ASAP Rocky - Back Home Lyrics

Gotta find my way back home, I've been away to long
Gotta find my way back home, I'm moving...

[A$AP Rocky:]
War Lords, we all Lords, but we your Lords
Tryna find home, next stop is the Waldorf
Past the racism and fake-ism
Type of hate that make you feel worse than a rape victim, raw dogs
You other rappers mad soft, mad I rap my ass off
They throwin' mats off, till I go bath salt
On wax, spitting heat to melt the wax off
I'm Mr Miyagi and Issey Miyake
Ass hole flow, fuck name brands, past logos
Now I'm onto grand raps, hands so low, uh
It's like my fashion style is the life saver
Guess she wasn't satisfied with titties that Christ gave her
Bragging that her new ass shots is a life changer
Head so good on that girl that I might pay her, or no
Super laid back cat, opposite of fat black, Al Capone
Tell them lil' niggas Flacko home

Gotta find my way back home
I've been way too long
Gotta find my way back home
I've been way too long
Gotta find my way back home
I've been way too long
Gotta find my way back home
I've been way too long

[A$AP Rocky:]
Father, Lord forgive me as I load up the semi
Roll through the city, that Joseph is in me
Hold it, don't load it, reload it
On plenty, any, [?]
That ever voted against me, dissed me
Pissed me off then tried to hold it against me
Or wish we off the worst luck that ever hated
Never hesitated, the designated (all of the wrong[?]) they did me
You stored in my memory all of the doors that I thought of
Means walk from my enemies
Sippin' holy water like it's bore from my kidneys
Load the smoke like a chimney, make a toast for the memories
Make a toast for the henny, it's the best for the remedies
Energy, synergy, frienemies, industries
Finna get advantage on him and his nemesis
Bitches been sniffing
If I, if I ain't the greatest, bitch I'm one of em
How in the fuck could you front on em
My old ho beefing, my ex won't be friends
Bronson told me not to eat ham, rest in peace Yams

[A$AP Rocky:]
Rest in peace Yams, RIP A$AP Yamborghini
We gon' take it up town one time
We gon' take em back, show em how me do
They call me Pretty Flacko ladies and gentlemen
I'd like to introduce Pretty Flacko Sir
Yasiin Bey

[Yasiin Bey:]
Magnum spectacular, black man megalas
Shine amethyst, fly champion, it's like that again
What's happening? Mathematics master blin'
Flacko season, all day, erryday
Ask me how it's going, I tell em on and on and on and on and
You led me out to [?]
Steady flowing, staying golden
Sand cover, ready Rover
Flacko glowing in that Owens, that's how it's going
Awareness to the areas, familiar with the routes
Travellin man, moving through places space in time
In a country called Earth

[A$AP Yams:]
Nah'mean, these tack ass mah'fucker be in the pictures. Wearing all types of mother fuckin' red and green stripes, over accessorizing out this mother fucker. We from Harlem, we gave y'all mother fucker this wave. Grab y'all surfboards, cause y'all got your boogy boards ready now. Ya'll just gon' keep watching us at the beach show with your mother fuckin' khaki's rolled up. Chancletas in your hand and we just gon' keep surfing in this mother fucker. Straight up. It's ya boy, A$AP Yams, Yamborghini. Yo Rock man, let these mother fuckers know what it is out this mother fucker. A$AP, bitch!

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ASAP Rocky Back Home Comments
  1. Sakhe Peni

    Asap Yams flow is insane

  2. Alex Manuel Canizalez

    Someone whos been locked up and deported tryna find a way back home

  3. Patt 420

    2019 R. I. P Yams

  4. eskeetit

    2019 but im stil listening to this

  5. Jon Carr

    Who's here after Rocky got out of Swedish Custody?

    Sauce King

    Jon Carr lmao heck yea

  6. Dreisaum

    This song is really fitting the current situation i bet he turns it on as soon as he is on US soil :)

  7. Kaneda

    Excellent fitting song for Rockys current situation. Welcome back.

    Landong Strikes

    Kaneda lol was disappointed af when people where posting him getting out and not putting this song over it 🤦‍♂️ smh

  8. gangstarap623

    For real this time welcome back ASAP :D finally you leave that circus

  9. lil fella

    In a country called earth we livin the same

  10. Haise Sasaki

    Still bumping this shit in 2019

  11. Jesepey

    Still slaps in 2019🔥

  12. DanRxan13 6hundo66

    Heart hurts

  13. Vice

    Who else came from the graffiti documentary?

    Lorenzo Gamboa

    Which one?


    @Lorenzo Gamboa Up Here Kids (Official) it was the ending song revealing something (its spoiler just in case you haven't seen it)

    Lorenzo Gamboa

    @Vice haven't watched it but I'll peep it

  14. Feynanimous

    the most underrated fucking rocky song

  15. Vlad Gheorghilas


  16. Mace Windu

    Why can’t he have a harmonious beat for once

  17. David Rouben

    Mos def’s verse was waaaay too short

  18. Andy B

    Old ASAP is the shit and new

  19. Jermaine Coleman

    One of the coldest songs to come out in a long time! Real ones know the significance of this track

  20. Daniel Saucedo

    Asap Rocky GOAT

  21. Mace Windu

    This the shit u bump when u road tripping through the Arizona desert on the way to Cali .

  22. YURMOM911

    Rocky’s 2nd verse in this song might be his hardest yet (Pause)

  23. Tonsi

    fav album

  24. bEASToUTtHEbOX

    THIS BEAT IZ 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Who(ever) made this beat...?!?! He/she is the real MVP.. 🔥🔥🔥


    great producer. Thelonious Martin, worked with mac miller & curren$y. best work is with jesey rapper RetcH - Polo Sporting Goods mixtape. Everyyyyy beat is amzinggggggg

  25. BIGdreamer1012

    Bronson told me not to eat ham

  26. CreamGetTheMoney

    this has a OF oldie vibe

  27. 725

    2018 we still bumping this mf

  28. HellShell

    Straight up its yo boy Asap yams, Yamborghini

  29. ToughAllOver85

    Yet the original song “Gotta Find My Way Back Home” by The Jaggerz was done by the whitest soul group I ever heard of. Though they did more of a rock style in the 70’s.

  30. kob

    I get chills at the end every time without fail

  31. Edward Jones Jr

    Should make the video ...deadass my favorite song off the album

  32. Green slider


  33. Mesus

    Who will say this is a future Classic With Me ?

  34. Adolph Hipster

    I’m getting FUCKING chills

  35. SinglePlayerPlays _

    That was a beautiful way to end the album.

  36. immanuel duran

    please tell me more songs with gritty ass beats like this

  37. MF STEEZ

    Omd people. Def will always kill a verse but Rocky also went the fuck in

  38. French


  39. isaac sandoval


  40. Sharon Stidham

    rip yams cozy tapes 3 coming soon mob shit can we get a pt 3 of dis Lil asap long live shit

  41. The real mvp

    Who bumping this in 2017🔥

    Nathan Sherman

    The real mvp 2018

    Anttoni Kosunen

    2019 haha

  42. Daniel Lowe

    dis is a fucken banger

  43. Tonybassist123

    Bruh this song just hits, A$AP Rocky is the trillest and Mos Def killed itttt

  44. skinny J

    someone knows the sample? gotta love that intro man...

  45. Prince Slice

    This shit crack!!!!!🤑🤑🤑

  46. mitch anderson

    Did he shout out Grand Rapids in the first verse??

  47. Ricardo Gonzales


  48. MROJAS

    $.I.P A$VP JAM$

  49. Jon Vendi

    I cant believe Rocky is with Kendall or Kylie whatever Kardashian hes with. Hes too cool for that crazy ass family. I hope it doesn't mess with his career. I know its a bad comparison but look at Tyga.


    And Tyga doin fine too lmfao


    Jon Vendi this is rocky not Travis 💀💀

    Mans Faye

    @Afro Shinobi that was 2 years ago

    Bryan Madrigal

    Afro Shinobi rocky was dating kendall at that time.

    2 z's

    You are definitely trolling

  50. Suli

    Anyone else love the creepy ending

    Lawrence Roland

    yes asapp yams rip


    hell naw sometimes this song comes on when im driving at night alone and that shit is too fucking creepy, i have to press skip at the end, shit makes me feel like the ghost of yams is about to haunt my ass, hell naw im good.

    BHB Hydro

    YELLING ARNOLD listen to dreams by asap your welcome


    He just saying that real shit. Not sure if you saw the snippet of Nast going in on Travis ,but yeah

  51. CARSINO. productions

    One of the many good songs on this album🙏🏽

  52. Khalid Carter

    Mos Def's verse 🔥🔥

  53. InfamousZech

    This Was a Top 5Album last year super slept on

    Gami Moose

    no doubt


    good music is always slept on, if it cant create hype


    this is in my top 5 of all time

  54. Unxpekted

    Wow fire

  55. Enzo Cignetti

    mad ill

  56. derin

    Am I the one who likes the piano loop?


    derin legitimately one of my favorite beats from the album

    Illx Nati

    It fits

    I have crabs help

    derin like uproar by lil Wayne


    RIP YAM$

  58. hafizh rizqi laksmana

    rip asay yams

  59. young Tied209

    Asap the only young mc who knows hip-hop!!

  60. KauzzziN

    Mos Def is a legend. I love his verse and end by A$AP Yams. R.I.P.

  61. HanZZilla

    the second verse is fucking insane

  62. B Hath

    cold but to much religious goop if you left that out it would be golden

  63. SinisterDoc

    you can't bump this without having irritation to the ear

  64. Wes Kelly

    This is the best song ever.

  65. BlacKyd

    Live Long A$ap Yams

  66. Oj Phalito

    da piano key play in the back group annoying a'f... should've tried sumthin more soft, simple and dark to flow

    Landong Strikes

    Oj Phalito lol it works good asf

  67. Flip Dip

    Reminds me of the ending of Enter the Void. Whole album was like watching a Asap movie.

  68. Kennedy Lon

    Mos Def coming through with the bars!!!

    Salvador Allende

    Never disapoints

  69. Hakashi Chan

    its crazy how mos def on here when rocky stole his name

    「Sweet Company」

    He didn't steal he , he literally asked to use it, and he even acknowledges the fact that he got the nickname from him in the track. Hence why he called him pretty flacko senior.

  70. Michael Naterra

    big ups to mos def

  71. Moses Valle

    Asap Rockys cover makes so much sense now. With the birthmark and tats

    Michael Gonzalez

    Half his face and half Yams face..

  72. Dalos

    flatbush zombies would of bodiedddd this track

    Logan Wendt

    I would love to hear them on this beat. Meech's flow would go crazy on this

    derric sagisi


    Jaime Adams

    Dalos Beats agreed

    Mark Simon

    Why can't it be A$AP Zombies forever. I know Rock and dem ain't from Flatbush, but it is the the longest street in Brooklyn-it can work

    Jon Carr

    I'm thinking Joey Bada$$ and MGK.

  73. Bon Grips

    someones gotta make a remix of this song. that repetitive piano in the background is annoying as fuck and ruins some dope verses. I cant believe someone in the studio didn't just speak up and point that bullshit out, there had to be atleast one thinking that

    Donovan Davila

    that's why you like Doom he has pianos like that in his songs dip shit you obviously don't know wtf you're talking about

    Bon Grips

    +Donovan Davila DOOM has nothing to do what I just said. The wave of the volume levels of the piano in this song is quite irritating in my opinion. To me, and many of my friends who agree, the piano takes away the enjoyment of listening to these dope verses. No need for you to chirp me just because you like the song.


    Bon Grips it's the old school New York sound

    taaj howell

    You and your friends have no taste that's all

  74. Service_Code_30

    The constant piano key plying in the background was annoying. Otherwise I would live this song alot more.


    Yeah, a lot of producers did that in the early 90's. I kinda like it though, reminds me of Shimmy Shimmy Ya by ODB. RZA used a lot of annoying ass piano loops now that I think about it lol

    Butter Finger

    +foxking39 at least shimmy uses two notes tho


    MZslayer11 who cares

    canupa blackbear

    I don't think so, this beat shows the real OG style of hip hop in the 90's. In my opinion that gave me the feeling of "flava in ya ear" by craig mack ft puff daddy, bust rymes, and B.I.G.

  75. Tard Life

    What's that song he sampled in the beginning?

    Gavin Ballard

    gotta find my way back home by The Jaggerz

  76. elmer payton

    The end gave me chills R.I.P. Yams🙏🏾

    why are you so rude my dude

    elmer payton same

  77. Damon

    Check out The Professor Lectures full EP if you want to hear some good, uptempo hip-hop.

  78. VODLIHardcore

    You think you know hip hop? I thought I did grew up wit wu-tang, Nas, mobb deep n biggie n big pun..I didn't know real intelligent stuff til I listened to BlackStaR (mos def' group) then copped the albums mos def is beyond ridiculous

  79. New person,

    Mos Def

  80. Kristopher Jones


  81. Antonio Salgado

    Favorite song

  82. Deeply Rooted Concepts

    Gear from DEEPLY ROOTED CONCEPTS twitter @DRC_Est2015 available [email protected] 



  83. Hugo Cabrera

    This that OG NY SOUND for you youngsta on hip hop fuck that mainstream sound big ups to mos Def he a legend


    yea thats true

    Yusef White

    @Hugo Cabrera you right about that wack radio shit bro


    Mos Def is completely ridiculously amazing n mad intelligent..he rhymes his ass off...

    Flip Dip

    Rocky, explains society doing a 180° on him towards the end talks about censorship and "slaves that VOTED against me" assume what you want In that dope! Even music industry ruining the people he found important. Seems common in artists mo money mo problems.

    Mustafa Rafat


  84. Disimba

    my favorite track on the album

  85. hipnotik5397

    Father lord forgive me as I load up the semi

  86. UnderratedCOMA

    Hey guys I have free beats on my page, please show me some love and subscribe if you like!

  87. JustoIsland


  88. Zach Greene

    ASAP got that dumb flow that makes ya say oohhhhh BOI!

    Jermaine Coleman

    Zach Greene Rocky second verse was retarted🔥🔥🔥 still as crack as when it first dropped

  89. Everardo Gomez


  90. Jordan Bergsma

    They all kill it!