ASAP Ferg - World Is Mine Lyrics

[Intro - A$AP Ferg & Big Sean:]
Better get the fuck out my face
You always telling me I got the world
Talking all that shit
Bitch you better the fuck out my face
But I don't have half of what I want to achieve
Na-na-na-na, fuck is you saying
I got to get it

[Chorus x2 - Big Sean:]
She tried to tell me that the world is mine
I know that ain't true
And even though I want it all
I'm young, man, and I got everything to lose
I'm young, man, and I got everything to lose
I'm young, man, and I got everything to lose
I'm young, man, and I got everything to lose
I'm young, man, and I got everything to lose

[Verse 1 - A$AP Ferg:]
She tried to tell me that the world is mine
But you know it ain't true, you know it ain't true
I'm tryna make a dollar, get my ass up out of Harlem
Cause you know the haters watching and the bullets ain't cool
Ain't you, attracted to a powerful motherfucker
Don't wanna be compared to these other dudes, motherfucker
Who turning so passionate when they battling motherfuckers
But never get a crib up in Malibu motherfucker
And I don't want to wind up like him
Be careful, that time fold, you won't let them in
Grinding that old food, no AC or fan
No trips to Jamaica, babe you gets no tan
I wanna pull up pull up in a 4-4 or Benz
A Sprinter van, with TVs in
Your crew jump in, I'm getting those gins
And we get muhfucking high as a kite
You say that this shit mami, cause you my girl
You say you just need me and need no one else
But with your love, ambition, take over the world

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2 - Big Sean:]
Funny how it all go go
You never could know though
What happened to Tiger?
Was Kobe, you know hoes
Get caught in a photo
Lipstick on your polo
And all the trust that you build's right out the door door
Y'all went from lovebirds to looking like do-do's
And that shit gon last, for months it'll go go
And that shit gon drag, drag on like komodo
Over a bitch that look like Quasimodo, God!
Now you calling and checking in, all the time like your ass still on parole though
Wondering if you just better off solo
You paying a price, but is that what it owe though?
Praying up to God about shit that's not even holy
You like she tripping over bitches saying that they know me
Then she put the pussy on me, swear that shit control me
That shit control me, man that shit control me

[Chorus x2]

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ASAP Ferg World Is Mine Comments
  1. Anthony L

    2020 still fire!

  2. Karol Szydło

    I rarely write comments, but in 1:30 I felt so much Cudi vibes, amazing

  3. skinwalker 110


  4. Lucas Silva

    Tradução O mundo é meu

  5. Eric Stine

    I remember way back i thought this was kid cudi

  6. Hollywood AK47

    vtnc braba

  7. Alex Harris

    This song is about toxic women. I feel like I wrote this song with them. I never understood it before until I got into a toxic relationship.

  8. Alex Harris

    Dedication to my girl. She has to understand the world is mine... for the taking. But I won't have it all until I have it and she has to support me and can't hold me back. We will resent each other forever if she does.

  9. TimeForSomeMoves

    Song was only halfway and I had to restart it 🔥🔥

  10. owowhatsthis?

    Damn when did Miku turn into a black man named ferg

  11. SOL

    shit still slaps

  12. Selina H

    I love this song but the singing is so bad

  13. Vlogs With Maya !


  14. Alex B

    I like A$AP Ferg but this is more like Big Sean ft A$AP Ferg, he straight up ate this song

  15. c l.

    I keep on finding anime covers tryna find a remix of this song

  16. Collegiate Misfit

    Shame this song was slept on....

  17. Antonio Kleimola

    These two rappers together sound really good like if true

  18. helldays911

    not my email or name tag mom bf tag... never use 911 shit in my name tag... this song going out to Craig N... u know who u are... misss you lots B.A.Chasse PG Bitch till i die

  19. Anthonyyjerome

    Damn.. his album gonna be 3 years old this Year🙏🔥

  20. Santi cast :v

    Wtf this has only 2.5 million views

    Alex B

    @Santi cast :v still only 2.5M views 4 months later

  21. haunt you

    still dope

  22. Anderson Farias De Paula

    2019? so underrated bro...nice song!

  23. Renato Seres


  24. tay delgado

    2k19 still 🔥🔥🔥

  25. if u read this ur triple gay

    I w a s l o o k i n g f o r t h e v o c a l o i d s o n g o o f

  26. Carolmel ATL Productions


  27. Abraham C

    This will always be hard god damn

  28. billy kahn

    Maaan who here december 2018???????

  29. Joseph Pena


  30. Megan Novak

    "A mailman and I got everything to lose."

  31. Jasmine B.Channel

    2k18 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

  32. CodeNameBlackWolf

    This song lit af

  33. Always Yung

    So underrated

  34. Casey Coolican

    This isn’t Hatsune Miku.

  35. Ric Santana

    Muita linda demais

  36. Cisco Gomez

    DOPE SONG best on that album should also do video for faboulous and frecnh song

  37. Kyle Leatherberry

    I know it ain't true

  38. Jasmine B.Channel

    i pictured me in the black 👙 in the mansion looking at the view! big sean killed it!still playing 2k18!!!

  39. Collegiate Misfit

    She's beautiful and her clothes are amazing

  40. deagree

    Still in 2018 i am here

  41. droga boa

    2018 algum brazuca?

  42. Lacey Ochoa

    Big seans verse..

  43. Brandon Herrera

    its sounds like B.O.B/ Kid Cudi


    Needs a vocaloid remix :)

  45. Benjamain Bougouneau

    Ferg sounds like kid cudi a little in this

  46. MuggzyDubzy

    urgh this beat was garbage, compared to persian wine

  47. Tlotlo Honour

    One of the best

  48. davy prones

    lil bitty titty ferg

  49. Marco Friedman

    I like how he puts parts from other songs into other songs

  50. Brianna Shepherd

    Underrated song🔥

  51. asap love

    The imperfection of these music is huge but that's amazing what AUTO TUNE CAN DO

  52. Yasmeen Salone

    wats the name of they shades

  53. The Hip Hop Times

    If you think Big Sean singing is bad on this, just listen to the updated version of this song lol

  54. oliver

    wait this isn't vocaloid

  55. Techneeque South Africa

    Big Sean is the reason this track 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  56. Cris Tian

    The 3000 dollars headphones unboxing got me here :D

  57. Graham Barnes

    This sounds like a competition for who can sing the worst (song is still sick though)

  58. Donut Hole

    Miku sounds a bit odd here

  59. BLAZE- GLZ

    dope🔥🔥🔥ft moheagon

  60. Nathan mier

    Ferg on the world is mine sound like Kid Cudi


    this ain't Hatsune miku

  62. mattyjyo

    bored stiff.

  63. Suri

    This video looks cheap...

  64. Keat

    cudi vibes

  65. Espot Disko

    this shit hot 🔥🔥🔥

  66. Swoddy

    awful singing bruh, these fools need to stick to some rap

  67. Im not Batman

    Shmm Ferg can u fart - rap?

  68. Carlos Castillo Fernandez

    That beat is 🔥


    these two are unstoppable but they need better lyrics and beat

  70. Harry Official

    why this is track doesn't have 100milli views this shit is sick as fuckkk

  71. A H

    Sean's singing not really on point

  72. carlos franchesco intriago chavez

    nice song!!! :3

  73. Tourii.

    Miku got more views than this

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    I fuck with this

  75. Liza Vikor


  76. Joey Shy

    I Like Big Sean, ASAP Ferg is ehh, but this song is bad🤐😳

  77. tiana martinez

    i swear they are the most under rated rappers. it sucks

  78. Bubblegumsh1

    What a loser, vocaloid is way more better.

  79. bossman bm

    Big sean world is mine ft asap ferg. thats how it shoulda been

  80. lily adens

    People at my school think I'm weird because I'm a 17-year-old girl who listens to A$AP Ferg and like Madeintyo over Shawn Mendes but still not a tom boy

  81. Carlos Madrid

    get this song to number one on billboards

  82. SufSeesGhosts

    kid cudi rip off

  83. J Ramos

    Big Sean is a shit singer damn dude

  84. LadyLee_t

    I love this song.

  85. Mikl Mikl

    Why you hatin?
    This song is emotional somehow
    I like it

  86. MayneH

    this song hard asf Sean killed it🔥🔥

  87. Yung Rick

    Where is this house where they recorded this video?

  88. Ethan Aldridge



    I miss the old ferg

  90. yun8g chillwagon

    kto od ksiajo?

  91. arrombando portad

    pique ano luzzzzzzzz

  92. universalhiphops

    why the spotify's version is different ?

    Trent Jackson

    universalhiphops whats it sound like?

    Matt Botsch

    Trent Jackson yah what's the difference


    Trent Jackson better lol

  93. Grandmaster UV

    What a pos song

  94. Illuminati genius

    very addictive

  95. DeaDgHostWalkin

    big sean off key ears hurt
    "wait what did u say I CANT HEAR"
    thanks big sean