Aselin Debison - Faze Lyrics

She's lying on her bed
Alone in the dark
Remembers what's said
Staring at the marks
She's into deep
Crying herself to sleep
There's not much I can do
She's too far away
Yeah, Yeah
She needs some space
Whoa, Whoa
And sometime to think
I hope it's a faze
She's so out of place
And it's all thanks to you
So where will it end?
All roads have their bends
I know you feel sleepless
Wishing for cupid
No it's not your fault
Stop blaming yourself
It was never your call
And I really wanna' help
Yeah, Yeah
She needs some space
Whoa, Whoa
And sometime to think
I hope it's a faze
She's so out of place
And it's all thanks to you
Whoa, Whoa
Remember the good
Forget all the bad
She lives with her mother
But misses her dad
No it's not your fault
Stop blaming yourself
It was never your call
And I really wanna' help
Yeah, Yeah
She needs some space
Whoa, Whoa
And sometime to think
I hope it's a faze
She's so out of place
And it's all thanks to you
Whoa, Whoa
And sometime to think
I hope it's a faze
She's so out of place
And it's all thanks to you
Life for her now
Is an obstacle course
Now thanks to her parents

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Aselin Debison Faze Comments
  1. holly pietrzak

    this song takes me back to 2005?

  2. El Polo Loco


  3. El Polo Loco

    If I knew her she would blow up music in Canada

  4. El Polo Loco

    Omg!! :(

  5. Rénald Jean

    When I heard that song for the first time it was in 2005 I was 30 and Aselin was just 15.

  6. Space Lover

    hi aselin its me your third cousin Amanda's child!!!!!!!!! :D

  7. Madi

    you might not believe me but last year or the year before she was my music teacher and she gave me the inspiration to sing and play guitar. the sad thing is I will probably never see her again because I moved schools

    Mariielah Cruz

    you are so lucky , do you know why she stop singing?

    Taylor Connolly

    Mariela Parra my grandfather was her neighbour when he lived down in nova scotia and he doesn't even know why she stopped singing so i guess nobody will ever know but my theory is she got bored of it overtime or it became too stressful for her

  8. Emily Hosain

    I spent 8-9 years of my life trying to find the name of this song because I liked it when I was younger, and when I was younger I really loved Avril Lavigne (still do, not her newer stuff though) anyway, I swore to everyone from the time I was 6 until a couple years ago that this song was by Avril Lavigne, but it's not 😂

    Mike Rotch

    Haha I spent that many years trying to find it too! I remember this song playing on the radio when I was younger.

  9. 천예진


  10. Debra Rhiannon

    In some parts she actually sounds like Avril Lavigne.

    Debra Rhiannon

    In her song, "I Miss You" but mixed with Shakira.

  11. samuel phạm

    Really so great the voice!

  12. musikfanat

    I remember when she was a little girl and I liked her music then...

  13. 공공칠0

    You make me happy!

  14. djazr

    when this came out my parents were splitting up and it helped me so much....I loved aselin so much when I was a kid

  15. The Sh4z

    Named my daughter after her...I can only hop she can sing as well as her! :)

  16. makeupstylehair9295

    shes 22 lol

  17. gonevidder

    Why is this not on iTunes!

  18. Craig Kinney

    The video transitions are so subtle that I didn't catch them the first time... call me oblivious. Great video, great song, beautiful voice.

  19. jen bartz

    I love this song and my parents have been married happily for 54 yrs this june. Beatuiful girl then,beutiful wonan now...incredible voice always

  20. Nicole C

    Loved her when she was her now. she has a very pure tone to her voice. Her style is still like when she was young, just more refined.

  21. Shelby LovesIreland

    do you really know her? or is she just from where you live?

  22. Shelby LovesIreland

    I love her shirt here! I know that was really random but I really do like it! ♥Aslin♥

  23. Anonymous

    this is an amazing song

    really hits home .

  24. Shay Alm

    this song get into my bones
    my parents divorced 6 years ago and it suck
    my dad have his own family now but he still loves me so much and i love him so much T_T.

  25. phantomishere

    i have her debut album but cant find any of her more recent albums. i adore her

  26. 45sidnie

    holy crow! shes 19!!

  27. miss ren

    i haven't heard this song in years
    i love itt so much

  28. Christine Kearns

    what happened to her? dont hear bout her anymore?!

  29. Magnesium Fluoride

    i feel like shes singing about me but i like her voice

  30. ThoroughbredGirl96

    thank you..

  31. ThoroughbredGirl96

    I have no idea how you could see him... Maybe he will stay a little longer after skool like he did today, then you could see him. Spitting and swearing! LMAO!! He's totally awsome, tho. Who needs a jerk like josh when you have a guy thats as awsome as Xavier?!?

  32. ThoroughbredGirl96

    What about the Xavier?? Man is he a cutie!!

  33. ThoroughbredGirl96

    I dedicate this song to Joshua Byers...
    I'm in over my head with you, Josh. And I hope this is just a faze... Cuz without you, I'm sooo out of place.

  34. ThoroughbredGirl96

    She's beautiful in that pic

  35. ThoroughbredGirl96

    Kind of.

  36. Falyn Samantha

    yay, your my cousin!!

  37. faceyourfears9

    you speak for all of us

  38. geossalfat1

    I love her songs!

  39. hotchocolate244

    omgi love this song sooooooo uch
    but it makes me wonna cry every time. this is exacly like my life

  40. nevada1995

    were does she live now??

  41. MoniQue Boutilier

    played her in a basketball game in TLS jr high
    she was a snot

  42. Hexadecimal110

    hehe she went to my school as well... i am a year older than her and have just graduated... she's in the 12th grade right now... just a normal high school kid like the rest of them... born in a small town...

  43. chewchoo

    born 1990

  44. Laura Scaglione

    she goes to your school? thats awesome! what is she like?

  45. SaFyre Phoenix

    She's about 17 by now if my guess is correct.

  46. SaFyre Phoenix

    God I LOVE aselin. She has such a nice voice, and unique too. She was 14 in this CD I think... Same age as I was. I wish I could have been famous by the time I was eleven. Her music is so inspirational.!

  47. Starcatcher

    Oh, hi! Sorry if I'm answering late, I've been so busy... This conversation may be old but I'm still there! ;)
    I'm very happy to know that things seem to get better with the people you told me about. It's hard to forgive those who hurt you and they don't always change, but if some of them can be touched by your kindness, it's worth trying to be a good example. I hope that realizing the efforts you're doing will make them truly respect you. Don't give up, your positive attitude is admirable!

  48. miss ren

    i LOVE this song by her...
    and this is a pretty pic of her too!
    thanks for putting this up! =]

  49. winglessangel4ever

    I lost all my friends because my old "Best friend" won them over when we got in a fight. Now im really lonely, its especially hard to have nobody to turn to after a horrible day.But I know theres somebody out there that will want to be my true friend someday.

  50. imangelcute

    she looks so prettyyyy!!!!!

  51. Starcatcher

    Ah, well you can't be friends with everybody! As long as you're not the one making trouble, there's not much you can do. I had enemies too at school. I tried to be at peace with as many people as possible, but when you're not cool enough, it seems you can't get much respect from those who think that insulting you will make them feel better in life... You musn't care too much, because they're often the ones who suffer the most, even though they do all they can to make you think the contrary.

  52. Starcatcher

    I understand that. Most of my friends are a lot like me, but I have a childhood friend who who's my complete opposite (she's very extrovert and spontaneous while I'm not), and we never stopped seeing each other. Growing up together helped us learn from each other and understand better how different people think.

  53. Starcatcher

    Ah, ok! :)
    Well, it takes all kinds of people in the world. My bro can be annoying sometimes, but it's boring when he's not there.

  54. Starcatcher

    "by bffl"... What does that mean? (Sorry, my first language is French!)

  55. Starcatcher

    No problem. I have an hyperactive brother, so I'm kind of used to it! XD

  56. Starcatcher

    Thank you! :D

  57. Starcatcher

    Because your comment just made me smile. People who can express themselves without insulting others also help making this site a nice place.

  58. Starcatcher

    I'd say you are!!! ;)

  59. Starcatcher

    Wow! That left me speechless. I don't know what else to say... Thank you so much! It's definitely one of the nicest comment I've ever had. Oh my... You've just made my day, and also my entire month. I'm so glad that other people, like you, agree that this site and music in general should be for everyone. Your words touched me and I believe that you are also making Youtube a better place! :.)

  60. Starcatcher

    Thanks for your understanding! :)

  61. Marie R. Little

    One of my faves from her!

  62. Starcatcher

    Well I do think so...

  63. Starcatcher

    Mais qu'est-ce que tu me racontes-là? :D
    What are you saying? Youtube is for everyone! The are plenty of french videos, and some are in Spanish or other languages. Aselin sings in English but there are French people who like her music too. Maybe they don't know how to translate their comment, so I answered to one of them in French so that they can understand.

  64. Starcatcher

    What's beautiful, the song or my French? :p
    If you're wondering about that, I was writing in French for mariosonicfan and the others who might understand better that way, and to show them that they're not the only francophones to like Aselin.

  65. Starcatcher

    This is my favorite song from Aselin. I hope she'll keep singing 'cause her voice is great.

    Je me demande ce qu'elle devient; ça fait un bout qu'on n'en entend plus vraiment parler... J'espère qu'elle compte enregistrer sd'autres disques parce qu'elle chante vraiment bien.

  66. Wendy .Campbell

    I love this song, makes me cry, think of my daughter when I hear it. Her Dad and I are separated, and I often wonder if this is how she feels.

  67. kurt63

    J'adore cette jeune chanteuse
    Elle a une superbe voix
    Je l'ai découverte grâce à sa reprise de over the rainbow
    Je lui souhaite une bonne carrière
    Cette chanson là est superbe aussi

  68. Simpledreamer

    I loved this song ever since I heard it. So emotional.

  69. Sumon wai

    so great song.. i love it...