ASAP Rocky - Pretty Flacko (Remix) Lyrics

[Intro: A$AP Rocky]
You know I be that little Pretty Flacko, Jody the Second, nigga
You know we had to hit you with another one
This time I got my niggas with me
We finna keep it trill in this bitch, know what I'm sayin'?
If you a trill nigga, if you a trill bitch
Throw that shit up right now!
Shotgun pop, make the monetary add
Chop, won props with a military badge
Went AWOL 'cause I serve 8-balls
And I straight eggnog with the military axe
Pimpin' when I'm pinnin', bitch you couldn't tell me that
Way too loud, where the cemetery at?
Way too smart to wear the penitentiary hat
So remember, to the end or to infinity it's swag...

[Verse 1: A$AP Rocky]
Skinny nigga, Pretty Flacko, nigga grippin' that chopper
Party like a rocker now my niggas wildin' with Flocka
Guess who just walked in with a Goyard bag
Sixteen gold teeth and four gold slabs
One dime piece, you already know she bad
Divan, GT and extraordinary...
My wrist said I'm rich, my whips say I made it
My tat say ASAP and your bitch say I'm famous
My whole clique dangerous
We creepin' and sweepin' them grams up
For niggas and bitches and killers with triggers
Who buckin' and keepin' them hands up

If you a trill nigga, get your motherfuckin' hands up
If you a trill nigga, get your motherfuckin' hands up
If you a trill bitch, get your motherfuckin' hands up
If you a trill bitch, get your motherfuckin' hands up

[Verse 2: Waka Flocka Flame]
Waka Flocka, loco loco, I don't fuck with popo, popo
FN on my hip, shorty, I'm not ridin' solo, dolo
RIP to Duncan Romo, pay for pussy, that's a no-no,
Throwin' money, dive in the crowd, shorty I take all that promo
Call me Pretty Godo, baller, date a model, drinkin' Roma
Scott'll keep me G'd up while I'm buying bottle after bottle
3-6, Frankie Lymon, he ain't ballin', girl, he's just lyin'
Oh, broke-ass nigga, won't you keep on tryin'?
Killed the parking lot, it's our assignment
My watch say I made it, my chains say I'm rich
Diamonds in my mouth got me talkin' cash shit
Kush Clark Kent, for dough, bitch, what I spit
Fuck your main girl off my down south accent
Waka Flocka!


[Verse 3: Gucci Mane]
My whip said I made it, my chain say I'm rich
I'm talkin' cash shit, 'cause Gucci Mane the shit (Gucci)
Hit a lot of licks, sold a lot of bricks
Served a lot of pounds, and I will never quit
Gucci goin' loco, had that cocoa loco
Shorty say I fucked her - I don't really know, though
These ladies want a hug, baby want a photo
Blue and white diamonds, bitch, I'm so Tony Romo
Thirty-four bricks, I grind 'em into bands
Stack a lot of bands and I serve a lot of grams
Thirty-six O's, stamped with the dragon
Brick Squad, Bird Gang, yeah we got them Falcons


[Verse 4: Pharrell]
Your girl hold my dick like a Wii controller
Where's your bitch, nigga? We control her
The weed she holdin' while she be over
And when she saw my motherfuckin' keys it's over
And when I start it up, she like "lean me over"
Cold heart, warm dick, mama we be polar
I wore Louis Vuittons before they knew what they was
They like: "Louis Vuitton? Naw, unh-uh, cous'"
That's when I realized they didn't know what they was
Them niggas actin' like I fuckin' stepped in blood
O-7 2-11 man, I put out duds
And ate space cakes that was filled with bud
And now 20-12 nigga, look at these scuds
Green hair, money on my mind, hip-hop grunge
You wear a cross I wear a Cartier nail
You niggas ain't fuckin' with frail
My wrist sizzle hot like it's stuck in the chair
My jewelry's so loud, it's got something to share
Like a conspiracy, like it's ACHAP
Everybody on my dick like Ahab
Wait, did I say that? First pause, then play back
Recognize nigga, ASAP


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