ASAP Rocky - Houston Old Head Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Smoking rolling reefer up, I adjust the tweakers up
Break it, break it down, break it down so I can beat it up
Where the welcome back? Where the welcome at? My sneaker tough
This is for my old head go on turn your speakers up
Rocky, where you been? I been tryna make my ends meet
So I can cope that Bathin Ape or Jeremy Scott or 10 Deep
Bottles full of Rose, riding in the Benz jeep
Blowing money fast, now I'm finna think I'm Big Meech
I met with my old head we sat for a while
We rolled a couple swishers, we chat for a while
I said I'm just on my grind I come to Houston all the time
He said what's been goin' down in your New York state of mind
Fine, there are bad days you feel like givin up
Like how you gon' eat when this gig is up
When the chips is down and the jig is up
But I don't give a fuck, roll another swisher up
Cause I just came here down South so I could get these pounds out
And move my mother nice somewhere closer than a town house
And my beats banging kicking harder than a roundhouse
I spoke with my old head and this is what I found out

Life is just a bitch, a bitch is like a ho
Hoes want the money, money come and goes
Friends turn to foes, foes they be fake
If you listen when ya old head talkin' you'll be straight

[Verse 2]
Now my old head old age bald head rogaine
Code red codeine, nose red cocaine
Pimpin bitches since lemon chicken shrimp lo mein
Gold chains afros platforms soul train
And he told me 'bout that rappin trappin in the old days
When pop homeboy shock before that rat tat tat tat nose rings
And I'm so high I could fuck around and grow wings
And we sipping on something purpler than soul plane
We sip slow, slow swing, tip foes and chrome wings
Told me I should head home and do my own thang
Then I heard my phone rang, hold up that's my old dame
Pick it up I hit you back, miss me and I miss you back
She said harlem miss you too and they can't wait to get you back
You should come on home leave the drugs alone and stick to rap
Just don't come back flossin cause that type of shit'll get you clapped


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ASAP Rocky Houston Old Head Comments
  1. phuck

    Smoked many'o times to this song

  2. Juan Lopez

    I remember listening to this back in 2013 🔥🔥🔥

  3. rosegoldbb

    This a lowkey motivational song ✅😉


    If u listen when your old head is talking u be straight

  4. rosegoldbb

    Classic shit👌✅✅✅🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  5. Mr. Nope

    Underrated Banger

  6. Darz

    Wish this song was on Spotify D:

  7. alex estevez

    Who’s still VIBING in 2020??

  8. Mary Daniels

    Asap sean Mac wiz currensy cole kanye

  9. Jorge Aguilar

    My 2020’s

  10. Tom Brown

    This was on Spotify as a podcast and they’ve removed it 😭😭


    2020 and still bumping this 😌

  12. Maya

    Omggggg A$AP Rocky in 2011-2014 was fucking GOLDDDDDDDD. Fucking love him in those years.

  13. Tom Contino

    I'm keeping this song to 2020

  14. Ashley

    this song alleviates my depresison.

  15. Jordan Howard

    2019 listeners??

  16. Salvatore House

    Why is LoveLiveASAP virtually impossible to find now? No where on iTunes music and hard to find on YouTube. I don’t understand.


    Salvatore House it was a mixtape bro, my nigga blow up off a mixtape

  17. Getmoney Miguel

    Houston stand up❗❗

  18. Caleb Martinez

    This is one of those songs you actually learn from

  19. Ashmane.

    I wonder if they’ll have xfinity there

  20. Ashmane.

    She’s actually going to a different planet

  21. Barry B


  22. Devon Branham

    This song just brings up the past every time I listion to it

  23. Arely Gambino

    ASAP just so fine

  24. Pablo Sanchez

    Back when ASAP was good

  25. Akono Miles

    Decade's coming to an end. Had to revisit this one. So many memories. Cheers to many more man

  26. Jose perez

    this song will always be abnager.... miss the old rocky his new shit trash in comparison

  27. shyguy

    I could hear dom k on this

  28. Clusterfukk Paid

    Who’s listening in 2020?

  29. Michael Gross

    2019 novembeer... still shlappin'

  30. Yusuff Oyewole

    who's here on the Saturday after halloween. #AWGE

  31. Bradford Poole

    Gonna be a banger forever

  32. Derek Hardin

    October 2019, where ya at peeps, still smokin and crusin daily to this shit.

  33. William Flowerz

    This is a Curren$y beat, I cant remember which song someone help me out

  34. Drew Guapo

    I will love this song for ever , 2012 was the best year

  35. Joeseph Savage

    This is when you had no worries... miss this rocky and those times 💯❤

  36. TheAfrothunderr

    old head

  37. AutoDzn

    this comment section is where the real niggas of our generation reside

  38. Gabriel Yago Martins

    The beat is amazingg

  39. Incognito User

    2019 I’m still bumping this

  40. Savvy KroniK

    This always been a favorite ever since this dropped. This a slumper to roll the block for sure

  41. Carlos Nieto

    ive been using this song as my alarm for 2 years and im still not sick of it lol

  42. JaviAIR

    i listened to this album the first night i ever got high, 13 years old in 2011...this song takes me right back to that first bong rip haha

  43. Drew

    Man I miss this asap rocky, I can't respect dude anymore though. Bro black ball dudes on the come up, he 100% sucka. If you think otherwise you been sleep....


    You're broke Drew, shut the fuck up you lame.

    D. B.

    @ApexFortified23 I'm not gonna lie but old asap is 100% better

  44. Bianca Likes Pizza

    Talkin bout acceptance 🙏🏼✨

  45. Donald Ford

    I guess all the dislikes are hoes, n friends that are fake

  46. John Paradise

    Life is just a bitch a bitch is like a ho/
    Hoes want the money money come and goes/
    Friends turn to foes foes they be fake/
    If you listen when ya old head talkin' you'll be straight

  47. R.a.w Wood

    Life a bitch who hits up your phone and don't check her tone.


  48. 진외힙

    Still classic in 2019

  49. Christopher Zavala


  50. Interstellar Five

    daaaaammnnn bro high school

  51. Maxilinexus

    1:43 best part

  52. Jayy98

    playing this at 0.75 is 10x better than original

  53. Your Son

    Why am I just now hearing this?!?!?

  54. sk8kidize

    He needs to put this mixtape on Apple Music

  55. ced ced

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 FIRE AFFFFF

  56. basedjj93

    Damn I miss these days 😅 2019 been a minute since I vibed to this one. Classic

  57. God Kungfufith

    Group boyz

  58. The3Budz

    smoking a blunt bumping this can’t get any better

  59. 1337

    1.1K People have no genitals

  60. 5200 Cuzzo

    Back in the era when Tumblr was really Poppin!

  61. sonia escobar

    oh yeerr

  62. Iloveprettyfeet Women

    Funny how the east coast use to say the south had no juice 🤣🤣🔥🔥🔥#houstonOldHead


    rocky is from new york though lol

    Iloveprettyfeet Women

    ProdByLoDivino but he mentioning Houston is what I’m saying, I know where he from....

  63. Jose Benitez

    If your here have a good day you have the best taste of music🧡😁

  64. M Anzuoni

    who is "bumping" this in the year of our lord 2019?

    juan gonzalez

    M Anzuoni on my momma

    Solid StaleFry

    On me brah

  65. Jswisha Swisha j

    2019 still bumpin

  66. Omarr Koroma

    Album got me thru

  67. Jaime B.


  68. xifenix187

    Free A$AP Rocky 2019

  69. J breezzy

    where did the time go.



  71. Surge Álvez

    This kid is garbage, please lock his ass up in Swedish Hall Prison, indefinitely.

    B D

    stay out of cloud rap's lane ctfu

  72. Amy Byvick

    2019, Free A$AP Rocky!!!😅

  73. Artkid92

    Damn time flys

  74. James Hull

    Free Rocky!!

  75. rox rr

    Ain't this song truu

  76. C R E A M


  77. Z.I. Productions

    Free Rocky

  78. Omarr Koroma

    Big meech

  79. Allan Aguon

    2019 and still bumping NothingButLove from GUam.SWIMBACK

  80. Offical Gio

    Still fire in 2019 🔥

  81. Gabriella Trujillo

    Who’s still bumping 🤙🏼

  82. flim flam

    Old head

  83. Danner Wintle

    all hail lord flacko

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    Free A$AP

    Europe is for Europeans

  85. Tlem.


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    Free Rocky

  87. Jay MGTOW

    His best work

  88. sinvil_

    fucckkkkk miss this

  89. Dustin M

    2019 "sippin on something similar to soul plane" fuck. Classic.

  90. Jay Byrd

    Everytime I hear this I feel like buying an ounce and putting it on replay and smoking to it

  91. Shean Roche


  92. Christopher Orosz

    free my boy rocky tho

  93. rocketman jeff

    Man middle school and high school all i heard was asap,kendrick with section 80 and j cole,drake and 2 chainz