ASAP Rocky - Back To The Future Lyrics

Back through the do' back from a smoke
Sit back relax and max with the hoes
Chat with my folks laugh at them jokes
I'm hard to the core and she bad to the bone
Ask her to bone chats on the phone
Her three friends with her just be tagging along
As for the flow back to the song
Flashbacks only bring me back to that thong
Cause we've been getting, we've been getting high all week
Smoking, drinking I'm a drug cause she just high off me
Now I'm back to the sto' blunt wraps for the dro
Rolling back in that back wood
Hash hitting smoke
Money getting high so I past her the most
She want that bread and butter so I pass her the toast.
That ASAP motto is "Party, get high"
We back to the future like Marty McFly

Sometimes I think about the past
Seems like the time is flying past
Jump high my presence of this last
The future's always going bad
La la la la la la la la la
Back to the future like Marty McFly

Back through the do' back from the sto'
Back to the wall with my back to the wall
Rolling up a blunt, fastened it off
Ass on the floor cash back on the floor
Mack with the broads Chat to the whores
There go my niggas, Dat to my dogs
I pray on that pussy check with the Lord
Seems how it seems like I had it before
I think back way back wing with my memories
We was getting high, sipping on Hennesey
Now it's like lean
Thinking back seat way back riding on something clean
Ya know what I mean
20-10s, we don't do the teens
Now it's 20-11
Let me know something, take her back to my session
Back to the pad, I'm back on that ass
Back to the future, back to the past

Sometimes I think about the past
Seems like the time is flying past
Jump high my presence of this last
The future's always going bad
La la la la la la la la la
Back to the future like Marty McFly

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ASAP Rocky Back To The Future Comments
  1. Nick Work

    We 2020 now


    Here in 2020

  3. Yuve Hightower

    New years coming 2020 still the story of my life!!


    Happy new year my friend😂💯💯 AWGE

  4. oliwer kulon

    tomorrow is 2020

  5. don dony


  6. Josh Dejesus

    successful by drake beat? lol

  7. PS Games

    Asap has a secret album out called listening to me suck dick in Sweden jail. It's in the top 10 across prisons

  8. tututut tuttututu

    This song is so Tumblr

  9. Franceska Tha Queen

    Can we have this shit back for pretty fly future kinda bitches

  10. Jeff Patton

    Can’t get back what’s gone

  11. Im Ktok

    Smoke and chill on this song 💎

  12. Ogcheefin

    2030 anyone??

  13. Stefan Groeger

    in the beginning i always want to skip this track but am thankful that i did not in the end

  14. Sr BrOowni3

    Smoking & Fly 🛩️

  15. Clem Fivekiller

    This takes me back to college smoking bad bitches out and digging them out...

  16. Splash Static

    This song and Wiz Khalifa Never Been ima forever get high to

  17. Hector Flores

    #freeFlacko that nigga ain’t playing with those kids and beat the shit out of em

  18. go bucks

    who remembers burning one before school getting picked up by a buddy riding school and this song is blasting as loud as possible 6am 2012

  19. Enduranze

    Wine Women Weed ;)

  20. Basil Gray

    Still listening in '19

  21. Devin Sanders

    Tumblr era !

  22. Chris Williams

    Take me back when I was gettin hella paper before the prison sentence, still good times and vibes.

    Back to the future that Marty McFly

  23. 8 Ball856

    3:05 a.m. June 6th, 2019

  24. HeartOf Gold

    Putting my girl on in 2019

  25. Tahir Kareem

    Baxk too the future frm 2019💯❤

  26. Jacob Shultz

    Back through the door, back from the store, roll me up a backwood packed full of smoke

  27. Mateusz J

    That early 2010's vibe..

  28. Lincoln Teixeira



    Miss old early asap

  30. Sansa.

    back then ,13 year old me , baked af , blastin this gem all day before school

  31. Khary Malik

    2019 strong

  32. Terrence Houston

    Been watching this vid for years.. thanks

  33. Denzel Sterling Porter

    ...”in 2010 he was the best rapper on Earth.” 🌎

  34. IVY

    This is FIRE

  35. Jay Balvin Mane

    Back when Asap Was the coolest nigga alive.

    Django Unchained

    he still is.

    Jay Balvin Mane

    @Django Unchained you damn right. 👍

    Jay Balvin Mane

    I said it tho because when I was in my late teens, he was the fucking man to me and a whole generation. And clearly now kids look at other ppl like that like Travis Scott and stuff, which makes sense, but maan this track took me 🔙.

  36. S Paea

    My summer age 22 in the year 2012 riding my long board.

  37. gFREAKy

    I'm here for the girl. Not the song 😍

  38. jannie hagins

    Who here in 2019 tho

    tommy trill figer

    Fake fans ain’t even hip

    Devin Smith

    We here

    Tim Hindman

    yuhhhhhh 🗣

    Big Menno


  39. ObscurumBeats

    I was only in 6th or 7th grade

  40. ObscurumBeats

    God damn I would do anything to be like the older kids when this mixtape came out, 2011 Asap rocky probably reminds all you guys of ur high school days

  41. Titty Sprinkles

    2:48 That reverse tho🔥


    Fuckin fire

  42. Flyy Mal

    Classic Rocky vibes.

  43. JetsSon Jay

    11th grade in high school this was my theme song

  44. bob smesh

    It's almost 2019 and I always get back to this song and girl in the video, so many memories of 2014 for so many of us it's crazy but all love.

  45. RIP George Smith

    Tryna find out who that girl on the thumbnail is.. Til dis Day!

    Tye Lena

    Shes a pornstar

    Tye Lena

    Ladie Lane

  46. Higor Souza


  47. Chanell Williams

    So many memories off this song! Long Live ASAP

  48. Serlao Crescendo

    This nigga music magical as fuck

  49. S w E n e K A f

    My dikc

  50. Higor Souza

    Cladine Bladdersh Gloerescgt

  51. TSUNO

    As soon as asap started rapping my mom turned this song off...

    I was so pissed off

  52. Celly Lara

    Who 2018?

  53. Uli

    September, 2018 anyone?

  54. Lexus2JZ

    Late nights in the Civic, with a girl named Nancy, back in 2013 in the backseat that girl was nasty. Back when my dad was still alive before he was ill and lost his life to some bullshit cancer. Back when my ex-wife would still answer her phone, Damn now it's 2018 and I'm all alone..

  55. go bucks

    who smoked there first blunt to this ?


    not my first but ive smoked many to it

  56. Eryk Waśniewski

    How lit is that joint

  57. Jeff Patton

    This hoe legendary. 💯

  58. Kushblowing420

    Just found this gem wow A$AP before the mainstream was much better 💯🔥

  59. Kevin Rodriguez

    Legendary Asap Rocky 2:00am outta the club

  60. BigThunderXT

    #checkin2018 Ayeeeeeeee! When Rocky had that flow. #imissclamscasino he had the sauce! Clams had the mutha fucking sauce!

    Sam Lotti

    Asap ty beats Produced this

  61. Devin Ricks

    🤟🏾 I’ll always remember this shit

  62. Coteh


  63. Johnny Baseman

    I mothafucking love this song

  64. Liz Gomez

    This song is such a vibe 🤤

  65. TEN

    came back here after the new complex interview

  66. El Cami

    This is still gold. 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  67. AgramZGB

    2018. Still A$AP Rocky's best song.

  68. andy cantu

    This beat kind sounds like Drakes song successful

  69. Mz Boop

    2018, still bangin this

  70. Josh Mosquea

    This is the best music video for this song

  71. BiGfukkinA

    Look where he at now ❇

  72. mvrvin Urquhart

    I honestly click on this video for the video lmao #badbitchesandgoodweed

  73. Tye Slim

    Still bumpin this in 2018

  74. Nathzelleous Brison

    2018 still bumpin

  75. Bmiller9219

    When i first startwd smoking weed i woupd be in my room starin at the ceiling with this blasting in my headphones... had to be about 8 years ago now

  76. Chapo E.

    This reminds me of 2012 waking up in my room down in the basement looking out the small window. Being a young curious reckless kid from '97. Thats the past now im from the future in the present

  77. Fuck Off with something hard and sandpapery

    Looks like my baby sister

    Kyle Greenwood

    Lemme get them digits pleighboi

  78. Giovanni*** VsWorld

    Rocky Need back to this

  79. Ziggie Smallz

    Still popin it in 2018


    Miss those times when this first came out my junior year of highschool just chillin

  81. Mason Hazelwood

    Who is still listening to this in 2018 lol


    Being in middle school & high school at this time was so amazing. So many greats from this era were just blowing up: A$AP, Big Sean, Kendrick, Wale, Drake, Pro Era, Childish Gambino, Isaiah Rashad, The Weeknd, Mac Miller, Chance, J. Cole, ScHoolboy Q, Wiz, Chief Keef, Odd Future, Lil B, Kid Cudi, Ab-Soul, etc.

    I swear the late 2000s and early 2010s gave us the last big wave of future legends. If you grew up through the rise of these artists then you know how nostalgic this shit gets.

    Peroc Disgusting.

    2019 still

  82. Knight OfNights

    Asap Rocky's music lowkey puts me in a trance. His music's magical.

    Jeff Patton

    Knight OfNights check out Get Lit.

    Mateusz J

    His old music obviously. When they were starting Asap Mob

    Peroc Disgusting.

    @Mateusz J asap mob started in 06' lol you aint see that shit on TV till 2011

    Darien Canty

    Knight OfNights trust he adding to magic but it’s all in that beat

  83. Torch Absurd

    2017 and still lit

  84. mal90zr

    Came back from the future just to text this comment in 2017

  85. Ijsutdk

    Can anyone recommend me some other similar sounding tracks? With a chill out vibe like this , doesn't have to be another asapt song , any artits will suffice :)


    check out playboi carti

    BigKutthroat Da Smoker

    kid cudi - hyyer
    kendrick lamar - adhd
    Z ro - 25 lighters

  86. Real G


  87. Divine Laurencin

    who still listening in 2017!!!!

  88. saajan

    aye 2017 still here, rocky in his prime

  89. Edward Montejano

    2k17 Still Trill