ASAP Rocky - Kids Turned Out Fine Lyrics

Kids are kids, understand
Out late, going crazy, kids innocent
Kids are kids, understand
Out late, going crazy, kids innocent

The girls just want fun
The boys we make noise
The girls kiss the girls
I thank god (aah)
The kids will be alright
Just fine
I heard about all of the long trials in life
All the drugs on my mind
All the troubles I can find
Still I smile
The kids will be alright
Just fine
All the colors are alive
No longer black or white

Kiss the kids, call you baby daddy
Tell em' who's daddy
Call your papi
Tell em' that you happy
Shout it loud so they all know how you feel exactly
Inside sunny energize
Think about it like you feelin' alive
On the mama boy she swear to god
Lady said that she ain't into guys
Brand new 'cedes with the intercom
Table made is for the dinner vibe
Ain't a killa so don't kill the vibe
Disrespect them that's a different side
Adderall and alcohol
The teachers called, the doctor called
The block too hot the Marshall called
See em' grow and watch em' crawl

Hands touch the wall
The kids do the lines
Alright (aah)
Just fine
The kids turned out fine
The kids turned and run
I heard about all of the long trials in life
All the drugs on my mind
All the troubles I can find
Still I smile
The kids will be alright
Just fine
Smoke weed, pour a line
The kids turned out fine
I pour a line
I lose my mind

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ASAP Rocky Kids Turned Out Fine Comments
  1. Фёдор Смирнов

    LSD Ou Yes Яя

  2. G Ha sll

    야이개새끼야 뒤질뻔했잖아

  3. Travis F

    That ending though.

  4. shivani thali

    Watched this after smoking some premium kush ngl this shit is right on !🥵

  5. Mike Sum

    This + off the air=🙃

  6. Rafael Barboza

    My favorite banger no cap 🐐🔥♥️🙏🥇💯

  7. Geoffrey Salvatierra

    The clouds in ny are like that purple in the afternoon it’s beautiful

  8. Kelly Bui

    best mannequin challenge !!

  9. TriLL N


  10. SmoothTj

    I’m js now listening to this rocky really underrated 🤦🏽

  11. JosLu 966

    I love how everyone idolizes psychedelics to be this amazing feeling with nature vibes but nobody ever talks about the bad trips delics cans do to someone. Earl sweatshirts been the only one I know to actually mention having a bad acid trip

  12. atta nyarko

    ASAP Rocky deserves a documentary, I bet it would be beautiful and inspiring. He deserves so much more appreciation 🔥🔥

  13. deez nutz

    the way this switches into "changes".... sheeesh, still fire to this day.

  14. Sharks are amazing!!!

    I’m here from the comments of Morning Sun by Dave Bixby and I’m clueless

  15. Shayne Ford

    feeling like i should prob save this song for my next trip

  16. Padas

    Visual masterpiece!

  17. Wanna be Star


  18. JMAN Fighting Co.

    JMANS anthem

  19. Mighel Akando

    The video is aesthetically pleasing in itself.. the music just sets the tone

  20. Tamale King

    Everyday life struggles, no matter your color we can all relate!! That’s the message I got anyways.

  21. Wndrly. Mg

    4:46 I can relate so much with this part😫

    George 1

    Its taken (in part/inspo) from UGK ft OutKast Int'l Players Anthem

  22. LemonSweg TV

    Why Does The Melody Kinda Sound Like A Sprite Cranberry Commercial 0:36

  23. Matias Nahuel

    Good Morning - Don't Come Home Today

  24. ivan mateo fernandez

    Me di un ácido, la cosa es que me puse a ver su video de lcd y por recomendados me trajo a este, yo soy alguien que escucha rock usualmente pero jamás había visto un video tan loco
    Recomendadisimo si se dan un lcd, lo verán de la mejor manera posible

  25. Owen Owen

    The Good morning Band are heated,

  26. GNOE Storm Playz

    2020 gang also why this and lsd hit hard af especially while high it's a whole new feeling rocky underated

  27. Tom’s Chief Executive Secretary of Judgement

    Im tripping. This is tremendous. I wish people could understand the beauty and the genius behind this.

    Joshua Fersko

    Tom’s Chief Executive Secretary of Judgement omg right his videos when tripping go crazy i took 3 tabs and watched all the testing vids, lsd, sundresss at my peak and they made like the most derailed and interesting movie i’d ever seen

    Tom’s Chief Executive Secretary of Judgement

    Joshua Fersko i zoned out for 3 hours watching these videos off 3 tabs completely faded out of existence

    Rafael Barboza

    You slow for saying that just say his music is 🔥💯

  28. Nathan Nel

    Who else starting 2020 with this?

  29. the grinchiest flix

    just noticing that he reverses andre 3000s verse on international players anthem at the end, I love that song, absolutely a great touch

  30. ThatMemeGuyLOL

    What bout' a credit to the original artist Good Morning - Don't Come Home Today?

  31. Roan Evergreen

    Fake n***as rap shit. Asap rocky shits raps

  32. MeRa Fawn

    2:21 there's the bass player from ocean Grove


    What car is the testing car, old challenger?

  34. Cole Mcnut

    Best song off testing

  35. briana b

    Watching this on molly

  36. Cupriferous Catalyst

    So sad to see all these comments from teenagers talking about all the drugs they do. I'm all for artistic expression and would never wanna censor anyone ever, but is that really the takeaway here?

  37. Riley Wayton

    In the start of the video, is that from the Michael Rapaport Wilfred Warrior video? The voice that plays?

  38. Matias Montecinos

    first day of summer and Im here ready for the tripp niggas, thx for this A$AP

  39. Karlik M

    tHe troubles we go through as individuals and how what we go through sculpts us as a person (human being

  40. LosTim x

    You should check out the original song don't come home today by good morning

  41. Ice Bando

    "Ima let you know" not a good song mane your high!!!!

  42. meshelle ann


  43. Wxsted

    dope Good Morning Sample

  44. Tony lee

    He knows his warm colors n Frequencies

  45. Mirna Salinas

    My baby fell asleep with this song


    0:35 💜💘💟

  47. Alex Rodrigues

    nossaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa que viagem vibe .... brasil na escuta

  48. Philip J. Cry


  49. Syddich

    This guy the Basquiat of Hip-Hop ... just love his world and arty input to the game

  50. Liverpool

    Красава, России по кайфу твой рэп

  51. Wah_shee_


  52. emma brooks

    can anyone suggest to me any songs that sound similar to this? i love it

  53. John Paskell

    The End of this video really hits

  54. Aidan McGovern

    this beat hit different

  55. Denis G.

    Piece of art.

  56. Themixmusicandmore

    Rocky made tyler more sawagged out and tyler made rocky more poetic

  57. slU mp

    kids turned out fine

  58. Fli Own

    I just began listening to asap rocky, I listened to the entierety of, to praise the lord and to this. I think this is the best song I listened so far. Its so diferent to anything on I feel like there is inspiration from psychedelic music. I'm not a critic so I'm just gonna say that I really love this song and I hope that he makes other song like this. I think I'm gonna go listen to testing. I'm looking forward to listen to what he is gonna do next and to what he has already done.

  59. take adig at

    2020? Whos waiting for the next studio album?

  60. nachobear24

    this beat is so sad compared to actual song, love rocky but this beat and song is trash. please try and listen to original song, Don't Come Home Today from Good Morning

  61. Brandon Brown

    I’m honestly trippin balls rn and asap rocky got me right😭

  62. John Solobro

    "The girls, just want fun
    the boys, we make noise"
    ps. i actually had a monarch land on my finger too. I dunno if it's acid or energy, but the thing was cool with me too. just sayin'

  63. Jacob St John

    I solved the mystery behind mind control and Human Origins

  64. Kyra Ashley

    He really likes singing about girls who like girls doesn’t he

    Kyra Ashley

    Cxmpromised you sound mad

    Kyra Ashley

    gigi kan there are quite a few, I’ll find them

    gigi kan

    Kyra Ashley if u find any examples plz let me know xx

    Kyra Ashley

    gigi kan ASAP forever he sings about his girl liking girls

    Tom’s Chief Executive Secretary of Judgement

    He likes girls

  65. Open Your Mind

    So sad to see a monarch butterfly in this Asap rocky video...
    Google MK ULTRA

  66. Eztocry Beats

    эй копченый !!!
    когда деньги за пиво вернешь ???!!!!

  67. Jehwhagsvwjaisbbwjsjsj 3

    It took me a acid trip to fully appreciate ASAP rockys music

  68. Adam

    4:07 hits home

  69. Wayne Mousley

    He has the best videos

  70. Hizzy Bone

    This song really helped me open up to my self.
    Acid.thank you rocky

  71. akbar mamedov

    the most peaceful song and music video ever

  72. RollingSlur

    Aye, I can see

  73. Trason Firkins

    Hoooooolhhhyyy shitttttttt


    [if you are interested in my life]
    instagram: @shotsbyseah
    facebook: prawn productions
    youtube: prawn productions
    twitter: @shotsbyseah

  75. Customz

    Its like his life flashed before his eyes when he took lsd because hes mad of all the shit he could have changed but he didn't until he realized it was too late.

  76. Fly Ash

    High af thinking about how i will raise my kids. (I'm 21 :p)

  77. Diego gudiño

    this is art.

  78. Veronika Skalska

    velmi interesantna pesnicka podla mna a naty :))

  79. Dovydas Sabaliauskas

    Wait, is ASAP still tripping?

  80. Julien Tessier

    Idc this is the music video of the decade.


    Julien Tessier Fr

  81. morton


  82. Urlocallicebreeder

    kinda sad how good mornings “don’t come home today” song didn’t get any credit

    aesthetic virgo coochie • 20 years ago

    I wonder if they’ve been told that the song was going to get sampled, the guitar riff in particular


    for those who are in the subject MOSCOW GANGSTA!!!!

  84. Tanner Nelson

    What's the song at the end called?

  85. Comics

    I'm here to say that everyone who hasn't tried Magic Mushrooms or LSD should really take a chance at it. It has been the most beautiful experience and I feel cured of all my sadness and depression. Currently leaving my trip on Magic Mushrooms and I am ready to be a new human again, thank you Rocky :D

    Austin Eisenhart

    They aren't good for everyone though. People who generally don't want to do it and people with histories of mental illness in their family should not take it. That's the only way I feel psychedelics can be bad for people since to me their is no such thing as a bad trip

  86. El Fatalisto Rapper

    Я знаю кем вдохновился Хаски на создание клипа детка,голливуд

  87. Hell Raiser

    Currently on acid listening to this with my boyfriend shits wild

  88. wafel220

    4:16 i wish i was that happy in life

  89. JuGGz Dog

    What i come too when i am feeling the acid kick in, rocky you are inspirational to me & us all, i love you man. Thanks.

  90. Watch MT

    Like really great

  91. Watch MT

    Very very great video

  92. Steven Mora

    Hello Bros. Yo soy de Costa Rica. Un rapero sin apoyo, con ideas increíbles. Sobre todo con ganas de algún día formar parte de New York. I'm Fight for my dreams, I'm the MC.🎤🇨🇷

  93. CasperTheDopestGhostInTown

    Is David Lynch editing A$AP's videos now? 😂🔥

  94. Gioni g

    Anyone else see zillakami in this tho