Aselin Debison - The Island Lyrics

Over an ocean and over a sea
Beyond these great waters, oh what do I see?
I see the great mountains
Climb from the coastline
The hills of Cape Breton, this new home of mine
Oh they come from the countries all over the world
To hack at the forest, to plow the land down
Fishermen, farmers and sailors all come
To clear for the future this pioneer ground

We are an island, a rock in a stream
We are a people as proud as there's been
In soft summer breeze or in wild winter winds
The home of our hearts, Cape Breton

Over the rooftops and over the trees
Within these new townships, oh what do I see?
I see the black pitheads, the coal-wheels are turning
The smokestacks are belching and the blast furnace burning
Oh the sweat on the back is no joy to behold
In the heat of the steel plant or mining the coal
And the foreign-owned companies
Force us to fight
For our survival and for our rights


Over the highways and over the roads
Over the causeway, stories are told
They tell of the coming and the going away
The cities of America draw me away
Ah the companies come, the companies go
And the ways of the world we may never know
We'll follow the footsteps of those on their way
And we'll ask for the right to leave or to stay


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Aselin Debison The Island Comments
  1. Robert Steele

    Im from cape breton nova scotia. Thats my cousens song the barren mac niels. This girl has an amaysing voice. The guy in the back ground is bruce gothrow

    iiLuvÃvöcadø ÙwÚ

    She my cousin too she's my papas sister's daughter 😆

  2. Cyborg123456z

    Is she still around . You don't even hear her on local radio?

  3. Darryl Hardisty

    Expected Mike Oldfield, Good English music, but heard this crap!

  4. Emilie Wesley

    Im not a True Caper (Living in Antigonish) but I love the Island...and this song! Also good job Aselin!!

  5. Cory


  6. somegalfromcan

    @Iwasateeninthe80s British Columbians know who we are - we simply don't have the musical history to back it up. It's starting to come though with the help of groups like Spirit of the West. A century from now, however, Cape Breton and the rest of the east coast will still be lightyears ahead of us.

  7. BuccaneerBubbles

    I love being a Bluenose...
    Even more,
    I love being a Caper :D

  8. Daniel Peres

    Listen to this makes me, a brazilian guy, although that's just for a while, want to be a citizen from Cape Breton. It's very moving. Her voice is sweetest I've ever heard!

  9. piano piano

    I'm from Vietnam, but I love your hometown, Cape Breton, because of this song. great song! and thanks her, great singer!

  10. jay c

    unreal how old is she? :O

  11. camplikeueng

    @MKDSzebra thx for responding, i figured out that she's from glace bay which is located at cape breton island which is located in Nova Scotia province..

  12. camplikeueng

    just heard about her yesterday and she amazes me at once...
    this song's truly amazing, she's so cute, and the audience seems to love her so much. I'm wondering if she is from Cape Breton..?

  13. Golddoesnotglitter

    2:13 best part, where they show people singing along :) shows a wonderful sense of pride

  14. Brad K

    this song makes me wish i was from Cape Breton :)
    great song :D :D

  15. Brad K

    this song makes me wish i was from cape breton :)
    great song :D :D

  16. rtogurl

    @henry707 Hi Henry. It is just a short version or a nick name for Cape Bretoners from Cape Breton....located in Nova Scotia, Canada. Hope that helps:)

  17. pcpreacher

    I love her voice, she is so talented. more than I can say.

  18. Gilles Gauvin

    Je suis acadien et j'aime beaucoup cette chanson, On vois qu'il y a beaucoup d'émotions.
    Bravo Miss Aslin, you have a very nice voice..
    Thanks to sharing this video.

  19. Terry Layes

    To speak as rudely as you do about a 9 year old girl who some say prevented a riot during a strike by miners in her home town by singing this song, says more about you than about her. Sing on Aselin. I, for one, look forward to hearing from you again.

  20. Terry Layes

    While the singers that are shown on your "Amazing Child Singers" videos are fabulous, I think you do them a great disservice by singing their praises while posting such negative comments about others. Miss Debison represents to many of us the pure sweet voice of one who sings from her soul. Music , like art, is often subjective. "I don't know much about music, but I know what I like."

  21. Crusadist1099

    Maybe after she takes off some weight .

    iiLuvÃvöcadø ÙwÚ

    That's my cousin you bitch

  22. Marina

    this makes me very happy to be Nova Scotian :) <3

  23. RJ Spear

    I do miss Nova Scotia and its people.

  24. rainshine88

    this song makes me cry :P i want to move to NS lol

  25. RJ Spear

    I hope and wish she would get back to singing. I love her distinctive voice.

  26. Lincoln Gould

    Happy Birthday Aselin Debison

  27. KELSO

    yes . shes getting married this summer.

  28. Aura Todoran

    lol, this was supposed to go as an answer for ickwickensick's question... :-)

  29. Aura Todoran

    Bruce Guthro is a fantastic talent as a singer and songwritter, he has a solo career and a brill career with Runrig, a Celtic rock band from Scotland. He has a fantastic distinctive voice. :-)

  30. KELSO

    uhmm no she was like 13 there , shes almost 19 now , im her cousin , hah

  31. KELSO

    haha shes my cousin lmfao this is really weird ha

    iiLuvÃvöcadø ÙwÚ

    I'm her cousin too 🤣 I'm from the Tobin part

  32. KELSO

    lmao this is when she was young and yah it was like 3 months before she turned 14 . haha shes my cousin lmfao this is really weird ha

  33. Terry earthenly

    The guy in the red jacket is Bruce Guthro. I am uncertain of the spelling of his last name.

  34. Terry earthenly

    Glace Bay

  35. Fede Hanhi



  36. scarso

    Did this take place in Sydney?

  37. love2dance1423

    whos that guy?? her dad??

  38. agarfield2004

    dang. that gives me chills.

  39. tuppulla

    I think it's wonderful to be proud of where you come from. It's pride in ourselves that can help preserve old traditions and history.

  40. Aníbal del Rey

    chava tonta:S? lo dudo, su música es todo pero tonta, dudo que hiciera música así de buena si fuera tonta. Un abrazote! y tampoco estoy enamorao de ella, digamos que no es de mi tipo .

  41. Aníbal del Rey

    epa, yo igual soy mexicano, de xalapa, y estoy enamorado de esta chica!!

  42. NovaScotiaNewfie

    Why is it corny to take pride in where you from?

  43. mcsabes

    This must be how angels sound.

  44. Jessica B

    she was 11 at the time of the video,lol

  45. RJ Spear

    Just one of the many reasons I am proud to be from Nova Scotia.

  46. Maxi Caruso

    se la come

  47. chris currie

    she is in my bio 12 class now she no little girl no more :)


    what beautiful song!!!
    she's amazing!!

  49. Maurício Lila

    the same happened to me in Brazil, far far away from there.

  50. mrbunsrocks

    I'm not even from CB and this rendition has tears streaming down my face. GORGEOUS.

  51. picardythirds

    It's amazing what one song, one person, can do...

  52. Rodrigo Pereda

    is she an angel?