ASAP Rocky - 5IVE $TAR$ Lyrics

[A$AP Rocky:]
Uh, uh

[A$AP Rocky (DRAM):]
Pour the soda in the Wockhardt
Paint the picture like pop art
Boy, you sweeter than Pop-Tart
Say I'm pretty like Leon
Her chest beatin' like five hearts
Popcorn in the Klondike
Carhartt where my car parked
Just come and get me when it's my part
Gave the Uber-man five stars
Left the restaurant, five stars
I was fuckin' with a five star
She done fucked about five stars, sidebar
Pull off, all the kids fightin' like, "That's my car"
Calvin and Raf (Calvin and Raf) now out of stock (now out of stock)
They don't know Flacko, grippin' the wop (Flacko)
I do what I want (do what I want, want), I'm sippin' the Wock (yeah)
I'm showin' my teeth off
Two thousand in rocks

My nigga says he got the Wock for 40 a line (a line)
If I sip a deuce, it get me through every time (every time)
[A$AP Rocky:]
I pull up and walk
Sippin' the Wock
I pull up in what?
Sippin' the Wock

New Prada bag (new Prada bag)
Brown butterscotch (brown butterscotch)
They don't know Flacko (they don't know Flacko)
I'm grippin' the wop (woo, I'm grippin' the wop)
I do what I want (do, do, do what I want)
I'm sippin' the Wock (Wock)
I modeled for Dior
Gucci down to the socks (down to the socks)
Bitches gon' fuck
Womens gon' flock
Throwin' me box
Givin' me top
You must've forgot
This nigga's colossal
My bitch is a model
Gettin' the guap, gettin' the guap
Do what I want (uh, uh, do what I want)
Sippin' a lot (lot, lot)
I've been trippin' a lot (lot, lot)
Got a script from the doc (script from the doc)
I just fibbed to the cops (fibbed to the cops)
I don't talk to the 12 (talk to the 12)
I don't snitch to the cops (snitch to the cops)
I forget shit a lot, word

My nigga says he got the Wock for 40 a line (a line)
If I sip a deuce, it get me through every time (every time)
[A$AP Rocky:]
I pull up and walk
Sippin' the Wock
I pull up in what?
Sippin' the Wock

I used to sip Actavis
They manufactured it
Sippin' these [?]
Got lean in my mattresses
I pull up and walk
Sippin' the Wock
I pull up in what?
Sippin' the Wock

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ASAP Rocky 5IVE $TAR$ Comments
  1. Cristopher Mota


  2. Tapasko

    What is that shit

  3. Davon Norton

    Why isnt this on Apple Music?!

  4. O'Connor

    artwork looks like travis scott

    Fred Andrade


  5. Goldgrain

    This is a fuckin masterpiece. One day I will produce such a banger.

  6. alejo cadena


  7. Scott

    at least 10,000 of those views are mine

  8. nahuers


  9. Trickayy

    This shit hard.. fuck allat.

  10. Jakub

    what is original of this?

  11. Isar Soussa

    i liked it

  12. bulgogi Aft

    morning and night

  13. JoeRyMi

    It’s always sad to see a beat wasted

  14. Denis S

    DRAM went by the studio to say wassup

  15. Testingunz

    this song is art.. tune in

  16. ASAP Vibes

    Can.somebody tell me where I can find those shades

    Brett Hard

    gosha rubchinskiy RETROSUPERFUTURE

  17. drew and

    This should be in GTA V

  18. Sergey Cherednichenko

    what a glasses on Rakim ?


    they don't know flack OOOOOOO

  20. The GrandePadre

    Mad we never got a completed version of this

  21. Matthew Butcher


  22. BasedGodism

    Ion nobody bumpin my boi back in 2011 mob but me🙏🙏🔥💯

  23. Romero Lucasz

    best song no cap

  24. Candi Osama


  25. Pitt 82

    This shit doodoo

  26. Juan Carreon

    Anybody the name of the video he released a few months ago that had a rim on the thumbnail?



  28. Ron15 Withgrizzles

    Ski mask freestyle lol???

  29. DJ Glue Official

    ASAP JUSTO4k. 🎯🎯🎯🎯✨✨✨🤝✨

  30. CuckoldNolifer666

    This shit is weak AF boi might be his worst song

  31. Nikeythm

    *Waiting for everyone to hop on this trend*

  32. Maor Yevdayev

    Too bad Testing wasnt like this song. Testing had like 3 good songs the rest are trash

    Joey Killah

    Maor Yevdayev nigga this song is trash. Easily Rocky’s worst song

  33. D O P E V I L L A

    I love how some ads have a song but don't say the title 😂

  34. Ryan Taeza

    Why isn’t this on testing?

  35. Coltin Williamson

    Smoking the gas
    My nigga just passed
    Gas, what l smoke
    Smell like an armpit, is toke
    Nasty, hold up, lemme hit it
    Might need me a minute

  36. early 2000's kid

    He sound bored lol

  37. FinesseWitVari

    Best freestyle I heard in a long time..........................

  38. fishshit

    this song really was months ahead of its time, possibly years, someone in the future let me know

  39. Phoenix Helmbrecht

    Y’all are wack for thinking this is bad, flocko smacks are every track

  40. Tony__Est19xx

    wish this was on Testing

  41. Ryder

    who the guy singing at like 40sec?

    James L.

    WilNuis DRAM

  42. anonymous kwani

    Get ferg of this

  43. Jerry Yam

    why is it not on the album 😢

  44. Sam Sammssoula

    Yall Dont Know FlackooooOo!

  45. s1kko

    Sadly the song isn't in the official album

  46. shame full

    What the fuck does popcorn in the Klondike mean

  47. BigBoyzBigMoney Entertainment TrippleBM Records

    EMxor E can do better on this sound. Beat or Remix.. Loooorrr Flocko... 🌹

  48. Rizwan Naeem

    Dope !!!!!
    Guys just do *Authentic views d o t c o m* and go viral be real all legit views

  49. Gavin Gamez

    🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

  50. insankabeta

    Now a days all are getting viral by taking advantages from the site *AUTHENTICHITS D O T C O M*

  51. Jayblaze92

    Strings in the beat sounds like some Little Italy/Mob Movie type beat 🔥

  52. ObscurumBeats

    I saw this rocky and ski mask freestyle and I lost my mind

  53. The PuertoRican Gamer

    This shit so bad smh wtf Rocky 💀

  54. MilklsChillin

    I don’t care bout nun and appreciate the art. The line that Ferg brought in was so damn hard


    Ferg isn't on this

  55. MilklsChillin

    Ferg Is DOPE!

  56. Jonathan B

    547 SGP fans

  57. Lunchman

    AYYYY check out my 5IVE $TAR$ Freestyle on my channel!! (its fire) ONE LOVE <3

  58. purplepostion

    I like how he previewed snippets of the 2nd verse on Awge Dvd keeping the full track a surprise when it dropped
    Testing will be his best album yet

  59. quantumprogram

    this is a absolute fire. does anyone know when it will drop

  60. Ana Marquez


  61. HuskyFker

    this beat gave me pneumonia fr though

  62. Sam Sammssoula

    Beatin Like 5 Hearts!!!!

  63. Neela Germaine

    Love this. Great beat & different. How Rocky n Asap mob got me back into hip hop. Most of the stuff I listen to is old skool. But this is fresh! had it in my head all dam daaaay. Gonna continue swaying round my space

  64. Alejandro Alvarez

    This is gonna be a banger when its finished

  65. Neo.-


  66. jacqueline richards

    They dont know flackoooo

  67. Lauren Liv

    FUCK YO!! but check out my channel for some good content of asap rocky, ian connor,luka sabbat, virgil & more

  68. Waqem Haq

    Wok was better, what is this smh

  69. Ali Hangouts

    Drams on this

  70. Ryan Warnett

    Fuck the finished version, I want the whole album uncut

  71. AvenirToThe

    Flacko Season is here, he called it at Flog Gnaw and I fully believe in Jodeye



  73. SA Murphy

    They sound like they were wasted when they made this

  74. Caio Cesar

    tava na varanda orelha jefin e o lay,on...


    ion hear the cockiness

  76. DG_Gilbert

    Sounds good finally


    Dubai shit Huncho Jack?

  78. Mitch R

    Wish this was on Spotify

  79. Sweaty Palms

    People don't realise that this *is* probably unfinished and probably a long snippet

  80. Raju Ivaturi

    Still heat idc what anyone says

  81. Julian Gerardo

    Broo i been listenin to this since it came out and i barely noticed that scribble shit next to him issa drawing of him

  82. Shearry Nourse

    asap GROOVE CUZZ pull up a n woke

  83. Kunfuzius

    These Gosha Glasses, bro

  84. Jay 919

    Wasnt this on the cozy tape w ski mask

  85. WeirdozChannel

    Boy you sweeter than pop tart

  86. Jonathan Flex

    pull off, all the kids fighting like that’s my car 🏎🔥

  87. Andres R.C

    Where is ski mask ????

  88. MROJAS

    Rocky has to step back his game up, i know he could do wayy better

  89. God is my fortress Acts2:38

    Uzi and ski sound like idiots they suck

  90. Lord Konietz

    Ma quanto intrippa diocane

  91. Juan MKL

    thug e vk

  92. YouMad RightNow

    Why the fuck is he rapping like Migos on this?? Miss me with this shit.

  93. Keandra Fitzgerald

    He is bull omg