ASAP Rocky - Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye 2 Lyrics

Who the jiggy nigga with the gold links?
Got me reminiscin' 'bout my old day
Three 6; suck a nigga dick, no foreplay, all day
Boomin' out the trap through the hallway
Tell me what you niggas know about it
Auntie sayin' turn it down, or she finna call the cops
We be plottin' on the ops, she the one who got the drop
Just a free, quick fix, to the A and it's okay
They gon' take me back to my old ways
I was tryna chill, poppin' seals ever since I got a deal
Kick it with my model chick
Sip Cris, fuck niggas wanna diss
Now I gotta let 'em know whose really trill

Lord Pretty Flacko, Jodye
Tell these fuck niggas, how you been?
You can freshen our minds, niggas talk down every now and then
On the style, gettin' styled 9 times out of 10
It was, Flacko, Jodye, Flacko, Jodye, Flacko, Jodye

I ain't never lookin' for no handouts
Broke ass niggas never helpin' but they hands out
Find out where the fuck nigga live then we camp out
Screamin' fuck the world, never catch me with my pants down
Always been a stand up guy, I'd rather stand out
Raf Simmons, Stan Smith edition with my bands out
I'm the trillest one to do it since Pimp, nigga hands down
If a nigga put his hands on me, that's a man down
Trick what? Pimps up, hoes down
Woah now, slow down
See they runnin' with my old style
Grow foul, gold smile, you ho now, thuggin' with my old style
It's a shame how they low down
Dirty like Adidas on my sneaker feature, uh
Trappin' through the speaker, peep the beeper ringer, uh
Turnin' off phones, just to reach 'em, gotta beep 'em
I'm a Lord motherfucker, better greet him if you see him


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ASAP Rocky Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye 2 Comments
  1. DASHA

    still here in 2020 .

  2. Natoflorine

    2020 and still bumping this

  3. Behn Grym

    2020 anyone?

  4. KidKinsey

    Y’all peep the perfect cell theme song 👀👀

  5. Vlone Rocky

    Bumping this in the new decade 2020

  6. CoDLegenDz81

    2020 they still ain't ready tho🔥🔥🤙🤙

  7. Idontknowjalen

    I think we caught him with his pants down

  8. Cynric Williams

    this vid is sooo 2015
    [email protected]%#^

  9. Cynric Williams


  10. 6LACK LORD

    A REAL MODERN CLASSIC RIGHT HERE, God DAMN that beat is 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥

  11. Samantha Aguilar

    who is listening to this in 2020? oh wait its the first day nvm. 

  12. K.J Lawrence

    had to play this one more time before the decade ends

  13. Муслим Алимурадов

    Лорд прети флако ✌️

  14. Inferno

    1:28 is literally my favorite part of this song bc of those like 3 beats and idk why but it just gets me pumped up every time I hear it 😂

  15. 이찬규

    에이셉 라키 사랑해요😍😍😍

  16. Yongzhi Guo

    What brand is this bomber jacket?

  17. David Zarza

    "Screamin' fuck the world, never catch me with my pants down" that was obviously a lie.

  18. Chris Wtf

    free Ian

  19. Dub 87

    "never catch me with my pants down" that bar aint age well lmao

  20. Yumi

    i saw this dude's wiener yesterday

    Aka Obey

    Yumi 😳

  21. Argjend Plugi

    Who is here after his sex tape dropped 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️😂😂😂😂😂😂

  22. leonardo 2.0

    This Is a good Song

  23. The Baozooka

    I showed this to my dog now he's my dawg

  24. Matt

    whos this guy in the advertisements saying mike and mary? wtf is that shit? guy ruins every song for me.

  25. rage2247

    classic shit

  26. Akram Kaddouri

    i finally found this song

  27. George Fales

    Idk ace hood version may be little better but barely

  28. Snipes

    still one of the best songs for concerts

  29. Trenton Breaux


  30. Ian Leopold

    This shit STILL hit

  31. GAP


  32. crucialexecutioner69

    Snoeman throwie in hurr

  33. Moneybag Mami

    I will forever bump this idgaf 🔥.

  34. Elena

    YALL HES 31

  35. Esteban Torres

    This song makes me ignore myself

  36. Esteban Torres

    Who yall think is gona die 1st jose

    Gets maad

  37. Esteban Torres

    Jose fino looks like asap rocky


    No pues

  38. Esteban Torres

    This song makes me wanna shoot myself
    Then i think it will probably hurt

  39. Esteban Torres

    Tgis song makes me wanna arrest a police

  40. Esteban Torres

    This song makes me wanna fight myself

  41. SheLikeMy BigLoad

    This song still makes me feel like I can walk in a strip club and pull all the Stripper bitches there

  42. José omar

    I showd this to a hamster now he's a cheetah

  43. Esteban Torres

    I want ASAP money💰

  44. Sapzyy

    Who’s here after Tyler The Crestor put him on stage

  45. Bro shut up ur Mom gey

    I was wondering what song this was in multiply

  46. Childish Alpha

    Who remembers the old thumbnail


    One of the dopest RAPPERS IN STYLE AND RAPPING


    Meanwhile me in a honda civic thinking imma gansgter blasting this

  49. Eisa Al HIJJI


  50. Slum. P

    Asap this is hot

  51. Deacon Clift

    2:09 what's this song called?

  52. Deacon Clift

    What's the song at the by the end called?

  53. Brandon Rios

    0:29 kinda sus a$ap

  54. Evgeny L

    Beat is just crazy. love these guys

  55. -Sir WESLEE-

    The fuck I did not he dropped a vid for this....track was my shit back when it was just a snippet let alone the song release

  56. Beat Rice Kelly

    YAMS Day Bouta Be Lit‼️🚧❤️😂🎒

  57. WidmoCiała


  58. Oh Kkar

    Ace Hood No more Mr. Nice Guy

  59. carlos Costa

    Just 41m"s Views?

  60. Kristof Szabo

    The best mufuckin song ever

  61. Percicide

    Why the hell is there a Russ song in the suggested

  62. Carolmel ATL Productions


  63. Fan Tomasza Hajto

    Crazy man

  64. Amangiechsin

    this song was meant to be played loud

  65. lauso33

    Me before LPFJ2: 🤓
    Me after LPFJ2: 😎

  66. Johnny Ng

    sicko or flacko

  67. Irma 1206

    Indonesia tetetetttt

  68. YourPlug

    2015 vibes. 😔🔥

  69. Daniel

    „Lord flacko the pretty“

  70. AD4S20

    klasyll ll ll!!!1


    czesc to ja!!1!111111

  71. joshua grimes

    All u need to do is put the aux on black and u are litt for the whole day

  72. Matheus Brandão dos Reis

    Talk about m's

  73. Keith 1K

    shit go even crazier if you up the playback speed to 1.25x i almost hadda mf heart attack 🤣

  74. Joe Hlovchiec

    Swear Flatbush zombies low key write a bunch of ASAP hits. Not even trying to troll. I got respect for ASAP but I know how the game works lol #Pittsburghjoe

    Django Unchained

    lol, nah


    you're trying too hard

  75. Iam Excelsus

    Chi per il video di zano con mad?

  76. 100 subs with no video challenge

    This still rocking in 2019

  77. Pierrette fomete

    Je ne comprends rien de ce qu'il dit mais le son est lourd sa mère

  78. Oabile Gower

    Flip Purp didnt even get a credit for the production 😆

  79. Abraham Amdrades

    Is those timbs cuh

  80. River Wilson

    So bad yo, I make way better music and only get like 3 likes tf is this. Blue cheese smellin ass g

    100 subs with no video challenge

    Lol u probably like mumble rappers u stupid child

    100 subs with no video challenge

    Dum dum

  81. Tiger Zeg Frog

    This is my favorite Travis Scott song 👆🏽👆🏽👆🏽

    Babymigo Agustin

    Tiger Zeg Frog Travis Scott?💀😭



  83. plastic surgery

    who’s listening in 2020 ?

  84. Babymigo Agustin

    Goes harder every time

  85. Racheal Buchanan

    This song will be fire🔥 forever. Idgaf 😍

  86. Anand Vandana

    Happy birthday bro have an awesome day your music is next level really good can't wait to celebrate this awesome day it's my birthday too I wish I could have met you hahaha have a good one

  87. Michael Donoghue

    oakland As wildcard walking up to bat brought me back. took me a sec to remember it was ASAP!

  88. Lee Warries

    Man, was I wrong about this song😥😅🔥🔥🔥👏

  89. MewTooth

    2:01 ASAP twelvy always kills me with that part💀💀

    Fernando batista



    Fernando batista shit I was of the acid😂😂 my bad

  90. Juarezito _

    DBZ vibes

  91. Locc Dogg

    This beat 🔥