ASAP Rocky - Holy Ghost Lyrics

Ay, I have a message from the Most High that says
"This negra kept his soul from the Devil"
It's true, I guess I mean, wait a minute now
Is your people really that God damn ign'ant? Really? Really?

Church bells and choir sounds, tell 'em, "Quiet down"
Bow your head, the Most High's around cocktails
Guys and gals miss me, ties and gowns happen now
My attire sells, how you tryna sound? Stop it now
They ask me why I don't go to church no more
Cause church is the new club and wine is the new bub
And lies is the new drugs
My sister the next stripper, my brother the next victim
My usher the next tricker
Satan givin' out deals, finna own these rappers
The game is full of slaves and they mostly rappers
You sold your soul first, then your homies after
Let's show these stupid field niggas they could own they masters
Holy smokes, I think my pastor was the only folk
To own the Rollie, Ghost and Rolls Royces with no Holy Ghost
And get your shit prepared, face your fears, all you niggas scared
Say your prayers, pray he fit upstairs, it's our only hope
Church bells and choir sounds, tell 'em, "Quiet down"
Bow your head, the Most High's around, Lord
(These things are not right, these things is not right
Hell, nobody's ever defined)
The pastor had a thing for designer glasses
Yeah, I'm talkin' fancy plates and diamond glasses
The ushers keep skimmin' the collection baskets
And they tryna dine us with some damn wine and crackers
Who's more important than your Lord and Saviour?
Won't let the pearly gates up in this
Probably do that on your poor behavior
My mentor got a couple tips to save ya
Just be sure to count it as my only favour, thank me later
Uh, every night I stayed up sayin' prayer, made me greater, uh
Let's savior chasin' green for collard greens and baked potatoes
On the table, pray for cable, hit the label, now we major
Ha, I got my own relationship with God, Lord

Holy ghost, I'm on my knees, I'm on my knees
Holy ghost, you're all I need, you're all I need

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ASAP Rocky Holy Ghost Comments
  1. mike shmurda

    this is a cool ass song

  2. LA Lakers

    Only critique of this song...way too short

  3. Lauris Skraucis

    Imo, rocky's best album hands down.

  4. Chai Bishop

    God bless

  5. BrotherBadSeed

    I just came here for the Lucero Noon as Dark as Midnight.

  6. skm M

    The usher keep skimming off the collection baskets...😂😂😂😂

  7. almighty wiadro

    He killed this

  8. That Pretty Muthafucka

    This shit is on autoplay max volume on my speakers to wake up every morning

  9. Carter Carey

    This is Rocky's best work, and there is no room to argue. His new work has been going downhill like TESTING, but that does not negate the fact that this is hands down one of the greatest albums ever created and is up there with Dark Side Of The Moon (THE greatest album ever created).


    Alla for me also my fav album but testing is actually great. The production on testing is fire

  10. CRAWL

    I wonder what Kanye thinks of this

  11. ogvek


  12. Wesley Khalevra

    People still sleeping on this.

  13. Produced By J.R.M.

    This has been the best album of its time 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  14. Chavez Coaby-Powell

    All these demons run when Jesus and God comes around haha.. Realise which side you are on people..

  15. Alex Perez

    "I got my own relationship with God"; still gives me chills

  16. O.P Quis

    Dammm this song hits the soul.🔥

    Who’s more important than you’re lord & Savior???🥺

  17. paul 069

    I don't understand why he talks
    so negativ about the church and about pastors . I'm sure that there are few who abuse their status but however, going to church/participating in the Holy communion is the duty of every Christian in my opinion.

  18. calamity


  19. Joel Clark

    Easily one of Rocky's best songs.

  20. Find Me

    He speaking facts

  21. Shadow Dawns


  22. Chet Walters Ink Specialist

    Holy smokes, I borrowed them from my homies and bro's, they told me you'll never be lonely if you keep your foes close, keep banging on the door with the four four, you hear the beat underneath the floor boards, that's guilt, the pain mirrors the same feeling the next day if you refrain from, exercising your demons and releasing them to the greater

  23. Steph

    This sound is Danger Mouse as fuck

  24. p flamel

    anyone here from Jolly? love the vibe of this song, it'll be going into my playlist.


    Am here from there

    Ellie 7591-S

    Me too haha


    You need to listen to his album At.Long.Last.a$ap. My fav album of all time.

  25. David Fonseca

    Free ASAP!!!!!!!!!

  26. Giovanni Martinez

    Free Rocky, ASAP

  27. BasedDog


  28. Chate' Mf'n Jackson

    They act like they know

  29. Anthony Napoli

    Google Padre pio

  30. Jihanna Hainé

    0:48-0:49 : T-----TTT immmmm innnn loveeee

  31. Rafael Moran

    ASAP rocky I feel ya all the way. In the end we’ll be good faith in god

  32. Romi DubbleUwW

    Best gospel rap song ever

  33. Nando

    Great song but that intro had me dying every time 😂



  35. Metro

    Intro is from “oh brother where aren’t tha’ll” or something, it’s a movie.

  36. Lewi Yonas

    Summer of 2015..... Was gonna be a senior and this entire album was just so good

  37. Joseph Ibarra

    These things is not right! THESE THINGS IS NOT RIGHT!

  38. bruh bruh

    Anyone else get rd2 vibes

  39. Bence Gábor

    Literally the most underrated song on the entire album🔥🔥🔥

  40. Declan Greicius

    anyone know where the intro is from?

  41. Dirty Dan161

    Punisher anyone?

    Allison Gerdes

    Was this song in punisher?

    Dirty Dan161

    Allison Gerdes sounds like it

    Allison Gerdes

    @Dirty Dan161 What episode my dude

    Dirty Dan161

    Allison Gerdes not sure the exact episode but I’m sure this song is scattered around in the seasons. I’m really pissed it was canceled and this song reminds me of it it’s very good though lol.

    Allison Gerdes

    @Dirty Dan161 I say u should listen to more of rockys music if you only know this song by him.

  42. Ludwig Feuerbach

    That's my favorite song.

  43. Vintage Perez

    Such a vibe

  44. Antonio

    2019 and still listening this song 🙏🏽

  45. Mark Thomas

    My boys, LUCERO is the background music.  Very cool.  It's Lucero's "Noon As Dark As Midnight."   Nice blend!

  46. Mitxhell Murringer

    † † †

  47. King Drew 3

    So you don't have to be a illumaniti puppet mason ????? With the Holy Spirit the devil can't touch you.....

  48. Karol Misove

    thats your fucking style mate

  49. Izabela Milaniak

    dobre granie na czekanie mordo piontka elo

  50. Tyler 110601

    Almost 2019 👀

  51. N888

    Cruising song right here y’all

  52. Simon Kapss

    His last amazing album to me.


    Joe Fox is a hero, Rocky a legend !

  54. Anna Wieczorek

    POLSKA PRZEJMUJE !!!!1111!!!!11

  55. Tris Faded

    I love this Texas vibe that i get from this song! This is a masterpiece

  56. Celestial Catz


  57. Demongo 。 Collector of Souls 。

    This is my new Theme Song 🔥🔥

  58. 9 17

    “I got my own relationship with God......”- Praise thy Heavenly Father & His Son, My Shepherd, Lord & Savior Jesus Christ.... im on my knees ... you’re all i need. 🙏🏼 🚶🏻 💪🏼

  59. Rick Andrew

    Happy Birthday to the goat

  60. Smoke Boof

    └📁 A$AP ROCKY
    └📁 Bad Songs
    └⚠️ This folder is empty

  61. Big_Yadi

    The Intro always sound like he saying “this Nigra”... just saying

  62. Richard Szeidermann

    I don't like rap but there are a few ones I do somehow.
    and this is one of those.

  63. N Impala

    Hollywood (entertainment bis) is slavery, don’t sell you soul to that ugly one. Get a relationship with the most high and pray in Jesus name. He’ll set you free and will break ever chain that ever lept you down. Thank God there is still someone in the music bis that spreads the truth about God and our souls

  64. Dierius Abby

    ASAP need to drop he been over due I almost forgot how great this album is

  65. Alex Dimas

    May he rest in peace

  66. Daniel Atari

    Loord 🙏🏽

  67. pen marks

    Best album in my life so far. Have to listen couple of times to, tho.


    pen marks i've been listening to him these days, I was not paying attention on his talent, this nigga is magic, pure real.

  68. A B

    This album hella underated and overlooked.. 10+ years from now niggas gon be calling this a classic. He speaking nothing but real the whole album

    A B

    And the nigga sound like nobody unlike all these new niggas they all sound the same.. Nigga even influenced travis scott

  69. Nowel Bobke

    This is my favorite Rocky song ever, just so fucking real like damn, he fucking killed it

  70. Charlie Lipschutz

    This song is underrated


    Who listening in 2018?🍓

  72. Icy Prak

    this shit still smack

  73. Arcadio Mar

    The story behind joe fox & asap is truly beautiful

  74. DevMorr

    Asap's very underrated introspectively

  75. cristian a

    we still bumping this in 2018

  76. 3Sk0 B4R

    Holy Ghost the Spirit of Jesus.✌️

    Luke Baran

    Not exactly

  77. Jay O’Reilly

    Is the beginning from o brother where art thou?

  78. will armour

    Some Flatbush Zombies style right here

  79. P Dav

    damn, hes pushing atheism. which is a good thing

  80. matt six

    2018 and still a god LLA.

  81. D _ N.I.E. RD

    He's the modern pac.I love what you're doing,build the better world.Keep going Flacko!

  82. Weronika P

    Kto od Krzycha? XD

  83. Ro xy

    This song feels like a blanket to me..very comforting

  84. Deon Benton

    Deepest rap from ASAP

  85. Kevin

    Heard this song a hundred times, know all the lyrics and it still makes my hairs stand. Some A1 real shit much love to rocky

  86. benjamin

    "Every night i stayed up said a prayer made me greater" rocky's best ever song

  87. Original Tenka

    Playing this in 2018 new year

  88. Jason Higgins

    damn bro. summer 2015, senior year. sacks of weed and this album. and a good mushroom trip. yup.

  89. Michelle Smith

    This is Asaps best album/mixtape not sure which

  90. Money 8080

    I want this colored on a rope I swear to God!

  91. Boris TheWolf

    Still something so fuckin lit can't really understand it. +Repeat & bong rips👌

  92. Tom Damian

    How can people honestly not put this dude in their current top 10. All his projects are absolutely phenomenal that include lyricism, great beats and flow. Rocky is a revelation to modern hip hop

    Daniel Loomis

    Tom Damian because there is 10 better artists

    babushka boi

    He begin a legend in Future

    1 pot
    Drake - J. cole - Kendrick
    2 pot
    Asap Rocky - Wale - Big Sean

  93. Juice _

    church is the ultimate thief

  94. Van Man

    Fire tbh