ASAP Rocky - Jodye Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Bitch motherfuckers trying to fake it trill
Sneak diss you just to make a bill, now the world won't take you serious
When I met you, you was painting nails
Leave a motherfucker layin' still, bang him with the stainless steel
Cause I'm making the order
Laugh at the altar, pullin' a Lord up
Don't get someone sawed up
Your brain in a sawdust, niggas is washed up
I bang out in Florida
Streets of Miami, goons out in Georgia
Been to New Orleans
But still a New Yorker, nigga the talk of
Town, nigga we bossed up
Bounce, but when you talk to the Lord
Of course you're forced to
Bow down like a motherfuckin' peasant
Still that pretty motherfucker
And you know Harlem's what I'm reppin' nigga

Fuck them other niggas ‘cause I'm down for my niggas
Fuck them other niggas ‘cause I'm down for my niggas
Fuck them other niggas, I'll ride for my niggas, I’ll die for my niggas
Man, fuck them other niggas!

Please talk to me lord, I am here for you lord

[Verse 2]
Gettin' faded, hair gettin' braided
Sophie sniffed a line of ye
Playin' spades, bumpin' Jimi Hendrix "Purple Haze"
A 40 to the face, call my homies from around the way
Give me that pussy, I'll be on my way
But grab the jimmy so the bitch don't get no cash up out me
Pretty nigga, I'm a jiggy nigga, ask about me
Fuck niggas talkin' trash about me
But you know I toke a gauge, it can make any problem go away
Talkin' Jay, talkin' Ye, that mean you niggas talkin' cray
Razor blade across your face, I fix my face then walk away
I guess then there's nothin' more to say
Trill nigga to the death, whether Hell or the pearly gates
I think back to my early days
Whippin' and pinchin' that broad dough
It's a bit different now, switchin' and flippin' that raw flow
Substance get me higher, reefer and some fire
The devil is a liar, biased preachers shall retire
Jesus walked on water, I'm preachin' to the choir
Long live A$AP, now bow to your Messiah, bitch!

Let the Lords toast with the Lords
Toast to the Lords
We come Gods, come Lords
Lords! Lords! Lords!
Oh Lord! Toast to the Lords!
As we [?] this day, please pray for us
When comes the saints, comes the evils, brings the Lords

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ASAP Rocky Jodye Comments
  1. Casey M

    ASAP featuring Bowser

  2. Jessica Bennett

    2019 🤘😎

  3. Malik Nova VS The World


  4. Dorian

    I think a part of Yeezus is inspired by this song

    Prod. BOSS JOSH

    bruh that came out after this album

  5. Ricky Thurman

    Fuck You Ricky Ricky Champer's I'm Sorry Ceareal!

  6. sterlo seven

    why is this instrumental so fucking scary, it's like some kind of sound you would hear if you were in a mental asylum

  7. Ricky Thurman

    Give Do fi a.cnt.

  8. Graveyard Shift

    I like this song it makes me go on creepy mode

  9. Donnell Conner

    Honestly don't fuck with asap as I used to.. cause of the raider klan gay rumors that sgp.. the homie was tryin ta Mack on asap saying oh yea he fine n shyt.. smh TRASH XD SOMEONE HACKED HIS TWITTER ACCOUNT DUDE NVA TOUCHING ANOTHER MAN DICK LIKE.. BUT SEEING ASAP RAPPED THIS WAY YOU CAN FEEL SGP VOCALS FRM THIS ASAP ALBUM
    .. AND DAMN... PART OF THE REAL WAS ATTACHED TILL HE RELE BLEW UP NOW HE WEARING SKIRTS?!!... I love this song to listen to when I'm a bit buzzed from alcohol..

  10. Amoe Shakur

    S/O to Joey Fatts

  11. Kareem White

    ASAP god

  12. Nile Fatland

    Just found out Joey Fatts produced this, wow

  13. Omar Sanchez

    Who tf produced this

    metal beatz

    Mister Sanchez Joey Fatts

    Corey Thurman

    Thank You

  14. Melissa

    dude tacos

  15. Iodiumix Lirentix

    This brings out the evil in me

  16. Shoaib K

    Unique beat and the sample is from a video game

    Yung Suracha

    +Shoaib K Which game?

    yavuz sariyar

    @Yung Suracha Breath of Fire 4

  17. Julian Cruz

    fucked love this song

  18. The Voice Of Showgun

    Beat dope af

  19. The Voice Of Showgun

    Beat dope af

  20. absoluteform3

    raider would have rapped better on this

    Carlos G

    Raider isn't a person


    that statement didnt imply that they were a person

    Corey Crafty

    +absoluteform3 true

  21. ACG 501

    Purrp got merked on this track!

    Donnell Conner

    .... Wasn't fa spaceghost asap wouldnt of shined...$$$$!

  22. David Huerta

    Shits raw like dead meat

    Corey Thurman


  23. Kreative Genius

    real shit though.

  24. lilmissladii23

    These are exactly the type of lyrics that young black men look up to and live by. We killing each other every day because we don't care about each other just the "niggas" they be with on daily..... That's really scary.


    u have too much estrogen too be bumping this lol u should be bumping Justin Beiber FOH

  25. Vloggmus Prime

    The first time I heard this song, my friend just played the first thirty seconds, and I thought the rest was a gears of war remix.

  26. Chris Kuharski

    this song is on a loop and plays constantly in my murder chamber

  27. La_Cruz


    Jessica Bennett

    That's part of the charm 👑🤘

  28. BuddhaInADumpTruck

    Some random kid in SoWavey's livestream sent me here..

  29. Avenue Jia

    ASAP boy

  30. Mark Spera

    find a dude you hate. put jodye on. fuck him up

  31. jumbosmalls

    He's saying "attviking will comment on me talking backwards insinuating about some Satan worshiping shit."

  32. B Woods

    1:30-1:48 he's talking backwards.

  33. Sean Prem

    bruh not to start nuttin, I just wish the beef between BRK n A$AP would end n they all make music together but Rocky just dissed BLVCKLVND n basically BRK

  34. Joseph D

    Only song I dident like from the whole album

  35. Jonathan Ratte

    love this song

  36. ilovebalenciaga

    Gimme that pussy I be on my way

  37. brooklynne whalen

    this is my shit!!!!! i get crunk to this look at this face im serious!!!!

  38. Cristian Ramirez

    the shizzzness!

  39. Kyle Tschida

    Love when they chant that kendrick line in there