ASAP Rocky - Max B Lyrics

Buccaneers of rugged gear, nigga fuck a fear
One, just year one, I've been thuggin' here, yeah
Whole shit is ours, you in awe, please don't get involved
This is war, walk around a frame with blaze up in this jawn
Behind prison walls, nigga lickin' balls, pause
Different cause, stricted laws
Damn if I don't break up in the mall, prison yard, prison guard
No principal, detention on your friends and all
Commissary missing like your sibling's paw
Uncle Tom, please don't make my sentence long
Granted what I did was wrong
Pigs don't show remorse if you admit it all
Missing ma, hope that she don't miss the call
Admitted that she'll never visit, like the hard headed never listen, Lord
So tell me how the fuck I'm supposed to eat?
If the richer's getting richer, the poor's growing weak
My brother died up in the streets, may he rest in peace
Niggas got heat like Pusha T, get it cheap
Flacko how you been, where you at? I've been kickin' back
Relax place down my favorite thinking cap, scratch my nigga neck
Hitta chtta chat, this and that, A$AP diplomats
I'm missing Max, wish that they could bring the nigga bigger back

[Hook - Joe Fox:]
I wonder, laying in my bed
Am I still too young, am I still too young?
And I hold back, thoughts running through my head
Did I fuck it up, did I fuck it up?

It's like I lace up my boots and call my troops lately
Traded all my hoodie rap for all my suits lately
I'm 26 but I've been living in my youth lately
Pull my wisdom, but I still spit it like my tooth ache me
Duck shots, mother fuck cops, what a blood clarts
All I gots my words and my balls and my one cock
Pause, bug shots fly, my young buck died
Passed away from a stray, from some fake tough guy
Now this the kind of story that should make doves cry
Fuck that, this the story that should make thugs cry
Dry your eyes older sis, held 'em close, watch 'em switch
Gave 'em kiss in the midst of all of this
Ain't too late to pause or skip...

[Hook x4]

[Joe Fox:]
Sorry guys

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ASAP Rocky Max B Comments
  1. JreShawn McGee

    Low key sounds like he says "scratch my niggas neck" a lil off haha

  2. BuckWheatJones

    did i fuck it up?

  3. SaaD GanatrA

    Best song on the album and top 10 rocky songs of all time idc what anyone says

  4. traplord solis

    Listen to this shit high

  5. Giomar Toro

    #freeflacko 2019


    Free rocky

  7. Vértigo

    joe fox ain’t homeless no more


    *watches alfo’s video on this*

  8. Alec Edwy

    Free the goat

  9. Abe Sitta

    JOE FOX !! life is crazy ehhhh

  10. Matthew Penalosa

    Free fucking Rocky

  11. Grant Holloway

    0:56 Eminem?


    Holy shit 😂😭😭

  12. Cineklin

    2019 anybody?

  13. R2TheArTisT

    I hear a little eminem in asap rocky voice.

    Jadon Rich

    Bruh how


    @Jadon Rich at 0:45 the rhyme scheme and voice just a tab bit of eminem


    @Mauricio Cortes 0:45 sounds like Eminem rhyme scheme

    Brandon Wallace

    Where tf is everyone getting Eminem from? That first verse straight up sounds like Rockys best Lupe Fiasco impersonation.

  14. Wens

    ughhhhh. good.



  16. Dan Harrington

    this album is way to fucking underrated man

  17. Craig Davis


  18. Craig Davis


  19. jamie bonner

    close your eyes and picture Eminem, thank me later

    YG Spoder 400

    Wtf r u talking aboot

  20. Isaac Bourn

    Best rocky song?

  21. Luke Mccarthy

    Whats the sample to that arabian siren?

  22. Max Burkhardt

    My ass was startled when I saw the name of the song

  23. Milton Mendez

    can anyone share the chords in the outro? thanks

  24. Jared Adngon

    Whatever happened to Joe Fox?


    Jared Adngon I think he dropped an ep


    I liked this song better than all of TESTING

  26. Curt Jones

    Such an under rated song

  27. Stack Bundles 4 Ever

    Rip Stack Bundles

  28. Oliver Hernandez

    This album from asap is dope like better than his first album

  29. SoDedicated6

    That hook too tough!

  30. Tonybassist123

    Boom Bap

  31. jason

    this song is the opposite of wavy. leave max out of your trash music

  32. michael miller

    what song is he singing in the beginning

  33. الشعب الفخم

    dry youre eyes older sist toutching

  34. Jeff Schroche

    Joe fox an a$ap need some mo... shits slaps to the real niggaz that dont skip his shit cuhz of the beginin or cuhz joe fox

  35. shola eribo


    the sample at the I wonder, laying in my bed
    Am I still too young, am I still too young?
    And I hold back, thoughts running through my head
    Did I fuck it up, did I fuck it up?


  36. Marvin's Reviews ETC.

    what max b is that at the beginning?

  37. G T

    what's that song in the beginning?

  38. Hugo Vivar

    joe fox singing in the end is crazyy good melody

  39. Donald Everett

    is anyone still listening to this in 2017

    David Black

    Donald Everett 2018 now

    Shanea Swager

    Am now in 2019🔥

    ivan velazquez

    damn time flies

  40. Reik WestPhilly

    What joe fox was singing about on here really hits me hard... And Free the wave

  41. Ryan checkit

    I was high as a giraffes ass on syrup and pills when I heard this song. Damn..

  42. Ethan Wyatt

    He kinda sounded like Eminem in this song

    firelord 69x

    Bellator Productions you're fucking retarded

  43. transcendentmuzic

    Now if he came out with shit like this consistently, he'd be in the convos with Kendrick and them

    Ethan Avery

    what on earth are you talking about, he has collaborated with Kendrick on more than one occasion


    @Ethan Avery
    Convos as in, when people talk about rappers of the era, he'd come up in conversations way more than he does, like Kendrick does all the time

    Cesar Velasquez

    transcendentmuzic Rocky is pretty relevant though

  44. Niko Sayutin


  45. Blue Martinez

    Should've left Fox out this one. The song is fire AF


    Blue Martinez no fucking way

    Alfred Banuelos

    Blue Martinez hell no. his part adds so much emotion into the song.

  46. Tae Mel

    did i fuck it up ?

  47. Alex Cosmin

    where's the hook sampled from?

    Mads Jensen

    darude - sandstorm

    M. Harris

    Not sampled

    Zacchary Harris

    darude- sandstorm +2


    a homeless guy named joe fox rocky met on the streets played it for him

    Jimmy Kahn

    Leonard Cohen 'Who By Fire'

  48. Chris Dimaculangan

    yeezy yeezy what's good

  49. Jorge Moreno

    what is the name of the max b song in the background

    Mads Jensen

    baby i wonder

  50. max benon

    chill bro

  51. inteloutside

    this is not something real wavey

    Mary Ramírez

    its not supposed to


    It's the Trippy violin and the chorus that has Trippy random sounds

  52. That One GUY

    This is that one song youll always skip until you realize its actually fire

    cellgod uno

    LOWWWKEEYY. Man I spark up to this shit. BABY I WONDERRRRRRR

    damla de la rocha

    I S T G

    Wylie Harrington

    That One GUY exactly just found that out this week haha


    Lmao until you’ve taken enough acid


    That One GUY y’all are all lames lmao Max B kills shit tfoh

  53. Mitchell Barnett

    Joe fox

  54. pyro

    fireeeeeeeeeeeee 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  55. Anthony M

    This beat though..

  56. abraham

    what's that effect @ 1:08?

    Peep Covers

    +abraham delay?

  57. Organic Life

    Asap Is Has The Sickets Flow Out respect Max B

  58. Thug Zombie

    Sign his petition y'all i'm only 17 but signed his petition already twice!! Once when i was 12 then signed again last year!!!! Free Max B!!!!!! 😷💯💯💯


    You gotta sign rocky shit now

  59. Slim

    what max b song did he sample?


    baby i wonder

  60. keith cozart

    kanye and wiz brought me hear

    Stephen Kay

    Kanye is trash

    Yung Yamborghini

    +Stephen Kay like your opinion


    here dum ass

  61. Ozzy Ornelaz

    did I fuck it up

  62. Dominic Howard

    Max B would be disappointed.. There is no waveyness to this #FreeTheWave

    Mary Ramírez

    +Igetsitin89 L

    Mary Ramírez

    this isn't supposed to be wavy its supposed to be cloudy and ambient

    Mary Ramírez

    @Igetsitin89 L

    Jay Limage

    My nigga said no waveyness in this?? Lmaooo yea atleast have the max b flow or try it would of been better or atleast some soulful ass beat or gritty shyt real max b like


    Jay Limage All this ignorant fucking comments. Try listening to the lyrics. Y’all the dipshits to say “LiStEn To ThIs SoNg, ThE bEaT gO HaRd” when you show your homies music. Fuck outta here..

  63. Colin T

    where is the chorus sampled from?

    Allan Lazo

    Pretty it's joe fox singing, not a sampled piece, I wish it was a song on its own tho

    Allan Lazo

    Pretty sure*

    Dominic Howard

    It's Max B - baby I wonder. I'm not sure who is singing over top of him though

  64. Y0unq Mind


  65. Røland971

    joke mtp kill u bro sry Rocky ...

  66. Shoaib K

    ASAP never disappoints I couldn't get enough of those verses

  67. Josephkillem

    maybe its just me but i thought eminem was on this track when asap first started rapping

  68. Ben Goldberg

    Most underrated song on the album

  69. Adam Perez

    Am I the only one who think ASAP sounds like Eminem when he first starts rapping?

    Rocksmith Pdl

    i think he had cold or blocked nose when he did this song. That makes him sound like eminem a little

    Lil Dado

    He really does

    Fanime Productions T.V.

    Yes u are

    Shanea Swager

    Yes u r

    Jadon Rich

    Lmaoooo yall are stupid asf

  70. immag530

    missin max wishin they could bring the nigga bigga back

  71. Erick Sinatra

    the song and verses when he raps is dope but that damn stupid ass hooks is damn annoying


    The hook and chorus is what makes the song though

    steve rivera

    +Rhymfre true , I love this song cuz of the chorus


    Yeah. Not only is this song chilling, but it's kind of sad. I used to think ASAP Rocky sucked until I heard this album and immediately got into him. I guess it was because I heard "fuckin problems" or because I used to think hip hop elitists like mandolinoh, lil d the comic and mdizzle have the best opinions, which I regret.

  72. ThaBalla79

    I only came for 3:03-4:01

    Mitchell Barnett

    Joe fox is amazing


    @Mitchell Barnett Yes, he is!

  73. Brazy Holmes


  74. Trenton Jackson

    Free MaxB#TheWaveContinues

  75. Liberty Killzz

    The intro Sounds like Wiz Khalifa "singing". Asaps 1st verse sound like Eminem rs. And Joe Fox's outro should of been longer !

  76. tones mac

    "did I fuck it up" 1 of my favorite off the album

  77. frankie shavoo

    free biggabells

  78. Aaron Martindale

    asap shouldve copped a verse from Max thru the jail phone

    Holger Qinami

    Man, what if you were Rocky's inspiration to feature Kodak's verse in Calldrops through the jail phone?


    @Holger Qinami imagine


    Now he's in jail💀 #freerocky

    oscar shmitz

    max at tha beginning of the song

  79. Moses Nichols

    Love the beat.

  80. Dakhari Francis

    I personal think J.cole or Kendrick would had sounded good on this track

    Асанали Ахметов

    J.cole maybe. But Kendrick's voice would not fit on this track

  81. King Bleu


  82. Ryan Palmer

    A max b and rocky collabo woulda been perfect #Harlemworld

  83. Prestons Super Show

    shoutout to asap holding it down , i miss hearing max b...

  84. tones mac

    Free max b

  85. kevin namwisi

    Joke did better than him in these song @frenchsquad

  86. Jeffrulz

    Hold ya head Biggavell

  87. Jeffery King

    I love this song. His first verse reminds me of eminem

    TeQuan Johnson


  88. UnneededChaos561 _

    That Joe Fox hook



  90. C Low

    If we want the wave home we got to support the kid sign that poition for the Kidd owwwww #freemaxb forever missed b home soon

  91. TheAngryBuffaloSportsFan

    Yo wtf was this shit that shit ain't wavy


    @Jake Wong  i know what the fuck it is and this shit was ass


    All I can say is that you're pretty shallow when it comes to music then


    @Jake Wong the only thing shallow is your comment saying I'm shallow because I don't like one song by one artist this shit was garbage I'm not gna say something is fire just because they name there song after max b


    Think songs is good because it's kinda sad and powerful at the same time


    +Jake Wong Check out my page! Hot Beats | Music Video | & More !
    Bmv Media

  92. UnderratedCOMA

    Yoooo guys! I make free beats on my channel for nonprofit use. Check out my stuff and show a brother some love!

  93. Brandon Scavelli

    Did I fuck it up....

  94. TheBromosapien

    This tune.. that Joe Fox verse is absolutely wonderful in my opinion.

    T ICE

    TheBromosapien I’m here because I heard his story and about how he was homeless and ran into asap and now he is where he’s at now