ASAP Rocky - JD Lyrics

Yo, what's your name, young blood?
What they call you?
Well I got, I got, James, Jimmy or Byron Dean
Yeah, I've been feeling that really JD swag lately

Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye stepped up in this piece
Bust my Glock to ensure that all you niggas rest in peace
Uh, Schwarzenegger I, straight slaughter niggas
I'm offin niggas, screaming off with niggas' heads
They all surrender, better call for niggas
Come at all you niggas heads, talk em off a ledge
I'm arguing with 'em, I'm done talking with 'em
I order coffins for 'em, call the coroner for 'em
Get a comforter for 'em, I did all you niggas' beds
I want all you niggas dead
You want oil nigga money, royalness and bread
Royalties instead of rollies for your boys, but loyalty is dead

Now I'm only up again
Kick... kick a man while he's down
Looks dead; can't be safe to say it
Everybody's getting punished
Looking down to sell with you, how have you been?
Probably an undercover, had them undercovers with you
People buying and selling for you
I'll only sell with you if you're blind to sell

Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye stepped up in this piece
Bust my Glock to ensure that all you niggas rest in peace
Rep my block, quick to draw on all you niggas if there's beef
Blow your spot, better pray to Lord this shit don't hit the streets
Jimmy Dean

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    Pharsyde so fuckiny beautiful omm

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    Bro youre so lookin like ajimmy dean hltppcoeckt rn 7.uuunofficial bitch lmao

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    the visuals are crazy as always.

  11. Jemini Watson

    2020 anyone

    Jimmy Toutseul

    Yeah from Paris ahahah

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    R.I.P Yams

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    Zawsze i wszedzie, gierczak jebany bedzie

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    amazing visual

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  24. Pulsing Fire

    i just wanna point out something yall can decide what u think, you can think this is all coincidence , but at 01:18 you can see rocky doing the 666 sign with his hand, and suddenly the butterfly turns red, goes from white to red, from pure to evil. But thats not all, you know who died January 18th ( and 666 in 1:18) . Exactly asap yams, my man was sacrificed.

    Pulsing Fire

    Its inbetween 01:17 and 01:18 sry the timestamp wasnt exact

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    2020 bitch

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    Lord Pretty Flacko

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    This one of the Best hip hop videos of the 10s Era, it's just so RAW and there's nothing else like it.

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    2020 who here?

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    No bullshit this might be the best music video I've ever seen. For whatever reason throughout the years I keep coming back and find new details to enjoy

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    The song from the beggining?

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    Pharcyde- asap rocky

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    Rocky should be in the next MK movie.
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