ASAP Rocky - Get Lit Lyrics

[Intro: A$ap]
I get so high I touch the sky 'til I can't even function
I get so high I fuck around and wanna leave the function
The only thing that's on my mind is I'm gon' leave with somthin'
But it's nothin', and we roll one
With the 'tussin, and we gon' get

Get get get get, Lit lit lit lit [x4]

It's about to go dowwn, drunker than a bitch
Afterparty with my niggas slumber party with yo bitch
Finna hit the lick
10 56
Takin' sips, let the syrup sit
Let it get the mix, everyday we gettin' gettin' lit

That purp purp 'n I get lit
'Methazine, tell em sip this
I'm on that Memphis
That 666
Trip 6 shit, bitches
A 50 box of them Swishers
Ghost slabs on them 6's
In the back seat full of bitches
Tryna hit licks
Gon' get lit


[Fat Tony:]
Just light the candle on the nightstand sittin' by the lotion
I got her open, got her floatin' off this purple potion
Just take a hit no time to quit because you gotta smoke this
I gotta focus when I pour it 'cas it's kinda potent
(She like them all gold slugs), No diamonds on me
I chunk the deuce I'm comin' down and I be ridin' spokesin'
I be that pretty muthafucka and you got to know this, this
Now we gotta go get, get
Now we gotta go get


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ASAP Rocky Get Lit Comments
  1. G Baby

    2020 💯 still slaps

  2. G Baby

    Ahh so many memories when this tape dropped 💙

  3. Savina Guzman

    This song reminds me of someone I miss so badly R.I.P Robert 💜

  4. TezDoesGaming

    2020🤟🏽🤟🏽get lit

  5. Zein Gonzalez

    2020 homies!!! Blaze one everyone who still w us and blaze another for our boys/loves who gone!!! Big love!

    Alexandro Delgado


  6. Kydrigous Graves

    2020? Still listening to it since 2011

  7. Playa 4real

    Thank God for this

  8. MARKO W.

    Let’s all agree ASAP went commercial after long live ASAP


    Let's get it
    We lit 🔥

  10. ty L.

    Lit Lit lit Lit lit Lit lit🔥

  11. DGK Kloutcrouton

    This album forever my favorite nas texxx type raw rap I still remember when it dropped 2010

  12. Juan Patterson

    nice man! Very lit!

  13. Andrew garcia

    Last song of 2019

  14. Some Dude

    Let the syrup sit

  15. zuma life 617

    Was making good money 2010 💪

  16. KingDon910

    Here tryina prove joe budden wrong

    Diego Diaz

    KingDon910 don’t gotta prove anything to that wack ass even his beard line up wack

  17. Alfred Whiteside

    when he shouted out San Antonio I felt that

  18. Maryam Barksdale

    Damn tumblr memories lol

  19. xygne

    High asb rn 🤪🥰

  20. Kens Eye

  21. KikiTha MUA

    Bruhhh omg throwbackk album still fire omg

  22. یخ شاه

    I remember...helping out my uncle, painting houses depressed af about my life, but I played this album to stay calm.

  23. یخ شاه

    Looking back on this track...please take me back to this simpler time. Life's been depressing af lmao

  24. Hunter Heald

    2011-2014 was lit af

  25. psykosel

    Why isn’t this on ITunes ?

  26. Kat Navarro

    Memories wit crew

  27. DankOGKUSH318 DankOGKUSH318

    Use to get so lit on this shit no bs

  28. Phil J.L Fig

    He can “get lit” ... but can he swim?

    Christian Schuster

    Phil J.L Fig xD

  29. kttconnoisseur

    1:18 sound like Ethel wulf

  30. Drew Guapo

    Twisted in the AM. Haha some beer and hydro in this November ass weather

  31. Read Marx

    This comment for all my STONERS getting LIT


    A$AP Rocky need to find a way to get this whole tape on streaming services

  33. Fun Guy

    I remember I found A$AP from a random dude playing this song on the mic when I was playing in the MW3 village map. Thanks random dude. Still bump this mixtape.

  34. Nicosa Supreme

    Real trap shit

  35. jason rolle

    This whole album slaps still! I remember being an undergrad at WKU listening to this in my dorm absolutely stoned doing math. Don’t worry I graduated :)

  36. getlit skoden

    "it's about to go dowwwwwn, drunker than a bitch."

  37. Wacey Bone



    It’s been 8 years 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  39. Drew

    I just bought some weed that smelled like some shit i use to get back in high school and i thought of this song. So i searched and now im smoking to it. Good times.

  40. Siddeeq AKA Red Herring

    This mixtape needs to be on Apple Music

  41. Ayo B

    Tomorrow it'll be 8yrs since this dropped. That's brazy..

  42. Alex Mathew Mendoza

    Did he really coin the word "lit" back in 2011??

    florida grown

    Hea talking about smoking mainly in this one

  43. John A

    Third eye is really open tho n fames under my feet once in awhile. At home. It’s how ik this is the mountain top why I’m sayin lis will be safe here with me.

  44. Jr Avila

    Remember this song outta nowhere still lit asf 🔥🔥🔥 (2019)

  45. Drew Guapo

    The comments are too similar

  46. matti Ice

    2019 here

    Drew Guapo

    Sick as fuck Haha

  47. lay Owens

    Reaper facebook
    Spit in what bitch

  48. lay Owens

    He not throwing up

  49. lay Owens

    She thick in white

  50. Fabio Abboud

    that swag BITCH

  51. liveyourlife97 D


  52. Dejean Robinson

    Damn young nigha going to school in the Lower east side I found my drip 💧 this tape inspired me to be an artist now rocky will forever be in my all time fav ... @Boobie.banks Boobie Bank$

  53. cristian guzman

    life was fun back in these days

  54. Joseph Floyd

    This was my go to smoking song and drinking song my junior and senior year of high school lol

  55. Fabio Abboud


  56. #NYGiantsSZN2020 *

    My favorite part is 0:00-2:59

  57. KooL Keefy Baby N Y C 420


    KooL Keefy Baby N Y C 420


  58. Andrew Grant

    long live a$ap

  59. Christopher Ortiz

    I miss this old trill asap rocky

  60. Alfonso Yeverino 3rd

    Ain't lit yet,patience.

  61. xogat

    Crazy the amount of people credit rocky for ideas and visions he got from SGP

    Django Unchained

    nah, SGP is trash, stop. dickriding him, he doesn't have even one solid track.


    Django Unchained who said anything about tracks? SGP gave Rocky his whole image, all Rocky did was bite SGP’s energy

    Django Unchained

    @xogat If it was the thing, Rocky would not stay relevant till nowadays. It means his energy is immense by itself.

  62. Dark Web Mad Man

    I was 18 when this mixtape came out I remember that night vividly.. i was smoking spooky amounts of weed while telling my self “pffft people really sleeping on dude” and i shit you not, the very next day, he blew the FUCK up. And now here i am in the comment section fucking 8 years later reminiscing and shit. To all the youngins reading this make sure you live to the fullest, fuck every bitch while u can. If you got a dream to achieve make sure u fucking go get it and dont make no other human being derail u from your path. i dont give up young man/woman 🤧

  63. Isa Bella

    THE TUMBLR Days....

  64. YRNP '

    Who believes this is so 2020

  65. Orlando Pirsch

    This song is still like opium for my ears

  66. CheesyPizza -

    2012 smoking and crusin late at night to this

  67. Paulina Gonzalez


    big L from hell

    Are you sure🤔🤨

    Paulina Gonzalez

    @big L from hell yes, listen to it in your car full volume high af, you'll understand then

    big L from hell

    @Paulina Gonzalez I'm joking this beat is the perfect set to smoke to so relaxing hard bass smoove flow I really wish asap would have continued this style but he didn't 😥

    Paulina Gonzalez

    @big L from hell agreed 💯

  68. Jorge Torres

    You Know How I Stay All The Time Get Lit Get Lit

  69. Mike Bernard

    I wanted to visit Sweden heard it was a badass country.
    But after this, idk.

  70. tututut tuttututu

    Sophomore vibes

  71. Cody Noble

    Bringing back all the middle school vibes with this song....

  72. Cee Pacheco

    Take me back to those days please. Times were so much more easier back then.

  73. Nathalie Urrutia

    When it’s 8 years later & u get nostalgia

  74. Francis Vermont

    This song reminds me of when I had bitches

  75. Vercetti Visuals

    Get... Lit... foreverly. Black out boyz

  76. Shonkilah Henley

    Best mixtape

  77. D. Moss412


  78. Erick Zavala

    I remember hearing this at a party while i was smoking with my brothas 💯🥶

  79. Denzel Sterling Porter

    How could A$AP Bari destroy this masterpiece?

    Django Unchained

    how tf Bari is related to this?

    Denzel Sterling Porter

    Django Unchained When Rocky & Purrp fell out Bari is the one who had this mixtape removed from the internet.

  80. Bald Uzi Vert

    The second time I heard this song I high asf and that get lit was surrounding me man. Good days.

  81. SiSi Credell

    The memories this brings ..😋

    Sal Colores

    I bet u got piped to diz song lmao

  82. kevin j.player


  83. fuebis

    This instrumental hit different, I remember when getting baked and playing gta5 when it came out

  84. Seven Grand

    id love to hear this on some surround sound BOSE or Beats or jbl speakers

  85. Angelo Rodriguez

    9th grade getting stoned with this song on replay when the weed hit 😂 I miss the olden times

    Angelo Rodriguez

    Only 4 years later but dammm shit has changed

  86. DJ MARKY MARK S.F. 415

    He Fucking Sucks..

    Sal Colores

    Shut yoo dumbazz up

    DJ MARKY MARK S.F. 415

    @Sal Colores your the Fucking DUMBASS.. This Mother Fucked Sucks

    Sal Colores

    @DJ MARKY MARK S.F. 415 shhhhh quiet down girl

    DJ MARKY MARK S.F. 415

    @Sal Colores he SUCKS just like you..... little Bitch..

  87. K Bruner

    Free A$AP

  88. lil toshiro


  89. SwisherSweaty FN

    Wow I can literally taste blunts from 7 years ago and I'm getting flashbacks, what a song

  90. ChefKel FromATL

    Im smoking 1 for you joddy!!

  91. heidy dena


  92. P.T.Politic. 85


  93. Bill William


  94. Bill William