ASAP Rocky - Roll One Up Lyrics

Let me know, know what's up
Before I roll, roll one up

I been rollin up that reefer got me high
I been rollin up that weed, it got me high
I been rollin up sativa got me high
I been rollin all week, it got me high

[Verse 1]
Puff puff pass take a drag just don't steam it tho
Smokin on that captain kush this shit is unbelievable
My shit come from Mexico, yeah I got that ino
Mama said leave weed alone but I think I need it oh oh
Niggas gettin throwed, oh oh
We blowin purple smoke, oh oh
The kush and purple haze, oh oh
We flyin paper planes
Cause I'm always talkin fly shit fashion be the topic
That's why all these hoes wanna hop and jump on my dick
Then she looked at me and said how lower can yo eyes get?
Lemme know who's trippin in this before I cop it


[Verse 2]
Rotation is like basketball blunts is goin back and forth
Niggas mixin hash and dro with cinnamon thats applesauce
Sho dis what you askin for liqour is my last resort
Steamin niggas grab the torch then puff puff pass it off
Uh and tell me what you think about it
I been gettin high I'm tryna get a drink around it
Now my high is higher than it's ever been
I'm so mothafuckin' high I think I might never land
They be talkin crazy but I been rollin hazeys up
I been havin like a 20 40 then that 80 bucks
Man I come through get that Mercedes drunk and them ladies fuck
They already know we got them blunts and we blazin up


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ASAP Rocky Roll One Up Comments
  1. EliteStudio

    Beat so fire

  2. That Bitch

    Who's here from the sex tape

  3. Blvck Chrxs

    I had low-key forgot about this classic

  4. 420 jrzl 906

    Smoke weed every day just finished off amnesia trance that 🔥 now I got 🌟 burst to wake me up and mint 🍪 to chill out. 906 is where its at for that chronic 🌳, cheap codeine and 🔥'cid I feel bad for whoever still burning Reggie

  5. Dan iel

    Jesus this shit still slap in 2019

  6. Roxanne Ruiz


  7. Jeff Patton

    Asap rocky a go to for nostalgia.

  8. MekkaR3D

    Free ASAP rocky A S A P

  9. T. Brown

    This one of my faves this shyt slap🔥🔥🔥

  10. chiraq300 Bsm

    Free Rocky!

  11. Gerardo Ramirez

    Man this is my shit. Nice beat to wake up too. Gotta start the day good.

  12. DolaSoza

    Nostalgic asf this takes me back 😏

  13. Betty Carswell

    2019 and still bumping this shit!!!!!
    They already know we got them blunts and we blazing up

  14. Brandon Toledo

    Liquor is my last resort 🤘😥

  15. Ble Dincaprio

    Who is high here

  16. BaconEgg&Steez


  17. Boho Mama 1111

    This song is the best and Lana makes it 100 times better

  18. D Will

    But I think I need it doa! #713 #281 #Htown #Nawfside #Gwag #02/23/2019

  19. blahblahuma

    'Cuz Im talkin fly shit
    Fashion be the topic
    Thats why all these hoes wanna hop and jump on my dick'

  20. Lame

    holy shit this song used that overused snare before young chop did

  21. Nathan Lerud

    Just like Parkinson’s you’re not meant to do repeating patterns with your nerves in your body either

  22. Nathan Lerud

    Yeah I think that may be it for Alzheimer’s people weren’t evolved to think or dwell on one thing for too much time

  23. Eksto

    That old school Rocky... Legend

  24. Dinocornio


  25. asapcinnamon

    Eyo anyone still here?

  26. JaXk KLoud


  27. Marco Ferrel

    Still 2018 !!!! I can't believe it's been years

  28. Jalisa Bae

    2018 🔥🔥🔥🔥 I love asap

  29. Davon Bellamy

    This shit is TIMELESS #2018

  30. Irakli Orjonikidze

    Still lit in 2018

  31. MekkaR3D

    2018 brought me here...Let me know wuz upppp! 🌬💨

  32. Luxe Flix

    Nostalgic, this project too good y’all fr

  33. johnathan 173

    Back when I didn't worry bout shit. Damn this a throwback.


    johnathan 173

    Are u from the states?

  34. Yakabash Yashshakar

    listened to this back in my spice days... I almost died....thank the Most High I'm still alive


    fuck spice, only natural shmoke!!! Glad youre still here!

  35. italiavidale

    Still playin this in 2017. #A$VP

  36. iQwaRtz

    Super lit record

  37. Ilias Amarou

    Check the feat withLana out


    Still 🔥 & its 2017

    Yakabash Yashshakar

    Darion Huff still 💥 and it's 2018

  39. Kemi Peters

    Listening to this on 420 2017, hella high


    Kemi Peters it I'm from the future to tell you we are already working on making 2018 4/20 the best we can


    SilverTactic i am also from the future , 19 days left fellas

    Everything Entertainment

    Kevin 4/20 over big fella


    I'm high

    Peroc Disgusting.


    Mr.ZombieRIPper 氏ゾンビリッパー

    Bro your name😂

  41. 3rdidomzImmortal

    #3RDidomz FUCKGOD

  42. Juan Pablo

    Best rocky ever

  43. Cay Man

    "mama said leave weed alone but i think i need it thoughh" so true


    need it *mo


    kalahauoli355 it's though

    Wesley Williams

    I, so true. Everytime I hear that part! :)

  44. Beast Laser

    Aww man !!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🙏🎊🤔🔑💰

  45. Tye Slim

    My shit mayneeeee

  46. Dyl

    where have i heard the gutiar bit beforee??

    Anthony Ibarra

    darude sandstorm

  47. Rodions Kogans

    Guitare tune from 50 cent "21 question" any catch that?


    +Rodions “M.P.W.” Kogans not even close lol


    Nah this is from Ja Rule - DoWn Ass Bitch

  48. Elomar

    just stoners knows how to feel dis

    Smoke Bud

    Smokin that loud pack have no idea what strain wish I could show a picture Fuckk


    +Billy Marshall smoke jet fuel OG or Phantom cookies

    Mr.ZombieRIPper 氏ゾンビリッパー

    Sober as the fuck but i bump the hell out of this

  49. MekkaR3D

    .....I think I need it mo' 😌

  50. Jeliza-Rose

    Check out the "Roll one up and play your video games" remix


    aye I changed my name Bryan Hartzog to jump man

  51. Bryan Hartzog

    It is still good

    Tre Tre

    You Ain Lien Cuh#OnLocs

  52. Rodrigo Ramirez-Arvizu

    I been rolling up that reefer, got me high
    I been rolling up that weed, got me high

  53. Tonymontana97400

    Tre lourd toussa

  54. Lucas

    Wtf i swear we could hear Trademark da SKydiver in that song!! Asap ROcky took the exact same flow from that guy.. go check yourself the ressemblance is huge

    Aurie Love

    Lucas Trade will fit right in

  55. tochiRTA

    worst song on Live.Love.ASAP


    @Slymm Star I am keeping it real lol, I really dig Leaf, I think Main Attrakionz verses were dope.


    @Sudharshan V. Hari


    @Sudharshan V. Hari lol i messed up but there's nothing godly about purps verse that shit was grade A garbage. I hit next every time his verse comes up.


    the beat is fire and his flow is so clean

  56. tyeslim

    Dey be talkin crazy but, I been Rollin hazies up

  57. tyeslim

    Rotation is like basketball, blunts just going back n forth

  58. No Era

    Definitley the best song by Rocky.


    +No Era Nah


    his best tape forsure

  59. Roman Singh

    "Momma said leave weed alone.. But I think I need it tho."


    ohhh ohhhhh


    I heard that line as I read it

    d james kalu

    read this exactly when he said it lol, crazy!.

  60. Aprig 2

    horrible snare


    @mata tactu just a horrible track period.

    jon john

    +mata tactu aye fuck yall this shits nice boiiii

    Subie Brother

    Check out palace


    lol this was before every producer started using that snare

  61. anna brauna

    this is my rolling jam for now on

  62. Cradily Is Love

    Best fucking track on the tape, peso is close but no blunt

  63. cristian obando

    best :)

  64. LemmingsMedia

    My favourite song on the tape for sure.

  65. Angel Velasquez

    My fav song also . And I'm hiher thab uve evr been

  66. Poetic Hippy

    Good ass song c:

  67. Anthony S

    Best song and by far my favorite mixtape.

  68. sean parsons

    this song is sick

  69. Mario Mäelt

    "mama said leave weed alone, but i think i need it more"

  70. jordon baker

    AND PUFF PUFF PASS IT OFFFFFFFFF [email protected] go hard

  71. the5thofnovembermm

    always talkin fly shit

  72. Anthony S

    This is the best from A$AP, apart from Keep It G and Demons.

  73. klaas tufto


  74. RazIsFit



    My Shit Come From Mexico

  76. Joshua Rubianes

    @RominaWeezy do you even know how to spell?? Hahaha

  77. NeliiLowks

    Puff Puff Passs !! <3

  78. mikegxd

    A$AP Rocky has flow dat sick as fuck!

  79. TrapstarEsss

    I can imagine this ft the old wiz

  80. Brandon Adkins

    This entire mixtape is Dope

  81. alexander pena

    i made a song to this beat check me out

  82. AV OnTheTrack

    cant believe i never ever heard this song................ smh

  83. GfromAB


  84. schläge mussesgebenone

    two what?

  85. byJugify

    Fuk wiz.this shit better...

  86. BenG Sanchez

    And this song is one of my favorites from my nigga ASAP

  87. BenG Sanchez

    I like how this song has one of the least amount of views out of all the songs on his mixtape

  88. EIi Ramos

    "I been rollin up that reefer got me high
    I been rollin up that weed, it got me high
    I been rollin up sativa got me high
    I been rollin all week, it got me high"<3

  89. ABOVE_956

    I mostly like asap's solos cause the WHOLE song is trill.

  90. Kane Redwood

    smokin' captain kush this shit is unbeliveable '''''''''

  91. Ben Sleuth

    Smokin Ah Blunt to Dis song:)