ASAP Rocky - Grown Up Lyrics

[Verse 1 - ASAP Rocky:]
Bachelor with no tux, still got my shirt cuffed
Still got my sleeves rolled up and my shirt tucked
Grown up? Sure enough
Sipping on that syrup
Purple Label shit, yeah I wear what I sip
Scarface vision, see my visions on a blimp
And a quarter key will turn a G into a gent
All-purpose flow, we are the great
I'm so Kurtis Blow, and these are the breaks
My Christian Louboutins got nails, give me hammer toes
Niggas get shy when that camera rolls
Drop crotch pants will remind you of them Hammer clothes
All-yellow Phantom, I'm like Yeezy in that amber Rolls
"Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha," but who am I kidding?
No way I could afford it so for now I'm just pretending
How these gold diggers digging without a single pot to piss in?
Cause my pockets full of lint and my heart is full of vision
I'm grown

[Bridge - ASAP Rocky:]
I don't do kid stuff much
Niggas say, "Now, nigga all grown up"
I don't hear y'all much
I'm all grown up
Tough luck

[Verse 2 - Seth Narley:]
Curtains drawn and six dudes back
The chauffeur ride in the front as we speed to the dot
Deanna waits along with the classy mist
My waist my shoulder blades the type you can't resist
Picture this: being 21 with a gift
Bamas don't understand how I'm [?]-swif
Or I'm MJ-nice, like Jordan up on the mic
Amen for the new saviors of rap
My birth's 3/89 but I'm 30 up on the track
That's grown man, little homie, that's real rap
Y'all trying to switch up the style, I'm bringing Versace back
Giovanni, Medusa, and all black
Hot boy, I done ran through hell and walked back
Passport is stamped from sightseeing the map
And to think, I'm asleep but won't blink
I'm dreamin all this within
Young Leo, Inception
Come again?
No offense, but fuck whoever said wearing slims was a trend
More like a lifestyle in the rawest form
All grown up, nothing like before

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ASAP Rocky Grown Up Comments
  1. Nasa White

    This that Church

  2. A1isaac _

    2018 ??

    Steven Lyons

    Isaac Mendez shit still hits🔥

  3. Emmanuel Moses

    Where it all started 😈💀

  4. AtlantaKing

    fav asap rocky song

  5. Brawler TvHD


  6. xhx

    im so curtis blow and these are the breaksssss.
    rocky cold af

  7. tgatbb girl

    5 years Later, I'm ALWAYS here💘

    Wulf. Ķ

    5 years later i find this

  8. Podsedneck

    maybach music wt?

    King Açe

    that's what I said

  9. golden casino

    sound like church music

  10. yannsa

    Sounds exactly like old wiz

    Rihanna Chill

    yuck my lames
    go viral today with  *A U T H E N T I C H I T S*  *DOT* *COM*   GET MAD Hits!


    A bit better


    more like old rocky

  11. Jvnin

    Essa é igual vinho muleqe

  12. Imperial+Instinct


  13. AWP$yn

    shit ive known about rocky for years and im still just now finding mixtapes of his. how much free time dis bro got?

  14. Jonathan Arrington

    Asap proves hes been great


    Jonathan Arrington forever will be

  15. jimmycrew1


  16. jakeboyyy98

    I wana

    • •
    V S V P

    Will that make me Kent's incarantion of A$AP Rocky?

  17. Aprig

    you're. *

  18. Jagraj Singh

    I find it amazing how I was bought here by my 45 year old caucasian college tutor who wears sandals and slacks, and actually has a mad love for rappers like 2pac, biggie and of course asap rocky...#nojoke


    Jagraj Singh that man knows music

  19. Charles nounkam-nya

    good song !!

  20. charles beezuh

    omg your so rude

  21. Yung Karthage

    One of the best EP I have ever listened to. LONGLIVEA$AP

  22. Alex hernandez

    Oh no i listened to him first im cooler. Stfu people just enjoy the music we are all fans regardless who came first just support our boy

  23. Gildardo Quiroz

    All day ever day A$AP

  24. anthony martinez

    one word "A$AP"

  25. TheOnlyPriince

    Throwback music <3

  26. aldric yett

    One of the best artist out right now.And even his old tracks contribute to the outlandish respectful success of A$AP Rocky

  27. Esmarvelous

    ok just broke the 666th like .

  28. Richie Velda

    And you look like.. oh wait, you dont even have a real picture~

  29. Richard Bullen


  30. John Kennedy

    His first mixtape. "Deep Purple"

  31. Jimi Miles


  32. Matt Lefever

    same beginning as Out of This World just slower.

  33. Ousmane Diallo

    love this

  34. louvelli phoenix


  35. Diego Dearcos

    Nawh dude your gay!

  36. Jules

    exactly :D

  37. Luis Lemus

    @_LuisLemus Follow me!

  38. Jonathan Saavedra

    mmg on this shit ?

  39. Donald Clark


  40. Joseph Santos

    A$AP Rocky so damn good.

  41. Arnoli Tamouk

    are you high?

  42. James Camacho

    get myspace back up yall!!!
    myspace . com/asvpcamacho

  43. YeahItsSteven

    anyone know the instrumental?

  44. Rocky4990

    But really i hate those fake as a$ap fans who know like one song goldie or peso

  45. anthony susan

    we think this went through AUTHENTICVIEWS.C()M.......

  46. thais utino

    His nose is a Mushroom ~Tripppyyyy~

  47. jamall jones

    i see it too...just wanna feel apart of something

  48. Visual Prowess

    i think im at the same level of baked that you were when you wrote that ahah i seee it too

  49. ttkamy

    this instrumental goes hard

  50. sebastian perez


  51. deezportz


  52. tNUT5

    Yeah theres a pretty good chance i was high when i wrote that haha

  53. Blaz702

    u must of been high when u wrote this but it do look like a alien head

  54. Jeromy Maxie

    you high lol!

  55. khriseagle


  56. Queasy Walters

    Maybach music? wtf?

  57. Papan914


  58. 9109dboy

    Freemasonry at its finest.

  59. edgar carrillo

    Kind of reminds me of lupe fiasco ;o

  60. Arnaud Goselin

    find ya

  61. Hammondinho

    :O its a sign

  62. enjoiskateboardingg michaelson

    this song was my 666th favourite..

  63. meowstreetnigs

    Obviously you havent. Haha

  64. SL4VE0WNER1904619

    im a peso fan...

  65. jspears19

    deep purple isn't his first mixtape Liveloveasap is his official first

  66. choose vicely

    sick shit!!! i know asap since yesterday xD, i know... but man his flow is fuckin incredible! he is not like this other "weed" rappers (wiz, whack miller), he has taff lyrics and speak the truth i see he is working on his debut album for july! i want to buy this!

  67. biggie401

    This is his first mixtape. stop it because you obviously have not listened to him since the beginning.

  68. ChaddyDaddy

    how the hell did he sell his soul? gimme facts

  69. Joe Schmoe

    I found you!!

  70. bkn.

    this guy was like one of the finest upcoming sensations but he sold his sold and this is pure shit.

  71. smokey Lastdatoker

    too bad i found ya .. HAH

  72. jspears19

    as long chase n cashe manages him shit isn't happening.

  73. Taylor Bennett

    too late, hes already made a song with usher

  74. tNUT5

    His nose looks like an alien's head

  75. what the

    Just did .

  76. ben arellano

    There will be no comparisons or references to tyler the creator here

  77. Dizzlo

    Maybach music?

  78. ty bronie

    well i discovered rocky from peso but i like his other music more especially grippin woodgrain

  79. TeamFluxWii

    i think what hes trying to say is that all the kids who only like rocky for Peso, like kids who only like tyler the creator for yonkers.

  80. Taylor Brown

    i love peso

  81. Albert Falslund

    stfu moron

  82. robert diego

    So your not a fan of Peso? Ive got some bad news for you..

  83. Jack Rock

    yall some hipsters lol his new shit better than his old shit.. that's why people like it.. this shit cool too though

  84. Prod OGTRp

    Hell No They Wont. Bless.

  85. Vikesfan1471228


  86. Bigboggaloo

    So because PESO got big you dont like it anymore? What will you do when all the rest of his songs get bigger as they will do soon? Typical hipster...

  87. Aaron Tamez

    i love peso but started with DEEP PURPLE. trilla life!

  88. bsmbryanm

    ok asap rocky keep using that word

  89. Obsession Shapewear

    hipsters talk about "peso fans" cuz they're trying to be different. shut the fuck up

  90. mrballzman123

    im a peso fan and i found this ha i love all ASAP rockys music

  91. Paul Kush

    yea, finally nigga

  92. Chloe Xo

    People need to stop saying peso fans wouldn't find us here because i like peso and im here

  93. slink King

    is he mmg?

  94. chowly

    @InchesNPK Found ya, heh. Sorry I didn't hear of A$AP before, sometimes it takes a song like Peso (or OF Yonkers) just to get the name out there. Peso lead me here, and all the other videos you copy and pasted this comment from. Get original with your shit and let everyone have a chance to listen to Rocky's flow. Don't be selfish and try to keep him underground just because you wanna be a hipster.

  95. Shamein Gourmet

    whats the difrence if u kno 1 song or 30 real talk thoo is it just a warm feeling get for jammin more music of a artist than somebody else

  96. declan keary

    'peso fans wont find us here' hahhahahah NO, stop that now, or people will die.

  97. Tony Tiguh

    ASAP Rocky is the future of hip-hop.