ASAP Rocky - Keep It G Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
This is music for the villains, sophisticated cheering
ASAP in the house, now we're finna run the building
Working never chilling 'til I get a million
To the ceiling, now my niggas gunning for a billion
They ask me how I'm livin, I say I'm gold grillin
Niggas acting different, motherfuck a friendship
These bitches is persistent, talking about I'm distant
Lost my mind a long time ago to find it, need forensics
For instance, I get-get my dick licked
Red bone, complexion like a piglet, kiss-kiss
Fuck Ace, we sip Cris, afford it because I'm getting it
Drip-drip, the thought of it is ignorant, isn't it?
I'm ticklish, stunting is my business
Swagging on you hoes and I'm shitting on you niglets
So little homie, peep game
Cause these other rappers lame and don't care to do the same

(Hey, young blood) Stay true to the game
Fuck them lames, keep it motherfucking G
(Hey, young blood) Nigga I'm a tell you
Like a motherfucking G told me
(Hey, young blood) Stay true to yourself
Everyday, low-motherfucking-key
(Hey, young blood) Cause at the end of the day
Fuck what you say, nigga I'm going to be it G

[Verse 2:]
Well let me tell you about a nigga like me
I be smoking, choking, black locing with the OE
She wants to take a dick ride, we slide
Straight to the telly, shaking her jelly with my dick inside
Hit it in motion, in slow motion, hit it
Nigga, she's open, nigga I'm poking, split it
With it, get it right there in the bed
Open up your legs, let me beat that pussy red
Fuck what you said, I'm a still do me
Groupies, be sucking and fucking, porno movie
Do we have a problem in here
Look a nigga in the eye as I notice the fear
I am severe, my style is hella sharp, like a spear
All I do is sit back and think with a 40 beer
And you gotta feel the funk
While the bass plays loud booming all in your damn trunk


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ASAP Rocky Keep It G Comments
  1. Anthony Osuna

    Still slamming this beat on 2020 vibes

  2. MMA Via

    This album reigns supreme

  3. Bobby Grossman


  4. Brie Jynell

    Still bumpin 2020. This Era was timeless

  5. i StompOpz

    Going into college and been using this song too get me through some phases of life and now that I’m becoming a man I just needed some extra motivation

  6. Thomas Boyd

    This that getting faded type music🔥



  8. Alice Plummer

    This is his hardest song

  9. Betty Regalado

    Banger 🔊💨💨

  10. Julian garcia

    still fucking heat🔥

  11. Nicolas Wieser

    Wow it's a sample utilisée for 0r Nepal Insomnie 😦

  12. Brandon Grisson

    That Fall 2011 shit straight out of high school, Good times!

  13. James Bones

    2020 still slaps💯

  14. charlie

    Classic af

  15. Trust Me

    Produced By Spaceghostpurrp

  16. Bethany Mcn

    2019 is almost over and this is still fire 🔥

    Jack Cough

    Yes ma’am

  17. chrome Heart32

    2011-2012 vibes

  18. OOF559

    Some of you don’t understand how important SGP is 🤦‍♂️ we ain’t never gonna a COLLAB like this again



  20. Verco 69

    Népal ,les français qui l’écoutent connaissent cette instru

  21. OPALSPAN -

    “Workin never chillin”
    Damn a$ap changed his type of beats

  22. chris waight

    8 years later still such a fucking tuuuuune!!

  23. ZSxSwerv Williams

    Words of the wise!

  24. The last one You’ll see

    Musically genius

  25. lit kid

    1st time hearing. Wow.... I been knew who A$ap was, but never heard this. Ran across it listening to random beats online

    Django Unchained

    recommend to listen to all of his liveloveasap mixtape.

    New Perspective

    This a SGP beat

    New Perspective

    It's called London blues, sgp made ASAP mob

  26. Dallas Harlem


  27. Michael Medeiros

    hello its almost 2020 :)

  28. Standard

    This the type of music I think of when I’m so high and trying to think of scenarios to make me at my happiest. When me and my boys are smoking it everyone does different shit but I want us to be driving down a long empty road, sun setting, light breeze in the air high as hell happy and enjoying life for all its moments. Been reminiscing a lot lately and I think my cure for that is getting high and thinking about those nights full of ps2, snacks, my old friends I ain’t seen in time just all enjoying the moments. Guess I’m just too high but still lmao

  29. Fuego

  30. Zuko Sobuza

    this song reminds me of a friend of mine wh passed away this year, late Jan... R.I.P. NJ Bolo

  31. Bach Expired

    This song was a premonition bro I swear... There's something really off about the beginning of the song with the whole "A$AP started this shit..." Fuck Bari bro... fuck Bari big time...

  32. Krayzie 54

    Asap got lost in the sauce damm 😞 .... wearing dresses and rocking purses aint G , NeVer was. Keep it G ✨

    Prince Slice

    Krayzie 54 Lmaoooo

  33. Horens Millers

    2019 still smoking to this

  34. Casavant Alexis

    This song is kinda similar to what you wont do for love choped up

  35. Francisco Domingo

    Stay tru to the game, fuck tha lames, keep it G 💯💲🎲

  36. 04 Till Infinity

    A mi bela le doy fuego
    Lo mas fresco del juego
    White di el mejor lo demuestro cuando sueno

    Le doy fuego a mi bela
    Con ritmo o acapella
    WD el mejor mis rimas llegan a tu vena

  37. dylan moore

    Is that diddy in the intro please correct me???

    roddyveli !

    dylan moore nah it’s chase infinite

  38. -. J \

    Best mix tape

  39. guy

    never knew that SGP produced this. Mind is blown

    roddyveli !

    guy yep

  40. BEN

    Août 2019 🔥💪🏼

  41. Kenneth Macalos

    Still. 🔥

  42. CWKBigMac

    Motherlode-soft shell sample

  43. Dom DelaWeeds

    ❤ 🌎 ✌️

  44. Lucas Schmidt

    I've been listening all day and i just received that he's outta Jail

  45. Lil kutt Thr0at


  46. Viktorr


  47. Alexandra Byrd

    2019? miss these beats A$AP

  48. Ray Love

    Sick ass beat🔥

  49. Twashawn Gray

    Free him asap ! .✊🏿

  50. Nathan Moreno

    This song reminds me of times of peace my nigga

  51. G0THIC

    Free flaco

  52. 93 'Til Infinity

    #FreeASAP Incarcerate the radical Left that made up the "white privelage" myth

  53. Mimi M

    Free you man ❤️✊🏾

  54. Emilio Garcia

    Free my boy rocky💯

  55. Joshua Baham

    Free a$ap

  56. icce Wallow Comme 69

    Music for the villains

  57. Unknown Ways

    It’s Crazy How Half You Dont Even What Tha Real Phonk is And I guess you will never Know

  58. Lekk Tv

    This song still goated 🐐🐐🐐💯💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥

  59. Mates Matty Pstraš

    2019 still in🖤

  60. PatrickFtw

    I wish rocky and sgp would link back up. Made the best shit in those days

  61. IFreakingEatPeople

    Free asap

  62. Miguel Ramirez


  63. DeSoRare

    july 2019?

  64. Gianni Causey


  65. mar b

    Never sick of this

  66. Marcus Sena


  67. Zadig The Jasp

    The most underrated song of Asap !!!

  68. Megan

    Rip David ❤️

  69. Cedric Williamson

    2019 . classic tape

  70. Malia Sosa

    Still go hard in 2019 🤷🏻‍♀️🔥🔥🔥🔥

  71. Marcus S


  72. Erika Gang

    Asap needa drop a mixtape w beats like this.. Throw it back for us for a minnn

  73. Harold, 4th of his name.


  74. Jaso I Jasos808s

    This Always Takes Me Back To When Me And My Late Friend Used To Rap To Each Other Over The Phone Lol. R.I.P Yazmin I'm Sorry I Couldn't Be There For You G 💜

    Lekk Tv

    Stay up

  75. AJY

    2019 !!?

  76. Kenny Cordero

    2019? 😔🙏

  77. Scoobert Doobert

    This beat needs to be locked up cause it’s fucking KILLER

  78. SC Assault Ninja

    This Song...

  79. Brakster Mixtures

    Aye yung blood

  80. Santana J

    Why isn’t this on Spotify ???

  81. MegaSubscribe

    1.25 speed trust me

  82. Tommy Webb

    keep it mf G

  83. Crash BanditLoot

    Red bone complexion like a piglet. Ill album

  84. Vinci Perri

    I look at rocky now and forget why I ever fw his music cuz his shit ass now. But I listen to this and I know he got it in him he just gotta tell past all that pretty boy shit.

  85. July Romero

    Keep it 2019?? Ha!!

  86. Felipe azul

    Spaceghostpurp kill this😎👌