ASAP Rocky - Phantogram Freestyle Lyrics

Marble floors, foreign whores, finna order more
Play that French Montana song, the one with Ross, Haaan!
Ordered new Raf, it ain't from the store
Came with a piece, banging piece if it come to war
She taking something off, what you stunting for?
Fix your WonderBra, my style is rubbing off
Swear that pussy outrageous if I'm in it raw
Out in London Town painting all the wonderwalls
Yeah I'm underdog, spring, summer, fall
Niggas run to law, gun in drawers, getting bundles off
Taking trips to Baltimore, with the raw, door to door
Fender boss, want the vintage Porsche with the oven doors
I just wanna have a little fun with y'all
But on the real, no, I kill folk
Growing up I had a best friend who used to mail coke
Successful with the shit until the day they heard the sailboat
My other partner got a million dollars and he's still broke
My thot a primadonna and she whining cause her nail broke
Niggas coming at me sideways like they hell broke
And I'm just glad I ain't ever gotta deal dope
Cause the vision was this tradition and pants
Whole squad in this bitch, all we missing is Yams

Caught a wish and got bitches in France
Chain swing, see the king and they kissing my hand

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ASAP Rocky Phantogram Freestyle Comments
  1. Daniel Hreenhager

    Infedelix did it better

  2. Aaron Benson


  3. Jessica Cody

  4. Jordi Scott

    Anyone remember another rap song with this instrumental made by some "asap" or "rocky" from 2011 or 2012? Was longer, and in my opinion, the best version talking about legends of music like michael jackson, sade, kurt cobain, etc... I cant find it right now...

    Gilligan McClary

    Phoenix by A$AP Rocky

  5. Marcellus Taylor

    This song so hard 😭

  6. Jessica Mickey

    He named the song after the band he sampled. Nice

    Kenneth The Golden Child

    I noticed that too!! J dilla killed that sample on "Geek Down" though.

    Kenneth The Golden Child

    @Capri Sun It's the same drum sample look it up yourself.

  7. Nathan is still here

    Here in 2019

    Bartek Simon

    Yeeah loking for rocky

  8. xnxxd

    shit, i missed that

  9. Nathan is still here

    still here in 2018

  10. Pete D89

    This needs to be a full song. It also needs more recognition. Class

    Max L

    I swear it was supposed to be. Released a year before his latest album and it was mentioned it would be on the next one (so asap forever) and jesus christ im still waiting


    Max L he’s got so many bangers just sitting there. idk why he isn’t releasing songs while he’s name is still making headlines on news outlets after being locked up

  11. djscience The get at me kid

    Sebastian s don't know could be to do with copyrights

  12. Robert Ascperger

    Why did this get taken off from spotify?

    Eric Lynn Wright

    its back now, found it on playlist

    Essa Hussein

    +Eric Lynn Wright bruh what playlist

    Eric Lynn Wright

    disappeared again, bruh

    Blake Gibson

    Think he might be saving it for his album