Ash - Burn Baby Burn Lyrics

You're all I have in this teenage twilight
Your golden hair and pale blue eyes
But through all the days and the sleepless nights
We have never been satisfied

Tumbling like the leaves
Yeah we are spiraling on the breeze
Almost to the point of no return
Everything will burn, baby, burn

Look into my tired eyes
See someone you don't recognise
Blinds that can't be untied
Oh this is slow suicide
Feelings that I can't disguise
And never will be reconciled
Oh something inside has died

You walk like you're in a daze
Unresponsive eyes in a distant gaze
Like all the good times have flown away
And their memory leaves a bitter taste

Tumbling like the leaves
Yeah, we are spiraling on the breeze
Destructive love is all we have
Destructive love is all I am

Look into my tired eyes
See someone you don't recognise
Blinds that can't be untied
Oh this is slow suicide
Feelings that I can't disguise
And never will be reconciled
Oh something inside has died

Vicious bitter words,
Becoming more and more cruel
But you always take me back
And let me lick your wounds

Tumbling like the leaves
Yeah we are spiraling on the breeze
Almost to the point of no return
Everything will burn, baby, burn

Look into my tired eyes
See someone you don't recognise
Blinds that can't be untied
Oh this is slow suicide
Feelings that I can't disguise
We're living in a compromise
Something inside has died

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Ash Burn Baby Burn Comments
  1. chubbs peterson

    The golden kerrang days! 🔥

  2. george davies

    Still a banger

  3. John-boy

    Definite high energy, like the basketball theme

  4. fifthof

    Those girls !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Bellissima Punk

    FUCK 2019'S MUSIC

  6. Grant Gibson

    Think fifa04 is the soundtrack to my youth !!!!

    Catherine Burns

    This was on fifa???

  7. 민경제

    hell yeah!!!

  8. Colm Gallagher

    OH! panty shot

  9. Mikkel Halvorsen

    No idea who Aaron Cello is. This song kicks arse though

  10. Low's Peak Goods

    Who the hell is aron cello

  11. bpyuna

    MY LOVE IS ON FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Andy Denton

    Don't make tunes like these anymore! Such a great band!

  13. I Love Taylor Swift

    And that ladies and gentlemen, is how you ROCK !!!

  14. Tom Dunn

    Who the hell is Aaron cello?

  15. blainy-o93

    Saw Ash for the first time yesterday at a festival in Portsmouth... I really had to ask myself why not sooner? Especially after a misspent youth playing Gran Turismo listening to them.

  16. Jumpy J

    the funny thing is that burn baby burn is by Ash, and ice ice baby is by Vanilla Ice

    Jumpy J

    xD burnt to ashes, iced into vanilla

    L. Haine

    Jesus Christ....

    Jumpy J

    +L. Haine lol

  17. Alexsander Magalhães

    oops wrong video

  18. Nel Wilschut

    good muizik

  19. Elisabeth_D

    American teenage highschool rock!


    Yeah, i forgot, LOL! But i think they sound American!

  20. arsemonkeys147

    Fan of Ash for over 20 years, and this by their own description is their gusset video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. James

    The thing is I like about the USA are the cheerleaders!! They arent any overhere in the UK or France


    its a London team and cheerleaders.


    Thats not the point. Cheerleaders are way more common in the USA than in France or Lithuania for example


    You said there were none over here. Whist watching british cheerleaders. Thats the fucking point.

  22. Jacob Winston

    tiger woods PGA tour 2003 anyone?

    Daniel B

    2004 way better

  23. Orly Burton


  24. Cheyenne

    Aaron brought me here and I'm glad he did holy crap

  25. A R.

    Aaron Cello brought me here, yess!!

  26. Amber Marie

    Hello yes Aaron you nerd we know you are here

  27. ThatOneKidMaddie

    every one's hear bc of Aaron Cello XD

  28. lps ivy

    Aaron cello has good taste in music!😂

  29. PixelPartyLPSTV (Sachiko)

    AaronCello really has good taste in music! :3

    B scott

    +♥SachikoPixelPartylpstv♥ AGREED

    PixelPartyLPSTV (Sachiko)

    @brooke scott Awe yis! I found another limon!

  30. Conscious Love

    The James Blunt of rock and roll.

  31. Willow Mayes

    Can't believe you guys are playing in my home town with my best mates who are like my brothers the scruff and the happy Mondays on Saturday it's unreal

  32. James Marriott

    Heard this song when I was 8 or 9 it's a really great song

  33. Jon Day

    Simply awesome

  34. silentbob82

    What a fucking tune!

  35. Tatsiana Verstak

    Haven't heard this since mugen festival! So good!

  36. Louise Para

    Haven't heard this since I was like 14 oh jeez!

  37. juicestyx


  38. Haj mola

    Great song

  39. Rob Sutwald

    you were looking for the wrong song, its not called burn baby burn, its called disco inferno by the trammps

  40. Devyn thomas


  41. N3igaard

    I came here for the classic disco version and found this... o.O

  42. Afonso Bernardi

    SWU dia 14 , ai vou eu !

  43. Stuart MacDonald

    @birdy47 tit arse...

  44. Steven Stiz

    @AScottishdude your welcome, dude! :)

  45. tramebf

    Nice video.But this is the problem...Only A VIDEO!Lol.

  46. Steven Stiz

    Turn on 240p to hear the sound!

  47. Kokamido

    без звука эта песенка мне больше нравится

  48. TooNu

    @birdy47 HAH what a great comment

  49. mebrithiel

    @birdy47 Turn to 240p near the fullscreen button

  50. stonysleep

    no sound rubbish

  51. Maicon Raupp

    Just turn to 240p! THUMBS UP (y)

  52. Anne-Marie Haro

    Wtf did i go deaf =o

  53. Armando António

    just change the resolution to 240p!
    enjoy it ;)

  54. Kokamido

    Ок, а че, блядь, без звука?

  55. reacher60

    On drums. Jack Osbourne. Adrenaline Junkie.

  56. Dazzlarrr m

    @nicepandas....a bit of brit humour....i love cheerleaders.....i would crawl over broken grass for 10 miles just to have my own little private cheer....mmmmmmm.... tissues pleez!!!!!!! ;-)

  57. nicepandas

    @dazza2106 OMG I thaught you were talking about the cheerleaders but then you said that bit at the end.

  58. lovejernej

    hey man do you happen to know if ash released any song called I feel no pain :S:S omg i cant find it -.- HELP!!?

  59. Dazzlarrr m

    i have watched this hundreds of times now and this is my second still gives me wood watching all those sexy cheerleaders....mmmmmmm chearleadres.....this is my number 1 stroking video.....camels hoofs rule.....kleenex please ;-) ` ` `

  60. 1mitta2345

    @dazza2106 that is a LOT of sperm creating...

  61. Chad Bremer

    @Token4866 Well, they still sound like a million other bands. So you can compare. Still crap.

  62. Chad Bremer

    Sounds like a million other bands out there. No personallity at all.

  63. choicesman2000

    love it great song

  64. Bootsy

    not that I'm suggesting that she's hairy, I think she's pretty hot

  65. Bootsy

    Is that a general statement or one on Charlotte Hatherley? cos she's english I think.

  66. jasbk

    Charlotte Hatherley = instant boner! they should bring her back...

  67. JDCGrayson

    =) Its kinda worth the stop eh?

  68. JDCGrayson


  69. Travis Goode

    well as much as i hate comershals... how ever i spell it i herd the tune of this song on one and rembered this so one good thing came out of it

  70. ZorrroARL

    Ash are awesome. This video was shot at Selsdon High School, South Croydon.

  71. schwarz

    saw them at the astoria and they sounded EXACTLY like on the album...

  72. Freddy

    Pity they can't reproduce that sound live - saw them at Leeds and compared to say Placebo they sounded out of tune.

  73. silke10000

    Check "A-Z Series" on the i-net. New Stuff en masse...

  74. J Roddical

    They've had 6 singles out this year.

  75. choicesman2000

    ash rock bring out some new stuff guys

  76. Snakebloke

    Death Magnetic is a good album. St shittywhatever was a crap Metallica album but dont be hatin... this is a CLASS tuen tho Ash ftw

  77. ceannscriteach81

    Class tune

  78. Revidescent84

    Umm, you like new Metaliica, so you're not allowed to have a musical opinion, douchebag. Sorry everything isn't meatheaded death metal. Some people like more than one genre of music, what a concept.

  79. Revidescent84

    well I'm 25 and I love Ash AND Dire Straits. Mark Knopfler is a genius thank you very much.

  80. PezDispenser92

    love the panning at the beginning

  81. Dazzlarrr m

    amazing video....they are so fit and sexy....they give me wood and make me wanna have sex with them all..dancing and jumping around....very very sexy.......oh and the cheerleaders are ok too ;-)

  82. laurentphotography

    I saw them the other day in tunbridge wells and this was fucking fantastic.

  83. Melly shaw

    great song

  84. Steph Hughes

    Just saw them in Jersey! They are well good live! :)

  85. beaulochs

    great song .........and I am 48.


    I like his voice!

  87. 99dndd


    I feel so old.

    Love the song and band so much, great live.

    Deejay Blackwell

    2020 I am now 30. 2001 was the year I started second/high school

    Menace Dennis

    wow, you are a blast from the past

  88. Dominic Weston

    dont watch it then, dumbass

  89. Ruman17

    why u watching then?
    you must be very bored to watch vids u dont like

  90. xxtiaan

    IM 36 I love this song

  91. katakisLives

    A 21st century classic!!!

  92. David Buonaguidi! what about the DORIS!!!!!

  93. Jenn Shaw

    oh dear :(

  94. Orange

    Ehh, no. That's u2 ;)

  95. mankitsu524

    I concur..

  96. Jule de guzman

    Love this song

  97. angelcarroty

    WOO best irish band everrrrrrrrrrrrr!