TN I love NY rap in general cause that's where it Started and The West Coast made it more street and Hardcore we have to thank Cali for making rap what it is if it wasn't for Too Short NWA Ice T and Pac alone with E40 hardcore rap would not exist The Hip Hop Culture in the East was more Story Telling with great rhymes Nas Tribe Called Quest Run DMC and other NY greats

    Sean Johnson


  75. Shanti BTv

    Love Ashanti

  76. Kaz Sul

    lol any1 else noticed the cans in her hair lmao

  77. Cedric Lawrence 33

    look like tony yayo at 1:14 haha

  78. Lovingmyboo82

    thumbs up if ur watching this just 2 see charli baltimore

  79. Lovingmyboo82

    isn't she from long island? shanti ain't bout that life.... #FOH

    Nesha Withers

    Lovingmyboo82 ikr

    sinaloa saurez

    Strong island

    Jen Garcia

    Shut up


    6 years later. Lol and this comment is idiotic

  80. misbarbiekiller101

    Stop comparing Aaliyah to Ashanti Aaliyah is way better just saying & IM a Ashanti fan too so stop disrespecting Aaliyah

    lela scott

    misbarbiekiller101 Aaliyah didn't even write her music, Ashanti is way more talented imo

  81. Samoyeds7

    She's gonna release her new album and already has a new music vid!!!

  82. De'Argo Simmons

    I didnt kno there was a remix

  83. fanb34

    Irv Gotti's fat ass gets on my nerves!!!!


    U should thank him for bringin making this song possible. Hope youre different 8 years later

  84. ladyofchingy

    I LOVE Ashanti , but there just shouldnt be a remix to some sonqs and Rain On Me is one of them ; it was too qreat of a sonq to fck it up w/ a remix and the video was epic !

  85. k-shook

    Damn I idolized her when I was a kid. Her music was great in Murder Inc. but it sucks now.

  86. Makaveli 2pac


  87. actress8145

    Ashanti needs to amkea comback!!!Thumbs up if you agree

  88. Vaqas 6 sSOS

    RDS SHI (Status Hardware Incrimination) this video is made after 2003, not in 2003. Which is originally made after 2009. Conclusively. Thus in relation to that there is no misunderstanding about their behavior also.

  89. PredyJessica

    wheres the original vid -_-