ASAP Rocky - Out Of This World Lyrics

Get money addict
I'm a get "money" tatted
Money in the attics
Money in the stashes

Money in the cabinets
Stuffed in the mattress
Safe full of guns
More money up in that shit

Taz Arnold TI$A
Jeremy Scott Adidas
Maison Martin Margiella
Three strap sneakers

Riding with a feature
Student and a teacher
It's money over bitches
No room for a skeezer

Thinking of a Lambo
Bathing Ape camo
Play with the money
Turn Rocky into Rambo

Patience is a virtue
Life is a handful
Friends, they'll hurt you
Learned that from my grandfolks

Me under a lamp post
While I got my hands closed
Haze to my brains
Like eggs, got it scrambled

Yeah I feel Rihanna
And I understand Hov
What you think I rap for?
To push a fucking Land Rove?

Now I'm looking back
When you said I shouldn't rap
Some slept on me
Other niggas took a nap

Now I'm in the basement
Probably cooking crack
Gave you teaspoons full
But instead, you took a cap

They say Tyga and Diggy
But Rocky been Jiggy
Currency from The Wiz
Ain't enough to get me home

Can't really hate
When they compare me to Drake
Could have been J.Cole
If I met J-Hov

Who dat?
ASAP, But I'm fly like I never left
You's a lie, like fly without the letter F

If hip hop is dead
Fuck it, let it rest
Reincarnated through me
When she resurrect

Long hair, Blue jeans
Live on U-Stream
High top boots
Like Pac in a Juice scene

No it ain't a movie
Diamonds? gleam
Dead tone
Cause the redbones is my new thing

Nigga, I do things
Let the coupe sing
Niggas say I'm insane
Saddam Hussein

Niggas still jokers
Me, I'm on my Bruce Wayne
Fly kicks, my shit
Yeah I'm on that Liu Kang

I ain't bragging when I do this
My shoes is Bermudas
I'm bougie in that Gucci
But my nudies is my newest
And your foolishness and rumors
I give two shits
I only hear the money
Save the bullshit for the Q-Tips

Swag is the coolest
My bitch is the rudest
My jeweler is Jewish
And my wrist is the bluest

And I get it poppin on the block
Like who kid
ASAP standing on the block
Like the new kids

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ASAP Rocky Out Of This World Comments
  1. Evaristo Az

    Rockin It in 2020

  2. Srirachhaa

    8 years later and this is still one of my favorite mixtapes of all time. Timeless.

  3. gho0oo0ost

    so insane bro

  4. Hunter Monzon

    Nostolgia damn Rocky it's been a minute huh?

  5. Wacey Bone

    im in the back tha back ..............winnipeg mb

  6. gnaonseo

    this is so fucking crazy

  7. Denis Golovliov

    Can't really hate
    When they compare me to Drake
    Could have been J.Cole
    If I met J-Hov


  8. Rambo Rodeo

    thinkin of a lambo, bathing ape camo, play with the money, turn rocky into rambo

  9. ben boseley

    buddy locked up


    This shit had bar after bar each with a fuckin punchline and a cold delivery

  11. party_on_dilston

    Free rocky

  12. AkaChapzs

    You ain’t are real fan if y’all don’t know this song 😈😶

  13. TOP 5 TO

    Out of this ili is even better

  14. Wookiee

    Who’s hear for the music and not just hopping on the juice wave 🥤🌊🤨


    Wookiee bruv this shit came out 8 years ago. Is niggas supposed to listen to this shit everyday lmao. Niggas forget about shit, chill. 😭😂

  15. Easymoneysniper

    Who came back from Juice Wrld sneaker shopping?

    Fun Guy

    Easymoneysniper rip :(

  16. DOOM all caps

    "if hip hops dead fuck it, let it rest
    reincarnated through me when she resurrect"

    this mixtape is timeless

  17. D Breezy

    Freshman year ☝🏽😔💯

  18. Wilson Squad631

    I still listen to this in 2019


    If u don't listen to this. Wtf u doin

  19. Grace

    Look up “Out of this ili” by ASAP rocky, thank me later


    This is better

  20. Naataani Biggoose

    Shiiiiiiiiiiiii this whole album underrated

  21. MC Hosto

    *rocky forever the GOAT*

  22. Victor Gonzalez

    anybody know any other rocky songs like this? i fucjing love this song

    Richard Miller

    Victor Gonzalez you should listen to sluttonftwmusic he post old rocky songs or rocky songs that no one really knows about

    burning in hell rn

    Holy Ghost,Excuse me or Peso kinda sound similar

  23. NK66

    Memories bruh

  24. 96NickBeats

    "If HipHop is dead, fuck it let her rest.
    Reincarnated through me, when she resurrect."

  25. Thr33 Wise Men Me Myself & I

    i'm hearing this for the first time. Its Gas

    Lil G0AT

    Thr33 Wise Men Me Myself & I damn u been sleep

  26. Sam DaMan

    Miss this asap

  27. Leosadin

    Wonderful _ I love this song _

  28. Yakabash Yashshakar

    Asap nigga....uh....

    Issam Touiti


  29. Lil Joker

    Rocky said "Could have been J. Cole if I met Jay Hov" (mean Jay Z)

    hmm...Rocky dont like J cole? :/


    I thought that at first but i thought again and i figured he could have been poppin like him is what he meant. Cause thats when j cole was becoming big after releasing the warm up and friday night lights and shit...idk just my take on it.

    Freddy Esquer

    Ion get it?

    Victor Gonzalez

    no rocky is saying that if he had the same co-sign as cole (jay z) he would’ve been just as big. rocky didn’t blow up like cole because cole persisted jay for a deal


    I thought Rocky meant he would have been rapping like J Cole if he met Jay-Z

  30. ShowCase HD

    Why is this song so slept on

    burning in hell rn

    ,,some slept on me,other niggas took a nap”

  31. Jeremy Quinn

    this is such a chill beat with that piano

  32. Fiddy Bent

    i'd say a little bit influenced by wayne but more by kanye


    Fifty Bent the flow is definitely Wayne influenced and the lyrics are definitely Kanye influenced

  33. Lela Beeson

    str8 up Wayne influenced flow

  34. Jxdes

    2025 anyone?

    This Chair

    +Hype Jxdes™ Just getting started man cant complain 😄
    however I did notice you used there wrong "there" its actually "their" hbu boo😘

    Muhammad Kone

    +e High sht I mean both a got to this section due to this song so y'all should fuk with each other instead of arguing about dumb sht like complexion


    Jxdes is Kanye pres?

    Colt Cash

    and you can't be racist saying watch you mouth slave and listen to rap music blood

  35. Nilson Delgado

    wiz khalifa style this song


    ? Not at all.... Wiz is more chilled out and slower & weak bars

    Lil Joker

    its A$AP style

    Майрон Эдуардо

    @Jxdes maybe, Wiz's songs now are very fast cuz he are trying to make trap music by his own style (it's a good style btw)

  36. Cristian

    this song is underrated


    Your moms underrated

    Muhammad Kone

    +Kaden Muneer lol

    Dre Forde

    Very Underrated. Best song on the album

    Ben Akin

    @Dre Forde saved the best for last on the mixtape

  37. Matthew Molina

    Nice music video

  38. Matthew Molina

    I liked the part when logic started rappin

    206 guy

    @Matthew- Player Lol your probably one of those kids that watched faze videos to get into listening to rap and the first artist you listened to was Logic.

    Matthew Molina

    @206 guy lol true but I never knew of faze after 2 years of listening to logic but hey its who you like better

    Yung Yamborghini

    +Matthew- Player rocky is way better than logic, sorry.

    Matthew Molina

    @The ASAP mobster pitbull is way better



  39. thattniggahfernn 498


    Step 1: Highlight the numbers above.
    Step 2: Press CTRL+F.
    Step 3: Type ''9'' in the box.
    Step 4: Read me message, enjoy.



  40. John Wayne

    imma get "money" tatted.

    Michael Fahley



    What's funny?

    Blake Carmello

    I got money tatted $ on my leg..


    lol wtf hahahha

  42. Raiders

    great ^^

  43. COBRA030


  44. moha fuengirola

    Only can i say OMFG.

  45. Maurice Swish

    Who Dat..A$AP

  46. Blender Bronson

    Nigga no one gives a fuck if the illuminati sign is in the top right corner shut the fuck up.

  47. Directing

    Because of Welcome to the City 3 anyone?

  48. alexander Alvarado

    Illuminati sign at the right top corner

  49. TheUltimate620

    A$AP Rocky's best song from that mixtape in my opinion.

    Pizzazz Of Jazz

    TheUltimate620 yeah, and his most lyrical

    Amine Beyoud

    2018 😁


    This is my favorite song from him period

    Marcin Lendzion

    too many good songs there

    JR 07

    Nah, there are so many better, Palace, Peso, Wassup, Kissin Pink, Houston Old Head, Demons

  50. Kevin Easter


  51. Caze▲

    That A$AP !

  52. SenszR

    no lol #fail

  53. Deegunnzz56

    Ima fuck with this

  54. Guillaume Pépin-Larivière

    this is a so awesome line

  55. Guillaume Pépin-Larivière

    this is a so awesome line

  56. Guillaume Pépin-Larivière

    this is a so awesome line

  57. queshon thompson

    Always $trive and prosper

  58. yongue

    lol You got pulled over today?

  59. 13Miker13

    always $trive always prosper.

  60. Bishop King

    "A" right?

  61. GreySolidusSnake

    matrix opening


    As Soon As Possible.A.$.V.P.

    Cruciatu Yeet

    anyone gon' tell this guy

  63. Chris johnson

    Always Strive And Prosper

  64. Wetcoast

    You have no subs...


    Always Strive And Prosper*

  66. blahblahuma

    This was my theme song freshmen year of college.
    Still fucks with it heavily

  67. shaqeel scott

    you nigga fly without the letter f

  68. Patrick McReary

    Raped the replay button. Have to make a new one... 0:00

  69. James Walton

    Assassinating. Snitches .and .Police

  70. Seth Pearson

    This song puts me in a good mood when im sad. Lol

  71. David Rego


  72. 2Boobie4

    while everyone's arguing about illuminati, i'm big chilling enjoying this song.

  73. mynameishunter12345

    i agree with you completely. the real illuminati isn't the same thing as theorists say.

  74. Will de cavalho

    ultra ultra ulta combo ......killer instinct rules hahahahaha

  75. cowardsaregolden1

    illuminati is real, its existed for a few centuries. all the hype and bullshit ur hear from conspiracy theorists probably aint true tho. we live in a fucked up corporate world that is unfortunately controlled by the few at the expense of the masses, but that doesnt mean the illuminati control everything or that the ruling class has spawned some secret brainwashing cult. tbh i dont think they have the mental capacity. theyre just greedy, opportunistic, careless pigs. the illuminati is history

    cereal and boogers

    cowardsaregolden1 They are hiding the teachings from Jesus about the Kundalini



  76. lizabella nicolas-keynes

    love <3 ....

  77. Natalie Wallis

    Theres no such thing as the bank of London.

  78. It's Corey

    Very good.

  79. thewhiteheadphones12

    Hes not in illuminati. Look up asap in in illuminati. Then click the dj supreme interview.

  80. mynameishunter12345

    yes they are people who have control of a lot of the world, and you know who not one of them? asap rocky.

  81. Stephen Thomas

    illuminati does exist and if you dont believe.. they got you already. there are 13 families that own 95% of the worlds wealth and control the federal reserve and the bank of london as well as all the other major companies in the world. DONT BELIEVE ME? LOOK IT UP

  82. mynameishunter12345

    im naive? you're the one who got all your information off of a video on youtube. and if the illuminati wants your mind soul and body they'd do it in a more efficient way then having popular rappers make triangle signs with their hands. all it takes is a little common sense, think about it. the illuminati sounds like some shit from a cartoon. "The Great Adventures of Jimmy: episode 143: attack of asap rocky" that sounds fucking ridiculous.

  83. RawJusticeYT

    illuminati wants my mind soul and my body" fuck whatcha heard, you blind, and naive. You need to #WAKEUP!

  84. mynameishunter12345

    neither do you. you know why? because the illuminati doesnt fucking exist! maybe there is something sinister behind what happens in the world in fact its likely but the same reasons why stuff like 911 and the assassination of john f. kennedy happened is not related to asap rocky. or any rapper for that matter. you can get away with saying this shit online but try preaching illuminati to someone in real life and they'll think your fucking crazy.

  85. RawJusticeYT

    you dont know shit

  86. mynameishunter12345

    i bet you think that everybody who isn't broke as fuck is in the illuminati huh?

  87. mynameishunter12345

    why? you dont want him to be successful? and there is nothing wrong with being mainstream unless you sell out. music is music, whether its popular or not doesn't matter.

  88. RawJusticeYT

    stfu, he is mainstream, iluminati took him over already. But his music is nice

  89. Pinhalokevin

    I hope asap always stays like this, and not go too mainstream :/

  90. KIDCALI55


  91. gabe kammeraad


  92. epicstrike

    What else is it supposed to be? "swag"? Fuck DAT

  93. Dane Taylor

    how is he in concert?

  94. epicstrike


  95. Kevin Mcgee

    this is my favorite song.

  96. Owen

    lol ASAP was in the ad that was on before the video, First time I didnt skip after 5 seconds